Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Learning how to live according to your own potential is the most wonderful thing that we can witness as human beings.

But, unfortunately, not many of us could learn it during our youth, sometimes even when we are older, and some of us could never do it and will have to repeat the cycle over and over until they learn how to use potentials.

But, what would you say if we told you that there are many things that can lead you in the right direction and that you can learn your potentials very early in life, and it is astrology, and the knowledge of your natal chart, and the position of planets, and especially the position of lunars.

Lunars are the positions of the Sun and the Moon, and they are very important.

Their compatibility is crucial – it is like when you know where your Moon is positioned, then you know what your path is, and when you know your Moon, then you know how to walk on that path.

Do you know where your Sun and the Moon are located?

Do you?

Then you can learn a lot of your potentials in life.

In this case, we are talking about the people who have the Sun located in Capricorn and the Moon in Taurus?

Is this combination compatible? Read here.

General Meaning

Capricorn and Taurus in lunars can make loving people who can live love and be successful in the work they are doing. Sometimes in this combination, mostly when the emotions subside, these two characters’ act like horns in a bag, and the Sun and the Moon are pulling these people in the opposite direction.

They can be unbearable at times, getting on other people’s nerves, being unbearable. If they are able to manage to set common priorities in front of them, and not personal ones, these people have a great chance to keep life under the same roof with the family.

Then another scenario follows, but it will take a lot of patience and time. As much as these people can be distrustful when it comes to emotions, they manage to relax and enjoy building their own stories.

By their own stories, we are talking about success, we are talking about the manifestation of almost every desire they want, and love is not as rigid and cold, and work is not the most important part of their lives.

The Moon in Taurus instills enough trust in them, which is very important when it comes to emotional and intimate relationships.

It is what makes this Capricorn a bit looser. His problem with initiative leaves enough room for them to take it because Taurus is ruled by Venus, who expects courtship, and it won’t be hard because the ruler is next to Saturn and enterprising Mars, so these people are probably those who initiate love, from which passion starts.

In the astrological combination of the Sun and the Moon in Capricorn – Taurus is dominated by great energy of sensuality, immediacy, and willingness to compromise.

Although Capricorn does not share the intensity of passion like Taurus, in this Sun-Moon combination, mutual attention and focus towards family values ​​are a pillar of permanence.

Difficulties and conflicts can also arise due to key issues such as finances, as Capricorn’s work ethic is quite the opposite of Taurus’ hedonistic style.

One will pull toward work and toward practical and ambitious goals, having high standards in terms of family values ​​and work, while the Moon in Taurus, with his conservative principles, complements the harmony in mutual interaction.

This lunar combination is not what you would say that it is one of the ideal combinations, but on the brighter side of the story, the Sun Moon in Capricorn – Taurus has the necessary endurance, and certain differences will not have an extreme effect on the harmonious nature of the relationship.

But, we must speak more of the work that is so important for those with this lunar combination, they can become people who sometimes know how to work to exhaustion, so it would be wise to listen to the Moon in Taurus when he tells you to work too much.

This Moon is so important here because he is the one that knows best that you are most productive when you are rested and full.

This is the Moon that must be listened to, so if you have this set of lunars, you must know that you must let this Moon “please you,” let him be in charge of organizing the team building in some luxurious spa because that is how he takes care of you, and do not let the Sun in Capricorn oppose this idea.

If you let this Sun oppose, then there is nothing to be happy about when it comes to this lunar combination.

This Sun-Moon combination is what makes you feel good, and it presents you as the one who can enjoy and spend the funds in a luxurious way, and at the same time to work hard and be the best worker in the group.


Venus is a temperate planet that reflects feminine power, and Saturn is a cold planet that reflects masculine energy. Venus symbolizes love and emotion, and Saturn signifies determination and control.

With the help of Mars, which is in charge of sexual energy, you will be able to merge these opposites into one whole.

This is said just to know what kind of different powers Capricorn and Taurus have, but you must also know one more thing – when lunars are located in these two, then we can speak of compatible energy.

Home and family are very important when it comes to this lunar combination, as is safety – what must be present here is material security and safety.

Also, there is an appreciation of material things, and especially the beautiful ones, luxury.

Capricorn is one of the most valuable workers in the Zodiac, and here with the Moon power in Taurus, there are strengths that come from the practicality and methodical work.

