Jupiter Sextile Saturn – Synastry, Transit, Composite 

This sextile position is the one that makes sure that things will work out in the end, it only requires a bit more hard work.

Have in mind that we can see here one interesting astrological situation – the “marriage” of the two planets, that are contrasting each other, but here they somehow manage to work, although it is not an easy task, but is the one that brings a lot of rewards, in the end.

Jupiter is an eternal optimist and Saturn pulls things into pessimism and at times despair, although it is ready to work hard.

Astrologers say that here, Jupiter extends Saturn’s qualities, like patience, commitment, discipline, hierarchy, responsibilities, and duty.

On top of it all, this position conveys new and unseen opportunities.

Jupiter Sextile Saturn in General

What kind of characteristics has a person who has this natal position have?

In what way this sextile between Jupiter and Saturn brings good, and makes a person successful, not just in work but in love?

First of all, we must emphasize that those who have this sextile position in their natal charts, during life may deal with a lot of difficulties.

This may sound disturbing for sure, but, things are not as black and white as you may think; on the contrary, this position, with all of its pain, brings a couple of positive elements.

Yes, there are undoubted, many difficulties as we have said, and they can color the life of these people from an early age – usually, people see them as very tough, people who can endure a lot, but bad things often happen to them.

They are people who have to work for everything in life.

But, despite all this, during life, they are able to learn more about their darkness and become aware of their own limitations.

Because they are aware of them, they never stay too long in one place, on the contrary, they are constantly moving forward, even in the most unfavorable situations which are so common in their lives.

This is all thanks to the wonderful and optimistic planet Jupiter which is always pulling them from the bottom, leading and learning at the same time.

And success is not an uncommon word in the lives of those who have this natal position, in fact, it comes to them when they reach a certain age, usually when they are a bit older, wiser, and mature.

When they grow up, success in life is plausible, and not only that it could be maintained, but before that, speaking of survival is a more accurate word, than speaking of success.

Success will come to people who have the sextile between Jupiter and Saturn, but only when they are older, and your question may be what comes before that?

In most cases, pain, suffering, starting over numerous times over, and the worst part is, the feeling of constant fear.

Being constantly afraid is not a healthy feeling of course, but these human beings have something that others could only dream about – a will to start over as if nothing has happened to them, especially bad.

They can even have that effect on all people who are close to them, and this is why they are seen more as optimists than pessimists.

Hard work is something that we have spoken already, as one of the most common synonyms that go with this aspect in natal, and it is mostly seen in their jobs.

They will never live their lives poorly; because they know how to provide, and when necessary save for the old days.

They will never live badly since they are doing everything on time and know a thousand ways to get their way, at work, and anywhere also.

There is even an opportunity to become bosses or company owners.

It is like you meet someone who does not have a problem working hard and is used to starting over.

All of their achievements are solid, and each plan has five or six alternates if things do not go as planned, and they usually do not.

These people are also well-oriented in every place and know exactly where to go; seen by society as normal and grounded humans.

They can be respected by everyone who has met them at least once because they seem as confident, reasonable, and moderately generous human beings.

They love to help and give good advice, and their help is always the best, no one gives such good advice. Never imposed, but always there when really needed.

At times they can be seen as prudent and far-sighted, but as a rule, they are very well educated.

Showing an interest in religion and philosophy, and their personality could be described as a mixture of optimism and caution at the same time.

They can choose jobs that are dedicated to helping others. Often find jobs in politics, where they take high positions. There is a pronounced ability to combine personal and public interests.

Deep inside, people with this sextile aspect want to be seen as independent and capable of solving their own problems, rarely they are those who ask for any help.

Family can also be the center of their lives, and you can recognize their homes by a pleasant atmosphere.

Jupiter Sextile Saturn Transit

All of Saturn’s transits (regardless of which one it may be) truly belong to one of the most important transits in astrology.

Following this, all of us should pay a lot of attention to this transit Jupiter sextile Saturn.

It shows the end of something, in a sense, that we are invited to answer the question – what part of your life is now over, and more importantly, what did you learn so far?

This transit, in fact, indicates things that we have successfully completed, mastered, or not – it shows you, in the most painful way, what lessons you have not learned yet, and it shows that you have more chances to do so.

Now is the moment to be as honest as you can, and admit have you, and in what areas you have become a master, and in what areas of life, you are still just a pupil.

Any loss brought by transiting Saturn is just a sign that now is the moment when you are asked to repeat something, and every gain is that we have mastered something well.

This transit may come as an indication of limited changes or it can speak of something on a much larger scale – it can come at the moment when people are invited to establish new foundations in their lives.

