Dream of Flying Away From Enemy – Meaning and Symbolism

Do you have enemies and who are the people you perceive as enemies, for whatever reason, or maybe your worst enemy is not a person at all, but a fear (of something) itself?

You probably have, or you at least have someone in your surroundings that does not suit you in the best way, would you agree? We are sure you do.

Many of us have enemies, or at least those who are present in the everyday life that makes us feel bad.

And, maybe we are the enemy for some people, even when we are certain that we are good people who will never harm anyone or hurt anyone.

How to recognize them, because some hide well behind the mask of a friendly relationship, and even then you should protect yourself from such people by cutting ties if possible.

But, they need to be recognized as enemies, and you need to find the right way to detach from them (or it, if the enemy in question is your fear).

And, for all those who are not able to do so, the issue of an “enemy” may arise in our subconscious mind, in a dream world.

Even if we are able to do so, then in some cases, we could have a dream about an enemy, and it could be someone who is not an “enemy” in a real life, and it appears as one in your dream, and there is a scenario where someone who is or was your enemy, in reality, to appear in a dream.

What does then such a dream mean and is it a healthy way you are dealing with those negative emotions?

Here, you will learn, and we will particularly deal with one scenario – a dream where you are flying away from an enemy.

Dreaming of an enemy in general

Do you also have an enemy or maybe several dreams in a row, that have the same scenario?

Although most people try not to make enemies, there are few who actually succeed in doing so during their lifetime.

Those who succeed, very often pay a high price for it. This is why these motives are often in a dream world because we cannot find the solution for some issues in our “wake life”.

And in times when we are under major stress, we can even dream of our enemies, in of course different scenarios.

Right away we will tell you that those dream does not have to mean that you are obsessed with your enemy’s past or current, but such a dream may even be an alert about coming troubles?

You would be surprised how many dreams that have the main motive of an enemy are in fact really good, in some cases, a dream about the enemy is simply in a difficult time and place in life, and is looking for healthy ways to deal with those problematic tasks.

It is very likely that you if you had such a dream, have a hard issue to resolve, and now you are looking for ways to manage a complex mission, a job that appears permanent, and if you have dealt with the enemy, it is a sign that you can successfully conclude that assignment.

It can be a dream about the person who currently has something that you maybe want, so it is a dream about a competitor, and it is very likely that you will become a winner of such an interaction.

You love that feeling of triumph, and therefore, this kind of dream may be the perfect way to test your skills and reevaluate yourself.

If a person simply sees an enemy, in a dream, then such a dream may be a chance that in a real life, to make things better, and there is a will to beat a certain fear.

Of course, there are many versions of this dream, and not all of them have a positive meaning. It depends on numerous elements of a dream itself, and of course the person who has such a dream.

If you are eating and drinking with the enemy in a dream then such a dream carries a good symbolism – it is a positive sign for sure.

It says that in the very near future, in reality, you will indeed meet a person who will be a challenge for you.

But, your expectations are what is wrong here, in fact, you will find that person to be much more friendly than you could ever expect.

You will learn a lot about yourself also, that you are also the victim of prejudice, as others are also in your world. So why not give trust and a helping hand.

People often have a dream about having an affair with the enemy, and this dream could be a sign from the subconscious that it is a period to actually attempt to deal with the real problems that you are not want to admit are problems.

It is very likely that you are not able to speak honestly to yourself or you are not able to look realistically at life.

For example, shaking hands with the enemy means that you are making ends with someone or something in your life, in fact, it shows that you want to be at peace and not right.

It could suggest that someone is prepared to perform a careless act that they will soon regret, but it will be too late.

If a buddy evolves into an enemy in a dream, he must come to terms with the hypocrisy of those he entrusted.

Dream of Flying Away From Enemy

Here is one concrete case, that if you remember, all of us have, at certain times of our lives.

It is a very common dream, that at times has bizarre elements, and the term “enemy” in this case is very loose – it can be anyone, it can be a mythological creature, someone from a horror movie, but also a real person or someone who is even your friend in the real life. In a dream, all these roles can be mixed up.

So, the dream where you are flying away from the enemy has two important elements, it is the enemy, that is not the manifestation of the person you hate, but it is something you fear, and the other element is the fact that you are flying away from it.

In a most general way, this suggests that you are able to move away from that fear, not in a healthy way, and deal with it but in the most convenient for you.

Flying away is a fast escape from things that scare you very much, and therefore you are not being either realistic or fair.

This dream reminds you to deal with all issues, especially important ones in the most direct and realistic way since it is the healthiest one.

