Juno in Libra – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

Have you ever wondered what your future partner will be like? Have you daydreamed about what the perfect marriage will look like? With the power of Astrology, you no longer have to confine these queries to your imagination.

By looking at the placement of Juno on our birth chart we can gain a personal view into marriage compatibility or compare the aspects of our placement with our love interest.

Love comes to us in a variety of ways but there’s something exciting about romance and budding relationships.

If your curiosity has gotten the better of you then and you want to understand why Juno is in Libra on your birth chart and what it means to you, read on to discover more.

The Influence of Juno

Juno is an asteroid that is situated between Mars and Jupiter, it is named after the Roman goddess of love and marriage.

Juno rules marriage, long term relationships, and even infidelity. According to your Juno placement, you can reveal the aspects that make a successful partnership for you.

Where it resides on our birth chart can determine compatibility with people and describe our future partnerships.

The insight that our Juno placement gives goes deeper than superficial needs. It can tell us what we are like in relationships, what kind of partner we are best suited to, and the type of partner that will repel us.

It’s worth looking into how Juno affects a birth chart. It’s fascinating and the accuracy of the information that you receive will reaffirm your belief in the amazing science of Astrology.

Juno in Libra Meaning

The zodiac sign Libra is a diplomat. They advocate for fairness and work to keep the peace with everyone around them.

This is reflected in the relationships of those who have the Juno Libra placement. A person who has Juno in Libra on their birth chart will embody the energy of Libra in their love life.

The symbol for Libra is a set of scales, which is associated with Libra’s balanced and harmonious nature.

The ruling planet of Libra is Venus. It governs over sensuality, pleasure, and beauty. The planet Venus is named after the Roman goddess of love.

The asteroid Juno also possesses the energy of the planet Venus, as well as pluto. It is associated with the zodiac sign Libra and Scorpio.

It’s clear to see that Libra is perfectly matched with Juno, however, there is a potential downside.

There is the potential that the relationship could become too focused on supporting one another and not enough on building the right connection. There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship but the energy of Libra will try.

It’s best to let things flow as they may and accept that sometimes life can be a little unbalanced.

This may sound like blasphemy to a native Libra but for everyone else, this little gem of knowledge could be the advice that helps you to gain perspective and make a success of your future or current partnership.

Long Term Relationships and Marriage

Marriage and commitment are important to the Juno Libra. According to them, a successful marriage must be built upon stability and fairness. They want a partnership where they are both equally yoked.

The Juno Libra does not want to dominate their partner, nor do they wish to answer to anyone. In love there are no leaders, only equals.

By basing their relationship upon this foundation they believe that it creates harmony. For the Juno Libra, they wish to avoid any kind of conflict. They are not fighters and believe in talking out problems rather than arguing about them.

Communication is key. They should feel as if they can say anything to their partner and be understood. They also would like their partner to feel the same. The Juno Libra does not like to compete with their partner. They enjoy collaborative connections

Romance is one of Juno Libra’s top priorities. They like to be swept off their feet and will go out of their way to make their partner feel special.

Affection and expressing tender sentiments are all a part of the Juno Libras charms. They are masters of love and know how to make someone feel good, in and outside of the bedroom.

The Juno in Libra values beauty, an attractive partner is typical for people with this placement. They want someone that they can gaze upon and feel entranced.

When they walk into a room they want everyone to notice the gorgeous person on their arm. They want to look at their partner and fall in love every time they see them.

The fairytale romance is a big part of their desires and until they meet that special someone they are always searching for their happily ever after.

Juno Libra Women

She is a gentle woman with a sensual side. She oozes grace and class throughout every orifice of her body. She is in touch with her feminine side and knows how to handle her powers as a high powered woman. She is flirty and charming without going to excess. People fall head over heels for the Juno Libra woman.

Love is important to her. She searches for the other half to her soul and longs to be acquainted with them.

As a calm person, she wants a love interest that will match her own energy. Her ideal partner is kind, sweet, and well presented.

Women with this placement desire a man who has a soft and gentle demeanor. He must be good looking and brought up well. Manners are an important factor on her list.

