Gemini Sun Sagittarius Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

The sun enters Gemini on May 20 and comes out on June 22, which is a wonderful pattern.

It is necessary to calculate the ingression of the planets according to the Ephemeris tables.

Those born on the border of Taurus and Gemini are not very pleasant to be torn apart by two signs: legs in Taurus, and Gemini pulls by the hands.

Gemini Sun – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

But on the border of two signs, the most mysterious, mysterious natures are always born, who manage to combine both in themselves.

And if in the journal “Science and Religion” you read the author’s publications about J. Stalin, then you had the opportunity to meet a person who was born on the verge of two signs.

If you were born under the sign of Gemini, then the structure of your personality will be formed by the primary manifestation of the element of Air. Gemini is the first air sign.

The air here is first-born, not yet settled, fluctuating, changeable. The second important factor shaping the Gemini archetype is the vibrations of the planet Mercury.

The Element of Air in Gemini is, first of all, an irrepressible desire for communication, for connections with other people, for working with information. Gemini needs information like bread.

When they feel a lack of information, they start to get bored, leave their faces and look for a new information source, and until they find it, they feel out of place.

So, Gemini’s sociability is their main archetypal sign. They tend to establish a connection, to receive information, so that they can then dispose of it.

From Mercury, Gemini has great mobility of the mind and the ability to grasp on the fly, which goes well with the manifestation of the element of Air in this sign.

Among Gemini, you will not find lonely people, introverts, and self-absorbed couch potatoes. These are restless people who are constantly on the move, in search of new acquaintances and connections at all levels.

If we talk about the image of a person with connections, then this is, of course, a twin, a Mercurian. They are happy to engage in pedagogy.

Once they have received the information, then they must give it Sagittariusk. There are a lot of Gemini among journalists.

In general, journalism is under this sign. If you want to introduce your typical twin, then meet any typical journalist. Among the figures of the artistic sense was A. Conan Doyle.

Gemini is characterized by brilliance, and there is so much lightness and grace in the writer’s books, they are so easy to read. A.S. was also a twin. Pushkin.

What a divine lightness in each of his verses! This comes from the deep essence structures of the Gemini archetype. Gemini is characterized by the desire to arouse attention to themselves, but not in the way it is expressed, for example, in Aries.

Aries literally suffers from a lack of attention. Gemini, on the other hand, tend to draw attention to themselves in order to get the necessary information or give it away. This is a kind of mental intellectual concern. Therefore, Gemini is in constant communication. They are excellent businessmen, traveling salesmen, and advertising specialists.

The negative manifestation of the Gemini archetype is talkativeness (a low Gemini can talk to the point of stupidity), a tendency to gossip, and fussiness. They have such a huge flow of information and contacts that they are scattered in different directions and strive to embrace the immense mentally and intellectually.

Superficiality can also be attributed to the serious disadvantages of Gemini, since they are not able to assimilate the entire flow of information that falls on them.

A typical polymath is Gemini, knows a lot, but not deeply. Sometimes it even becomes uncomfortable in the company of Gemini; when dealing with such erudite, you may develop an inferiority complex.

In love, Gemini are rather strange. They often have many families (many wives or husbands), and even more often they do not even care about getting married. For the most part, they show an interest of the mental plane: they just want to communicate with a person.

Unfortunately, this often manifests itself in an ugly form in women – you want to communicate with a person, but he is not interested in anything, and then you have to resort to various female tricks, up to entering into close relationships.

Among the Gemini men there are many typical Don Juan’s, they are interested in communicating with all women, finding out what they are, what they think, and the more he gets to know them, the more he values ​​himself.

In a vulgar version, this is a sexual aggressor who makes a catalog and shows it to everyone.

If we talk about countries under the sign of Gemini, then this is the United States. There is no more mobile, more sociable, affable and easy-to-contact people in the world than the Americans. Another example is Romania, where everything is done easily and quickly.

The lowest octave of Gemini is represented by a chatterbox and a gossip, who transmits useless information for selfish purposes.

The gossip is characterized by an extremely narrow plot, where 3-4 rigid schemes are provided; going beyond them is prohibited by public opinion, which, in turn, is of great importance for Gemini. For Gemini live in an environment of mental forms, their own

Sagittarius Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

You are very friendly, attractive, passionate and bright. The surrounding people think of Sagittarius with a little interest. If the character develops in a negative direction, you will avoid inconsistency, nervousness, irritability.

You are unhappy with everything that happens and those around you, though you don’t hide the displeasure, you are deliberately looking for what other people say.

You have an extremely changeable attitude, easily give in to external influences, often deceiving yourself. Good mental disagreements, misunderstandings with opinions and views are formed.

As a result, you will get not the best quality – safety, success, poor performance, confusion, excessive prudence.

