Ceres in Capricorn – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

Ceres was the goddess of agriculture, fertility, and harvest and ancient Roman and Greek deity. It’s known as Ceres in Roman mythology and as Demeter in Greek.

The legend of Ceres and her daughter, Persephone, explains why and how the seasons change.

The god of the Underworld, Hades, fell in love with Persephone. He decided to kidnap her and take her to his gruesome world. That caused Ceres to eliminate all the blessings Persephone gave to the world.

The world without Persephone became poor, filled with emptiness and barren lands. Her pain and rage left the Earth in terrible conditions. People were hungry, sick, and dying, and the plants were on the edge of extinction.

As the world was in danger, Ceres and Hades agreed to allow Persephone to spend time with her mother and husband.

When Persephone was with Hades, the vegetation on Earth would stop, and winter would come. When she was her mother, vegetation will flourish, and Earth would come alive.

In astrology, Ceres is slightly connected to the ancient myth, as it’s a reminder of Ceres’s love for Persephone and her hardships.

Ceres in astrology: Origins and meaning

Ceres is an asteroid, and it was the first largest to be seen orbiting between Mars and Jupiter. Astrologers consider it an asteroid, but it reached the level of Dwarf planet in astronomy.

People often underestimate the power of Ceres, but it’s a fascinating element. His placement in a natal chart indicates one’s nurture, self-care, and well-being. The position of Ceres in one’s natal chart can show weaknesses.

This element is the ultimate Earth Mother in astrology due to being the rules of cooking, food, and nourishment, which is why it represents nurture.

It is easy to mix the role of Ceres with the one of the Moon. While the Moon symbolizes the mother’s nourishment and relationship with the child, Ceres is about how one nurtures themselves.

The position of Ceres shows how to receive and give care. Ceres is like a storyteller who pinpoints the childhood environment and how that affected self-care. It is where the connection between Ceres and Virgo starts.

On the other side, the Moon shows self-identity. It focuses on inner feelings, thoughts, and how one responds to the world around them.

Ceres doesn’t relate nurture to one’s identity and emotions. It is an indicator of what makes one feel comfortable in their skin, focusing on physical health, environment, and lifestyle.

What makes Ceres a powerful element is that it can also identify what one lacked while growing up and how that determined how that person will nurture others.

It points to how one cared about themselves to receive what they are missing from significant people.

A negative placement of Ceres may be a sign of abandonment, sorrow, and eating disorders. Ceres also shows how one takes care of their kids and family.

Well-positioned Ceres gives parents who are warm, caring, and always there for their children.

An afflicted position in a natal chart gives overprotective parents who micromanage the lives of their kids. Those children usually grow up to be too dependent, insecure, and overly sensitive.

Fear of not providing enough care drives both types of parents, and that anxiety is also associated with Ceres.

Ceres resembles a guide that uses these characteristics to help one overcome turmoil. Ceres helps one become mature while dealing with hardships and traumatic events.

Ceres in Capricorn (House X): Personality and general traits

People with Ceres in Capricorn are responsible, dutiful, and down to earth. They are realists and not overly warm-hearted or playful.

Instead, they are the ones who silently take care of others and themselves. Capricorn Ceres individuals nurture through providing their loved ones with necessary resources, especially material.

These persons are proud, independent, and determined. They don’t like wasting time, money, or resources.

Individuals with Ceres in Capricorn need everything to be purposeful, which is why all their actions are deliberate and intentional. Impoverishment frightens them. They will do all in their power to accomplish their goals and to feel secure.

Even though they are materially-oriented, caring about loved ones is their principal motivation. Capricorn Ceres people don’t fall in love easily.

Yet, when they do, they will do everything for their partner. They will sacrifice themselves for the family and children. If Capricorn Ceres doesn’t provide dear ones with stability, they might feel useless and depressed.

Capricorn Ceres people are not expressive nor romantic. They will teach their kids discipline, how to be organized and economical. They believe that warm gestures and sweet words make one weak, so they’ll show their affection by being loyal and keeping their promises.

Persons with Ceres in Capricorn hold tradition, ethics, and morals high, and they want their loved ones to be the same.

Although they appear cold and emotionally detached, they care. But they won’t pamper anyone with affection, and they feel uncomfortable if someone is emotional with them.

These people are often misunderstood because they make others believe that they don’t care. That can hurt Capricorn Ceres, but they will suffer in silence. They respect others and demand the same from people.

Capricorn Ceres individuals are planners, and they stick to their goals, timelines, and schedules. They don’t like surprises, even if they are positive.

Persons with Ceres in Capricorn are also highly supportive, and they’ll help others improve their skills and earn more money.

Success, status, and rewards are of paramount importance to Capricorn Ceres people. That is why they feel best when people notice and reward their accomplishments and hard work.

Ceres in Capricorn and childhood

People with Ceres in Capricorn may have had to grow up fast due to a sudden event or difficult conditions. They possibly had to take care of themselves or even of their caregivers too.

Perhaps Capricorn Ceres felt neglected as children because they had workaholic or emotionally detached parents.

Their parents’ responsibilities continuously put them in the corner, which is why people with Ceres in Capricorn had to be resilient and independent.

Ceres in Capricorns indicates that these individuals had parents who used to show affection by providing them with material resources and setting high expectations. They learned that work, education, and success are essential for happiness. It is why they are focused on goal accomplishment.

Woman with Ceres in Capricorn

Females with Ceres in Capricorn are wise, trustworthy, and determined to achieve success. They are stable and have big goals and aspirations.

Relationships and love are not among their primary interests. Yet, they will help loved ones with their achievements and support their entrepreneurial ideas.

These women always have a plan, and they are creatures of habit. Their goal is to finish their to-do list, which is why they have clear targets.

Capricorn Ceres females are analytical and love to take time at the end of a day and reflect on everything they did.

They are strategical, and they will dedicate themselves fully to reaching all their objectives. Ladies with Ceres in Capricorn are modest, prefer to blend in, and feel uncomfortable in the center of attention.

Discipline, motivation, and dedication to success are their life pillars, and Capricorn Ceres females have a thorough plan to achieve every goal. They are not enthusiastic about relationships, romantic endeavors, and building deep connections.

These ladies educate others and help them reach goals as a way of showing love. Their partner has to be ambitious, traditional, and stable to ensure respect from Capricorn Ceres woman.

Man with Ceres in Capricorn

Males with Ceres in Capricorn are quiet, focused on their goals, and ambitious.

Relationships don’t excite them, and they prefer dedicating themselves to career success before meeting a romantic interest. They love spending time on their own and reading, analyzing, and making plans.

Unexpected circumstances and surprises disturb and take them off the track. Their routine is sacred to them, and they enjoy structure. Capricorn Ceres men follow the rules, respect tradition, and love feeling powerful.

It isn’t always necessary money that gives them power. Money provides them with stability, but Capricorn Ceres men genuinely love praises, recognition, and climbing the corporate ladders.

But these men are usually good fathers who motivate their children to succeed and take lives into their own hands.

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People with Capricorn in Ceres are not cuddly nor romantic. Yet, they are ambitious, determined, and enjoy the process of becoming successful. They dream of being rich, powerful, and in control.

Capricorn Ceres individuals think with their head, not their heart. They are strategical, methodical, and well-organized.

These persons don’t express their feelings openly, and they don’t have an intense nature. Instead, they are cool-headed and prefer showing care through encouraging learning and progress.

But Capricorn Ceres people support others to achieve dreams and ambitions, and they will help if they can.

People with Capricorn in Ceres love their family and friends, even though they often doubt that. They will do whatever they can to protect people.

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