The Libra Juno is emotional but works to find balance in their emotions. Her partner must be able to give her stability and harmony. He must also be honest and have no qualms when communicating.

The Juno Libra likes to be sociable and so her partner must be able to match her in that regard.

Once she has fallen in love she will give herself completely. She embraces commitment and wholeheartedly takes on the role of a girlfriend or wife.

However, she needs her lover to love her equally, if not more. There must be a balance in the relationship. If her partner loves her less or it isn’t up to her standards she will feel unstable.

The worst type of partner for the Juno Libra woman is someone who is selfish. They must be able to take other people’s needs into consideration. They must also not be argumentative.

If conflict arises the Juno Libra woman expects her partner to deal with their issues in a calm and adult-like manner. She requires them to be a team, in the end, they must work together or not at all. To her, they must operate as two halves of a whole. Equality is an important factor for the Juno Libra woman.

Unless she has found balance herself she will attract indecisive partners. Exposing her heart to people like this will throw her even more off balance.

It is essential that she works on herself and following that, the right person will come. When ‘the one’ shows up in her life, she will know. They will keep her entertained, no matter how much time they spend together.

Juno Libra Men

He is intelligent, witty, and romantic. The Juno Libra man is a fan of the art of seduction and is known for being a good lover. He aims to please and likes to give and receive. He treats his partners well and has a gentle vibe. He appreciates the arts and takes care of his appearance. He is undoubtedly handsome and possesses an air similar to that of prince charming.

The Juno Libra man knows what he wants. He prefers his partners to be somewhat docile and kind-hearted. Looks are important to him and so he expects his lover to be physically appealing. His long term partner must play up to his expectations. They must have good taste and they should be able to keep up with his active social life.

He will break hearts until he meets the right one. His tendency to be indecisive means that he will enter multiple relationships throughout his life until he meets the person that he is meant to spend his life with.

Once he has found them he will commit to them with every ounce of his soul. A long term relationship and marriage is something that he intends on achieving in his life.

He will avoid obnoxious, loud, and bad-tempered people. Encountering people with those personality traits is the worst possible scenario for him. He appreciates manners and respects those who can hold themselves properly in public.

When the Juno Libra man needs honesty his partner must be an open book. They should complement each other and balance each other out.

The right person for him will allow him to be himself. They need to be accepting of who he is and let him feel comfortable to reveal every side of him. They must not be judgemental and be patient with him as he battles with indecisiveness. His ideal lover must be able to dazzle him. They should be unlike anyone that they have met before.

He also desires a partner that will be able to stimulate him intellectually. He should be able to engage in conversation with his lover that goes beyond the mundane day to day chatter. He wants to discuss the creative arts and debate over political or economical issues. They must also be open-minded like the Juno Libra man is. He respects different views and opinions, so it is important that his partner does the same.

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People that have Juno in Libra sound like the dream partner, by most people’s standards. Their considerate nature and willingness to forge a relationship that is built on equality make them a thoughtful long term partner.

They are polite and do whatever it takes to maintain a relationship. They are the type to come from work with flowers or cook their other half their favorite meal. They want their efforts to be noticed and be reciprocated by their partner.

They want to open their heart to their partner and know that they are getting the same in return. This is of the utmost importance for the Juno Libra. They will start to feel unappreciated if their partner does not give as freely as they do.

Juno Libra does not like to be taken for granted. They want to be valued and prized. They want to be the sole object of affection in their lover’s eye. Both people in the partnership must work to keep things exciting. Juno Libra does not like to be bored.

Though Juno Libra can be famously indecisive they will know that they are in love when the right person comes. Their relationship is akin to a Hollywood blockbuster.

Those who do not believe in dreamy, romantic courtships or marriages haven’t met a Juno Libra. They are experts in love and affairs of the heart.

Overall, Juno Libra can expect a long and happy marriage or long term relationship with their partner.

Their ideal partner could have Libra qualities in their birth chart, this would suit them and their needs immensely. Whoever they end up with will be showered in tenderness and warmth. They see their partner as their one true love and believe in the prospect of forever.

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