Chiron in Aries – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

Sometimes we feel trapped inside of our bodies, mind, or lives in general. It is as if we don’t have control over our fates, and despite what we try, the outcomes get out of our hands.

The same dreadful pattern continues, and we start believing there’s some external force moving the strings of our destiny.

One question boggles our minds. – How do we break out of that cycle?

As we hit the wall and get the same results every time, no matter what approach we take, we wonder if there is a greater understanding of it all? And if there is, how do we get the ultimate answers and reasons for our pain and struggle?

These painful patterns can be as menial as failing the same task at work over and over again. Or continuously encountering the same type of superiors that always ask us to do something better but never recognize what we do well.

It may also manifest in relationships. Perhaps we can’t seem to pass a particular stage in connection, no matter how many times and with how many people we try. We do our best to adapt and seek different people, but we end up with the same personality type every time.

The pattern might be broader. Maybe we feel ready for a change, the next milestone, or life-changing thresholds, but we are too stuck to reach that point.

It feels like time passes, but nothing really changes, and we are always there, in the same position, in the same place.

These impressions and feelings are not pointless. It points to one part we all have deep inside, and that part is responsible for feeling vulnerable, lost, and afraid.

Chiron rules over these struggles, pointing to the things we try to bury and suppress.

Chiron warns us with his painful signal that we have to start our pursuit of hidden wounds and dig for negative past beliefs, experiences, and recurrences.

No one should battle with the same issues endlessly because it slows down progression and evolution. Chiron helps us to convert our wounds into lessons, strengths, and powers.

Chiron: History and origins

Scottish astrologer, Maurice Wemyss, predicted in 1935 that the world would discover a celestial body with an affinity for Sagittarius and with characteristics that resemble Chiron.

Officially, humans met Chiron in 1977 when the astronomer Charles Kowal noticed a new planet in the sky.

Chiron’s original name was Object Kowal because his discoverer labeled it as a minor celestial planet.

However, they renamed it Chiron, honoring the legendary Centaur. But Chiron is also known as the Rainbow Bridge because of its position between Saturn and Uranus.

Since it orbits between these two planets, Chiron has a slow transiting pace. It spends nine years in one zodiac sign, and it takes him roughly 49 to go through all twelve.

Besides, Chiron experiences multiple retrogrades, and we usually feel its impact in our fifties. That is when our wounds open up again, demanding cleansing and resolutions.

Chiron’s symbol resembles a key, which reminds us of his role: to unlock the pain and help us reach a better destination, the one where we will find peace.

But what we know about Chiron doesn’t only come from astronomy. It also has mythological roots. It is essential to understand the legend to comprehend the meaning of Chiron in a natal chart.

Chiron: Mythology and the story of a Wounded Healer

Greek mythology was the inspiration for Chiron’s name. Chiron was a centaur and healer, and due to his wisdom, he was also a teacher of many mythical heroes. He is known as the Wounded Healer.

Parents abandoned Chiron at birth, but God of Light, Apollo, became his caregiver, guide, and teacher. Thanks to Apollo, he became a scholar, healer, and tutor, sharing his wisdom with many prominent Greek figures.

According to the legend, Chiron is the offspring of the nymph Philyra and Kronos (Saturn). Before Chiron’s birth, an oracle told Kronos that one of his sons would steal his throne. Hence, Kronos would devour his male descendants.

But Kronos’s wife was aware of that prediction. It is she did her best to hide her son Zeus. Kronos didn’t manage to find Zeus, and, meanwhile, he became obsessed with the nymph Philyra. Philyra didn’t want him, and she turned herself into a mare to avoid his desire.

Kronos was persistent, and he managed to find her, but his determination didn’t stop there. He transformed himself into a horse to mate with Philyra. The result of that encounter was Chiron, a demi-god half man, half horse being.

Philyra couldn’t deal with what Kronos did to her and that she gave birth to what she perceived as a monster.

After that, she pleaded with the Gods to turn her into anything else but her human form. Her wish came true, and they transformed her into a Lime tree. That left Chiron without anyone to fend for him until a shepherd known as Apollo found him.

Chiron’s fate seemed to go in a better direction after being taken under Apollo’s care. He became an intellectual, healer, and scholar. Hercules was one of his students, and he went to visit his teacher in the cave where Chiron was residing with other Centaurs.

Due to a misunderstanding, the Centaurs and Hercules started a fight. One of his poisoned arrows hit Chiron even though he didn’t participate in the battle, nor he had anything to do with it.

Due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time, his injury will turn into an eternal wound.

Chiron tried to heal himself. But as an immortal, he realized that he would spend a lifetime in agony. But Hercules felt overwhelming guilt, so he begged Zeus for mercy and to allow Chiron to die.

Zeus decided to compromise and offer Chiron to trade his fate with Prometheus, which meant to be tied to the rock while a Griffin eats his liver. Chiron accepted, giving up immortality, pain, and dignity.

How Chiron’s wounds illustrate ours and help us reach healing?

The mother and father abandoned Chiron, and that feeling is central to his story.

The abandonment left him with psychological wounds, which reminds us of our fear of being abandoned and rejected. It is what determines our connections with people and the world.

Thus, Chiron had no say in what happened to him. That reminds us that tragedies are an imminent element of our lives. It is out of our hands, and we have little to no control over how adversities affect us.

Author of Chiron and the healing journey, Melanie Reinhart, explains how we act through a triad of figures. Our roles are fluid, and that’s why Reinhart introduces a concept known as Three Faces of Chiron. We play the victim (or the one who’s wounded), the perpetrator (the one who wound other people), and the one who heals or Healers.

We use these identities as we go through a process of recovery, switching roles to triumph over the pain.

