Dreaming of a Dead Person Talking to You

If we want to take a look at death from a biological and physical pinpoint, then the death of someone is a complete ending to all processes of his life.

This is an irreversible sensation that none of us can avoid.

We need to accept that all of us are mortal, and we need to learn to deal with such an event in the best way we can. And sometimes it is very hard.

It is a very common fact that dead people appear in our dreams, and this is more the case when we are talking about all those distant and close deceased relatives and friends as if they were alive.

This may come from the fact that we miss so much, and there is an inner lingering that we would like so much to have them by our side for at least one that time.

And not just that, some believe that it is quite plausible that the dead are speaking to us through dreams when they want to say something truly important to us.

At times we just crave a wise word that comes from someone we use to love. Dreams are just the perfect playground to do so because there anything is possible.

Although many dreams of dead friends and family members can be explained away, many claims that the dreams are, in fact, an unnatural sensation. So many dead try to contact us while we sleep.

They can simply appear and disappear, or they will try to convey a message through dreams, for example, that everything is fine with them.

It is said, that very commonly dreams in which there is an element of the other world, the world of the dead, to be more precise, are for the person who has such a dream a sign of impending problems, problems in real life, warning of danger and illness.

They should be taken seriously since they come to us as a warning sign, and they detect the moment when we should thoughtfully think of that possibility, and ways we can deal with it.

Different dream books explain the dream in which the dead person is seen alive in different ways – from warning signs to encouragement, and everything in between.

Dreaming of a Dead person in General

In a general sense, as some say, a dead person in a dream does not carry memory burdens, it is simply a participant in the events that take place in the dream.

This perception of him is probably connected with the memories and mourning of the deceased person.

But, there are those who oppose this idea and offer something completely different.

If you had a dream about the deceased person, who once in your life meant a lot ot you, and you wanted to see him or her, and who appears in a dream alive, is a dream of many.

At times these dreams may feel like they are the most normal thing in the world, and you have a feeling that that person never left, and it is normal that he or she is “alive”, in a drema at least.

In other times, these dreams can be very scary and filled with questions, and in fact, they could raise much more questions than they could provide the answers to.

People who are long dead, that you forgot how they look like, can also appear in your dream, and it is said that then they are announcing future problems, and losses.

The deceased, seen in a dream, are happy and satisfied, revived, warns of the treacherous plans of the enemy.

Once again such a dream is seen as a warning, and it seems like enemies plot against you. Be careful and as careful as possible in everything you start in the near future.

There is a belief that dreams of dead people, in general, are the representation of feeling guilty in reality.

If there are many dead people in your dreams, and they are trying to talk to you, in that case, such a dream, as it is said, predicts an epidemic but some kind of terrible global catastrophe.

It is a known meaning that when you kiss a dead person in a dream then such a dream shows many problems that await you around the corner.

Some go as far as saying that there is even a high probability of imminent death, it does not have to be you, it can be someone you know. It could mean a long-term separation from family members.

Dead grandparents who you see as they are live in a dream, and if they are calm and peaceful, then do not worry about the little things. Destiny will be very kind to you for a while.

Have long intimate conversations with them to the point of danger in reality. In every situation, you have to be wise and intelligent.

Dreaming of a Dead Person Talking to You

For many, the version of a dream is when a dead person, in fact, speaks to you in a dream, then it is very special, you just want to hear what that person has to say to you, and often you wonder – is there any message for me?

It does since if the deceased is speaking to you, this is usually a warning and a signal of a possible worsening of your health.

Some say that this “talk” bring much different information – it can speak of deterioration of your relationship with the people around you.

It is an attempt to warn you that you must take care of yourself and prepare for the impending disaster that may happen soon.

In a version of a dream when a dead person does not act, is not talking to you, does not express its interests, does not express dissatisfaction, and is calm in appearance, then such a dream is connected with the change of time.

Now, if in a dream you are speaking to a late father, then such a dream foretells gossip and scheming directed against the person in question, you have to wait for a dirty trick from others.

Alternately the dream of a father who is speaking to you means that the work started requires careful analysis. Sometimes the appearance of the dead father can warn that you have serious health problems, like addictions.

If you are talking to a deceased mother in a dream, this is a warning sign regarding your health that may be in some kind of deterioration right now. It can be the result of an improper lifestyle.

Others say, as an alternative meaning that this dream implies a long and happy life, and of other dead relatives speaking to you in a dream it can also be a good sign.

It is a symbol of good news, a good conclusion to something that you have been working on for a long time.

The brother who appears in the dream, and if he is the one that is speaking to you, is warning you that people who are close to you, need your help.

The dead sister who speaks to you in a dream shows that in reality it is advised to pay attention to the people around you, it’s possible that one of them really needs support and help.

If your deceased lover is speaking to you in a dream, then such a dream implies that you must catch up with the serious problem that may cause certain, more often material, damage.

Deceased relatives predict health problems with relatives. Your own well-being will remain unchanged.

This dream can also warn of important family events. Expect a certain sign that will change your entire life. Such a sign can easily be a lucrative job offer or a new love relationship.

It is also explained what to dream about when a dead person kisses a living person three times. This dream in reality predicts a quick separation from a person who is near and dear to his heart.

If in a dream a dead friend is talking to you, then such a dream is seen as a very bad sign – it is possible that you will soon be informed of unpleasant news about loved ones who are currently very far away and cannot come.

If the dead person in your dream who is speaking to you, is a famous or historical person, then such a dream may speak of the current business will end with extraordinary success. All your hard work and painstaking work will be rewarded according to the expected result.

