Gemini Sun Capricorn Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

The symbol here is two twin brothers holding hands. Another image – a person stands in front of a mirror, in which he himself is reflected …

The symbolic image warns that there is a danger of becoming an empty mirror image, carrying only superficial”, and therefore false information ”.

As to how one can become a “blank mirror image” and why “superficial information” is necessarily “false”, the authors of these statements remain profoundly silent.

Other astrologers go even further in the choice of symbolism and its semantic interpretation:

“The esoteric symbols of the sign are two monkeys: the stupid one, blindly imitating others, and the Divine, capable of cognizing the higher transcendental roots, the mental level of which is beyond the reach of an ordinary person.

Gemini Sun – Meaning and Info

Along with common sense, the sign endows with a genius intellect, drawing ideas from the treasury of the spirit. ”

Having pushed away from the monkey nature, this author endows Gemini with not simple, but BIG intellectual abilities that manifest themselves in the HIGHEST spiritual spheres.

Thus, almost great initiates into the Secret Knowledge are molded from Gemini!

Here the nature of this Sign of the Zodiac is directly connected with mental processes, thus making Gemini the main intellectuals of the Zodiac (we noted exactly the same situation in relation to Virgo, which some astrologers portray as the main zodiac clever).

Among the symbolic images of Gemini that exist today, one can find same-sex babies, and two boys, and two girls…

However, if you ask yourself the question of which image most accurately conveys the nature and cosmic purpose of this phase of the Zodiacal cycle, then the answer will be quite clear, definite and unambiguous – Gemini should be depicted by persons of the opposite sex, and specifically by young men and women who symbolize youth (and best of all convey in a visual way the polarity, the duality of the Astral plane).

The ASTRAL plan is well symbolized by a thermometer, which indicates the temperature of the environment.

The astral plane is connected with the momentary state of the environment like no other. Among the four representatives of the Astral (so-called Mutable) Cross, two Zodiac Signs stand out especially.

Pisces and Gemini are dual both in elemental nature and in manifestation – in the astral dual plane.

Therefore, Pisces and Gemini among their astral counterparts are doubly (squared) dual Zodiac Signs. This gives them OVER-active perception, OVER-sensitivity and OVER-dependence on the environment.

Pisces and Gemini are barometers of the state of the environment and, in particular, the social environment (primarily in relation to the atmosphere of the moral climate).

This susceptibility is transformed into intuition, but the price for this is overdependence on the environment (hence they have hesitation, throwing, uncertainty).

A visual image of the Astral: a weather vane. Gemini and Pisces always know where the wind is blowing from (literally and figuratively). They, like a chameleon, always take on the color of their environment.

This duality – the instability of internal and external – results in their ineradicable desire to stabilize, to find peace, constancy, stability.

The AIR of Gemini is neutral, subject to external influences, changeable, i.e. Gemini, by their very nature, work under the influence of a situation, circumstances, fast current events.

Gemini is a balloon, it flies where the wind blows. Quickly – on the fly grasps new information, feels new trends, has literally a nose for informational novelty.

Gemini evaluate any information intuitively and color with their astral-airy specifics – emotional saturation. Emotionality of Gemini is superficial, external, and demonstrative in its airy expressiveness.

The LOWER hemisphere of Gemini means that they work with information in the material environment. They are interested in a specific, current situation. They have a practical streak, but they are not hoarders.

It seems that Gemini is an informational omnivorous Sign, but there is still a dropout and it is connected with the fact that Gemini is intuitively tied to the practicality of information, to the ability to realize it. EXHAUST (in the right hemisphere) of the energy source (the forming Planet) means that Gemini can single-handedly extract information, showing wonders of activity, resourcefulness and flexibility.

The elevation of interests (Air) combined with pragmatism (Lower hemisphere) makes Gemini almost ideal contacts and intermediaries in various spheres of life.

Journalism is a profession -the symbol associated with Gemini (constant acquisition of new information, communication with people). There are many artists among them with an irresistible charm of airy emotionality. There are many composers among them from an innate inner musicality.

The power of Gemini is the breadth of horizons plus the ability to highlight the most interesting (topical) information in the abundance of information. Gemini know how to convey the meaning of the transmitted information to others in simple words and to captivate people with it.

Negative point: the lightness of superficial perception, reaching the point of frivolity, which in the love sphere can manifest itself as Don Jainism.

Capricorn Moon – Meaning and Info

This factor indicates perseverance, diligence, and caution, precision and great ambition.

With an inharmonious development of character, a person of this type will tend to dishonesty and insincerity, only considering their own interests. He gives in to difficulties, prone to shyness and depression. Fear of loss and fear for your future develops.

Coldness of feelings, isolation and egocentrism appear. Positive personality development forms such qualities as high selectivity, amazing diligence, devotion, conscientiousness and orderliness of mind.

Such a person begins to live with intense and deep emotions, developing mental stability, discipline and self-control.

It is characterized by accuracy, pragmatism, a clear sense of reality and objectivity of perception. He is self-possessed, patient, economical, modest, correct and diplomatic.

A steady and intense interest is formed in the profession. Such a person easily abandons excesses, adapting to the situation through self-restraint and ordering their desires.

Self-confidence is determined by the compliance of one’s own behavior with existing social norms.

He is inclined to strictly adhere to the “table of ranks”, he works best of all, integrating himself into an ordered hierarchy of power relationships. Such a person steadily and persistently, ambitiously and tirelessly strives for success.

He has an instinctive pride and a hidden desire for popularity. He is able to reach the heights of concentration on the subject of his attention, shows an enviable sense of duty and responsibility. Internal emotional tension is very great, although it does not manifest itself outside.