If the personality develops in a humane way, a strong love of nature and the desire to have simplicity and scope in any situation is formed. You have the beauty, desirability, compassion, and also the desire to bring light into the consciousness of those around you.

At the same time, mobility, desire, openness, the desire to infuse faith in others and to subdue them, and also optimism are thrown into your eyes. You are aiming at the highest results, recognition and development.

Love to travel, and depend on the change. Have philosophical and artistic interests, are the source of inspiration for other people. You want to protect the world from deceptions, cheat, sometimes impose on others your worldview.

You wish to persuade others, to put in their understanding your own opinion, which you consider to be correct, in such a way to direct them to achieve a good result. You want to achieve something large and grand. Be the ideal missionaries and inspiratory.

The feeling of satisfaction is obtained only after reaching spiritual goals. We have a true belief in the best in any business, as well as a current by far and unattainable heights. You are very movable, do not avoid overload, sit in the same place you can’t be sure.

Consistency of knowledge People consider Sagittarius to be sympathetic, peace-loving, sometimes disgusting, even recklessly disgusting.

The regular supplies for the Sagittarius are not problematic, especially if the Sagittarius is supplied with good words. From birth, you are endowed with the opaque skill and the freedom to learn in other languages.

Throw all your might to help those around you, while leaving the time and happiness in life. Sagittarius differs from others by combining pragmatism with spirituality, freedom of thought and careful observance of traditions.

You are very perceptive and inventive. Religion, psychology and social-cultural creativity evoke in Sagittarius only the most serious emotions. Have ardent, bright and hot feelings.

Sagittarius has a sense of pride, a sense of dignity, the principle of enjoying over other people. The thirst for life is complemented by responsibility and a strong sense of longevity.

Gemini Sun Sagittarius Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

The Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Gemini endow you with great enterprise and adventurism, both physically and psychologically. You are by no means shy, timid, or hiding behind other people’s Sagittariusks. This is because you are bored of doing nothing, standing still is typical of Gemini.

You are lucky in financial matters, so you are unlikely to be met seriously concerned about issues of material stability. You know perfectly well how to profitably “sell” your talents and achieve success.

A restless nature makes you look for diversity, go on new trips, look for exciting tasks for the mind, communicate with a variety of people. You want to see a lot in life. Your motto: “I will rest in retirement.”

Your job is to learn how to maintain long-term, stable relationships with people, especially with your loved one. Learn not to abandon the projects you have started, but to bring them to the end. You quickly get bored with a repetitive situation, and you go in search of something new.

Your weakness is that it is difficult for you to focus all your efforts in one direction. You tend to take on one thing or another, in the end without bringing anything to the end. Read more about common Sagittarius mistakes.

However, the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Gemini endows you with enthusiasm, a wide range of interests, which allows you to be a valuable worker and constantly grow in the profession. You cannot be suspected of pettiness, it is unusual for you and even disgusting.

You know how to take risks, you want to reach the top. A combination of idealism, faith in yourself and a sober mind will help you with this.

You are romantic and believe in fairy tales. You are attracted by everything that is far from you, so you are always on the way. You are either traveling for real, or enjoying the quick succession of events in stories and stories, or when you read about unusual and hard-to-reach places in novels.

This is fine as long as things only happen in your imagination, but if you expand your imagination to your friends and start writing stories about them, watch out!

You like to be in the spotlight and give the impression that you know everything about the hidden motives of actions and phenomena – that is, about everything in the world – so in the end it turns out that you are a rather unreliable source of information.

It’s not that you’re not telling the truth – but you have such a vivid imagination that you really believe what you say and can make others believe it.

You must develop clarity of thought, since criticism and analysis are not your forte and where it comes to fiction, you are as gullible as you are inventive. You just have to nudge you a little, and you will believe in ghosts, witches and sorcerers, in spiritualism and the mysterious results of spiritualistic séances.

Stay away from such things as they only fill your imagination with monsters.

The tendency to spread about everything you know and come up with what you don’t know will probably not get you right.

There is not a single drop of malice in you, but you can quarrel all the neighbors with an inadvertently thrown hint.

You are romantic and risk-taking and not very consistent in love, although when you fall in love, you usually keep that feeling for a while. You are restless, you quickly lose interest in people, and this position of the planets often indicates several marriages.

You need to study and before you start reading novels, you need to get a good education in a certain specialty, and this will greatly help you to cope with restlessness. You are a lively and cheerful person, you are great at expressing your thoughts and listening to others, so you enjoy success in companies.


You’re speaking skills and love of movement can make you a good actor, while your particular tactfulness can enable you to succeed in a business or political career. You are hard to get against the wall, and you can get around many situations that would baffle other people.

But you are not invulnerable, and, quite possibly, one day you will come across a worthy adversary who will be able to repulse you, unless you go through good training and master the art of logical mental constructions – then your speed, insight and understanding of people will help you reach the heights of life. …

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