Capricorn Sun Leo Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Do not be worried if you think that stars are not aligned with you and that you have a “bad horoscope” or a natal chart, that planets are not aligned and in good positions and one with another, that you have bad aspects because you always have the potential to move things in a better direction. Always, without the expectation.

You always have it, and the matter is can you see it and can you use it.

, The majority of us know where the Sun is located in the natal chart because that is our sign. It is what, in the widest possible way, defines us.

What the majority or just rare of us know is where is the position of the Moon, as the other part of lunars (Sun and Moon).

What do you know about your Moon, and do you know that it presents the hidden potentials, our inner being, and much more?

Knowing where lunars are located, you get the bigger picture of your personality and aspects you can change in life.

Today we are looking into this combination of Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Leo.

General Meaning

People that have this set of lunars express themselves noisily, even though they often cause problems in that way. They are honest, and here there is no doubt, they will tell you what they mean, and they will tell you how they feel about something, being unapologetic along the way.

Sometimes this tendency is hidden, but these people like to dominate. They love fame, power, and authority, which often achieve with the help of persuasion that is innate to them.

If they succeed in finding a job that combines all of these, then they see that they have succeeded in achieving their purpose and that they have the place in the society that they deserve.

Also, the Sun in Capricorn will give them the feeling that it is all well-deserved and that no one will do it better than they will.

What is also different in these Capricorns from regular ones is the need to leave an impression on the environment; this is really important to them, showing themselves in the best light with the desire to impress the environment with actions and tenacity because they believe that success comes with a strong will. And for them, it truly does come with it.

Capricorns with the Moon in Leo like to have fun, and this is so uncharacteristic for Capricorns.

They are ostentatious, benevolent, charismatic, and benevolent, although they cannot bear to go unnoticed in society, so they are prone to theatricality, while deep inside, they can feel a bit cold. They do their best to look carefree and confident, which they usually succeed in doing, even if there is an internal fight.

Is this the way to go or not. People like to be close to them in order to enjoy their splendor, and they are willing to provide that service.

Do not think that these people will do only things that are meant for their well-being, because this is not the case, and they are more than willing to help those who are close to them and will serve them, as they see it as a job that they are equipped to do.

Light and glory are a bit crowded in the cell of this lunar combination.

Here, ambition, energy, and fighting zeal are concentrated in order to achieve maximum strength, but they are rarely released in a powerful explosion.

Heartiness in dealing with people, in the true sense of the Lion, is cooled by restraint, seriousness, patience, and a desire for material and emotional security.

Capricorn with the Moon in Leo is an interesting combination, in which the awareness of own values must be confirmed not only by the outside world but also by the inner one.

This person truly knows how to engage her whole self in order to win that position in the world that she feels rightfully belongs to her.

The main weapons of people born in Capricorn with the Moon of Leo in achieving their goal are great ambition, strong will, and perseverance, the ability to set realistic and achievable goals, organizational qualities, and willingness to always sacrifice them in case needed.

This is an interesting combination in which the awareness of one’s one’s own values ​​must be confirmed not only by the outside world but also by the inner one.

This nature really knows how to engage its whole self in order to win the position in the world that it considers to rightfully belong to it.


In the previous section, we spoke of the internal struggle that exists in this Sun and Moon combination, and in real life, it is seen in the personality of these people – they can be very picky about any choice to make.

Also, they demand a lot, and they nurture certain principles. If someone hurts them, they have a hard time forgiving and never forgetting. Their hostility is amazing, as is their great friendship.

There cannot be any doubt about these people, they are blessed with magnetism, and people love to be around them, even when they are demanding. They know to demand a lot from others, but also from themselves, and this is the ultimate impact of the Sun-Moon combination in Capricorn and Leo. You will notice these people from the crowd; they are rarely beautiful in a conventional sense, but there is some aura around them, and people want to be close to them.

In some cases, if they lack a little more indulgence, one cannot help but admire them for their courage and “warrior” side – they will go to the end towards what opposes them and will never retreat. If this person is your enemy, be careful. Here is one that never gives up.

But, there is something interesting here – in their lives, not everything will go smoothly in their life; some difficulties cannot be avoided, but they are present as lessons.

In a negative turn, they can fall into depressive states from which they will only be able to emerge if they overcome serious internal blockages.