This is what cannot be missed, even though the Moon in Taurus wants to pull away a bit from hard work and take on the prize that he feels that he has deserved.

This combination makes people become full of self-confidence, and they are ambitious enough that they simply rarely have competition.

If there is an ideal associate who will help them in a career and achieving their goals, then it is certainly someone who has the same desires, and it must be a deep understanding. Or they will work alone.

This lunar combination of a fixed and a cardinal sign creates a mixture of security and deep feelings on the positive side, while in a negative sense, the elements of stubbornness and occasional pessimistic mood can ruin perseverance and lead to disappointment.

So, in these people, we can see a bit of a bad mood, depression even, and it takes a bit of time to go away from them, and the best remedy is work and a partner who knows how to listen.

So, when it comes to compatibility, we are talking about the two like-minded natures that have a very solid foundation for a great start.

At the same time, these people are both traditional and ambitious, which is very important for success.

Taurus is stable, practical, and loyal, which suits the realistic and serious outlook on life that comes from the Sun in Capricorn.

What is an essence here being the natural understanding of the world, and if there is a lover that can understand them, by joining forces, they increase their chances of success?

Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon – Man

Always have in mind, and this is the trait that must be mentioned, is that the planetary ruler of Capricorn is Saturn – the planet of karma, while Taurus is ruled by Venus – the planet of love and beauty.

The combination of these two planetary energies brings common tendencies of devotion, sexual intensity, and emotional satisfaction in the realization of the material realm.

When lunars are located in these two signs, and even both signs are focused on practical issues, Capricorn, unlike Taurus, will never feel completely relaxed and satisfied.

And this is the real struggle between the two, and this is one of the major problems that this man can have. When you think that he is finally relaxed, you will be proven wrong.

This man enjoys spending money on decorating the house, especially on luxury items such as antiques, paintings, or music devices that have collector’s value. This man needs a lover that has many similar interests, but those interests do not end there. His desire to be accepted has a good response from Taurus, who provides unconditional love.

In fact, his ideal lover is someone who respects the stability that he perceived as a common basis for building relationships.

To others, this man’s love may seem more like a business partnership than an emotional need or desire, but in fact, his sensual personalities are compatible on multiple levels, emotionally, intellectually, and physically.

In love with a man who has Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Taurus, the lack of a relationship can be seen in the lack of romance and sensitivity when it comes to interests related to change.

This man, when it comes to love, is quite committed, adaptable but requires a lot of attention and support from his partner, and in this place, there cannot be any woman that does not understand what he is all about.

A man that has this combination of lunars nature is very diligent, has a sense of humor, and keeps his emotions under control.

Together with a woman of his choice, he will always strive to reach a compromise in a practical way, and this can be one of his most valuable traits, the one that makes him being worthy of love.

Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon – Woman

Although a Capricorn woman may seem cold and reserved, she is essentially very sensual, but she skillfully conceals the intensity of her emotions.

When this lunar combination is shown in the women’s natal chart is dominated by sensuality and a practical approach, which also contributes to the reliability, security, and longevity of the community.

In some cases, the lunar combination Capricorn – Taurus, the mutual approach of the partner is somewhat different and more compatible compared to the previous variant.

Capricorn woman, in general, could be seen as very traditional, she has excellent self-control, but she is also very stubborn. She slowly changes her mind, she is not characterized by too much romance, but she is extremely charming, spontaneous, and witty.

The Moon in Taurus makes her want to enjoy and to be taken care of, and the Sun in Capricorn can move her away from it.

This woman has a rather conservative approach, which in this partnership contributes to security, harmony, and acceptance of diversity.

But, when we speak of this lunar combination, there can be an excellent agreement on the professional level and the practical realization of goals, or in simple words, this is the woman that is a true boss lady.

Both Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Taurus want a business that is stable, profitable, and luxurious. She wants a lover that would successfully run an exclusive restaurant, beauty salon, or some magnificent estate. Capricorn – Taurus is characterized by self-discipline and ambition, and she is unapologetic when it comes to her success and her work.

However, a lack of creative communication and very pronounced possessiveness can diminish the long-term prospects of an honest relationship.

This lady, by all means, needs a stable lover, who will support her, but not only that, she needs someone who will help her move away from depressive states that occasionally she can fall into, cause still she is a Capricorns, and this is common for all of them.

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