Juno in Aquarius – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

When the planets align in certain positions we can gage information about the lives of ourselves and others in a profound way. We can decipher what our finances will be like, the state of our health through our life and thanks to Juno we can read predictions on our long term relationships.

Juno is the answer to many of our prayers. For those who are hopeless romantics and desire to know what their future partner will be like this is the reading that will clarify everything.

Even if we are married, divorced or dating, Juno can show you everything that affects your partnerships

The Influence of Juno

As Juno enters into a zodiac sign it absorbs its energy and comes under its influence. As Juno is the symbol of love and marriage in a birth chart the traits from that zodiac sign will affect the love life for those with that placement.

Juno is an asteroid that orbits between Mars and Jupiter. It was named after the Roman goddess of love and marriage. It is responsible for the pairing of soulmates.

It can show us who we are meant to be with and what qualities they will have that complement our own.

Instead of dating someone who will ultimately hurt us, we can use Juno to gain a deeper insight into whether our lover is right for us.

Juno in Aquarius Meaning

Aquarius is an air sign, it flows freely and goes where it pleases. Aquarius is known as the God of forethought and mankind.

It represents the ancient Greek God Prometheus, he was known for being a rebel, much like Aquarius.

The planet Uranus rules Aquarius. It stands for innovation and rebellion. The 11th house is the house of friendship, which Aquarius rules over.

It can show us the nature of our relationship with our acquaintances. These influences are seen in the Aquarius Juno conjugation.

The symbol for Aquarius is a water bearer. There are many interpretations of the symbol, in some cases, it is said that the water represents emotions which the water bearer is pouring away.

The energy of Aquarius affects Juno which means that those who have the Aquarius Juno placement will have Aquarius like mannerisms and experiences in their relationships.

This encompasses both the negative and positives of the zodiac sign.

Long Term Relationships and Marriage

People with the Aquarius Juno placement are commitment-phobes. The idea of spending the rest of their life with one person is enough to make them break out in hives. If there is one relationship that they value the most it is friendship.

With this in mind, friendship is the most important aspect of any romantic relationship that they have. If they do choose to be with someone they must be able to laugh with them and enjoy fun times together as if they are friends.

Friendship is the foundation of a healthy relationship with Aquarius Juno. To ensure its survival their partner must be open to a liberal approach to their partnership.

There cannot be any restrictive rules that will prevent the Aquarius Juno from being themselves.

The Aquarius Juno does not want to be relied upon. Their partner must be able to stand on their two feet without the need to lean on them. A codependent relationship is something that the Aquarius Juno will not entertain. Neither he nor his partner must be tethered to the other.

When Aquarius Juno does enter into a relationship it is always due to the intense mental connection. They must have this if they decide to be with someone.

The bond between him and his partner must be strong. They should be able to have stimulating conversations and have similarities and differences that complement each other.

Being in a relationship with Aquarius Juno is not a walk in the park but once they can find something that suits their rhyme they are amazing partners. They are fun, lively and thrive on entertainment. Their partner will never get bored when they are around.

Aquarius Juno is never controlling, they like their partner to dance to the beat of their own drum. They are open-minded, tolerant and broadminded.

There will rarely be a time when they are not happy with their partner’s choices unless it is of the extreme kind.

Aquarius Juno is not to be confused with uncaring and unemotional people, it just isn’t their strong point.

Their approach to relationships is ok because it works for them. Anyone who truly loves them will know this and understand them.

Aquarius Juno Woman

The Aquarius Juno woman is a freedom-loving, free-spirited person. She loves to be uninhabited and will always be herself no matter where she is.

As a friendly and easy-going person she can strike up a conversation with people easily, connection with people is a simple process for her.

While dating she may be detached at first and come across as uninterested. She is simply uninterested in formal pleasantries and small talk. She wants to have fun and let loose.

Discussing politics over a stuffy dinner is the last thing the Aquarius Juno woman wants to do.

She is quirky and eccentric, this is a charming quality in her. Most people will call her ‘different’ and she is admired for her independence. Her lovers will value this trait in her and they may also be the same way inclined.

The Aquarius Juno woman and her partner are more likely to start off as friends. The relationship will then blossom into the Aquarius Juno woman’s ideal. She does not look for a conventional partnership. She fears being locked down in a traditional relationship.

