Dreaming of a Child You Don’t Have

Dreams can shake us to our core, sometimes it can occur that we are not even aware that we are dreaming, but that dream is so real that we have a feeling that it is real.

When we wake up and realize that it was “just” a dream and not the real deal, then we cannot shake off the feeling that that certain dream truly means something more than we can think of.

There are numerous studies that prove that this is the case and that the dream world is worth looking into, looking into what dreams mean for us.

You can test this easily by remembering as many details of the dream, and then looking up what could such a dream mean.

Dreaming of a Child in General

A child that appears as a dream motive is very common, and it is a powerful symbol that often appears in the lives of the people who have children, more commonly women have them, and these are not dreams that are the same as dreams of babies since that is the category of its own.

Dreaming about a child is a very common position for women due to maternal instincts; although it is not limited to them, because there are many examples of men who have said that they had this kind of dream once in their life.

It is said that the dreams of a child can be associated with success, worries about health, but also about liars that could be around you, and your perception of it. All of this depends on all aspects of a dream.

Women who are in their menstrual cycle more commonly have a dream about the child, and there is a study that shows that the person who has this dream, a woman is in her fertile, and it is a sign of her emotional state and with it also on the subject of her dreams.

Apparently, sexual intercourse (with or without protection) can also cause such dreams; because it is about something, which is generally very present in the female mind.

It could also be related to the desire for a mother, impossible to be but recently discovered their pregnancy.

On the other hand, for men, it is usually associated with work projects and fear of fatherhood.

Sometimes these dreams can convey more messages than just the simplest one – where you are developing the need to become a parent yourself.

There are several scenarios for that dream, and everyone has their own real meaning.

However, it is important to warn you right away, that you should really analyze the meaning of those dreams, and try to recall as many details as you can because they will determine the real meaning behind this dream.

It can reveal important messages for your present and even for the future.

Dreaming of a Child You Don’t Have

People can also have a dream that is associated with the motive of a child that you do not have (in reality).

All details of this dream as any other, you have to know that it is connected to your personal experiences, perception, and cognitive aspirations.

If you had a dream about a child that you do not have in reality, such a dream can be connected to your expectations, regarding not a family, but for example, new projects, the search for a new job, but simply for the purpose of personal growth.

It is common to hear anxiety and fear before changes, even more so, if they are drastic – in a dream, such fear is reflected by the worry that you have regarding your child (in a dream).

It does not matter that this is not true in a real life, you have felt in a dream as you have a child, or you have someone you worry about very much and it is a reflection of something that you care for in life.

In this example, the dream of a child can represent the fear of failure in a project that you are passionate about. It is a reflection of a worry that is seen in your dream because you are not dealing with it in a real life.

If you have a dream of a child that you do not have in reality, and in a dream your child is dead, such a dream is truly scary.

Here, such a dream speaks of your worries that do not have to be connected to your life, in a sense that such a dream comes to those who have worries about their kids, but in fact, worries are connected to worries that are associated to

friends or family, it can be a consequence of the fear associated with hard work and expectation of success. That fear could have come from abnormal proportions during stressful times in your life.

If you have a dream of a child that you cannot find, and the entire dream is associated to worry and a search for your child, such a dream is truly disturbing.

It is very likely that this dream has come to you at a moment when you are at some kind of crossroads, wanting to learn to manage and break down whatever that can be for you.

If a scenario shows your child that is crying in that case, it may seem that in reality in a certain relationship you have been feeling like you are neglected.

Although it is something very obvious in everyday life, there may be very hidden emotional but material gaps in the subconscious of the individual who has this kind of dream.

On the other hand, it can also be interpreted as a manifestation of personality traits; in which, when faced with problems but different situations that we encounter, there is usually a desperate cry, just as a child in your dream has done.

If you had a dream that you are a parent of a child that is a known child who in reality belongs to some of your friends, or is related or connected to you through some different channel, then such a dream shows that you are dealing currently with some matters that are not easy to get entangled.

It says that you have clearly survived a lot of problems, a lot of fear, and a lot of stress, and now you need to take care of yourself and put every feeling into its “right” box.

That’s why it’s time to take a break, relax, be alone and relieve all the stress.

If this dream carried with it a stressful and not-so-pleasant emotion, in that case, this dream about the child you do not have, is a clear sign of accumulating stress.

