Juno in Pisces – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

Love in its purest form can bring us endless joy and happiness. So many of us wish to have fulfilling relationships. We use astrology as a tool to help us find out what kind of partner we will have and what challenges we will face.

Juno can give us the answers that we are looking for. It sheds light on our romantic encounters and can also show us our strengths and weaknesses. Juno plays a powerful part in our lives. Many are not even aware of the magnitude of its influence.

For those who have Juno in Pisces understanding what it means and how it will affect your relationships is important. It can give a deep and perceptive insight into love under Pisces.

The Influence of Juno

Juno is an asteroid that plays an important role in our birth chart. It shows what our long term relationships and marriages will be like as well as other negative aspects such as divorce and infidelity.

It was named after Juno, the wife of Jupiter. According to Roman mythology, she is the queen of the Gods and represents marriage. She is also identified with Hera from Greek mythology, who is the wife of Zeus. Hera is the Goddess of women, marriage, and childbirth.

When Juno passes through a zodiac sign it takes on its energy. This impacts how our marriages will play out as well as our feelings toward long term relationships. Juno can reveal our deepest intentions and our future choices.

Juno in Pisces Meaning

The characteristics and traits of Pisces affect the energy of Juno. Pisces is the 12th and last sign in the zodiac. It represents intuition and draws on psychic experiences.

This is also reflected in the Pisces Juno.

The symbol for Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions. It represents Pisces being in two different worlds. The physical and the spiritual. Pisces are known for being creative, empathetic, and sensitive.

Pisces is represented by Neptune, the God of the sea. It is linked with spirituality, magic, and extrasensory observations.

Those under its influence are connected with consciousness. Pisces Juno has a spiritual outlook on relationships which is influenced by Neptune’s energy.

Juno in Pisces fulfills the desires of Pisces in a romantic setting. The relationship values that Pisces holds are significant to Pisces Juno. Many of their traits are mirrored in the Juno conjunction.

Long Term Relationships and Marriage

Pisces Juno take romance and love to a whole new level. In their long term relationships, they like to spoil their partner and will do what it takes to keep the flame alive. They are committed in their relationships and marriages.

Initially, they can be reserved or shy when approaching a love interest and so they may need them to take control. They can fall head over heels in love quite easily. They want to have the dream connection and so they may force it at times.

They crave deep connections and so they need to be in sync with their partner. If the relationship is off balance they will work with their partner to make things right. They are loyal and devoted to their partners.

Pisces Juno is tender and warm. They love with the very depths of their heart. They are gentle and conscientious lovers. Every moment that they spend with their partner is a chance to be affectionate.

Their partner must be honest and considerate of Pisces Juno’s sensitive nature. They can take things to heart and so their long term lover must be mindful and communicate with them in a way that the Pisces Juno can take.

Pisces Juno can have a hard time separating fiction from reality. They are so busy dreaming about having the perfect relationship with their partner that they may miss red flags.

Their inability to see the wood from the trees could result in Pisces Juno having a nasty surprise in their marriage or long term relationship.

On occasion Pisces Juno can be pessimistic at times, leaving their partner frustrated at their varying moods. Pisces Juno can be emotional at times so they must isolate themselves to regain their balance.

Pisces Juno wants to feel loved and cherished. They want to be the apple of their partner’s eye. Whirlwind romances are their idea of perfection in a relationship. If they can have a relationship that is like a Hollywood blockbuster romance then they will do what it takes.

Pisces Juno Woman

The Pisces Juno woman is a hopeless romantic. She is often found with her head in the clouds, dreaming of her perfect partner. The phrase ‘what a woman’ is often used to describe the Pisces Juno Woman. There’s something about her that enraptures and enchants her admirers.

She is bewitching and beguiling. The Pisces Juno Woman is simply magical. To her lovers, she is undeniably beautiful. Her ravishing looks capture the attention of many.

The Pisces Juno woman is a siren. Feminine and flirtatious, she has no trouble finding love.

Her ideal partner is romantic. They are the type who scatter the room with rose petals and light a million candles. With her partner, she wants to feel as though she is in a fairytale.

For a successful long-term relationship, her partner must be imaginative. She is a dreamer and she wants to take her partner along for the journey.

The Pisces Juno believes in having a spiritual connection with her partner. They must be able to connect with their body, mind, and most importantly, their soul.