To her, a relationship is whatever you want it to be. She does not believe that marriage has to take place and she does not have a strong desire to be wed. She tends to rebel against social norms and pursues her own path in life. Her partner must also feel the same way if they are to work together

Out of all the Juno placements, the Aquarius Juno woman (or man) is most likely to enter into a cohabitation agreement. She is more than happy to enjoy life with a partner without formal expressions of commitment.

She does not want the relationship to change her life. If she feels confined she will feel cornered. It is important that she is able to be herself if she cannot then she will not entertain anyone who denies her that.

The Aquarius Juno woman is rational and won’t always be affectionate, however, she will show her partner she loves them in her own special way. Sex is an experiment to her, she enjoys pleasure and will explore the different ways she and her partner can achieve it.

On a more serious note, the Aquarius Juno woman is not the most patient or straightforward person. If she gets bored she loses interest, and fast. She must use her spontaneous energy to keep the spark alive.

If she wants a long term, fulfilling relationship she must understand that it won’t always be exciting.

Aquarius Juno Man

The Aquarius Juno man would rather be free to live his life than be in a relationship. The impact of a relationship threatens his independence so he tends to steer clear.

Though he is not the most emotionally open person he is considerate of his loved one’s feelings. When he cares for or even loves, someone he will never do something to hurt them.

If the Aquarius Juno man is faced with commitment he may suggest an open relationship. He doesn’t believe that people have to be monogamous in a relationship and welcomes the idea of an alternative arrangement.

He will choose to settle down with a partner if they can guarantee his freedom. His lover must not challenge his beliefs and character or he will walk away. They must also not pressure him to settle down, this is asking for trouble.

If there is anything that the Aquarius Juno man hates it is a clingy lover. Needy behaviour is a repellent to him. He finds it sexy when his partner is independent. He wants them to have their own friends and interests outside of the relationship.

Saying the L-word first, before he’s ready, is a sure way to make him back off. He needs to be absolutely sure before expressing loving sentiments.

If he suspects that his partner is advanced in their feelings while he is still deliberating on whether they are the right person for him, he will feel uneasy.

The Aquarius man is not the best at expressing his feelings and will not know how to show it. He may seem to be unbothered and cold to his partners.

Inside he could be feeling so much love for his lover but his inability to articulate his feelings is misconstrued as disinterested.

He may also struggle to understand how he is feeling. It is common for men with this placement to be in love with a close friend for years, unknownst to them.

In issues of love, he would rather be ignorant than deal with the intense pangs of affection.

Sometimes he does know what to do with himself when dating or in a relationship. When the connection is relaxed and there is no pressure he is fun to be with, exciting and whimsical.

However, if he is on a first date his awkwardness is evident.

The Aquarius Juno man is stuck in his ways and will not change. Those are interested in him may attempt to turn him into their devoted and committed boyfriend but he will not budge. He is who he is.


Aquarius Juno is unique. Their lifestyle choices might not be everyone’s cup of tea but each to their own. They make no apologies for who they are and nor should they do so. Relationships and marriage aren’t something they desire and this is something that they should accept.

They should not try to change themselves for anyone. They are different and are exceptional in their ways. They should feel free to explore the different variations of relationships there are.

Luckily for Aquarius Juno, they are not alone in their sentiments.

There are many people who will suit the Aquarius Juno’s lifestyle. They may not ever feel the need to commit or they could end up pressured into a long term relationship or marriage due to social conventions.

Aquarius Juno should avoid this. They are within their own rights to live the way they want to.

On the other hand, not every Aquarius Juno feels the need to fly solo.

Those that do end up in a partnership will create something that suits both of their styles. They may need to work on themselves and try to cater to their partner’s needs without changing who they are.

When they find someone they want to be with they will be the ride or die kind.

Their partner will stick by them and give them the space they need to breathe. They will have an alternative view on life and will not cramp Aquarius Juno’s style.

They are ideal and perfect for Aquarius in every way. Being with them will not make Aquarius feel smothered and they may also feel as though they can express how they are feeling.

In a perfect scenario, they may enter into a civil partnership rather than traditional marriage.

Ultimately, Aquarius Juno is a one-of-a-kind and their partners love this about them.

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