All it takes is that certain events, situations, or tragedies related to Chiron’s position in a natal chart activate, starting healing.

The journey doesn’t necessarily start in the role of the wounded. We might be the perpetrator first, only to end up as victims in the future. We switch characters. We can be the one who’s wounded, but also the one who hurts others. The goal is to break from the cycle of being either a victim or a perpetrator.

Becoming the healer

The principal idea is to learn how to stop hurting others and ourselves. It is why we encounter the same type of toxic people and unfortunate circumstances over and over again.

Chiron teaches us a lesson by confronting us with our primal and hidden wounds until we reach healing and mend the pain.

Chiron is a reminder that sometimes to give up on fears, we have to give up our urge to control everything.

That means that we have to accept that the healing journey doesn’t take us from one point to another linearly. It is inconsistent, and we continuously have to be honest with ourselves and confront our pain.

We should also embrace self-reflection and consider how we decipher external occurrences: events, relationships, and people.

It helps us assess things objectively and approach everything from the standpoint of empathy. Following the compassionate path, we can stop being a victim or perpetrator and transform into healers.

Hence, concerning natal charts, Chiron represents our most profound wounds, karmic energy, and remnants from our past life. Our task is to face these issues and reach our evolution, peace, and recovery.

Chiron in Aries (House I): Meaning and general traits

People with Chiron in Aries usually go through emotional, physical, or mental injury or harm. But others will rarely notice that Aries Chiron individuals are dealing with some onerous trauma and pain.

These persons are resilient, tenacious, and fighters. They tend to shake off whatever bothers them, no matter how big or small.

People with Chiron in Aries believe that they can handle and manage everything, even if it hurts like hell. They are likely to, at least on the surface, move on quickly from whatever caused them suffering and torment.

Yet, as they are likely to develop deep connections with people, their loved ones and friends usually notice something is wrong. These persons are likely to tell them it’s nothing, so in the end, their dear ones feel their pain more than Aries Chiron people themselves.

Nevertheless, these individuals expect the same from others concerning struggles and pain.

People with Chiron in Aries are likely to tell others to stand up and take it when hurt because everyone goes through some pain, adversity, or trauma. They believe that, otherwise, people will lose themselves in misery instead of moving on.

They believe that they recover fast, and they try not to look back. Aries Chiron people take this approach even when in hard pain and trouble. Some might perceive them as cold. Once people find out how many turbulences Aries Chiron individuals had, they are usually shocked.

These people are usually born during years of conflict or socioeconomic changes and transitions (e.g., generations born between 1918-1927 and 1968-1977). Things change often and quickly during their childhood. That teaches Aries Chiron individuals to don’t get attached and to move on fast.

Individuals with Chiron in Aries usually experience struggles in childhood that hurt them a lot, but all they could do is suck it up and focus on the future.

But they learned how to not dwell on the past and regrets. As a result, they either don’t talk too much about their problems, or they use them as an example to helps others overcome struggles.

Woman with Chiron in Aries

These women are strong fighters, but as Chiron will be in Aries until 2027, they will experience intense changes that will force them to break down their walls and defenses.

The years in front of them are when females with Chiron in Aries will question their identities, defense mechanism, and ego. The purpose is to ensure whether the foundations are stable and if they are sabotaging themselves.

For a long time, they have been burying their past troubles, trying to get it through.

However, in the years ahead, turbulent events and circumstances will shatter the barricades Aries Chiron women built around their fears.

Females with Chiron in Aries will have to face their deepest wounds and assess how ignoring them has affected their lives, relationships, and careers.

But most of all, they will reveal what makes them who they are and whether they let their loved ones genuinely know them.

If we don’t confront our fears, traumas, destructive defense mechanisms, we can’t express our identities and let others love us.

Yet, close connections mean ultimate surrender, honesty, and vulnerability. That theme is the principal lesson Aries Chiron women have to learn.

Man with Chiron in Aries

Males with Chiron in Aries are stubborn, bold, and intense, but they often use these characteristics to escape from insecurities and pain. They are likely trying to compensate for not feeling good enough or always being in a shadow.

They are likely to feel lonely or inept at the end of the day, wondering why their actions don’t bring the results they need so desperately.

Perhaps they seek recognition at work by always trying to be the most competitive and devoted employee, but they end up in the same position or salary all the time.

When they don’t see the gain they expect, men with Chiron in Aries can become self-destructive or make rash decisions.

On the other side, they are too self-reliant and hate asking for help. It is why they are likely to be stuck in a vicious circle of feeling lonely or invisible and not articulating their needs effectively.

The most frequent reason why Aries Chiron men hate asking for support is that they would have to admit what they desire, and they feel like a failure.

Another problem is that Aries Chiron men are not sure what they want to be or to achieve. Yet, they see every mistake as a defeat that’s preventing them from reaching their full potential.

As Chiron will be in Aries for the next six years, Aries Chiron men will have to face their wounds and discovering why they hide their dreams and desires from themselves and others.


People with Chiron in Aries are fighters, but they rarely ask themselves what it is really that they are fighting for and what makes them happy. They are often not sure what’s their purpose and what’s the point of their existence. It is why they seek validation and approvals.

However, they think that to get an endorsement, they have to do something extraordinary or hide their vulnerabilities. They are likely to take on challenges and tasks that are almost impossible to complete successfully.

Aries Chiron people do it to impress others and confirm to themselves that they are worthy. If they fail to finish those endeavors, they feel worthless.

Individuals with Chiron in Aries have to confront their insecurities, fears, and traumas to discover their identities and what makes them valuable and different.

Otherwise, they will never reach the stage of healing and relinquish their pain.

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