Juno in Aries – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

When checking partner compatibility, most people only compare their Sun signs, taking those predictions for granted.

There’s so much more beyond that, and if one wants to know whether their loved one is a match, they should dive beneath the surface. That means to find the position of Juno in a natal chart.

As a relatively new asteroid, Juno doesn’t get the deserving attention.

Most people are aware that Venus and Mars say a lot about how we express and receive love and sexual attraction, but Juno doesn’t get that much spotlight.

If we want to know the whole story and uncover what really works for us in relationships and whether that mirrors our partner’s needs, seek for the glyph with the cross topped with a star.

That is Juno, also known as the asteroid of soulmates, marriage, and commitment.

His influence resembles Venus, and it reveals what we look for in a partner and what kind of people we attract.

With its position, Juno will show us how to form long-lasting romantic relationships while Mars and Venus are more about how to flirt and attract.

That gives Juno depth that is essential for discovering who we are when it comes to love.

Juno shows truths we might be frightened to know. It uncovers what we need to be happy in a relationship, but that isn’t necessarily our current partner or love interest.

That’s the power that lies within this placement. It guides us to seek people whose traits and relationship goals are compatible with ours.

It is about loyalty and what we need for feeling fulfilled. If we don’t feel satisfied or comfortable in a relationship, it might be because our Juno doesn’t match one of our partners.

Hence, it’s more than recommendable to get to know this asteroid and how it makes a world of difference in our love lives.

Juno: History and origins

Juno has unbreakable bonds with the needs from our past lives. It represents what we want but never got to have.

Those are our relationships from the past lives speaking to us through time and space. Our unfulfilled needs determine our Juno sign and what we need unconditionally to feel at ease with someone.

But it’s never too late to discover what’s this position signaling to us. If we are single, we can seek persons who meet those needs.

On the other side, if we are in a relationship or some form of commitment, we can start fostering those qualities.

And what about the history of Juno itself?

The German astronomer Karl Harding found Juno in 1804, making him the third discovered asteroid.

Like the other two, the world first classified it as a planet. It is orbiting in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, and it takes him four years to finish its orbit.

Juno’s name originates from Roman mythology. Juno was the daughter of Saturn, and the goddess of marriage, home, and family. She was the female counterpart of Jupiter, mother of Mars, and protector of the Roman state.

There are various myths about the life, character, and characteristics of Juno. One of them says that she was the sister of Jupiter because they were born as twins. Their mother was the primordial goddess, Fortuna.

Other myths explain that Juno and Jupiter were the original and ultimate divine couple, but they had issues in their marriage.

That was because Jupiter couldn’t stray away from his love affairs while Juno was faithful but beyond jealous. Juno’s jealousy went that far that she waged wars against her female rivals.

It is why in astrology, Juno represents faithfulness, marriage, and commitment.

Juno in Aries: General traits and meaning

People with Juno in Aries have a strong personality, and they are not easy to control. They love to call the shots and things going the way they want. But that takes a lot of power and energy, which can be exhausting.

That is why Aries Juno individuals are likely to need a strong-willed partner, unrestrained and straightforward. These people don’t want to waste their time playing games and guessing whether someone likes them.

Instead, they want someone equal to them, a person who is direct and has leadership qualities.

People with Juno in Aries usually want a partner with masculine energy, robust, and athletic. Weak, quiet, and undecisive persons are not the ones that can make Aries Juno individuals feel alive and passionate.

They will consider those who don’t appear to be dominant and assertive at first glance but prove to be after they open up and express their personality.

It is why these persons crave passionate, bold, and direct relationships. They don’t mind if someone is bluntly honest with them because they despise uncertainties and secrets. Open communication is crucial for Aries Juno individuals for a connection to work.

These persons don’t like waiting or leaving things unresolved, which is why they need a partner that will bravely talk about any issue or problem that might arise. They prefer tackling and solving everything as it happens: quickly and honestly.

That is also how Aries Juno people express their love. There are no emotional outbursts because they are not overly affectionate or romantic. They prefer to have someone intense next to them, a person who is not afraid to fight, be spontaneous, or impulsive. They want anything but boring, routine, and dull.

People who like talking about emotions for hours or need long cuddling sessions won’t be the best match for individuals with Juno in Aries. They want a fiery partner who will incite adventures and occasionally make rash decisions.