If you are able to fly away with ease from that enemy, in that case, such a dream indicates a significant loss that has occurred the previous day, and you are finding ways of dealing with it.

No one can tell you what will you lose, it can be anything that is related to your career, finances, and connections with other people, that can be romantic or other.

If in a dream you are having a hard time flying away from the enemy, then, in that case, such a dream may indicate that failure awaits you.

If in a dream you are not able to move away from your enemy, then, in that case, such a dream may suggest that in your life there is still someone who is not good for you, it makes you feel bad, but for some reasons that person will not leave your surroundings, neither you will be able to leave that person.

You will continue to see that person for a longer period of time, and the bad news is if the dream repeats itself, in that case, there is a chance that the relationship between the two of you will worsen even more.

There will be a lot of tension for sure, and this dream shows that neither party is being objective or realistic and that with that attitude things between them are becoming worse.

If you flying away from an enemy that you know in reality, then such a dream shows that you are troubled in a real life and that you are very much troubled and upset by the hatred that you feel toward someone in your life, and it does not have to be that person or the enemy from a dream.

And if the enemy from who you are flying away is someone who is a monster, not the person at all, but some form of a monster, then, in that case, you are continually stressing about the unpleasant events that have occurred in reality.

There is also one more interesting version of a dream about the enemy where you are kissing it – some say that this dream speaks of hidden feelings and attraction which you feel toward others those who you in real life pretend to hate, but on some level you love them. It is purely on a subconscious level.

If you are attempting to kiss the enemy, and then you are attempting to fly away from the enemy, then you are not ready to face such a feeling at all. Maybe it would be a good idea to admit these feelings and move on, in whatever direction your heart leads you?

And if in a dream you are trying to fly away from the enemy, and it catches you, such a dream shows that it is not plausible to

reconcile with someone or something in your life, and there will be a lot of quarrels in the future for you two.

Alternately this is the dream that suggests that you are not convinced of your own capabilities. It bothers you a lot.

If the enemy in your dream begins to fly after you, in that case, such a dream shows that not all fears of yours have been faced for some time.

In a version of a dream where you are trying to fly away from the enemy, but it seems like you are running in circles, just floating in the air, such a dream indicates that someone in your surroundings has promoted malicious feelings and actions, and is equipping to display its true face.

The sooner contact with that enemy is cut off, there is less probability there will be any harm. It is conceivable that the dreadful enemy is, in fact, someone who is very close to you.

If you have killed an enemy in a dream and you manage to fly away then such a dream symbolizes crushing any internal paradoxes that have antagonized your life for a long time.

Advice for all those who have this dream

Although at first glance the word enemy is self-explanatory, there are two meanings hidden behind it: when someone is hostile towards us and when we are antagonistic toward another. And here we are talking about feelings, and in a weird world of dreams, an enemy could be even a person who we love in a real life.

Sometimes someone will become your enemy because you threatened them with some effort, periodically even though you did nothing to them, and occasionally despite the fact that you did them some good.

Because someone having enemies does not say anything bad about that individual. There is no shame in having an enemy and you should not feel guilty about it.

The presence of enemies is a sensation that should be lived with and towards which one should have the right mindset.

Generally, dreams about enemies, of any kind are a representation of numerous difficulties on the path to the goal, but there are those who show the quite opposite.

For the most correct understanding of this dream, you must attach all the elements in a dream.

Some say that dreams about enemies are often representations of future combat you are about to take, things you want to have but you need to work hard to get, and now you are thinking about it and mentally preparing yourself for such a task.

In those cases, where we spoke of the enemy that is in some form of a monster, then, in that case, you must admit to yourself what is that that is causing problems for you, and what is the cause of stress for you, so that you are tormented by such dreams.

Speaking about your issues is very healthy. Then, and only then you will be able to comprehend that process.

In one of the versions of this dream, we said that it could mean that you do not have any confidence in your own abilities, and you should work on it. Special activities can help you achieve confidence and change.

Whoever encountered an opponent in a dream, in fact, that person must be prepared for it (for facing fears, whatever those fears could be), so that in reality you can protect your own interests. Being prepared is always a good idea.

In some cases, the best advice is to simply change your environment. Victory in some of these situations seems unlikely, so you must do everything feasible to contain it.

In any case, we recommend honesty and dealing with things small or big in the most direct way, with an idea that there cannot be any “flying” from problems (enemies, fears, whatever).

There can only be facing those issues. And the part of having an enemy should not worry you. It can be all in your head.

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