However, Capricorn – Leo does not manage to reconcile his love for austerity and his confirmed desire to overshadow.

Because he is hungry for power and reputation and tries to rise on the social plane, even with the help of means that are not always sophisticated, it directs energy in favor of one progressive and stubborn action, and egocentrism usually ends in egoism.

Concern for efficiency usually overcomes feelings, which are better expressed in passion than in love.

That passion can also favorably influence their engagement in a far-reaching endeavor and influence their conscious submission to self-discipline.

So, in a positive perspective, they can argue, reach some high set goals, and unlike regular Leos, they will maintain the self-discipline that is needed.

Capricorn Sun Leo Moon -Man

The main flaw when it comes to the man that has Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Leo is that he can be very narcissistic.

With him, you may notice a lack of subtlety and truthfulness in relationships with things and beings.

In fact, this man can easily fall into a crisis and become irritable.

Fortunately, on the good side, this is the man that is quite aware of his shortcomings, and he knows how to emphasize his own abilities and discreetly emphasize himself when necessary.

The Moon in Leo is, in fact, ruled by the Sun, and it indicates good-natured people who are philanthropists and social, but also snobbish. He is expeditious in actions, faithful in relationships.

On the other side of the spectrum, this man is faithful, optimistic, and in many cases merciful. He is not ruthless as he may seem at first glance. He may be cold, connecting, and distant, not being able to show his emotions, but this is far from true.

Deep inside lies a warm heart, wanting to dedicate to love and joy. Unlike other Capricorns that are dark and can be depressive, this one is very optimistic, and at times he can give others this vibe, making them believe that everything is possible.

But, he can argue like no one else. He gets angry quickly, gets offended, and forgives even faster.

The answer lies in the Moon in Leo, and it is “guilty” that his love life in all its forms and is very self-confident. He is also proud of a strong will that cannot be shaken.

When it comes to his work, and it is really important to this man, he achieves the best results in jobs that require great responsibility and authority among associates. He does not run away from work – on the contrary, and he tends to overwhelm them with work. He usually socializes or makes positive contacts with people who have similar beliefs or attitudes as he does.

And as expected, he wants a lover who is a copycat of his ideas, beliefs or that he or she aligns with him on almost any level.

You will notice this man by his confidence – he is very confident in his actions, with a dynamic spirit. He is proud of his dealings with others and very ambitious in his plans.

In love, the man with the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Leo is romantic and most often generous but prone to theatricality, gallantry, and dominance in relationships of any kind. His obvious flaws are egocentrism, expressed vanity, and megalomania in endeavors, and this is not something that just any lover can tolerate, and this is ok.

In some cases, this man can be very jealous and possessive, which is caused by his passion and tendency towards intense emotions. He can love like no one else, and he is truly a lover to remember.

Capricorn Sun Leo Moon – Woman

This is the lady, who is a person of success, happy to show herself and others how they achieved positions are the fruits of her merits and personal engagement.

This lady is ambitious, sets high goals for herself, and works bravely and persistently on their realization. She is very capable of reaching those goals or getting much closer to them, especially since she does not leave it to chance to lead her, but develops an exceptional strategy.

Being a fanatical perfectionist, she tends to do too much, and this slows down the execution of the work started.

Exhaustion may come in the life of this woman because she wants so desperately too much, she wants it all, she cannot have enough, and she wants to be recognized, loved, appreciated, etc., and extremely successful in her work, without giving anything in return.

In some cases, a woman that has Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Leo is reluctant to compromise, and her love affairs will often suffer because of that. She needs to understand or learn to listen to the wishes and needs of others, not just her own. She often behaves ostentatiously.

To win this person’s heart, you need to look powerful, radiate security, and open your wallet.

This woman expects candles after the first meeting, and after that, the appetites grow – gourmet dinners and bars in most are only part of the package. She is used to kindness, attention, and compliments.

No one can put enough cushions under her without feeling that it is no necessary and that she is able to live her life alone, without anyone’s help, even if, in some cases, she would feel great if she does ask for help.

Her main weapons in achieving this goal are great ambition, strong will, and perseverance, the ability to set realistic and achievable goals, organizational qualities, and a willingness to always sacrifice her if necessary.

In any case, the best case is when she finds a patient lover who can understand all that she is about, her strengths, and calm her down when needed.

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