Ceres in Aquarius – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

Ceres is the largest celestial element in the asteroid belt orbiting between Jupiter and Mars.

It is a significant but often underrated placement in a natal chart. It has mythological roots, and it is a deity in Roman and Greek mythology.

In Roman legends, people know it as Ceres and in Greek as Demeter. Ceres was the goddess of grain crops, agriculture, and fertility. But she was also the goddess of maternal nurture.

That is why she is the quintessential Mother Nature. Ceres is nourishment, protector of common law, and environment ruler.

The god of the Underworld, Hades, fell in love with Persephone, Ceres’s daughter. He kidnapped Persephone, took her to his ominous and gruesome world, and made her his queen.

That was the cause of unbearable pain for Ceres, who decided to take away Persephones blessings to the world.

Persephone’s disappearance was the cause of barren lands, starving people, and a cold Earth.

Ceres and Hades to make an agreement that would allow Persephone to spend time with both of them. According to the legend, that compromise is today known as the reason why seasons change.

When Persephone was with Hades, the winter would come, and all the vegetation would cease to exist.

But when she was with her mother, spring would come again, and everything on Earth would become alive.

Ceres isn’t only an element that helps us understand nourishment but also how one overcomes turmoils, hardships, and traumas.

Persephone’s destiny reminds us that one inherently goes through tumultuous times, and Ceres explains these difficulties.

Ceres in astrology: Origins and meaning

Ceres is the largest known asteroid, and it is also a Dwarf planet.

Ceres can show one’s weaknesses, well-being, nurture, and self-care. Many astrologers see it as the modern ruler of Virgo because Ceres rules over food and nourishment, which makes it a representative of nurture.

Hence, the Moon and Ceres are similar, but the Moon represents the relationship between a mother and child.

On the other side, Ceres represents how one nurtures themselves.

Ceres is about how one gives and receives care, attention, and nourishment. It tells us what kind of a childhood one had and how that determines their self-nourishment. It is what connects it to the sign of Virgo.

Because it tells a story of one’s childhood, Ceres also points to what a person missed while growing up.

Ceres shows how one might nurture others to receive and find what they didn’t have in their formative years.

When Ceres has a negative position in a natal chart, it indicates eating disorders, grief, and abandonment. It may also show how one takes care of their family, friends, and pets.

A well-positioned Ceres gives warm, protective, and affectionate parents.

But when afflicted, Ceres can result in controlling and overprotective parents who supervise their children too much. That causes their kids to be too dependant on others when they grow up.

What drives both parents is fear, which is the emotion that’s strongly associated with Ceres.

Ceres is like a guide that helps us overcome our struggles, care about ourselves and others. It is the element that incites personal evolution, strength, and wisdom.

Ceres in Aquarius (House XI): Personality and general traits

People with Ceres in Aquarius are progressive, intelligent, and future-oriented. Traditional approaches make them uncomfortable, and romantic gestures seem strange to them.

These individuals don’t express their feelings the way most people do.

Aquarius Ceres persons usually mature faster than other people. It is why they learn young how to manage and control their emotions.

It is not that they are not capable of profound feelings. Individuals with Ceres in Aquarius believe that the classical way of showing affection is overrated and cliche.

Freedom, exploration, and adventures are of paramount importance to the Aquarius Ceres people. They are independent, liberal, and tolerant. They like to be among people, and their friends come from diverse corners of society and the world.

Yet, they struggle with commitment and believe everyone needs enough freedom to evolve as a person.

Aquarius Ceres prefers mind-bending conversations over physical intimacy because sharing ideas seems more intimate to them.

People with Ceres in Aquarius believe everyone is unique and has something extraordinary to give to the world. It is why they express their love by encouraging others to be themselves and to discover what makes them different.

Aquarius Ceres individuals want their partner to have enough space and time for building their identity and purpose.

These persons are often talented, eccentrics, and game-changers. Aquarius Ceres people challenge systems, beliefs, and ideas. They are uncomfortable with the status quo and not questioning authorities.