One dream that is known to all of us is the one where a “zombie” is speaking to you, or at least is trying to do so.

Such a dream predicts disappointment in someone in real life. That disappointment will bring many experiences, up to severe depression. It could be a relationship with once close people, that will never be as trusting and happy as before.

Regardless of how much effort they put in, they will not be able to experience the happiness of the beginning of a love relationship.

Sometimes speaking to a dead person in a dream predicts a change in life. These changes are not necessarily negative. It is quite possible that you will have unexpected luck and become the owner of a large reward.

In some cases, such a dream shows that your path will diverge, and new interests will be redirected along different roads.

If you are not only speaking to a dead person in your dream, but you are also hugging it, then such a dream symbolizes good health. For a long time in the future, you will not be bothered by any diseases or illnesses.

If the dead person said something “negative” to you in a dream, then, in real life such an event is followed by complications and sorrows. You need to rethink your views on the world around you.

In this example, all actions performed in real life should be clearly thought out and calculated in advance.

If a deceased relative or acquaintance comes to you in a dream and asks for something, then it is a sign of approaching spiritual destruction and internal crisis.

The advice is not to resort to drastic changes in his plans for the future and to be careful of others, because there may be enemies among them.

And not only that, it is advised that you must pay attention to the people who are constantly around you, perhaps to the negative influence of one of your new acquaintances. Because of them, unforeseen problems and additional waste can arise.

In a version of a dream where you were trying to stop the dead person from speaking to you, and it still doesn’t want to leave you alone, then, in reality, such a dream shows that you are the type of a person who is motivated by some events from the past. It is worth trying to free yourself from the past.

If you live only for today, life will become much happier and brighter. If you are in a burning discussion with the dead person from your dream, in that case, you have so much unfinished business and now could be the perfect time to get everything in order.

If your child appears as dead in a dream and is talking to you in it, such a dream is very lucky. It is very likely that you will receive good news and that something you have wanted for a long time, is now becoming reality. It ensures that you will have a very long and quite happy life.

But, if your child is dead in reality and it speaks to you in a dream, in that case, this dream is certainly a warning sign, it implies some kind of misfortune in real life.

It can start naively as arguing with someone, an argument can happen with a loved one or with a complete stranger. But soon it will turn into something so bad and negative.

There is one more interesting version of this dream – when a person who is well and alive in reality, now appears as dead in your dream and is speaking to you.

In such an interesting version of a dream, it could be obviously a sign of danger that awaits in reality, and a possibility to change what is happening. It foretells problems in life.

Unexpected violation of plans and business obstacles as a result.

But in a similar scenario if the dead person (who is well and alive in reality) does not speak to you, and it just appeared there, just stands there, does not demand anything, and is silent, such a dream has a good connotation. The deceased thus wishes for good, happiness, and wealth.

Biblical meaning of such a dream

The Bible says that “the dust will return to the earth from which it came, and the spirit will return to the Creator who gave it”…

What an interesting idea, and maybe here we can find the explanation of this phenomenon? It could be very comforting when you know that you get the chance to speak with someone who is not alive anymore, and it is a kind of a Divine presence, a solution to everyday problems in everyday life, a discussion with the Higher power.

The Biblical meaning says that the souls of the dead do not belong to the material world, therefore they do not have the opportunity to appear on Earth in a material form. But it is very likely that they can speak to us through dreams.

According to some, these dreams are relevant, because the souls of those who are dead are not at peace at all, and they are trying to talk to you because they really have to sort things out soon.

You will have to talk heart to heart with a person close to your heart. If you do not find out all the issues that concern both sides, a long-lasting and harmless conflict may arise in the future.

Advice for all who have this dream

And the question is – is the dead person in your dream a warning? Of some upcoming events that will be unsatisfactory.

In the near future, it is not worth investing cash anywhere and making decisions that are especially important from the point of view of money.

Alternatively, you should be prepared to be carried away only by your own strength.

If necessary, none of the acquaintances and loyal companions will lend a helping hand. You will have to solve all the problems yourself.

This dream may have a positive impact on you – at times it brings answers to the questions you wanted to know, it can be more than a pleasant dream that predicts an improvement in well-being.

It may be the dream where you had to wait for an announcement, some kind of news, and now it came to you, through the most interesting channel.

Some say that these dreams in fact can predict the betrayal of a partner for lovers and quarrels with the other half for family people.

That’s why you should be more lenient and attentive to your partner so that he can smooth out the tense situation in time.

Often these dreams feel like you are under the guardianship and care that you will receive from others.

Depending on all other aspects of a dream, it can be a prediction of minor problems that will eventually bring great problems and grief.

Many believe that seeing a dead person as alive in a dream is a sign of danger. It is believed that the dead are warning the dreamer of problems that will soon appear in real life.

Others, on the contrary, believe that a new era would in fact begin. Old relationships, work, and views on life will disappear and be replaced by new ones.

Can you recall the dead man’s words that he said in a dream, then you may know more details about your future since it shows that you have received important news in reality.

The news will seriously affect your life as well. That dream predicts big problems in real life.

It is also quite possible that you will show weakness, where it is absolutely not worth starting.

Such dreams can also speak of a long life in reality.

Sometimes these dreams are the depiction of feelings of guilt toward that person.

You may have grieved the deceased in some way, but you did not say important words and now you are tormented by an unrelenting and relentless sense of guilt.

If you ask for forgiveness at that person’s grave and do so sincerely, your soul will be at peace.

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