Capricorn Sun Libra Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

The horoscope can describe many situations to you and reveal the secrets of your sign, which the majority of us do. And while some signs of the Zodiac seem fearless, deep down, they are gentle and sensitive people, but they hide it from others, and precisely this is related to our Moon position, and it is something that not many of us know.

There are many other things that we do know about them, and when we learn where our Moon is positioned, in what sign, we can find the answers to all of this.

Today we are looking into the lives of Capricorns that have Moon set in Libra Zodiac sign – this is one very interesting combination.

General Meaning

In this luminaire combination, where Sun is in Capricorn and the Moon in Libra, we can see many inner moods that are not easy to survive for the person who has this combination. But, this does not mean that there are not any nice things along the way.

Capricorns born with the Moon in Libra are true artistic souls whose greatest fulfillment is to be surrounded by beautiful and elegant things, but they are not losing the practical vibe to things. They will not overspend their money and will have nice things that are also practical.

These people are very measured and calm, and some may even see them as cold.

Also, these people are relaxed only in the circle of well-known faces, and their circle of friends is truly small.

People who have this luminary are in love by nature because they have an inexplicable need to be constantly in some kind of emotional relationship.

Love is a big part of their life, unlike some other Capricorns. It is very depressing for them to be alone for a long time or not to think about anyone, but the circle of their loved ones is never wide.

People with the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Libra are also associated with a love of quality and expensive things, art and design -but they will work so hard to have them, they will not do it if they do not have any money to afford it.

Very often, and this is the case even with these Capricorns, this position of the Moon gives talent for drawing, design, architecture, music, and the like. They may just enjoy it as a hobby, but still, the talent is there.

The great flaw of these people is that they constantly strive for perfection that they will never reach, and on that path, they are making so many mistakes, especially in emotional life. They find it difficult to adapt and are not ready to lower their standards – they wait so long until they get married, and the “right one” never comes.

Sometimes others perceive them as snobs because of their coldness from the outside and their inner need to have big standards for everyone and everything.

The flaw of this Moon located in the Libra sign is the inability to experience emotion deeply, and it stays on the surface.

Sometimes cold, thanks to the Sun in Capricorns, they look like the perfect picture on the wall.

But, you will see how hard it is to provoke these human beings, but they will stress about it deep inside, and we must say that this is very harmful to them because it intensifies internal tensions. We can say that these people have to learn one very valuable lesson: how to say no and how to say that they do not like something or someone.


This specific set of luminaries, in fact, speaks of a refined spirit, elegant taste, desire, and need for beautiful and comfortable things, and on that path, the Sun in Capricorn must work very hard and will have so many obstacles along the way.

Sometimes when this combination is in question, we can see a pronounced need for love or a desire for artistic expression and everything that pleases the senses.

Sometimes they can go overboard in loving these things, but what also could be seen is the fineness, and cold emotions that are hidden behind the pleasant and beautiful facade are emphasized.

Relationships are often disrupted by insincere representation and a lack of self-confidence—all is a combination of this Sun and the Moon.

These Capricorns are very much capable of masking their true emotions, and that is why they enjoy reputation and popularity in society because they feel like they truly deserve it.

This allows people who have this set of luminaries is to emerge victorious from many situations and spare themselves additional inconveniences.

This position can bring social success and is desirable in horoscopes because this world needs nice, measured, and kind people.

On the bright side, those who have this set of Sun and Moon are seen from the outside as tactful and peaceful people blessed with the gift for reconciliation, a sense of justice, and for developing relationships with other people.

To really achieve something, these human beings need a partnership, as we have previously said, and it is not uncommon for them to have business with family members. They always try to balance things out mentally and emotionally, but emotional balancing can be very, very hard.

However, when they really want something, they are determined and push the matter to the end – the Sun in Capricorn awakes and gives its best.

These people truly know how to win the game if they want to do it, to show skill, and make some concessions to make it easier to impose their inner desires.

These people instinctively know how to present themselves in the best light and, although they are ambitious, they are not ready to do cross their limits to achieve something. There is always has to be a boundary.

