Gemini Sun Scorpio Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Fidget with a thirst for activity. He constantly has new ideas, plans, he always needs to go somewhere, call somewhere, talk with someone about his plans – otherwise he gets bored and may fall into depression.

A nervous person, in communication – free, easy, eternally in pursuit of something elusive, he does consistently and thoroughly only what interests him.

He is interested, in particular, in politics, he talks well about political and abstract matters in general, but rarely succeeds in practical terms: he will direct his efforts in a deliberately unpromising direction, then he will chase two birds with one stone.

Gemini Sun – Meaning and Info

He willingly embarks on various speculations, however, for him this is a game of the mind, and not a way of making money (which he rarely succeeds in). Achieves success in matters requiring movement and mobility of the mind (journalists, translators) usually combines several types of such activities.

With Saturn in Gemini – a neat, strict official (personnel officer, accountant) if several planets gather in Gemini or there is a strong Mercury – these qualities are enhanced.

A Gemini is usually a city dweller, a contact person, but stuck: his eternal busyness helps him to overcome difficult moments in life, but greatly tires others.

Castor and Pollux Gemini is a double sign, symbolizing two brothers, Castor and Pollux (Pollux), children of the same mother (Leda), but different fathers: mortal Tyndareus and immortal Zeus.

According to legend, when Castor died, Polydeuces begged Zeus to allow him to share immortality with his brother, and since then they have been inseparable, spending one day together on Olympus and another in the kingdom of the dead.

Accordingly, astrologers distinguish between two types of people – Gemini, there are also mixed types, in which at different periods the spiritual, then the material principle prevails.

The immortal Pollux hovers in the empyrean. He is dominated by art, reason, intellect. Emotions and passions are sharply limited by the intellect. Shows little interest in physical life. In marriage, spiritual contact is more important than sexual contact.

Lack of appetite is characteristic. Mortal Castor: a person of mood, loves travel, entertainment, in general – external, everyday life. The person is passionate, emotional, a woman-temptress.

Gemini are physically hardy, two-core, but emotionally labile: both boredom and overwork cause a sharp deterioration in their physical condition.

In such cases, yoga, tennis, walking or cycling are indicated. Good sleep is absolutely essential. Coffee and other doping are contraindicated. It is good to take a few drops of valerian at night.

Walking is also good before bed. In general, walks and short trips are all the more useful because Gemini often have unpredictable reactions to medications and therapy. Homeopathic and natural phosphorus is also useful, from herbs – thyme.

The lowest octave of Gemini is represented by a chatterbox and a gossip, who transmits useless information for selfish purposes.

The gossip is characterized by an extremely narrow plot, where 3-4 rigid schemes are provided, it is forbidden to go beyond them by public opinion, which, in turn, is of great importance for Gemini.

For Gemini lives in an environment of mental forms, their own and created by various groups and layers, where they rotate and play an important connecting role.

Due to the specificity of this role, it is very easy for Gemini to intuitively determine the appropriateness or inappropriateness of a particular thought or message for a given social circle, and it is just as difficult to determine its truth, i.e. compliance with reality.

Therefore, very often Gemini pass the first off as the second (naive option) or deliberately limit their role to purely intermediary functions, trying to never delve deeply into the essence of what is happening.

A typical positive example is a brilliant manager with no engineering background in industrial production.

Scorpio Moon – Meaning and Info

The image of the Moon in Scorpio is very complex, multifaceted and contradictory.

The heavenly body, symbolizing the principle of Water, is in its native element, and therefore the Moon can show its best qualities here: strong intuition, emotionality, sensitivity, caring, patience and wealth of the inner world.

So, the Moon in Scorpio is in the fall, therefore people with such a star combination are prone to strong feelings and inner anxiety.

Unprecedented passions are burning in their souls. Either they are dissatisfied with themselves and feel remorse, then they suffer from the strongest moral torment, envy or jealousy.

Meanwhile, it is people with the Moon in Scorpio who can show unexpected determination in a difficult situation, give a worthy rebuff to enemies and protect the weak.

Moon Scorpios can be passionate fighters against evil, depravity and injustice of the world around them.

Perhaps, in everyday life, the moon Scorpio, with its inner instability and impulsiveness, feels like an elephant in a china shop, but in extreme and dangerous situations, in the circumstances of a struggle, such a person has no equal.

People, in whose horoscopes the Moon is located in Scorpio, need to beware of bad habits, excesses in food, alcohol, and also get rid of inner negativity in time.

Emotional release can occur thanks to sports, any active physical activity and extreme activities (parachute jumping, diving to great depths, fast driving, working as a lifeguard, etc.).

Moon in Scorpio for a man if in a man’s horoscope (natal chart) the Moon is in the sign of Scorpio, then such a person has a difficult relationship with the female sex.

This position indicates jealousy, passion, sensitivity and the need for a regular shake-up in a relationship, emotional or sexual. But after some time, everything usually stabilizes and enters its usual course, since Scorpio is a fixed sign.

What kind of woman will suit the owner of the Moon in Scorpio? Of course, she must be mysterious, magnetic, sexy, athletic, confident and tenacious at the same time.

Only such a lady will be able to win the restless heart of the lunar Scorpio and hold combat positions despite the many storms of life, trials and worldly conflicts.

The moon in Scorpio for a woman The moon, located in the sign of Scorpio in the female natal chart, will describe her owner as an active, combative, practical and knowledgeable person in matters of material gain. A man in her face can find not so much a good wife and mistress, but a faithful companion of life and a fighting friend, with whom you can eat a pound of salt and overcome many life trials.

