Juno in Taurus – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

The majority of people only scratch the surface when researching partner compatibility. They read whether the Sun signs match, and if they are more deeply into astrology, they might check Venus and Mars.

Most of them don’t even suspect that there is more beyond that and that Juno might be the most significant concerning relationships. Juno is one of the youngest elements in a natal chart, which is why it’s usually in the shadows of other, well-established sections.

While Venus and Mars uncover our values, what we find aesthetically-pleasing, and how we flirt, Juno dives beneath that. It has the tones of Pluto and also Venus/Scorpio.

Thus, it has Libra energy, which is why it gives a bigger picture concerning love. Juno casts a light on what we genuinely need to be happy and committed in relationships.

The glyph for Juno is a star placed over the cross or a specter. Its role is to help us find the ideal partner and gives a compass to navigate love connections. It is an asteroid that stands for commitment, marriage, balance, and partnerships.

Juno’s placement in a natal chart indicates a place we can use for empowerment and where we can improve ourselves.

As this asteroid is all about compromises, equality, and fairness, it will show us which aspect of our lives we should make more right and even.

It represents the effort between partners to create harmony in a relationship and how their struggle to balance the power often ends in disagreements.

That is why Juno can show a path toward our ideal partner. With its position, Juno tells us what our needs are and how not fulfilling them can make us feel.

If we want to know what we need to feel satisfied in a relationship, that’s where Juno comes into the picture.

Perhaps our current partner is not compatible with our wants, or we are not cultivating the connection properly. Knowing Juno’s position can help us uncover the compatibility and what we can do to enhance it.

It is helpful if we are single because it acts as a guide, reminding us what we are looking for.

Likewise, it says how to nurture relationships and marriages and provide ourselves and our partners with an adequate emotional response.

Juno: History and origins

Juno usually points to the needs we had in one of our previous lives. Those wants were deep-seated and intense but never addressed. We didn’t get what we wanted so much, and those desires found a way to travel through space and time and speak to us. They determine our Juno placement, where we need balance, and what makes us feel fulfilled in love.

And what about the history of Juno itself?

Juno was the third discovered asteroid, and it was the German astronomer Karl Harding who found it in 1804.

Before being classified as an asteroid, astronomers first considered it to be a planet. Juno’s position lies in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, where he takes four years to finish the orbit.

As astrology inevitably intertwines with astronomy and mythology, Juno’s origins take us back to Roman myths. The name of this asteroid is coming from the Roman goddess of marriage, family, and home. Juno was the daughter of Saturn, mother of Mars, and wife of Jupiter. She is known as Hera in Greek mythology.

Besides being partners, Juno is the female counterpart of the god of the sky, Jupiter. She was also the goddess and protector of the Roman state. Various myths tell about the story and life of Juno, and in one of them, she and Jupiter were twins, whose mother was the primordial goddess, Fortuna.

Other myths portray Jupiter and Juno as the quintessential divine couple, albeit with countless issues. While Juno was the epitome of loyalty and devotion, Jupiter kept on cheating on her.

That is what shook Juno’s confidence and caused her to be jealous, insecure, and to wage wars on Jupiter’s lovers. It is also what explains our own vulnerability and faithfulness in relationships.

Juno is an ideal wife in Roman mythology, showing all the characteristics a good woman should have. That is why Juno was the ruler of the rites of marriage and why she represents balance and compromises.

But Juno also shows what will trigger jealousy and insecurities, and what are the things one won’t be able to tolerate.

Hence, Juno’s position in a natal chart speaks about relationship deal-breakers and about what makes us feel uncomfortable and incomplete.

It guides us to recognize the traits we seek in what we envision as the ideal partner and what we need to spend our lives with someone.

Juno in Taurus: General traits and meaning

Taurus is a down to earth sign that appreciates certainty and routine. People with Juno in Taurus seek partners who can provide stability and security and have well-balanced lives and careers.

It’s nice to have fun and look on the bright side of life, but these individuals are more about working hard and being realistic. They expect the same from their loved ones. One might perceive them as opportunistic, but Taurus Juno people believe that a stable income represents maturity.

Peter Pan types and wanderlust personalities are not the best choice for individuals with Juno in Taurus. Instead, they want someone who takes life seriously and knows how to navigate it.

But they don’t necessarily need a person to be well-off. They do need a partner who is ready to hustle, work hard, and strive toward success.

Taurus Juno persons want to build a stable life and income with their partners. That is why they need someone determined and ambitious. They dream about creating a fortune from scratch with a loved one and enjoying the products of that labor together.

Besides, people with Juno in Taurus want to know what to expect, so they seek partners who are disciplined and have daily habits and routines. Taurus Juno persons dream about growing their income and possessions together.