They are likely to work with underprivileged groups, volunteer in impoverished regions, and travel to a different continent to help people in trouble.

Aquarius Ceres persons struggle to show love to people individually but are good at expressing love for humankind.

Aquarius Ceres individuals want to make the world a better place. That is why they join humanitarian causes, revolutions, and protests. It is their love of giving love back to the world.

These persons believe in ultimate equity. Yet, they often neglect relationships and themselves because of their beliefs.

Ceres in Aquarius and childhood

People with Ceres in Aquarius likely had a tumultuous childhood, or they encountered events and situations that took away the idealized view of the world children usually have.

Perhaps they witnessed extreme circumstances that changed their country, environment, or family.

On the other side, they might have parents who had unpredictable behavior, going from being warm and loving to screaming, or even being violent.

Aquarius Ceres didn’t feel that their parents see them and what makes them unique. To protect themselves, they had to suppress their emotions and become observers who can make sense of uncertainty.

Aquarius Ceres individuals probably felt neglected as children because their parents weren’t expressive and emotionally available.

Or, maybe their parents acted more as friends than caregivers, which left confusing views about love and affection.

Woman with Ceres in Aquarius

Females with Ceres in Aquarius are visionaries, independent, and creative. They crave freedom, they are not afraid to be on their own, and they enjoy traveling.

Discoveries, knowledge, and changes excite them and nurture their minds.

These women are usually eccentric, unique, and talented. Their partners are likely to find them intimidating due to their independence and resilience.

Aquarius Ceres ladies are often conflicted between dedicating themselves to people they love and their zest to change the world.

They are picky and don’t fall in love easily. Women with Ceres in Aquarius don’t mind being alone for years if it means finding the right person. They are not emotionally demanding, but their stubbornness and self-determination don’t make them an easy partner.

Aquarius Ceres women have the need to chase their dreams, to explore the world, and meet new people. If someone tries to pin them down, they will run away. These females don’t want to hold back anyone and they expect the same in return.

They express their love and affection by being genuine friends. Females with Cerus in Aquarius don’t find it easy to be intimate, but they will support their partner and inspire them to be a better person.

Women with Ceres in Aquarius want a partner who will share their ideas, principles, and goals. They refuse to be with someone who will slow down their progress or keep them away from friends.

Man with Ceres in Aquarius

Males with Ceres in Aquarius seek an extraordinary life. They want to explore the unknown and improve the world with their talents or visions. They are not romantic or affectionate. Instead, they express their love by sharing their ideas and listening to the ones of their partner.

These men love to travel, learn, and collect unique experiences. Talented, tolerant, and liberal individuals intrigue them.

On the other side, Aquarius Ceres men feel uncomfortable around traditional, conservative, and rigorous people.

Even though relationships are not their priority, they develop a physical and emotional connection with people with more ease than their female counterparts.

Still, if their career, pursuit, or humanitarian cause requires, they can stay single for a long time.

Aquarius Ceres men focus on personal growth, helping others, and encouraging people to be the best versions of themselves. They often volunteer in NGOs, homeless or animal shelters.

Men with Ceres in Aquarius want to witness the ultimate evolution of humankind and to contribute to that.

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Aquarius Ceres people are liberal idealists who want to be free to explore the world and help people. They are capable of deep feelings, but they don’t build connections with ease.

Their nature is quite perplexing since they love humankind but find it hard to trust people.

They usually grow up faster than their counterparts, which is why they are resilient and independent.

Persons with Ceres in Aquarius are thinkers, philosophers, and rebels. They express their love by being supportive, good listeners, and loyal partners.

Idea and knowledge exchange nurtures these persons because they crave mental stimulation and personal growth.

Aquarius Ceres people cherish their individuality and feel loved when others accept them as they are.

People with Ceres in Aquarius feel hurt when others find them weird, cold, or bizarre. They value every individual and believe everyone has something unique that makes the world a better place.

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