Juno in Scorpio – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

Most of us are curious about where our lives will take us and what we will end up doing in a few years from now. It’s natural to have a degree of curiosity about the future.

Relationships are a big part of our lives so it’s understandable that so many people want to know what their long-term relationships or marriage will be like.

Studying Juno’s position on a birth chart can give us an indication of what that relationship will look like as well as our strengths and weaknesses.

It is the crystal ball into the future of our love lives. It can teach us a lot about ourselves and what we need to improve upon to be better lovers.

The Influence of Juno

Juno is an asteroid that orbits between Mars and Jupiter. It gives us a clear insight into the relationships that we will enter into and the ups and downs that will follow.

The asteroid is named after the Roman Goddess of love and marriage, she was the wife of Zeus and was celebrated for her loyalty to him.

Everything that we can gather from Juno can help us to make better decisions and be more considerate of how we come across to our partner. Juno covers all aspects of love.

However, it can also show us negative patterns such as feelings of inadequacy.

Those that appreciate romance and relationships will enjoy looking into their Juno placement to understand the future of their love life.

Juno in Scorpio Meaning

Scorpio is passionate and assertive. The zodiac sign is known for its stubborn nature, sensitivity, and jealous streak.

Like Scorpio Juno, these traits are reflected in their relationships. The Scorpion energy in Juno creates incredibly passionate relationships.

The zodiac symbol for Scorpio is a Scorpion, this is associated with Scorpio’s intensity and wicked sting.

Interestingly, a female scorpion will often kill their male partners after mating. There is an element of fatal attraction that resonates with the Scorpio Juno.

Scorpio is ruled by the planets, Mars and Pluto. Mars is the god of war, it represents passion, anger, aggression, and action.

It is the counterpart to the planet Venus. Juno carries elements of both Venus and Scorpio, this creates a heightened and overtly sexual streak in Scorpio Juno relationships.

Pluto symbolizes regeneration and rebirth. The energy from this planet helps people to look at things differently, be open to another viewpoint and it sparks evolution.

For the Scorpio Juno to succeed in their relationships they must connect with the influence of Pluto. They must grow and learn from their temper to survive long term relationships.

The combination of energy from these related planets clashes chaotically. The Scorpio Juno suffers from this with intense highs and lows throughout their relationship.

Their anger and rage when dissatisfied can be the lethal sting that ends love connections. They must find balance and learn to keep their aggression at bay.

All of the good and bad traits of the zodiac sign Scorpio influence the relationships of those who have Juno Scorpion influences.

Long Term Relationships and Marriage

Relationships with Scorpio Juno are transformative. Being with them is like a whirlwind of intense sexual and emotional pleasure.

The connection with the Scorpio Juno runs deep and feels exciting and yet intimidating.

There is a particular emphasis on openness and honesty with Scorpio Juno connections that strengthen the bond between them and their partner.

Sex is an important part of the Scorpio Juno partnership, there must be a healthy amount of intimacy in this area to fulfill the needs of the Scorpio Juno raw sexual appetite.

Pleasure plays a key part in the dynamics of the Scorpio Juno relationship. They take their partner on a journey of sexual delights and enrapture them with their erotic kinks.

They like to push the boundaries of what is taboo so their partner needs to be open-minded. Their partner should not be judgemental or risk losing the love of the Scorpio Juno.

The Scorpio Juno is secretive. They may hold a lot of skeletons in their closet so they need to be able to trust their partner. They must be able to keep secrets and listen when the Scorpio Juno needs them to.

As a conversationalist, Scorpio Juno aren’t the biggest talkers but they do know how to express their emotional sentiments and they will do so with no qualms. They are excellent listeners and their partners will find that they can share intimate details with them.

It’s all or nothing for the Scorpio Juno. Their take it or leave it attitude is both a negative and a positive. They are not particularly forgiving when crossed and can hold a grudge for a long period of time. They like to know where they stand and appreciate their partner being straight up with them. They value loyalty and expect the same with their partner, if they do not receive this from their partner this is detrimental to the relationship.

Scorpio Juno Woman

The Juno Scorpio woman is striking. She possesses a mysterious air that leaves people wanting to know more about her.

Unfortunately for those who wish to be with her, she does not give her love away easily. Her love interest will need to have patience as time and work is required to win her affections.

She is desired by many and she never struggles to gain people’s attention. Sexy and sultry, the Scorpio woman is a fantasy come to life. She brings her partner’s immense pleasure and is exciting in and outside of the bedroom. She is highly sensitive and can be overly emotional.