He perceives difficulties and obstacles very emotionally, and therefore often falls into despondency, disappointed in the correctness of his own expectations.

Such people are characterized by focus, clarity, simplicity, frugality and a desire to tirelessly, inexorably rise in professional, social and spiritual relations.

Sometimes, to nourish his stubbornness, there is not enough internal energy, which can incline him to periodic laziness, insensitivity and poor health.

The thirst for recognition is very great, but he wants to achieve everything only by his own labor.

Such people are always very serious, emotionally dry and distrustful of others. Indecision often manifests itself, considerable hesitation is possible in situations of important elections.

Interests are versatile, but all efforts are directed only along one chosen path. Chastity and pronounced egocentrism are characteristic.

Such a person loves to work with his mind and hands. Sooner or later, he achieves outstanding success and gains the respect of others. Possesses excellent leadership, organizational and administrative skills. Relationships with people of the opposite sex are not always successful.

Such people usually have many enemies and ill-wishers, most of all they are concerned with achieving practical results of their own affairs and their reputation. They are honest workers and responsible leaders. In solving financial issues, they show rare thoroughness and caution.

Often, those around them consider them cold and calculating people who do not pay attention to the feelings of others. Such a person cannot be called agile and fussy – he thinks slowly and patiently waits for the time suitable for the intended actions.

Loves a calm environment very much. Extremely quick-witted and quick-witted. Often advocates for the rights of others. He tends to hide his own romantic ideals in the depths of his own soul.

In life, he wants to achieve very, very much. He sincerely believes in destiny and fights against obstacles and obstacles all his life. A person of this type has deep spiritual strength and experiences everything extremely seriously and thoroughly.

In business and relationships, he values ​​first of all constancy and strength, invariably focusing on everything real and earthly. It is characterized by a rare sense of purpose and purposefulness. There is a love of order and rules, instructions and prescriptions.

The mind is clear and sober, concrete and precise. He takes on only achievable tasks, no matter how high the goal. He does not allow anyone into his inner world, stubbornly strives for a good material and financial situation.

Sometimes he is shy, doubting his own merits, and therefore with all his might he asserts himself in the process of tireless work. This person is very fond of power and willingly accepts any opportunity to command over others.

How the Moon in Capricorn is interpreted in the natal chart: Capricorn is reserved, careful, cold, and unapproachable. Take life seriously. They are interested in the material rather than the spiritual.

This is a bad position, the moon is in exile. They work with ambition, persistently strive for a good position, financial security.

An active pursuit of money and power for oneself and one’s family, which can lead to the pursuit of selfish interests while engaging in responsibility.

Gemini Sun Capricorn Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Sun in Gemini Moon in Capricorn – the air and earth elements are incompatible and this conflict of elements can be reflected in the character of a person.

The zodiac signs Gemini and Capricorn are in the symbolic aspect of the Quilon’s – and this aspect means the need for adaptation.

The Sun in Gemini is changeable, strives for lightness, and the Moon in Capricorn is restrained and cautious.

The Moon in Capricorn for Gemini makes them more serious, but to some extent, more pessimistic. Typical Gemini are hasty, fast, but the Moon in Capricorn gives Gemini patience.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and Capricorn is ruled by Saturn – both of these planets tend to be calculated, practical, and Gemini with the Moon in Capricorn is thoughtful and more circumspect than the typical Gemini.

The planets Saturn and Mercury are cold and dry. As a result, in feelings, Gemini with the Moon in Capricorn can be insensitive and detached, they are more guided by reason.

Although the Moon in Capricorn gives Gemini a sense of duty, responsibility and Gemini with the Moon in Capricorn can remain faithful to their partner.

But if Gemini with the Moon in Capricorn does not see logic in their actions, if the relationship gives them inconvenience, or their partner is dependent, lazy, then they will choose life alone or find themselves another, more independent and hardworking partner.

Gemini with the Moon in Capricorn is no longer as flexible as the typical Gemini.

Information and acquaintances for Gemini with the Moon in Capricorn are of great importance, they are curious people, it is important for them to be aware.

But the Moon in Capricorn for Gemini can narrow the circle of their interests, because Saturn limits and concentrates. And Gemini with the Moon in Capricorn will be more focused, focused, and accurate.

Gemini with the Moon in Capricorn, like other Gemini, is sociable, active, but still not so open. The moon in Capricorn does not allow Gemini to express all their feelings easily and directly.

In the character of Gemini with the Moon in Capricorn, there are qualities that, it would seem, cannot be combined in one person.

Consciously, Gemini with the Moon in Capricorn is a friendly and contact person, but at heart he is cautious and distrustful.

On the one hand, Gemini with the Moon in Capricorn strive for new impressions, do not tolerate frames and restrictions, and subconsciously they have resistance to change, in their souls they feel that there is no need to rush, that they need to calculate their actions.

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ” And in order to be realized in life, Gemini with the Moon in Capricorn will need to resolve these internal contradictions.

You will have to choose between patience and impatience, between deliberate action and risk, between responsibility and frivolous behavior, between duty and freedom.

Such a choice in life will often arise in front of Gemini with the Moon in Capricorn.


The Moon in Capricorn in Gemini makes them more stable, prone to order, not so superficial. For spiritual comfort, Gemini with the Moon in Capricorn will be pleased when everything in the surrounding environment is in its place, everyone conscientiously fulfills their duties.

And Gemini with the Moon in Capricorn is better to build their lives so as not to relax too much, you need to keep yourself in tight hands.

Internally, Gemini with the Moon in Capricorn is an ambitious person and he should not sit idle, he should strive to take such a position in life in order to earn the authority, honor and respect of others. You also need to take into account where Mars is in the Gemini natal chart in order to understand how strong-willed and strong a person is.

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