Juno in Sagittarius – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

There’s a lot to be learned from Juno. It gives us so much clarity when we are trying to understand our love lives. If we’re unlucky in love Juno can tell us why.

If our marriage isn’t working Juno will show us the cracks. Once we know our Juno placement we can turn the tables and take control of our relationships.

It’s like being given a new lease of life. It tells us what parts of our character we need to develop and the partners we need to avoid.

If we are already in a relationship we can compare charts and come to understand the low points and the highs of being with our partner long term.

The Influence of Juno

The influence of Juno on our lives depends on what zodiac sign it was under at the time of our births.

The characteristics and personality traits of that sign will be reflected in our relationships and marriages. Juno, named after the Roman goddess of love and marriage, is also the inspiration for the month of June which is traditionally the month when people get married.

Juno in Sagittarius Meaning

In astrology, the Sagittarius stands for flexibility and adventure. The energy of Sagittarius is found throughout Sagittarius Juno. Their relationships will have elements of the freedom-loving Sagittarius. Everything from dating, marriage, and breakups are affected by this sign.

The zodiac symbol for Sagittarius is an Archer in the form of a centaur. This represents their courage and their free-loving nature.

The centaur cannot be tamed or restrained, when angered they can turn quite dark. There are obvious similarities between the Sagittarius Juno relationships and the native Sagittarius character.

According to astrology, Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter. It is associated with growth and expansion. It is the planet of luck and brings great fortune and abundance to those under its influence.

In Greek mythology, Jupiter was connected to the God Zeus. It is a powerful planet and is even referred to as the King of Gods.

Sagittarius rules the 9th house in astrology. This is the house of philosophy and searching for meaning.

This can indicate that those with the Sagittarius Juno placement are looking for something in their partners. It also points to their need to explore and fill their minds with knowledge.

All of these factors related to Sagittarius will affect Juno in a person’s birth chart. It will take on all of its influences and embody its energy.

Sagittarius Juno is very interesting. It presents challenges and lots of opportunities to experience more out of their relationships and the world.

Long Term Relationships and Marriage

Sagittarius Juno is most likely to settle down with someone foreign or a well-traveled person. The cultural background of their partner leads them to learn new things and broaden their horizons. They are open-minded, accepting, and loving toward the people in their partner’s life.

They enjoy the company of people that are cultured and sophisticated. As they are well-read and intelligent so their partner must also possess these qualities.

Sagittarius Juno enjoys jetting off to exotic locations around the world with their partner and they may live in different countries together throughout their relationship.

The presence of the Sagittarius Juno friends and family is felt throughout the relationship. They are very close to the people in their lives and have a lot of friends.

Many of their friendships have lasted for years and so Sagittarius Juno requires their partner to get along well with their loved ones.

In a long-term relationship or marriage, Sagittarius Juno can be attentive to their partner’s needs. They care about their life partner and want to see them happy. They are like an open book, they can express themselves without being particularly emotional about it. This is a good trait and means that they can handle conflicts well.

They are not the best at keeping long term relationships. They like change and find traditional relationships cumbersome at best. They are confident about what they want and if they cannot get what they need from their partner they are out the door. They do not compromise when it comes to their freedom. It is a big part of them that they will not change.

The Sagittarius Juno may end up having a long list of exes as they move from one relationship to the next. The challenges of dealing with Sagittarius Juno’s need to break free can be too much for some. The Sagittarius Juno may engage in flirtation or extramarital affairs in their lifetime.

Sagittarius Juno Woman

Like the Sagittarius Juno man, their female counterpart is not traditional when it comes to relationships and love. She values her freedom and can feel stifled in a relationship.

There is nothing worse to her than feeling as if she is shackled to someone.

She has an easy-going charm that makes her approachable. She has a childlike and playful personality that is loved by many. She is also funny and has a great sense of humor. If she chooses to settle down, her partner will love this side to her.

For the Sagittarius Juno to feel happy and comfortable in a relationship she needs to be with someone who will let her be free. Whether that means having an open relationship or respecting her space, they will need to observe her boundaries.

Her partner should also be intelligent and witty. If they can make her feel as though they can add something special to her life she will consider entering into a relationship with them.

An ideal partner for her must be someone who is easy going and compliments her personality.