Now, this aspect is not just our teacher, it is our loving friend, because Jupiter is there, and it is the breeze of much-needed optimism.

This transit is seen both as an aspect of wisdom, but also a bit moderate (but still) optimism (that comes from the planet Jupiter, but the planet Saturn limits it and makes it moderate).

But moderate optimism is still optimism, and therefore, some would like to call it, purely realistic optimism.

There is no flying in the clouds, all of us will feel it, but we will be happy in the same way, as before, or miserable.

One more thing must be mentioned – this interesting transit brings a lot of caution, as well as patience, as one of the most important traits for success.

All those who are able to wait for good things to come will be rewarded; since the planet, Jupiter expands everything it touches, and here it touches the “hard teacher” Saturn.

This means that wisdom, stability, reliability, commitment, discipline, knowledge, and fate are expanded, and all of us have a chance and an opportunity to be responsible, and serious, and to take fate into our own hands.

This is an amazing feeling of freedom, and during this transit, we should all start with ourselves, with the shred of home that comes from Jupiter.

It gives us hope that we will have enough strength and wisdom to change something together in this not-so-beautiful world…

With this aspect, it is good that it belongs to the long term, but even better is that the results of what you achieve during this transit have a long term. This means that all that you worked for will last, it will not pass when this sextile passes.

So enjoy the results of what you have achieved, and of course, be as careful with your planning, as you can.

Everything that you plan can have a successful future, but to do so, you must use the experience, wisdom, and maturity of Saturn, the knowledge you already have which comes from Jupiter, and then the results are there.

It is advisable for all of us to be more responsible than before, although this transit is a great chance to wisely and responsibly plan everything related to earnings, start or enhance savings, etc.

Maybe you should invest in something that will bring money in the long run.

During this transit, all that you have studied and learned, regardless of what way, or when, will come to the fore, you will realize that knowledge is the greatest wealth.

All people who are working in the area of politics, education, journalism, law, and justice will find success.

So, this transit is a wonderful opportunity and chance for diverse accomplishments.

Jupiter Sextile Saturn Synastry

Speaking of synastry, we must remind you that both of them, Jupiter and Saturn, have at least partially favorable views on life in general, and this also applies to the relationship in question.

Here, we meet two lovers who are very much dedicated and exhibit a major willingness to make this love connection to work.

Both sides show an immense will to make the best out of their relationship, and it is not a surprise that both sides are optimistic, believing that all love connections must have hard work done, otherwise they will never work, or last for that matter.

And here, in this synastry the accent is put on the love that lasts, that is not one thing, and it is an amazing fact to look at how much these two are willing to put into it.

These two planets are here in such a relationship that everything works as a compromise, these two are more like colleagues who are fighting for the right cause, and that is their love.

It is amazing how this sextile works, making them want to work, not just in the way of their love, but also in the direction of their successful careers, and also status in a society that is also important for both parties here.

Any form of work is not foreign to these people, in fact, anything that will push them to the top.

The powers of these two planets are connected, and therefore these two lovers are able to grow as one and improve each other, making the other half a better person.

Astrologers mostly agree that this sextile is a sure sign that these lovers will be in a long-term relationship, committed to one another.

All problems will be conquered, although not with ease.

And despite the fact that they will follow their dreams and work on the achievement of their goals, their relationship is also vital to them, there is no doubt about it.

Jupiter Sextile Saturn Composite

Here we meet an optimistic lover the Jupiter one and he or she is the one that drives this relationship in the positive direction.

The Jupiter partner is the one that is a driving force, the encouragement in the relationship.

The Saturn lover, on the other side, is more practical, but we could say that he or she can be equally visionary as the Jupiter person. Made in a couple, a relationship that could last.

This couple has such a set of talents and characteristics when bound together to form a wholesome harmony.

This sextile position is important since they are together and are able to make wonders, and grow.

If one lacks something, the other lover provides.

Jupiter and Saturn need one another so they can grow and only assemble they achieve all their efforts and even exceed the objectives they have established in life.

One more thing is relevant here – it is not a surprise how being in a long-lasting relationship could be very hard, and we all know it.

It is a challenge, there are many ups and downs and occasionally people are encountered barriers that make us question that person and of course the relationship itself.

Good news comes for those who have this position in their natal – both of these planets, positioned in the sextile position, want to give their all to keep a love relationship.

If both partners here are confronted with issues and hardships there is a chance to fix them very effectively.

And also, here we meet two lovers who are mature, and know for their love to last, it takes a lot of work, tolerance, responsibility, sacrifice, and not-so-easy work.

The couple with this sextile is ready to compromise and place an effort into their love.

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