These people have nothing against a relationship being predictable and without big surprises and tremors. While they enjoy having a crush on someone, what they really need to feel secure is a stable union they can count on. That is why persons with explosive personalities won’t impress Taurus Juno people.

They loath fights and disagreements, especially in one starts them for the sake of it. Persons with Juno in Taurus can see through when someone causes arguments out of boredom or due to being immature.

It is why, except if the natal chart aspects suggest differently, Taurus Juno individuals seek serenity and harmony in relationships.

If anything disrupts their peace, people with Juno in Taurus will become upset. They will also be bothered if their partner jeopardizes the relationship’s tranquility with their behavior or actions. They don’t need continuous excitement and stimulus to be devoted and in love. Otherwise, they can lose trust and respect for their partner.

Taurus Juno persons desire a partner with who they can spend relaxed hours in the comfort of home, cuddling and enjoying each other. They are likely to need someone who loves hugging, kissing, and being generally affectionate and not afraid to show feelings.

People with Juno in Taurus want a partner who is a hedonist and wants to enjoy everything life has to offer.

They are usually attracted to naturally beautiful persons, and they prefer their partner not to be flashy or over the top. Taurus Juno individuals will enjoy trying new food and drinks with their loved ones, and they’ll want the relationship to be tranquil and steady.

Tradition is also significant to persons with Juno in Taurus. They want someone with the same values, who wants to get married and have children. Taurus Juno is against divorce, and they’ll do everything in their power to save the marriage.

Woman with Juno in Taurus

Females with Juno in Taurus are warm-hearted, reliable, and realistic. They will work hard for what they want, including relationships. As they are traditional and family-oriented, they will enjoy nurturing their marriage, partner, and children.

But they want a partner they can rely on, which means to be equally hard-working and devoted. Taurus Juno women are not unlikely to desire someone who can provide them with financial security or even enhance their social status. They care about what others think about them, and they carefully build their public image or reputation.

These women are attracted to confident, masculine, and determined partners. That makes Taurus Juno women feel that their loved ones can take care of them and their families. They want to avoid wondering whether they will have enough food, money, or possessions. Taurus Juno women start thinking early about their future and working on securing a stable one.

Even though they appreciate luxury, tasty food, and drinks, Taurus Juno women are not the life of the party and prefer staying at home with their partner. These ladies feel the most comfortable in an environment they know well. Thus, Taurus Juno women want to be in the company of people that they can trust.

But Taurus Juno females are also stubborn, and they might listen to someone’s advice, but they will always do what they want. They need to be right, and they find it hard to apologize or admit that they were wrong.

As they care a lot about leaving a great impression, they are charming and welcoming hosts. Taurus Juno women like having guests, and they will make them feel at home.

However, they keep a small circle of friends they can confide in and trust. Sometimes Taurus Juno ladies will expect others to do them a favor to test whether they can trust them.

Once someone becomes a part of their world and gets their trust, Taurus Juno women will be loyal and honest friends.

Thus, they act motherly, so they have a need to protect their loved ones. It is why females with Juno in Taurus desire a partner with a similar character and nature; someone trustworthy, diligent, and protective.

Man with Juno in Taurus

Males with Juno in Taurus have warm personalities. They are hard-working, honest, and dedicated to building a stable life, income, and resources. These men want a traditional partner who they will protect and spoil with attention and gifts.

They likely believe that man should take care of his family and lead the pack, so they strive to be wealthy and support loved ones.

It is why Taurus Juno men are attracted to warm-hearted but slightly fragile partners who don’t mind taking care of the home and children.

However, Taurus Juno doesn’t want a lazy partner. Instead, they need someone well-off or ambitious and diligent.

Gracious, delicate, and pretty women are their weak spot. Taurus Juno men desire feminine women who take care of their looks and manners.

Besides, they dream about a partner who is a good cook, practical, and knows how to be economical without sacrificing quality.

Like their female counterparts, Taurus Juno men have a limited circle of reliable friends. These males prefer spending time at home with their loved ones or working on their hobbies.


Stability and family are of paramount importance to people with Juno in Taurus. They want to enjoy life fully with their loved ones, which means having a steady income and a secure future.

Taurus Juno individuals desire a hard-working partner, has their business or projects. They want their loved ones to have passion for something and to strive toward success.

These persons are traditional and respect the institution of marriage. It is why they dream of having a big family, stable partnership, and reliable companion next to them. That is what inspires and drives them.

Taurus Juno people are usually not interested in flings and short-lived affairs. They seek long-term relationships and commitment, someone they can trust and confide in.

A warm-hearted, diligent, and loyal partner will be their ideal choice, and they will only settle with a person that fits their standards and criteria.

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