The way to seduce the Pisces Juno woman is to align with her vibration. Her intuition is her guidance system. She will use it to decipher whether a partner is right for her or not.

She is attracted to quiet intellects. She avoids loud and obnoxious people and prefers the company of those who are chill and relaxed in their demeanor.

The type of person that she yearns for is extremely loving and easy to get along with.

She often spends her time daydreaming and visualizing her ideal lover. Her Disney-like fantasies fill her with joy as she imagines building a strong and soulful connection with another person.

The Pisces Juno woman is trusting. She will give her heart away earnestly if she feels as though there is a connection.

However, there is a slight air of naivety around her. She will see what she wants to see, if her lover’s actions are A she will interpret it as B if it suits her wishes.

One aspect of her character is that she is hypersensitive. If her lovers upset her they won’t hear the end of it. She can grow distant and cold when hurt.

If the Pisces Juno woman wants to excel in her love life she must learn to communicate well with her partner.

Pisces Juno Man

The Pisces Juno Man is a chameleon. He can mold himself to whatever or whoever he desires to be. Though this may seem insincere he does it with the best of intentions – usually.

As a caring and empathetic person he looks out for his lovers and strives to make them happy.

As a sensitive and intuitive person, he can pick up on things that others might not. He can tell when a love interest is genuine or if they are being honest.

This can make him a good judge of character in most cases unless his feelings get in the way.

The Pisces Juno Man is sympathetic, caring, and loving. He makes a wonderful partner in this regard. He is attracted to positive people who are open-minded and calm. He wants his relationship or marriage to bring him peace. He will pick a partner that can adhere to these requirements.

He often attracts partners who are compassionate and unique. They can be very spiritual, creative, and nurturing.

However, the Pisces Juno man may also end up in relationships with people with psychological issues.

He has a vision of his ideal partner in his mind and is often disappointed when the people he meets in real life do not live up to his expectations.

The partner he settles down with may have to contend with the dream liver he has built up in his mind.

The Pisces Juno man doesn’t just want a long term partner, he wants a soulmate. He will never aimlessly settle down with some. He has to be with someone with who he can spend the rest of his life. He wants to create a happy marriage and home with his partner.

In general, the Pisces Juno man makes a wonderful partner. They know how to take their partners’ needs into consideration. He is an attractive lover who is amorous and intimate in the bedroom. Every moment is sentimental. He proudly wears his heart on his sleeve.

The Pisces Juno Man may have issues with his self-esteem. It is common for men with these placements to feel unworthy of their partner’s affections. He can also find himself manipulated by and used in his dating life.

If he wishes to have a successful partnership he must see them for who they really are and not who he wants them to be.

If he is in a difficult relationship he may find it hard to leave. He must gather the courage and strength that he needs to break away from toxic relationships so that he can find his happily ever after.


Pisces Juno make love even more magical than it already is. They bring all of the amazing joys and splendor of relationships to life.

Anyone who is looking to experience something akin to their favorite romantic movie should date a Pisces Juno.

They will do anything for their love and they expect the same in return. Pisces Juno has a huge heart that they willingly share with their partner. They need their connection to be more than physical, it needs to be spiritual.

If they can find someone who feels the same way they do, they have won. They need a partner who has the same fanciful outlook on life, yet they also need to be grounded.

Pisces Juno Can get carried away with their romantic and dreamlike imagination. Their partner must be able to balance them out.

Pisces Juno is poetic in the way that they express their emotions. They will be the first ones to say I love you and are always forward-thinking.

When they fall for someone they happily map out their relationship with them in their head.

Even if they have not exchanged more than formal platitudes they are already married to them with 3 kids and a dog.

They are endearing and know exactly how to play the game. They utilize their coquettish charms often and can lure their lover into a world of idyllic and picturesque love.

Even those who forgo the pleasures of romance could find themselves dazzled by Pisces Juno.

Though their approach to love is exciting and optimistic Pisces Juno can be unrealistic. They may chase after a dream that doesn’t exist. They can be out of touch and this has the potential to be detrimental to their love life.

If they lust after an extremely detailed view of what love should be like they could miss out on someone amazing. They need to pull back and appreciate what is in front of them. Pisces Juno can have the love life that they want but they may need to compromise.

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