Chiron in Taurus – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

There’s a hole inside all of us we can’t patch up with anything, regardless of how hard we try. It is the inexplicable emptiness that holds us awake at night and steals our happiness even when everything is right.

But we can’t seem to remember how it moved in and took over our beings. Perhaps it’s always been there, hidden and grim.

That’s the pain we feel it’s been following us from a previous lifetime or early childhood. We can’t remember, but we know it’s always been there.

The truth is, we will try to analyze, dissect, and understand it, but we’ll probably fail. That wound became a part of us, and it merged with both our sadness and happiness. No remedies, substances, or pep talk heal it.

We all have darkness inside of us. Some choose to avoid and suppress it while others actively pressure it, striving to discover what it is. But nothing reveals its nature better than Chiron.

Chiron is a comet, and its placement in our natal chart gives us insights into our deepest wounds and uncovers which areas of our lives feel more challenging than others.

Like Sun, Moon, or Uranus, Chiron was located in a specific astrological house and Zodiac sign in the year we were born.

Alike the other three comets, Ceres, Juno, and Pallas Athena, astrologers often neglect Chiron, and most people aren’t familiar with this placement.

Yet, despite being a lesser-known section in our natal charts, Chiron is a powerful element that can unveil the hidden tones and characteristics of our personalities.

Even though it shows karmic and profound wounds that we’ll carry with us throughout life, Chiron helps us alleviate and understand it. Sometimes, one can even heal their pain by applying the lessons Chiron gives.

Chiron: History and origins

Chiron was discovered in 1977 when the astronomer, Charles Kowal, saw a new planet in the sky. It is located in an erratic orbit between Saturn and Uranus, which is why it’s known as the Rainbow Bridge.

The glyph or symbol representing Chiron looks like a key, and it consists of a letter O and K.That alludes to its original name, Object Kowal.

Due to having a slow orbiting pace, Chiron takes roughly 50 years to circle all Zodiac signs, and it stays between four and nine years in each of them.

As all people born in those years will share the same Chiron, it’s significant to pay attention to the Houses and Aspects for personal meaning. Like the other elements, Chiron got its name from Greek mythology.

The son of Cronus, Chiron was an immortal centaur that astrologers call the Wounded Healer. He was unlike other centaurs: a scholar, civilized, wise, and kind. His parents abandoned him, and that created the wound that followed him all his life.

But Chiron never let his troubled past lead him or turn him bitter. It is how he became a physician, teacher, and mentor of many Greek heroes.

Yet, life wasn’t kind to him. A poisoned arrow struck him during a feud between centaurs and Hercules, even though Chiron didn’t participate.

Due to being immortal, he couldn’t die, and he lived in agony. In the end, the gods offered Chiron to change his destiny with that of Prometheus, which he accepted.

Chiron’s wounds teach us how to overcome our own and becoming the healers

The myth of Chiron reminds us of injustice, tragedy, and pain we can’t control. His placement in a natal chart points to deep-seated self-doubts, vulnerabilities, and ache.

Chiron shows us the trauma we try to bury and memories we suppress over and over. Yet, those wounds always resurface, causing insecurities and affecting our self-esteem.

We often overlook or neglect these feelings because we try to improve them or push them aside. That pain comes in different forms, disrupting our lives, dreams, and aspirations.

But Chiron will repeatedly reemerge that pain because it wants to point to our most profound weaknesses, but also strengths.

Even though these wounds recur again, Chiron aims to help us overcome them and show how much we can survive. It teaches us that we can repress bad memories or shut down the pain, but as long as we don’t confront it, it will control us.

Chiron won’t only show us how to heal ourselves, but also others. We have to carry the burden of our wounds, but they help us understand those going through the same or similar.

That way, we learn how to use our trauma for noble purposes and to heal others.

Perhaps we rarely follow our own advice, but we can still use them to help other people.

Chiron in Taurus (House II): Meaning and general traits

If Chiron is the symbol of our primal and ultimate wound, then Chiron in Taurus concerns the physical body and self-esteem. This position tackles self-worth and how one sees themselves.

People with Chiron in Taurus believe possessions can help them heal their wounds. It is why they focus so firmly on having as much as they can.

They are not only afraid of not getting something at all. But Taurus Chiron people are much more terrified of losing something after obtaining it. Individuals with Chiron in Taurus dread losing people, money, items, security, or even social status.

So, they cling passionately and almost possessively to what they have.

These people have fears of losing things because deep inside, they don’t think they deserve it. They often devalue themselves. That is why they wonder how they achieved something and why people love them.

Persons with Chiron in Taurus dread that their loved ones will one day see them as unworthy, not good enough, or beautiful enough.

As they tend to doubt and undervalue themselves, they are likely to avoid people and situations that make them feel as if they weren’t good enough.

Taurus Chiron persons will do everything in their power to escape feeling inept, less worthy, or awkward. And the best way for them to not feel incompetent is to accumulate fortune, resources, or luxury. To do so, they will go to great lengths.

People with Chiron in Taurus don’t like when others disrupt their routine because habits are their way of staying in control. These individuals don’t feel comfortable with too many changes, and they don’t adapt with ease.

Instead, they prefer when everything seems permanent. Yet, they always believe people will leave, and possessions will disappear. Unexpected changes and surprises are the most alarming source of fear for Taurus Chiron individuals.

Their healing journey will force them to find security without relying on material resources. That means that persons with Chiron in Taurus have to find safety and security within themselves, inside. They have to find their strength and confidence by seeking spiritual energy or learning to trust themselves and their instincts.

Woman with Chiron in Taurus

Security, stability, and pleasure are what makes females with Chiron in Taurus feel satisfied and full.