Such women become caring mothers who strive to control every step of the child. Their emotional connection with children is very strong and intense. How to find an approach to the lunar Scorpio?

He can be endeared to himself, communicating a feeling of reliability and security, believing in his strength and extraordinary abilities and accepting his difficult, but very strong and original character.

Gemini Sun Scorpio Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Sun in Gemini Moon in Scorpio – air and water elements are incompatible and this conflict of elements can be reflected in a person’s character.

The zodiac signs Gemini and Scorpio are in the symbolic aspect of the Quixons – and this aspect means the need for adaptation.

The Sun in Gemini is changeable, strives for lightness, it brings independence to the character, and the Moon in Scorpio is affectionate, keeps feelings and experiences for a long time.

It turns out that a person consciously wants an easy, problem-free life, does not like frames and restrictions, but subconsciously he is attracted by exciting experiences, disturbing situations and his psyche has a “viciousness”.

A person with such an arrangement of planets in the natal chart will have to adapt to his contradictory character traits. Outwardly, Gemini with the Moon in Scorpio can seem friendly and even open.

But internally they are always on the alert, passions boil in their souls, emotions rage and they try to hide their feelings from others under the guise of carelessness.

The Moon in Scorpio increases Gemini’s anxiety and provokes emotional instability. Typical Gemini are often superficial in feelings and contacts with others, but the Moon in Scorpio wants to possess loved ones, tie them to herself, considers them to be her property.

And therefore, with the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Scorpio, a person will be able to keep feelings for a partner if the relationship is time-tested.

But the Moon in Scorpio also increases the sexual temperament of Gemini, which does not guarantee greater loyalty to one partner.

In general, the Sun in Gemini the Moon in Scorpio can give affection in feelings, but frivolity in relationships – betrayal is likely on the physical level, although there may be attachment to one partner in the soul.

The Moon in Scorpio makes Gemini more permanent, because Scorpio is a fixed sign.

The perseverance and perseverance of Gemini with the Moon in Scorpio can manifest itself, both in terms of relationships and in terms of work, in the pursuit of achieving life goals.

Information and communication for Gemini with the Moon in Scorpio is also of great importance, it is important for them to be aware, to be in the thick of things, but these Gemini are more careful.

Gemini with the Moon in Scorpio, like other Gemini, is inquisitive, contact, mobile, but not so open, because

The moon in Scorpio brings suspicion, suspiciousness and secrecy into their character. Gemini with the Moon in Scorpio needs to lead an active lifestyle, they also need strong emotions and deep experiences.

From time to time, Gemini with the Moon in Scorpio must experience a thrill, otherwise this unclaimed energy and unsatisfied emotional arousal can lead to harmful addictions, to cruelty towards the people around them, or to self-destruction. Monotony and monotony are contraindicated for them.

Sun in Gemini Moon in Scorpio can incline a person to take risks – the Sun in Gemini is mobile, active, needs new impressions, and the Moon in Scorpio needs excitement and passion.

In general, a Gemini with a Moon in Scorpio is not as light as a typical Gemini.

The watery, restless Moon in Scorpio makes Gemini stubborn, impressionable, passionate, and with the affected Moon – vindictive and even vengeful, sophisticatedly cunning.

Although, on the other hand, Gemini with the Moon in Scorpio has more devotion in feelings.

The Moon in Scorpio for Gemini brings depth and sensitivity to their character.

Unlike typical Gemini, who have a superficial perception of the world and the people around them, Gemini with the Moon in Scorpio strive for a deeper knowledge of the world, for a deep and emotional partnership.

Wits and emotions can come together to make you a decisive, attractive and versatile person, if you can get them to act in unison.

The danger of your nature lies in the fact that excessive sensuality and indulgence in the desire to experience all the pleasures: kiz can drain your life energy. You can become a hawk and reveler so easily!

You are sensitive to the impressions you get from other people, you are intuitive and attractive, and your power over others is both your strength and your weakness.

By posing as a cold, detached intellectual, you control others through a kind of coercive diplomacy. But when you seek pleasure and sensuality, you are ruled by others.

Your brilliance and promising appearance attract dishonest people to you. You must be very selective in dating and careful in choosing partners, not only because your friends will judge you, but also because you tend to take on the color of your surroundings, and therefore the better the environment, the better you will appear on it background.

Otherwise, you may be like a chameleon who, wearing a Scottish blanket, went crazy, trying to match its color.

You will rise and fall on the waves of ebb and flow if you are not always careful to maintain your own direction. Ambition is not peculiar to you, because you prefer an easy life and pleasure to any other thing.

All kinds of self-indulgence are dangerous for you – do not forget about it. You are a passionate person – as long as your feelings last – but you are unlikely to find happiness out of your feelings.

It is best for you to take an objective, detached approach to everything. The element of toughness present in you is good for advancing in society, but in a love relationship it will only bring you grief.


Both men and women with this position of the planets have big problems due to the opposite gender. You are better suited for an artistic or other professional career than a business, as your individualism requires personal recognition.

By expressing your ego in art, you will satisfy your passion for applause in your honor in the most constructive way and indulge your pride.

Beware of the tendency to hang in the clouds and go with the flow, and also try to channel your planning and foreseeing the consequences of your actions towards a better life, rather than weaving intrigues.

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