Capricorn Sun Virgo Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Is astrology a science or a weapon of deception to deceive the gullible, even in these modern times?

Numerous scientists, astrologers, astronomers, physicists, and those who are not arguing about these “astrological” issues, each from their own point of view, and of course, do not agree on many views.

Today, there are almost no daily newspapers and magazines or online articles in which the horoscope cannot be read.

It is everywhere, especially online. They are often the first contact with astrology for many people, especially younger people.

Why do we first resort to predictions and horoscopes when we are having a hard time in life or when we are not able to make a certain decision?

Maybe we are too impatient to wait for what the future brings us, and we lurk what does astrology has to say.

And this is so great to know – but when you take a deeper look into the world of astrology, you find out where the location of all planets, along with the Moon and Sun, then you can create the entire picture of your life, and guidelines for the future.

You must know, and this implies in a general sense – the Sun in the natal chart represents your ego, basic character, personality, and what is in your heart. It shows how you treat partners in your life, and this is what defines a relationship with the father.

The Sun rules the sign of Leo. The Moon, on the other side of the story, represents your instinct, habits, and subconscious; what kind of home you want, how you treat women, and especially mothers. The Moon rules the sign of Cancer.

Today we are looking into the combination of Sun Capricorn Moon Virgo.

What kind of impact this luminaire combination gives?

General Meaning

These are strange people (for the ones who look on them from the outside), they are those who seem unbearable to others until they meet them, and by hanging out with them and looking at them from the outside, finally, others discover that they are exceptional in so many ways.

A combination of Capricorn and Virgo in Sun and Moon makes efficient, intelligent people who do not reveal themselves to the whole world easily.

As they do not allow access fast, one should know how to earn their trust and meet them on favorable ground, which entails additional difficulty since they avoid appearing in public and despise snobbish manners. They hate it, and you will never be able to meet them in such places, and if you do, they will stand by the side and observe what others do. They analyze and see everything, and nothing can miss their all-seeing eye.

Here, when we see people who have Sun and Moon combination in Capricorn and Virgo know how to stay calm and remain in reality, and usually do not find comfort in fantasy.

Here the sense of practicality predominates, but it can give a closed nature when it comes to the extreme.

In the majority of cases, this lunar combination gives positive, practical, orderly people who want to have a lot of stability in life.

Others see them as calculated, reserved, and a little nervous. People see them as a perfectionist, and they see your advice as criticism.

So, yes, they can criticize you, they know everything the best, and when others try to do the same thing, they respond with hate.

They are resourceful organizers at work and in creation, and they demand order and purpose; they act strictly and relentlessly, achieving extraordinary results.

Nevertheless, they tend to get lost in the details, to “rise” and hold lectures, but it is up to us to maintain them.

After all, is there anyone who is perfect? They are close to it, and they live their lives as they are.

Of course, when we dig out the surface, we can see a bit of insecurity and a constant need to be liked, but a tiny spark of depression is present, thanks to the Sun in Capricorn.

Sometimes it is difficult to cope with them, and they are aware of it. Not only are they overly serious, but they are also quite pessimistic, and it is better when they can isolate themselves away from others.

They tend to frequently criticize things and happenings around them – and this speaks primarily about the Moon in Virgo, but also the Sun in Capricorn. They have an opinion about everything, and not only that, these people know everything (in their own view), and no one is smarter than them (once again by their opinion).

If we add to that their characteristic that they do not know how to cultivate, without some arrogance, we can say that they are – scammers. They are not but can seem for some as such.


In this combination of lunars, there is a nature in which egocentrism and a sense of practicality predominate, and the character of these people is somewhere in between.

In a bad way, this combination gives a somewhat tedious and closed nature. The complementarity of these two lunars usually gives birth to a positive, practical, orderly nature of the people who have it, and their life is directed to safety. They are fascinated by stability and peace in life.

This is what drives these people, and this is cause for anything they do, but it deprives their life of any adventure, the reason why others may look at them as very boring. Rarely will you see them getting involved in some risky activity?

They are ingenious organizers at work and in the creation of life, there is no one who can compare to them, and they demand order and method; they act strictly and relentlessly, achieving extraordinary results.

