Gemini in 3rd House – Natal, Meaning, Cusp

There are a total of 12 Houses in astrology, and all of them are an indication of twelve different areas of life.

Not only that, these houses are showing in what way we manage all of them; where are the challenges, and how we overcome them.

The third House in astrology, for example, is in charge of the entire spectrum of communications, and transport, and it depicts our intellectual powers.

It reveals whether are we smart in a conventional way, what kind of mind we have, and for what purposes we use it.

It is often emphasized by lecturers, teachers, people who deal with children or writing, announcers, and presenters of various kinds.

Nowadays we can connect it to influencers.

Also, the third House explains our communication type, it can also what will we have and how many siblings, will we agree with them.

Not only siblings but it shows our cousins, aunts, and uncles.

With the knowledge of this House, we come to the realization of our neighbors, and in expanding all relations with them, we can see the place where we live, etc.

The third House manages as we have said all communications that we have in life, including phone calls, letters, e-mails, and writing, and it is related to short trips.

Knowing the 3rd House in the Natal chart, you will be able to get an insight into the ways you are thinking, what is your learning ability, and your analytical mind.

Today, we will discover what is like to have Gemini sign in this House, which is by the way, in Mercury’s field, which is the ruling planet for all Gemini people.

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, otherwise known as the planet of communication, so it’s no wonder that people born under this zodiac sign are known as “brilliant people”.

One of the dominant traits of Gemini is curiosity, which is followed by moving quickly through life and constantly learning.

Fun-loving and always up for an intellectual challenge, Geminis are ardent lovers.

They can spend a lot of time with different people until he finds the right one who can match them in both intellect and energy.

Once they find the perfect partner, Gemini will follow that person throughout their life.

Gemini in 3rd House Meaning

The 3rd House in Astrology relates to communication, as we have said, but do not forget the style or manner of communication, it is the way people communicate.

It is also associated with personal achievements or the lack of them.

Under this House, also fall an early education, attitude towards learning and knowledge, immediate environment, short journeys, transport, traffic, experiences, and circumstances in childhood.

As with all other houses, it is very important which sign the house starts with, which planet rules this field, what are its aspects, as well as which planets are in it, and what aspects they make.

This field is an intellectual field, where we can find out the way we think and what kind of communicators we are.

Also, it shows what kind of choices a person is making, as he or she wants to be free; and that need for freedom is really pronounced when Gemini finds itself in this House.

This position also brings a lot of travel, most commonly to places that are unknown to the majority, where there are a lot of contacts and friendships.

Also, this position brings phone and internet conversations, where a lot of challenges hide, and it is also associated with the means of transportation, which are usually very fast, and at times reckless.

Have in mind that this precise aspect of Gemini in the 3rd House is the most natural of all others in astrology.

Just that could be seen as a true gift since it brings a wise approach, transparency in the choice of expressions, and the same clearness in one’s sanity.

When we want to look at things, from a practical point of view, then this position of Gemini voices one’s devotion to their family and demonstrates that transmission is an essential part of its life.

Leaning on the position and fulfillment of Mercury, it is able to see how demanding or positive their cognitive world is; and what lacks here.

The biggest issue that arises from this position is the lack of empathy, as well as reasoning when it comes to functional material issues.

More often than not, there is a need for a wholesome practice and constructing consideration for time.

Taking care of the body is also essential for the purpose of being truly happy and knowing how to synchronize and communicate with the soul.

Gemini in 3rd House in Natal

So, here we meet people who are interested in almost everything they see; as they want to try everything and are not afraid to do it.

They are able to handle the most difficult jobs; the ones that others will gladly refuse and walk away from, these people will do them and will do it with confidence and a lot of joy.

People who have Gemini in the 3rd House in their natal charts are also quite able to solve the most difficult problems without any hardship; it is thanks to their mind that is highly intellectual but also analytical and imaginative.

They are the people who are quick-witted, and you could not even think of the ways their quick mind works, but also how good they are with words.

They skillfully use words in speech and writing, and for some of them, this area could be their hobby and a job from which they can take a lot of money, even when that is not their primary goal.