As they usually have an explosive character, Aries Juno persons are quick to start a fight or an argument, but they also forgive and forget just as fast. It is why they won’t go well with someone who holds grudges or brings back old issues.

However, if it’s afflicted, Juno in Aries can be short-tempered, temperamental, and always starting discussions. When both partners have Juno in Aries, that can either be a passionate but well-balanced relationship or volatile and fleeting.

Woman with Juno in Aries

Females with Juno are straightforward and confident. That reflects on how they approach love and what they need from their partners. They don’t like complications, dishonesty, and playing games.

These women believe that one should genuinely enjoy life, meaning there’s no time for ambiguity or not doing what makes you happy.

Although they are not controlling, they like being in charge and having things go their way. But it might be different in relationships. That is where they prefer when others take control over them and show their dominance.

Aries Juno women love power and partners who act as they have it. One doesn’t need to be wealthy or in a high position, but these females need a man that will behave as a leader that can keep her safe.

Indeed, they crave to feel passion, excitement, and raw emotions. And they want their partner to protect them even if there’s no danger.

However, Aries Juno women want it to be subtle and visible only to them because they want to maintain the image of a strong, independent woman.

Despite wanting a strong-willed, bordering aggressive partner, women with Juno in Aries despise authorities.

Because of that, their partner has to find a balance between being decisive and headstrong and allowing Aries Juno to feel independent and unrestricted.

No one gets to control females with Juno in Aries, not even their partner. They might let them think so, but these women always find a way to be the dominant ones.

Moreover, they usually have leadership roles, and they find freedom from responsibility and control in love.

Their ideal partner should have similar qualities: independent and determined but passionate and open-minded.

Even though Aries Juno women desire a dominant partner, that’s mostly in the intimate part of the relationship.

If their partner is the one who has control in everyday aspects of life, Aries Juno women will feel uncomfortable. They want to be the ones who lead the relationship.

As they are overly competitive, females with Juno in Aries often see their partner as a rival.

Thus, it’s not unlikely for these women to let the masculine traits take over them, neglecting their feminine side. That can cause problems in relationships.

Aries Juno women need a powerful partner that will accept their strong-minded personalities. But these women also have to embrace their fragility and the sensual side of their character.

That way, their loved one will be both a friend and lover and not competition or the opponent.

Man with Juno in Aries

Damsels in distress are not what men with Juno in Aries want. What sets them on fire are strong-willed and independent women who speak their minds openly.

Aries Juno men want a partner who is straightforward, decisive, and strong-minded.

Their ideal woman is sensual but confident, feminine but bold. Aries Juno men crave a partner that is self-reliant and confident. They don’t want someone who is weak and needs saving.

Aries Juno men need someone who will be equal to them and who doesn’t need protection.

These men will respect their partners and admire them for being resilient, brave, and able to be in charge.

The idea of a fragile, traditional, and conservative partner frightens them. Instead, males with Juno in Aries want someone open-minded, liberal, and exciting.

They crave passion, intensity, and adrenaline. Aries Juno men prefer a relationship that feels like a war than a steady routine.

If they assume that a potential partner might be restrained and dull, they will move on with ease.

But no matter how much they want a strong-minded partner, men with Juno in Aries have to be the ones that lead the relationship.

That is when conflicts and fights usually arise. If Juno is afflicted, these men might find themselves in connections with overly aggressive partners. That makes disagreements imminent.

It is why they have to slow down before starting a relationship with someone who thrills them due to being passionate and dominant.

Otherwise, Aries Juno men will continuously end up in connections with no future and flings that fade away quickly.

Thus, Aries Juno men need to learn to prioritize dialogues and calm conversations before immersing in fierce fights and discords.


Freedom, tolerance, and independence are of paramount importance for people with Juno in Aries. They need it in their relationships as much as they need it in everyday life.

These individuals won’t allow anyone to restrict them or pin them down, which is why they are likely to react strongly to show their dominance.

Despite being exciting and passionate, Aries Juno people can be hard to handle and calm down.

Persons with Juno in Aries can be aggressive and need a partner that will be just as intense and strong-minded.

But these people have to express their personalities, or they will repress their true nature and probably end up with someone who will control and hold them back.

They need to be leaders in their relationships, but Aries Juno people also crave partners who can take charge and be the ones to control.

But if Aries Juno individuals will feel repressed, they will fight for the leadership role.

People with Juno in Aries have to learn to seek balance in their relationships and foster dialogue without suppressing their intense personalities.

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