When you have a dream that you are joyfully playing with your child, and there is a lot of laughter and happy emotions, in that case, it is a perfect time, in reality, that you are in search of e better environment, where you will have ideal conditions for the first phase of your development, so this dream is an excitement to grow and prosper in a new environment.

Faced with complex changes, especially those that go from well-being and calm to turbulence, people will dream of a child.

If the child from your dream is a boy then it is said that such a dream could be related to a lack of self-esteem and problems with the expression of feelings and emotions. You seem to have this problem and you are finding ways to resolve this.

In a case where a child in your dream is just a doll, not a real person then such a dream comes as a manifestation of naivety, although for various reasons it is also attributed to an internal conflict.

If in a dream you have an abandoned child, even if you do not have it at all in real life, in that case, it is very likely that you as an individual feel abandoned, or that very recently you have abandoned someone.

It also includes childhood problems that you may not remember, but that are now coming to the surface because they cannot be hidden anymore.

If you are having a dream that the child is crying, such a dream has a somewhat negative connotation for you.

It symbolizes that he will soon go through the phase of suffering and it will not be good for you, but maybe you have to realize that now is the time to do so, and go through that pain, so that you can grow, further in life.

That suffering will not be very intense, the truth is, it will last for a few hours, and it will disappear.

It is impossible for you to determine where that pain will come from, it could be related to professional life, personal life, love, but also family work. It is certain that this phase will appear very soon and you must prepare with all your might.

If you had a dream where your child is sick in a dream, it can be a symbol of a failure on your part, it may be the case that, in reality, you did not take advantage of an opportunity. It does not matter what it is related to, it is something that you care for very much.

More specifically, if you are crying in a dream, and your child is very sick, almost dying, then such a dream comes as a signal that you may be wasting the best opportunities of your life.

It seems like they are or were appearing in front of you, and you just don’t see them.

We advise that you pay more attention to them, and now is the time to get out of your comfort zone, because you are clearly missing out.

Opportunities are unique and only come once in a lifetime. If you fall for them, maybe it will be too late and then you won’t be able to go back.

Pay attention to those dreams, because they are a real warning sign, that can alter the direction of your life.

Advice for those who had such a dream

In many of these cases, as we have shown, a dream of a child that you do not have comes from some anxieties, worries, negative

experiences, fear among many other situations, and others because in this current moment you have clearly felt so weak.

However, all the mentioned agree on one thing, which is the need for attention, that you also exhibit, and maybe you do not want to admit it yourself.

Dreaming about a child that you do not have, could in certain cases comes as a symbol of growth, particularly regarding your personal projects.

Some things you start now will grow, and it is ok to have anxiety and a bit of stress regarding it.

In some cases, such a dream comes as a sign that it is the right moment to invest time in these things.

Usually, it is business related and has not anything to do with personal life or family for that matter.

So you have to work on some business that will be successful in the future. Whatever it is, never give up.

In some cases, this is the dream that is associated with your inability to react properly to stressful situations in life, and you are just like a crying child.

Advice is to work on this as soon as possible, to make more mature moves in life.

As we have already mentioned, have in mind that dreams about children, even for those who do not have them in real life, are most commonly very welcome and serve as motivation for maturity; to become more organized and above all more empathetic towards others individuals.

It does not have to do with the need to become a parent, it may, but it does not have to be the case.

A dream about a child could also be interpreted as a need to settle down, to change one’s lifestyle, but also as a desire to create a family.

It could be, but this is not the most common cause, as you may expect it is.

Finally, the appearance of those dreams could simply be a consequence of closeness with friends or family members who recently conceived as parents; or who have to change their lives drastically, and this is a process they have to go through.

Also, generally, advice would be to think and re-evaluate your past, think of why you fear things you do, and why you have anxieties and fear the future.

This is the connection with the child in a dream – it is your relation to the past, having in mind that, childhood is the time of the greatest innocence of man.

As we grow, certain experiences and knowledge are acquired in relation to the different situations we go through.

Many people become completely shed their innocence, to optimize their development through life; while others are trying not to let it go.

Both ways of looking at life could trigger those kinds of dreams as well, and it is completely normal, the best way to look at them, is as tools for learning and making the best out of them.

And in a certain way, in some cases, this is the dream that could be closely related to the need but desire to preserve values, principles, and innocence or the lack of it.

It can also be interpreted as a parental need (the need to take care of someone, something to be in charge, it is a place or a person where all that you believe is there, emotions and worries), but a deep-rooted protective trait in the individual’s personality.

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