People with Gemini in the third House are always turning the majority of situations for their own benefit, and they are truly doing it with ease, not allowing anyone to see how they are doing it.

They can wisely turn most situations to their own advantage, in work, or in personal life, not regarding too much the feelings of others.

These are the people who cannot imagine living without means of communication, like the internet and telephone; and you can see them constantly checking their phones and calling or exchanging messages with multiple people at the same time.

They adore driving and they usually opt for smaller but extremely fast cars more often.

They are always on the move, it seems as if they are sleeping in the car, or in other transportation, for example, airlanes where they are constantly seen, perhaps due to their work with foreign countries.

Most commonly their work is connected to the business of trade, then it is small things, various trinkets or books, and telephones.  Maybe an IT sector.

In their workplace, you will notice that there are a lot of documents that are always scattered, but for them, there is a justification for that – the creative mess inspires them to work better.

There is a constant need to define something, and while for others this could be a task they do not want to take part in, for all people with the Gemini in their third House, this is a job they will gladly do.

If their work is about teaching others, then they are perfect in that role, as mentors and inspiration.

They are even able to brand themselves as the best public speakers there are, gifted with sharp minds.

They are extremely intelligent human beings, but their flaw is their inconsistency in actions, which is why success is often absent.

The roots of this could be seen at a younger age, as they are known to progress more slowly in school.

Nothing holds their attention for long, especially at a young age; but things can turn in their more mature years.

Speaking of younger age, these people, for example, in elementary school, read and study a lot, but at times they can fail due to lack of attention.

In some cases, during life, they can have travels (a shorter distance) to school, and they truly enjoy it.

When it comes to siblings, it is quite possible that they have a brother or sister who is extremely intelligent and they are so very close, speaking on the phone all day.

They speak and walk very fast and a lot; the gesticulation with the hands is very pronounced, and sometimes it looks as if they are wired on the electrical cable and that they are going to die or fly away.

It is very important for these human beings to be in harmonious relations with their neighbors and relatives.

When we are speaking of the matters of love, then we could see that it could be really hard for these Geminis to acquire connections with other people, that are founded on tender feelings because they simply do not have them, they do not feel in this way, and this could turn out to be the massive flaw in their interpersonal relations.

Gemini on 3rd House Cusp

If the Zodiac sign Gemini found itself on the 3rd house cusp, then people who have it will be famous for the ability that they show since they were young, to be original and individual.

They are very intelligent and adaptable in communicating ideas and prosper when others look at them in this way.

They adore discussing ideas with people who are close to them, both relatives and neighbors.

Communication is the key, and every action of these people should be observed through this prism.

That communication could be both, verbal and non-verbal; and we can say that these people are masters of both.

Primary that comes as natural to them as anything else, is of course the highly developed verbal communication, the exchange of information or messages expressed in words.

Of course, this will be on the advantage, be certain of it, having in mind that Geminis like to talk and be understood, so one of the qualities they look for in others, is also the art of good communication.

Non-verbal communication is also of great importance in this case since they travel and move a lot in general, and therefore there are many situations in their lives, where they can see how more influential this type of communication is, where they are masters, of course.

Facial expression, eye contact, movements, gestures, body posture, etc, they know it all, as true profilers they will scan you in a matter of seconds and at the same time, they will present to others just what they want to show, no more no less.

Advice for all of them is to be as concentrated as possible on their minds if they want to achieve any success in life.

Their inconsistency is the biggest issue.

Here we could also see a shred or a bigger extent of superficiality which, of course, these people must dodge by all means.

That superficiality is especially unconscious. After all, they seem like they never have enough time because they are overly busy.

This is partially true because they start a string of things at the same time and lose interest so fast, and there are numerous unfinished projects under their belt.

The problem is, as we have said that only a few of the actions they start consistently bring to an end; and this is not limited only to their work, since they can behave similarly when they are in a relationship.

Moving from one person to another is what they are known to do. Inconsistency is one of their most distinctive traits, and here it is manifested in the loss of interest in some of the closest people, or some project that “meant the world to them” in a certain period.

In this position of Gemini, it is needed to use the ability to guide people preferably than to try to seduce them with their powers.

They should be careful not to use their knowledge of communication to put others a mystery.

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