But none of those lasts long enough for these women to feel genuinely safe. They always fear someone or something will take away their happiness and plunge them into uncertainty.

Women with Chiron in Taurus are gourmands, and they seek comfort in food and experiences that enrich their senses.

However, they often use that as a form of escapism. Their wounds come from a lack of confidence, unstable body image, and a fear of losing people and possessions.

Having things, such as fancy clothes, a beautiful house, and influential people in their lives gives them self-assurance and an anchor of stability. They cling tightly to everything, which often results in being possessive or too demanding.

People with Chiron in Taurus need continuous confirmations and proves of love from dear ones. That can cause a strain on their relationships and take them off the course.

Even though they might say different, Taurus Chiron women prefer predictability. They like to know what to expect because they can adjust their response and get desirable results. People who love changes, spontaneity, and excitement are great for women with Chiron in Taurus because they can teach them how to give up control.

These ladies have to learn how to deal with loss and uncertainty. Thus, they have to discover how to navigate life on their own before relying on others.

Taurus Chiron women also have to uncover ways to not accumulate money and goods without enjoying them. They are at risk of losing their savings and resources before even using them.

Although females with Chiron in Taurus love the process of spending money, they don’t do it often, and they might even prefer other people paying certain things for them. Other people won’t always understand why Taurus women behave like that, and they might perceive them as misers. That’s not what these ladies are, but they hide their fears of loss even from themselves.

Taurus Chiron women have to learn to let go of what they hold so tight. Once they discover that people and things stay even when they relinquish control, they will be more comfortable with the idea of uncertainty. They should learn how not to attach their self-worth and confidence to having resources, properties, and many people around them. That will help them discover how to appreciate themselves and heal their primal wound.

Man with Chiron in Taurus

What if I’m not good enough? What if other people see my flaws if I don’t impress them before they make that conclusion? But what if I manage to get their love and respect and still lose them once I get comfortable? – These are the most frequent questions that trouble the minds of men with Chiron in Taurus. They are highly likely to struggle with self-worth, body confidence, and self-love.

Others usually don’t notice their self-confidence issues because Taurus Chiron men hide it with humor or flaunting with luxury and money.

Even though they don’t genuinely care about material possessions themselves, they get used to being focused on chasing wealth. That makes it much easier to become too immersed in the material side of life.

Men with Chiron in Taurus often decide that it takes less effort to concentrate on becoming rich, successful, or famous than confronting inner demons and insecurities. These men never feel that they did or have enough. It is why they often cling to people and possessions.

If Taurus Chiron men lose something that gave them validation and confidence, they will go down and doubt their abilities more intensely.

That’s one of the reasons why they should learn not to center their worth around how many friends, cars, or money they have.

Thus, they are likely to suffocate their loved ones with neediness and demands, which can cause the opposite of what Taurus Chiron men want. Nobody likes to feel trapped, so they should find a balance in their relationships.

Males with Chiron in Taurus seek in others what they don’t have. They are unlikely to stay single for a long time because they believe that having a partner means that others recognize their qualities. These males forget that they have to accept and love themselves first to be able to love others.

Yet, men with Chiron in Taurus will go to great lengths to avoid confronting themselves. They will overeat and overspend. If they spend too much time on self-reflection, they tend to wonder why their body looks in a certain way or why they don’t have more skills to do something.

But Taurus Chiron individuals will only learn to take a positive approach once they discover that others don’t love them for what they have but for what they are.


People with Chiron in Taurus tend to doubt themselves, to feel insecure and unworthy. That’s the center of their pain, and that pain controls a big part of their lives.

Facing that ache requires strength that they think they don’t have. It is why, instead, they learn how to coexist with the struggle and deal with it in their way.

Taurus Chiron people mend the pain with a taste of good food, power of money, and attention of friends and partners. It is not a long-term solution, but they keep using the same formula.

Deep inside, they know it’s not the right method, but they don’t understand why. Instead of questioning the reason, they think the answer is to accumulate more possessions. That results in focusing on having wealth, a strong network, and properties.

However, they continuously fear they will lose all of what they have. People with Chiron in Taurus are unaware of their unhealed wounds being the actual reason why they dread losing their possessions and why they don’t genuinely fulfill them.

The way individuals with Chiron in Taurus try to alleviate their pain is indeed masochistic. Their approach doesn’t give the results they want, and it leaves them feeling worse. But they get addicted to that pain because it covers the real one.

Taurus Chiron individuals are masters of avoidance, and most people don’t realize that their hedonism manifests it.

Taurus Chiron individuals are terrified of losing people or possessions. It is why sometimes they turn to lies, excuses, and emotionally blackmails to make others stay. They are afraid of facing the truth because they can’t confront themselves. They seek ways to escape being left alone or having to confront their thoughts.

Due to their escapism, they usually surround themselves with people. It is rare to find Taurus Chiron people sitting at home alone or having solitary hobbies. They need opportunities and situations that give them access to more people and things and being less alone.

People with Chiron in Taurus are likely to be born in periods of poverty or drastic class differences. For instance, Chiron was in Taurus between 1976 and 1984 and 1926 and 1934. While quite different on the surface, these two eras had some similarities.

The first period is when having novel tech gadgets (e.g., the Walkman) created a sense of superiority. But not every parent could afford it, which might cause their child to feel inferior. Taurus Chiron people grew up in times when materialism and consumerism became widespread.

Those children born between 1926 and 1934 experienced the Great Depression, but the elite was still there and bragging about their wealth. Hence, Taurus Chiron people often grow up feeling not good enough. It is why their task is to find the inner value.

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