Chiron in Pisces – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

The study of Astrology can help us to understand who we are, what motivates us and it can even give us a glimpse into the future. We study the planets and their meaning, degree theory, the 12 houses, and the personalities of the zodiac signs.

The influence of these aspects plays an important role in our understanding of Astrology.

Looking at the placement of Chiron on a birth chart, an understated yet powerful part of our solar system, can help us to dive deeper into the dark aspects of our personality. The comet and minor planet are referred to as the wounded healer.

It represents the areas of our lives that we struggle with. Any deep-rooted issues, karmic pain, or suffering that we experienced in our past lives are depicted through Chiron.

Depending on what zodiac sign Chiron was in at the time of our births we can gain an insight into what areas of life we will struggle in.

On the upside, there are also lessons, wisdom, and healing that we can gain when we study the effect that Chiron has on our lives. If we are willing to listen, the energy of Chiron can mentor us and can help us to choose the path of least resistance.

Rather than submitting ourselves to a life of challenges, we can learn from the message that it brings and gain introspection.

The comet was named after the healer, astrologer, and teacher, Chiron. He was a centaur that became wounded in battle. He chose to save another life instead of his own and sacrificed his immortality to pass over to the other side.

This beautiful tragedy is reflected in the effect of Chiron. Though we may be able to heal others who are experiencing the same obstacles as us, we will struggle to do the same for ourselves.

Chiron in Pisces Meaning

The general traits of a Pisces range from their highly sensitive nature to their closed-off attitude. They are the last sign in the zodiac, yet they are regarded as one of the wisest. They possess a heightened sense of intuition and they generally have impressive psychic abilities. They are known to be selfless and have a friendly demeanor.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune and Jupiter, which is symbolic of the duality in their personalities. Neptune is linked with compassion and extrasensory observations. Jupiter is associated with healing, generosity, fortune, and expansion.

The primal wound of a Pisces Chiron is their susceptibility to emotional pain and a fractured relationship with the divine. They are tormented souls who are addicted to the suffering that emotional upheaval brings, and yet it is something that they fear the most. They face issues with boundaries and escapism.

The effect that Chiron under Pisces has on the personality of someone with this placement is dramatic. It creates a caricature of Pisces with far more sadness, woe, and misery.

The influence of Pisces is evident, with Chiron in place it highlights the darkness of this zodiac sign and amplifies its characteristics to excess.

Though they may initially appear to be all doom and gloom, there is a beautiful side to the Pisces Chiron. The darker side of their soul is complemented by their sweet and caring nature. There are good and bad aspects to the effects of the comet Chiron. From both of them, we can learn a great deal about ourselves and those around us.

Pisces Chiron Personality

Chiron in Pisces amplifies the emotional baggage of people with this placement which is then reflected in their personalities.

Unraveling the personality traits of a Pisces Chiron requires peeling off the layers. They are deeply complex and at times confusing.

Pisces remains one of the most fascinating influences over Chiron. It is a rollercoaster for those that possess Chiron under Pisces in their chart.

So deeply intriguing is the Pisces in its own right, but when we project its energy onto Chiron it is simply out of this world.

The Negatives

The wound of the Pisces Chiron runs deep. They open themselves up to hurt and yet they fear it. They endure the pain of suffering, especially if it is to save someone else from experiencing the same.

Although they seem to be distressed by the prospect of pain the Pisces Chiron enjoy it on a subconscious level. This sadist-like behavior is self-destructive and contradictory.

There is an underlying sense of victimization with the Pisces Chiron. They may feel attacked and picked on often.

This is usually an irrational conclusion that they draw from the simplest of circumstances. Their sensitivity can make them hard to reason with. They are cynical and can take a well-intentioned comment directed to them as criticism.

The zodiac sign Pisces dislikes being criticized, its influence is apparent in Pisces Chiron.

The Pisces Chiron can feel as though life is unfair. They feel as though they have drawn the short end of the stick. Whether this is true or not, they hold onto this feeling and milk it dry.

The ‘woe is me’ mentality of the Pisces can often mean that they do not take responsibility for their problems. This resonates with the effect of Chiron as it is not easily recognized by looking within. These are parts of us that are hidden to ourselves but widely noticed by those around us.

There is a sense of pessimism that seems to drive the Pisces Chiron. Their outlook on life is often bleak and dreary. They do not trust the ways of the world, everything connected to the physical world is viewed with suspicion. They are uncertain of the earthly realm.

They may suffer from an identity crisis. Pisces are immensely intuitive and psychic, with the Pisces Chiron however they can lose their faith in the universe and the energy of love.

All the while they feel this way they will still seek it out. They want to be part of something bigger. The effect of Chiron denies them the opportunity to heal this problem.

People with this placement may find that they attract broken people. Like a moth to a flame, those who suffer from intense emotional pain will gravitate toward the Pisces Chiron. They have a toxic dependency when it comes to pain.

The Pisces Chiron wants to avoid the sensation of pain and yet they are magnetized to it. They know that there is something inside of them that needs to be fixed but they don’t know-how. They will regularly enter into a cycle of ups and downs as they try to figure out this phenomenon.

The Pisces Chiron finds it hard to trust people and yet they can be extremely gullible. They will keep people at arm’s length to avoid being hurt or betrayed and then they will give in. They want to lower their guard and feel at ease around them.

It is difficult for them to totally relax and believe that they won’t be taken advantage of or disrespected. This can result in them blowing hot and cold which pushes the other person away.