To many, these people may look stiffer than they really are, all due to the fact that they find it difficult to show their most tender feelings, and they are more focused on traditional style and conservative values than anything else.

Because of all of this, others might think that people who have the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Libra are seen as difficult and awkward people, especially since they are more than willing to pretend to be insensitive and blazed.

But there is not a grain of truth in that. They are very sentimental and are pressed by a strong sense of duty, which sometimes goes as far as to sacrifice.

Capricorn Sun Libra Moon – Man

This is the man who tries to satisfy his personal ambitions, who is even ready to focus on only one goal in order to be sure that he will achieve it, and who little by little discovers that he is losing strength.

In a bad relationship with himself, when other astrological aspects are there, this man knows that he has to continue his efforts like a robot, with almost mechanical determination, and other things attract him, other areas become his interest.

In time, this man gradually discovers that life is too sad if a person has to constantly fight against himself. Maybe the true advice is to stay true to himself but to stop resisting his true nature.

However, this is a friendly being who cannot constantly judge himself, lead a lonely fight. That is why the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Libra sometimes do not know where he is anymore, and he is not sure of his deep inclinations, and yet he sticks to some of his beliefs and principles.

In work, this may come as good news, but in reality, in love life, in connection with others, this man is seen as a prisoner of the strict principles acquired during upbringing, and he can hardly attain the adaptable nature which he feels is possible and needed.

When he realizes what he needs, then he finds that need and understands that this is the need for harmony. His aesthetic tastes, his sense of practicality are in constant conflict with his clear and abstract spirit.

This may be a problem for some, both others can make this in their favor and make the best out of their creative energy.

The Moon in Libra, even in combination with this Sun in Capricorn, strives for togetherness; without a partner, it is weak. He keeps the partnership to the last, and even when he does not admit it, he needs a lover to make him complete.

But he does not allow himself to let go, and this is such a major problem and not a bit of a pleasant experience.

Separations are the hardest to fall to this man even if he does not admit it, and he will never will. The fact is that he needs to learn everything to preserve harmony and maintain the relationship.

In the life of this man also, The Moon in Libra is happy only when he finds its other half and establishes a community.

A man with this position of the Moon likes to be liked by a large number of people if not everyone can.

Moderate, kind with true gentlemanly manners, someone who gives an expression that he will take care of his wife and family. He will bring you a chair, open the car door, he has amazing manners, and here education and moderation are above all, even when the luxury comes in some form or shape.

Even after a breakup, he tries to maintain a correct relationship with his partner. To him, the image in public is primary, and he does not like when others speak at him, and the ultimate no-no is when others try to mess in his emotional life. He would not allow it.

Capricorn Sun Libra Moon – Woman

This is the woman with the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Libra that can overcome any psychological and intellectual dilemma by suppressing his sensitivity in favor of sometimes conformist lucidity. One very interesting woman and her life are based on the principle fair and objectivity.

In that case, all the power of consciousness and the depth of this lady Capricorn will be confirmed in this combination with this Moon.

At the same time, the Moon in Libra is so strong, and it will influence the development of a person capable of using her powers wisely and productively.

The character of this lady in love life can be a realm of uncontrolled feelings, and her love life can be a mess.

From this luminary, the connection is born the master of her own mental states and a huge practical significance which is not satisfied only by the realization of exclusively individual desires but also feels the necessity of doing for others.

This is what will make this woman an amazing mother, and a wonderful friend, and a wife. You will not make a mistake by choosing this woman to become your partner. She can be really seductive, of course, in a moderate way – a little black dress, a pearl necklace, discreet earrings, and a loving scent are the ideal combination for the lady that has Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Libra!

She is known for asking a lot from others and from herself. This lady tries to impose the virtue of moderation around herself and would like to think and act in a golden environment, with a measure that draws its strength from natural authority. Since life is everything but this, she can have a problem in achieving such tendencies.

She would change all day and choose the “ideal” combination, and she is ready to wait for it, not realizing that it may not ever come and that she will end up alone – can she live with it.

Something always sticks out too much, so this lay should try all the variants in order to find the right one where everything fits.

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