However, they tend to get lost in the details, to “pop” and hold sermons, but it is up to us to resist them.

After all, is there anyone who is flawless? They see themselves as such, or they strive in everything they do to become as close to perfection as they can.

For others, they may seem strange, even unbearable, until others meet them, and by hanging out with them and looking at them from the outside, finally, others will discover how they are exceptional people.

The good side is that they are very efficient in anything they do, seen as intelligent people who do not reveal themselves to the whole world, one part of them will stay closed forever and for all people.

As they do not allow access, people who are close to them should know how to earn their trust and meet them on favorable terrain.

When it comes to that practicality, people who have Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Virgo do everything in an economical way and pay a lot of attention to their health.

Some of them may be called hypochondriacs, but they would call themselves smart.

Capricorn Sun Virgo Moon – Man

A male natal chart with this set of luminaries shows a man who is very patient and wants to create a perfect life for himself and is ready to wait for it for a longer time, as much as it needs.

In fact, patience is the greatest value that exists here, and a man with it has a very precise character. He is totally aware of his values but also of his own limits, and this may be a perfect balance.

His life may be reduced to research as a method of continuous development of his life, which is the essential point of existence.

Yes, this man is very critically directed but also very constructive when he needs to be.

Also, we can say that the man who has Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Virgo is not afraid of duties that require attention, patience, and self-sacrifice; he walks his way unwaveringly, suspicious of his senses, cautious not to submit to the strange attractions that bother him.

This man is honest in all that he does; regardless of we are talking about work or social relationships, love. So honesty, which could be seen as something else, is essential here.

He is honest and loyal, both in friendship and in love, a firm friend when and a loyal partner.

However, he can have some excessive reservations toward some people who can sometimes confuse the environment and expose this man toward reclusiveness. He may end up alone, not being married for a long time.

Maybe he will get married later in life, and only after he had evaluated his lover, and it passed the test.

When this man is in question, he is a man of common sense, a reason, who is all about taking the initiative, neat and very organized, and often times he can take on a job that will exhaust him, and he won’t stop even when there are some unimportant things. He will look into details and sometimes miss out on the main thing, and then become even under the bigger pressure, feeling exhausted in the end.

But, he is persistent and will be able to work even harder after a little bit of rest.

There is a pursuit of perfectionism and strive for self-control, methodical action, and avoiding adventures of any kind, or in some cases taking on some a bit less risky.

This trait is more seen in his private life than in his work life, and some may see him as a boring lover, but he is a suitable lover for those who love long-term relationships and safety.

It is true that his careful behavior generally keeps this man away from danger and heavy blows, but it could lock him in a monotonic life, and the advice for him is not to let his life pass by him.

Capricorn Sun Virgo Moon – Woman

Regardless of the circumstances, this lady that has Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Virgo knows how to stay calm and take into account the influence of illusions and reality.

Honest in her activities and social relationships, she can fall in love. Driven towards fidelity, she wants to have friendship and love. She is a firm friend others can count on her, and she usually has two or more very close friends who find comfort and safety with her.

However, her excessive reservations sometimes confuse the environment and expose her, during her youth, to difficulties and prudence.

Troubles often encourage this woman, but there is a risk of closing in on her and avoiding others when she feels like it.

She is blessed with common sense, just like a male that has this set of luminaries, and she is a woman of initiative, neat and organized at the same time, the reason why others see her as a perfect wife and a mother, She has the tendency to exhaust herself with unimportant things, and this is a common trait for all with this set of luminaries.

And there are more negative things about this trait than good.

In fact, we can see here the pursuit of perfectionism that can often make her life a living mess. We are not made to be perfect, and any attempt to do so is fruitful.

She strives for self-control, methodical action, and avoiding adventures, and this is a loss when it comes to her love life.

Such behavior generally keeps her away from danger and heavy blows, but it could lock her in a monotonous life, especially since she does not show a desire to change.

Because she also loves life, pleasures, pleasures, but some inner voice constantly warns you to stop, to “gather,” to wait, to accumulate all your impressions, collecting them to the maximum …

That voice in her is ruled by the Moon in Virgo and if sometimes it seems to you that life passes by her, without touching too much, know that the influence of the Moon is to blame.

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