As the Pisces Chiron is extremely sensitive they will take it as rejection, not realizing that they were the person that caused them to leave.

The Positives

They offer comfort during dark times and their helpful advice helps many people throughout their lifetime. They have a saint-like essence, they help the wounded to heal and offer advice on how to move through negativity.

The Pisces Chiron has compassion for everyone who needs it. They do not discriminate when offering their love and affection.

If someone is experiencing hardship they will offer a shoulder for them to cry on. They can sense if something is wrong with someone before they tell them. They have a special gift for reading people’s energies and thoughts. They are natural psychics who use their powers for good.

Nothing is too big or small for the Pisces Chiron. They will answer calls for help no matter what is going on in their lives. They are incredibly empathic and their sensitive nature helps them to be considerate of other people’s feelings.

Pisces Chiron Woman

A famous trait of Pisces is their sensitivity. In a Chiron Pisces woman, this is even more pronounced. They have a tendency to be easily offended and can come off as quite moody. They are not fans of criticism and can take any kind of criticism personally. They do not express their pain with aggression. They generally tend to withdraw within can be construed as the silent treatment.

The Chiron Pisces woman will go out of her way to help others. If someone around them needs assistance in any way she will make sure that she can ease their burdens.

As noble as this may be there is a darker side to their behavior. The energy of Chiron in Pisces leads them to feel compelled to take on other people’s suffering.

There is a tendency for the Pisces Chiron woman to do in order to make the people around her happy. She is a magnet for pain. Like a sponge, she soaks up the energy of people around her.

Quite frequently she can feel drained and yet she still continues to act in this manner.

When she should be protecting her energy she is helping people instead. She wants to be useful and be a positive light to all around her. Self-sacrifice is a part of her being. She cannot help but answer the call of those in distress. She is helpless to the energy of sorrow and despair.

Pisces Chiron Man

The Chiron Pisces man is a healer. Like the centaur Chiron, he offers aid to those who are wounded while forgoing his own needs. He dedicates his life to helping others with his natural gifts. The Chiron Pisces man will give and continue to do so until

Instead of replenishing his energy levels, he seeks to continue with his mission of saving the world. He wants to be a part of something great and happily sacrifices himself to a greater cause. He may see himself as a martyr.

The physical realm does not satisfy him. He is rarely tempted to indulge in earthly ways. Instead, he spends his time engaging in study. He feels a connection to the universe that he cannot explain yet he feels disconnected.

The Chiron Pisces man does not feel at home on earth, nor does he as though he would be welcome in the spirit realm. He simply floats in the abyss while trying to understand his identity.

He evolved beyond his ego. He sees the world for what it is, a projection of his mind. The subject of esoteric matters fascinates him.

Occasionally he can become disconnected from reality. His awareness of Source energy is more heightened than his peers. He can feel the ebb and flow of universal energy which draws him away from the physical world.

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Lessons from Chiron in Pisces

Despite how volatile Chiron in Pisces is, the pure essence of Pisces still runs throughout those who have this placement.

Their kind and loving energy are one of their greatest qualities. They capture the spirit of Lightworkers. It is evident that they want to make a difference in people’s lives, regardless of whether or not there are selfish intentions behind it.

However, their faults create cause for concern. They are so deeply impacted by their karmic wounds that necessary steps must be taken to protect and nurture their wellbeing.

Balance and foresight are needed to keep Pisces Chiron in good form. They have excellent intuition, but they must know how to use it to benefit their own lives. The Pisces Chiron must first recognize the wound before attempting to heal it.

As the Chiron in Pisces gives so much to others they absorb the negative vibrations from those around them. It is as if they are surrounded by energy vampires.

However, this is a self-inflicted part of their behavior that must be toned down if they wish to find peace.

The Pisces Chiron must make time for their own needs. They are so busy catering to everyone else that they neglect themselves. It may take a while for them to adapt.

If they want to improve their circumstances they must be open-minded. They must focus on themselves for a while and refrain from trying to solve everyone’s problems.

Though it is good to be helpful and offer support to others it can be overwhelming to take on too much at once.

Overloading the Pisces Chiron with the heartbreak, drama, and problems of others is detrimental to their wellbeing. If they wish to be of service to others they must sure that they are fit to do so.

Forcing themselves to be everything for everything is counterproductive. They run the risk of taking on too many problems and their judgment could be clouded by multiple energies demanding their attention.

To remedy this the Pisces Chiron must retreat. They need to distance themselves from the world and embrace solitude. They may use the time to reflect, release negative energy, and prioritize themselves.

When alone they can use the time to practice self-care and build up a loving relationship with themselves.

The Pisces Chiron can still help others, they just need to know their limits. They have an incredible psychic gift that can help so many people. When they are ready and able they can put this to good use and guide others.

As a clairvoyant, their perspective and insight when looking into someone’s future can help them to make the right decisions and fulfill Pisces Chiron’s need to help and satisfy others.

Though the wound of Pisces Chiron may never fully close it can still offer healing. When the Pisces Chiron becomes aware of the darker aspects of their soul they can work to stay on the right path.

The trauma and harm of their karmic pain could make them stronger if they are willing to try.

The complexities of Chiron seem to be never-ending as it weaves its way through our lives. However, the scar or wound that it has given us is a reminder that we can face any challenge and come out on the other side.

There is nothing that can take away our power. Our strength lies within and we can rise above the negativity and live to see another day.

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