Ceres in Sagittarius – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

In mythology, Ceres is one of the ancient Roman and Greek deities. She was the goddess of agriculture, the harvest, and fertility, known as Demeter in Greek mythology and Ceres in Roman.

Thanks to mythologically being connected to motherhood, Ceres is the quintessential Mother Nature, representing nourishment.

The myth says that Ceres had a daughter, Persephone, and Hades, God of the Underworld, fell in love with her. Hades decided to make her his queen, and he kidnapped Persephone and took her to his cruel world.

After losing her daughter, Ceres took an infant prince under her care to make her suffering more bearable.

Thus, Ceres took away all the blessings Persephone gave to the world. As a consequence, the Earth became empty, plagued with infertile lands and hungry people.

Without Persephone, the world was bleak, cold, and miserable like the Underworld of Hades.

It is why Ceres and Hades made a compromise to allow Persephone to split her time between her mom and husband.

When Persephone was with Hades, the winter would take over Earth, stopping all the vegetation.

When she was with Ceres, everything would wake up again, and vegetation would flourish. The myth and their agreement explain the change of seasons.

Besides the connection with motherhood, astrology uses this myth and Persephone’s struggles to explain the turmoils one goes through in life.

Ceres in astrology: Origins and meaning

Ceres is the largest asteroid in the asteroid belt orbiting between Mars and Jupiter. Due to its size and other significant factors, many astronomers classify it as a Dwarf planet.

Regarding the natal chart, Ceres is an underappreciated element even though it has fascinating traits. His placement indicates one’s nurture, wellness, and self-care.

Thus, the position of Ceres in a natal chart can identify weaknesses.

Ceres is the ruler of cooking, food, and nourishment, which is why it represents nurture.

Many people have trouble finding a difference between the role of Ceres and the Moon. The Moon is a symbol of a relationship between a mother and child, care, and nourishment. Ceres shows how one nurtures themselves.

Ceres explains how one gives and receives attention, care, and nourishment. It tells the story of one’s childhood, how they grew up, and how that affects their self-care. That’s where the connection between Virgo and Ceres starts.

Ceres can identify what did one miss while growing up. How did the lack of what they needed shape the way they will nurture themselves and others? Ceres answers these questions. It shows how one might nourish others to find what they needed so much in childhood.

Negative placement of Ceres in a natal chart can show eating disorders, abandonment issues, or grief.

Ceres can detect how one takes care of their family, kids, and pets. People with a good position of Ceres tend to be caring, warm, and supportive parents.

An unfavorable position can result in an overprotective parent who likes to control their kids. They often raise kids who are too dependant on the people around them.

That is the consequence of fear because both parents are afraid that they’re not good enough. Fear is an emotion that’s strongly associated with Ceres.

Ceres’s characteristics guide us to overcome our troubles and take better care of ourselves and others. It is the element that helps us mature in tumultuous times.

Ceres in Sagittarius (House IX): Personality and general traits

People with Ceres in Sagittarius are lively, adventurous, and playful. They want to enjoy life to the fullest, and they pursue their dreams and goals. These individuals are brave, fun to be around, and have a great sense of humor.

Since they dread boredom and being ordinary, they want to receive love through adventures and education. They want to learn something new from other people and to meet like-minded persons, eager to discover the world.

Sagittarius Ceres individuals will feel best when someone takes them on an adventure and to unexplored places.

Even though they are adventurers who like to be on the move, they always find time to read and educate themselves.

It is why they are known as philosophers and why they appreciate deep conversations. Sagittarius Ceres people are open-minded, always optimistic, and have a zest for new experiences.

Others might hold grudges, but people with Ceres in Sagittarius don’t waste their energy on pettiness and vengeance.

Instead, they’re future-oriented, curious, and eager to see all that there is. They are warm-hearted, sincere, and sometimes even naive. Their genuine curiosity often causes them to overlook dangers and people with bad intentions.

Many things intrigue Sagittarius Ceres individuals. They want to know everything and would love to spend their lives traveling.