The Scorpio Juno woman needs a partner who is confident, self-assured, and passionate. They should be able to match her sexual energy. They must be exciting, daring, and dominant, particularly as she has a tendency to emotionally manipulate her partners.

The Scorpio Junos love interest must be able to stand their ground and strong enough to withstand her sting.

In a relationship, the Scorpio Juno woman can be volatile. She tends to be explosive and can be intense, sometimes too much.

If her partner is not strong enough she could scare them away. She can also be possessive and jealous, this is an area that the Scorpio Juno woman must learn to improve upon.

Her partner must be open and honest to keep her calm. They must be self-assured to cope with the powerful wrath of the Scorpio Juno woman, particularly as she has a sharp tongue when she’s angry.

Loyalty is extremely important to her, so her partner must have the same values for the relationship to work.

The Scorpio Juno woman is intense with her emotional and physical demands. For her, love is a good balance between physical intimacy and having a strong emotional connection. She is very committed in her relationships and prefers long term connections over short term flings.

The darker side of the Scorpio Juno woman is that she is prone to attracting aggressive partners. Secret affairs with married lovers may also be on the cards. She is very secretive which can make her seem untrustworthy to her partners.

Scorpio Juno Man

The Scorpio Juno man is passionate – this is a good and bad aspect of his personality. This can turn into violent mood swings if he is not careful.

Aggression is a dominant feature in the Scorpio Juno man. To find more satisfaction in his love life he must learn to balance out these features.

The Scorpio Juno man likes the thrill of the chase. He does not like his partner to be presented to him on a plate. He likes to pursue them. The challenge makes him feel alive.

However, once he catches his prey he does not intend to commit. To seduce the Scorpio Juno man their lover must offer more than sexual pleasures and attend to their emotional needs.

He is attracted to strong, confident people who embrace their sexual desires. However, an emotional connection must take place to completely satisfy the Scorpio Juno man.

Their partner must have the stamina needed to satisfy the Scorpio Juno man. His sexual needs are endless and so their partner must know and accept this.

The art of seduction is part of the Scorpio Juno man’s game. He is attracted to Siren types – mysterious, sultry women who are somewhat aloof and unattainable. He needs a lover that will keep him on his toes and excite him.

In a relationship, the Scorpio Juno likes to feel in control. He wants to lead the way and is an alpha in this regard. He may put his needs over his partners and so they may be resentful of this trait in him. He likes to be close to his lover and hates being alone.

If his partner breaks his trust he can find it hard to forgive them. They will fester over the betrayal and cause even more pain for both parties. As he is so emotional he can be hurt quite easily, especially if it is by someone he loves deeply

The Scorpio Juno man can be possessive, jealous, and controlling. These self-destructive traits could be his nature rebelling against commitment.

However, he is very territorial and will feel threatened if his partner is pursued by others. He does not like to share, if he loves someone then they are his and no one else’s.

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Scorpio Juno can come across like a handful. Only the brave are strong enough to stay for long enough to see them for who they are – sensitive, caring, loving, and extremely loyal.

The Scorpio Juno must be appreciated for the good and bad parts of their character.

Even though some aspects could use some refining they have the best of intentions and would never deliberately hurt their partner.

They’re either the relationship type or they prefer the freedom of singledom. If they fall into the first category they love the intimate connection that it brings and they hold on to that feeling for as long as possible.

The passion, s*x, and love that their partnership brings means the world to them.

The Scorpio Juno that is less inclined to be in a relationship appreciates the variety and adventure that comes from chasing after sexual pleasures.

Their partner can expect to have a lot of fun with them. Everything is heightened when they are around. It’s like they open up a door to a new world.

Scorpio Juno loves romance, their ideal date would be an evening in front of the fire drinking good wine and feeding each other chocolate-covered strawberries.

Scorpio Juno is a turn on. Their exotic, sexy demeanor makes their partner fall head over heels for them. Everything about them turns heads.

The way they present themselves is highly attractive and makes them desired by many. To have the heart of the Scorpio Juno is an achievement in its own right. They are selective and particular about who they commit to.

Overall, Scorpio Juno is electric. This is reflected in their vibrant relationships and adventurous sex life. They can be expected to have success in their relationships if they learn how to give and take. How they handle their hot-headed nature will determine the longevity of their partnerships.

Scorpio Junos must take into consideration the other aspects of their birth chart to understand the effects of Scorpio Juno’s influence on them.

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