If the Sagittarius Juno feels as though they are stuck in a rut they will have no problem ending the relationship. Falling into a pattern with her partner is her idea of hell.

Restless and ready to change plans at the last minute, she yearns after a life of travel. Her partner should also have the travel bug. Wanderlust and adventure are needed in the relationship for it to work.

Rushing into a relationship is a big no-no for Sagittarius Juno. If she feels as if she is being pressured then she becomes a flight risk.

If her love interest wants to secure her then they need to approach her cautiously. They must be able to show her that she will not be confined in a relationship with them.

Sagittarius Juno won’t be so quick to move in together or start picking out china patterns.

The Sagittarius Juno can give in to the temptations of another suitor, especially if she is not satisfied in her relationship. She can also have a tendency to believe that she is always right and so she may force her beliefs onto her partner.

Ultimately, she wants a lover who can give more meaning to her life. She wants to feel inspired, motivated, and enthralled with whoever she ends up with.

Though she may be flighty she can appreciate building a loving connection with someone.

Sagittarius Juno Man

The Sagittarius Juno man is big on adventure. He wishes to see the world and explore the unknown.

As a lover of freedom, he does not like to be bound by the restraints of a restrictive relationship.

In this regard, he is particular about who he settles down with.

He prefers to have casual encounters over lifelong bonds. It does not suit the Sagittarius Juno man to be tied down. He appreciates having variety and has commitment issues, which he will be straight up about. He’s a tough one to pin down. He is carefree and unpredictable.

His ideal partner is as passionate as he is. Sagittarius Juno man desires a lover who is attractive and carries a mysterious air. He needs his partner to be spontaneous, if they’re not able to accommodate this part of the Sagittarius Juno man’s lifestyle the relationship will not last as long.

In a relationship, he can be upbeat and his playful nature is fun to be around. He knows how to make his partner feel good about themselves.

When he says that he loves someone he means it with all of his heart. His partner will never need to worry about where they stand with them.

The Sagittarius Juno man can also be protective over their lover. If they know that their partner is in trouble they will be the first one at their side.

He has a calm side to his personality and is patient with his partner.

However, they may need to be patient with him as he can appear to be cold and detached at times. He may need a moment to himself from time to time and his partner should respect this. If they don’t they risk pushing him away.

He can be emotionally manipulative and controlling, or he could attract a partner with these traits. There is a tendency to lash out and have outbursts of anger.

Another negative trait of the Sagittarius Juno man is his jealousy. If his partner receives attention from admirers he becomes envious and resentful.

The Sagittarius Juno man also has a tendency to cheat. His unfaithful nature will not make him the best partner for those who want a loyal partner. He is also blunt. He will say what he means and mean what he says. He is perfect for those who love honesty and a nightmare for the sensitive souls in this world.

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Sagittarius Juno is unapologetically themselves. They are as free as the wind and will take their partners on the ride of their lives. They are not well suited to people who need security in their relationship.

They are more in love with the idea of being a nonconformist than being with someone long term.

However, if they have loving feelings for their partner and they offer them the excitement that they need then the Sagittarius Juno will enjoy the connection.

Though commitment isn’t their strong suit they can be good partners. They are optimistic and their positivity is infectious. They are honest and know how to communicate with their partner.

Expect lots of laughter, joking around, and playful behavior in a Sagittarius Juno relationship.

They’re up for a good time and make lovemaking an exciting moment. They are confident in their ability to please their partner and can be spontaneous. They are impressive in this sense and their partners look forward to intimate moments with them.

In a relationship with Sagittarius Juno, their partner will find out a lot about themselves. They may step out of their comfort zone as Sagittarius Juno encourages them to be more adventurous.

Sagittarius Juno is passport ready and they have a story for every occasion. They want to build memories with their partner and take them to places they’ve never been. They’re like a child looking at the world through new eyes, this is an endearing quality.

However, Sagittarius Juno has a wandering eye that needs to be tamed if they want to maintain their relationship. If someone other than their partner offers them delights they may take the bait.

For this reason, Sagittarius Juno may prefer to be single for as long as possible before committing, if they decide to at all.

When a Sagittarius Juno shows you who they are, trust them. They know how to keep it real and will always be the best version of themselves.

Anyone who wishes to change them will not succeed. Sagittarius Juno answers to no one but themselves.

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