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Ceres has mythological roots being one of the ancient Roman and Greek deities. Known as Demeter in Greek mythology and Ceres in Roman, she was the goddess of agriculture, the harvest, and fertility.

Thanks to its mythological connection to motherhood, Ceres is the archetype of Mother Nature, representing nourishment.

The legend says that Ceres had a daughter, Persephone, and Hades, God of the Underworld, fell in love with her. Hades decided to make her his queen, and he took Persephone to his cruel world.

After losing her daughter, Ceres took an infant prince under her care due to her unbearable pain.

Thus, Ceres eliminated all the blessings Persephone gave to the world. As a result, the Earth became empty, filled with barren lands and hungry people.

Without Persephone, the world was dark, cold, and miserable like the Underworld of Hades. It is why Ceres and Hades made an agreement that allowed Persephone to split her time between her mom and husband.

When Persephone was with Hades, the winter would reign on Earth, stopping all the vegetation. When she was with Ceres, everything would wake up again, and vegetation would blossom.

Thanks to that compromise, the myth explains the change of seasons.

Besides the connection with motherhood, astrology uses this myth and Persephone’s struggles to explain hardships one goes through in life.

Ceres in astrology: Origins and meaning

Ceres is the largest asteroid in the asteroid belt orbiting between Mars and Jupiter. Due to its size and other significant factors, many astronomers classify it as a Dwarf planet.

Regarding the natal chart, Ceres is an underrated element despite its fascinating traits. His placement can be a powerful indicator of one’s nurture, wellness, and self-care.

Thus, the position of Ceres in a natal chart can pinpoint weaknesses.

Ceres is the ruler of cooking, food, and nourishment, which is why it represents nurture, and modern astrologers see it as the ruler of Virgo.

Many people find it hard to identify a difference between the role of Ceres and the Moon. The Moon is a symbol of a relationship between a mother and child, care, and nourishment. Ceres indicates how one nurtures themselves.

Ceres shows how to give and receive attention, care, and nourishment. It tells the story of one’s childhood, how they grew up, and how that affects their self-care. That’s the starting point of connection between Virgo and Ceres.

Ceres can detect what did one miss while growing up. How did the lack of what they needed shape the way they will nurture themselves and others? Ceres aims to answer these questions.

It shows how one might nourish others to find what they needed so much in childhood.

Negative placement of Ceres in a natal chart can show eating disorders, abandonment issues, or grief. Ceres can detect how one takes care of their family, kids, and pets. People with a good position of Ceres tend to be caring, warm, and supportive parents.

An unfavorable position can result in an overprotective parent who likes to control their kids. They often raise kids who are too dependant on the people around them.

That is the consequence of fear because both parents are afraid that they’re not good enough. Fear is an emotion that’s strongly associated with Ceres.

Ceres’s characteristics guide us to overcome our troubles and take better care of ourselves and others. It is the element that helps us mature in tumultuous times.

Ceres in Taurus (House II): Personality and general traits

Ceres indicates our nurturing capacities, self-esteem, and how we care about ourselves and other people.

In Taurus, it feels natural, comfortable, and at ease. Taurus is an Earth sign. They are warm, sensual, and expressive. Hence, Ceres in Taurus can express fully. It is a gourmand and affectionate.

It is a highly favorable combination, and it gives people who show their care through food, which is Ceres’s specialty.

The sign of Taurus is materialistic, they are the ultimate hedonists of the Zodiac, and they seek comfort. But they are not selfish, and they want their loved ones to feel safe, fulfilled, and protected.

People with Ceres in Taurus are not shy or reluctant to show their care. They are highly tactile and love to touch those they love. That is why they express their affection through physical contact.

Ceres in Taurus enjoys hugging, kissing, cuddling, and caressing. If you love them, offer a massage, and they will feel fulfilled. Hence, Ceres in Aries might be the best opposite example.

If they love someone, Ceres in Taurus will never let those persons be without shelter, food, or protection. They will do everything to keep their loved ones safe.

Ceres in Taurus often show their care by making a good meal or taking someone to nature. But they want the same treatment from others. Individuals with Ceres in Taurus want their loved ones to cook for them, buy them favorite chocolate, or surprise them with great wine.

People with Ceres in Taurus appreciate success and build theirs slowly. They enjoy the process of growth. They are relaxed, feel confident in their bodies, and care about leading a healthy lifestyle.

Yet, a lot of their confidence comes from having material possessions, and if they can’t afford as much as they want, they can start feeling insecure.

Ceres in Taurus also wants to make sure they can provide for the ones they love. Otherwise, they can feel as if they are not worthy of love.

Those with Ceres in Taurus need to be careful about becoming too dependent on money, luxury, and expensive lifestyle.

Thus, they can eat or drink more than they should, which is another thing to keep in mind.

Ceres in Taurus and childhood

People with Ceres in Taurus likely grew up with materialistic parents or caregivers who put a lot of importance on material resources.

Perhaps one of the parents used to overwork themselves or spend a lot. That allowed Ceres in Taurus children to have access to things most kids didn’t.

But if Ceres isn’t well-positioned, these individuals lived in an environment with limited resources, and their parents worked hard to have enough to support them.

Perhaps their parents showered them with material gifts. If afflicted, Ceres in Taurus shows a lack of these kinds of presents.

Ceres in Taurus kids maybe had parental figures who tried to earn their love with expensive gifts. Or, perhaps, Cares in Taurus kids had parents who made them feel guilty for everything they give to them.

Woman with Ceres in Taurus

Females with Ceres in Taurus have a strong maternal instinct, love luxury, and have an intense nature. They want others to indulge them, and they’ll do the same for the ones they love. They are direct, they express their feelings freely, and they are highly feminine.

A woman with Ceres in Taurus is strong, determined, and wants to live a good life. She needs a man who shares the same ambitions or who can build an expensive lifestyle with her.

Ceres in Taurus woman feels good when surrounded by aesthetically pleasing items, tasty food, and drinks.

It is a woman who likes to give and make others feel good. She provides her loved ones with comfort, safety, warm cuisine, and affection.

Yet, if it has an unfavorable position, Ceres in Taurus can give an overprotective and possessive woman. Thus, afflicted aspects indicate eating disorders, such as anorexia.

Man with Ceres in Taurus

Males with Ceres in Taurus have a strong will. They enjoy physical activities, intense experiences, and food that makes them feel alive. They are not afraid to show their affection and let a woman know they want her.

Ceres in Taurus men are flirty, they like to flaunt with their material possessions, and they will use it as a weapon to seduce the one they want. Once they have the one they want, they will pamper them with attention, expensive things, and cook for them.

They are excellent cooks, and they will often use that as an advantage to make someone fall in love with them. Ceres in Taurus males make sure their loved ones are safe.

A negative position of Ceres may result in infidelity, being possessive or jealous. Hence, men with Ceres in the second house should ensure that they don’t exaggerate in fulfilling their desires.

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People with Ceres in Taurus are warm, gourmands, and they love human touch. When they love someone, they take care of them, and they express their affection with ease.

Food and cooking are how they demonstrate their care. Individuals with Ceres in Taurus will cook for their loved ones, shower them with gifts and romantic getaways.

Those with Ceres in Taurus want their loved ones to show love in the same manner: through tasty meals, cuddles, and gifts. These individuals are family-oriented. They like to be at home and to feel cozy.

After family, financial stability is their priority. If they find themselves without enough money, food, or other resources, they will feel stress, lack confidence, and unworthy.

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