It makes them feel alive when they inspire other people with their stories. These individuals are natural storytellers because they are so engaging and enjoy making other people laugh.

Sagittarius Ceres individuals are not shy to express their affection.

However, they show love by sharing knowledge and inspiring others to learn and live life. They will encourage loved ones to lead extraordinary lives, to be and see more. Sagittarius Ceres believes everyone has more to offer than they think.

Persons with Ceres in Sagittarius will feel loved when others share their ideas and knowledge with them. They believe that sharing precious information means to trust someone.

Also, they need profound conversations to feel nurtured. Mental stimulation is crucial to Sagittarius Ceres individuals.

Although they don’t hide their emotions, sweet words and romantic gestures are too corny to them.

Instead of being touchy-feely, they will support their loved ones, provide them with honest advice and practical solutions.

Likewise, romantic affection doesn’t thrill them. Sagittarius Ceres prefer when others mentally challenge them and inspire them to learn new skills and nurture old ones.

But Sagittarius Ceres individuals love their freedom more than anything. Their family and partner should never try to pin them down because that’s the safest way to scare away people with Ceres in Sagittarius.

Ceres in Sagittarius and childhood

People with Ceres in Sagittarius probably had absent parents or parents commuting to a different city every day. Their parents were possibly travelers, or one of the caregivers was living in another country.

On the other side, it might be that Ceres Sagittarius had aloof or emotionally detached parents who never seemed to be there.

Perhaps these individuals couldn’t find a balance because one of their parents was too strict while the other was easy-going.

Sagittarius Ceres sometimes felt too much freedom, and other times too restricted. They even found themselves in risky situations as kids because of the parent who had a restless spirit.

They saw more than most children or at least understood the world in a way kids usually don’t.

Maybe they got to travel a lot, meet other cultures, or had parents who had explorer souls and provided Sagittarius Ceres with an untraditional education.

Woman with Ceres in Sagittarius

Females with Ceres in Sagittarius are independent, optimistic, and adventurous. They enjoy being with friends, exchanging ideas, views, and cultures. They focus on exploring the world, and they don’t want anyone to distract them from their goal.

An afflicted Ceres gives women who are too dominant and believe that they don’t need anyone to be happy. But once they realize they need a companion for their adventures, they feel lonely.

Whenever they feel low, they find comfort in thinking about the distant world, different countries, and unexplored locales. That gives Sagittarius Ceres a feeling that everything is possible.

Women with Ceres in Sagittarius seduce with their knowledge, humor, and storytelling. They always have something unique to say, which people find highly attractive. These females don’t express their feelings with a gentle touch or romantic gestures.

Sagittarius Ceres women will, instead, educate loved ones and take them on an adventure. They expect the same from others to feel loved.

Man with Ceres in Sagittarius

Males with Ceres in Sagittarius have a great sense of humor. They are intelligent and crave exploring. Like their female counterparts, they are adventurers and want to travel the world.

Sagittarius Ceres men look for intelligence in potential partners. Looks and status don’t intrigue them. Instead, they want mental challenges and excitement. Education has a nurturing effect on men with this Ceres.

When in love, they will want their partner to join their adventures. They are practical, and they will show care by offering useful advice, doable solutions, and teaching their loved one something new.

Men with Ceres in Sagittarius are not overly romantic, and one shouldn’t expect romantic gestures from them.

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Even though they respect it, people with Ceres in Sagittarius are not traditional. They do many things differently than most people, including love.

Sagittarius Ceres encourages loved ones to pursue higher education and to embrace lifelong learning.

Sagittarius Ceres people appreciate freedom, and they want to receive enough space from dear ones to do what makes them feel alive. They will give the same in return.

These individuals are not emotionally demanding or restrictive.

They support bold ideas, game-changing solutions, and starting businesses from scratch.

Sagittarius Ceres believes that humankind is capable of extraordinary achievements and that it’d their life mission to encourage those accomplishments.

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