Jupiter Sextile Uranus – Synastry, Transit, Composite

There are numerous similarities between these two planets, while Jupiter is defined by fertility, evolution, growth, expansion, a boost of formation, and supremacy.

It can sound a bit intense, and it is; this may be the planet that demands and gives.

It is also the planet that is associated with wealth, big spaces, and distances; but also with belief, and higher knowledge and understanding.

On the other side, we can see Uranus which symbolizes new ideas, originalities, creativity, electricity, groupings, anything that is collective, friendship, goodwill, and revolution.

Of course, we have said that these two have something in common – it is mostly mirrored in the rule of the sky since Uranus is associated with electricity and Jupiter is a symbol for lightning.

Lighting and electricity are as one, connected, and seen as such it is the manifestation of a view of something that is so general to something that is lower, on our hand, to reach it.

Now, Jupiter sextile with Uranus is like a blueprint of what a new view should look like when it is molded and provides an insight into the material needed to realize it and the processes necessary to create or build it.

Jupiter Sextile Uranus In General

People who have Jupiter in sextile with Uranus in their natal horoscope are followers and bearers of social change, those who will be the first to try new inventions or those who will invent something and try it first.

People with this aspect follow new social trends, love to learn and acquire new skills, they are very curious and blessed with an innovative spirit.

This means that they are able to implement such virtues in both work and their lives, and also are able to help society to a certain extent.

This aspect also brings the need for the exploration of the various fields, for some, it could be science, while others will turn more toward spirituality; while some others will go back and forward one and the other.

They can become to be the best teachers, those who others listen to very carefully.

The fact is that this sextile allows those who have this position in their birth charts to know how to properly pass on their knowledge to others and have a positive influence on others.

Sooner they realize this ability and choose the area of their work, the results become better and deeper.

Finances are also their strength, they know how to deal with them, and others often come to them for advice.

Of course, they know how to give it, and they themselves know how to deal with the money.

They have a good hand in handling money and often have so much fortune when they are playing risky games or lottery.

It seems that winnings in games of chance are guaranteed for these people.

It is also said that these people are very kind and loving friends who are dignified in friendship and willing to always help, even to give

money(and we could all agree that for some of us this could only mean one that and that is that the friendship is over, over money).

What these human beings distinguish themselves, in particular, is when they are doing things that are selfless and caring for society.

Their giving hand is very well seen when it comes to helping the community, especially when it is involved with financial aid for humanitarian purposes.

Often times you will find one of the leading and organizing humanitarian organizations, collecting money, etc.

They are also people who are distinguished from others by their untouched trust in fortune, that the future will be brighter than the past.

To do so, they must be able to entrust their imaginations and be fans of the transformation and creation. It is the only way they will ever be able to live a good life.

Also, their friends are always those who can share the same ideas and goals and who can share wisdom.

Their exploration of life is spontaneous; even if they are not opposed to some education or guidance, they would rather strand some space for research and exploration.

Jupiter Sextile Uranus Transit

On a general agenda, this sextile may bring the manifestation of an idea that is already completely ready for use, when it is almost completed on the material grade and when only the final works and fine-tuning are required for the essentially finished creation.

During this transit, numerous people will be gathered around the idea that is new, and after this, it will become generally accepted.

One of the most interesting things regarding this sextile comes from the fact that these two planets, Jupiter and Uranus are in sextile position twice in one cycle that lasts approximately 12 years.

It is said that this aspect combines two Zodiac signs of the same polarity and delivers support for growth and development at the beginning of the cycle and support for goal achievement created by the symbolism of both planets.

We already spoke of the importance of the similarity between these two.

Now, when we are all witnesses of this transit, then we know it sustains the development of a new idea; all of us will have the need to invent something new that we have not seen yet, that the world did not see yet.

This transit also supports the spread of an idea and gathers around it people who are interested in working on it and finding ways to apply it in something, in some areas and situations.

If you want to gather masses for a cause, this transit is the moment when to do it.

It will be successful no matter what.

With the help of this sextile between Jupiter and Uranus, knowledge about the emergence of something new that is practical and functional begins to spread.

First, it can be slow, and later on, it can be faster, but the success is certain.

It is relevant to know that this sextile can lead all of us to the easier acquisition of new knowledge through research in scientific fields and nature – pay attention to the moment when this transit is active because then, you will certainly be able to read of some new scientific discovery that will change our lives.

This sextile also brings new insights through inspiring inner insights, all of us will become more open to new interests, that could start as a hobby first.

New friendships could be on the horizon since we will meet new people and then gradually get to know that person’s friends and expand our circle of people.

So, during this transit everything that is related to groups, dynamics, group work, and membership in various associations and organizations gains in quality and importance.

Some of us may even develop a need to become more rebellious, expand our revolutionary ideas, and implement changes in some areas of life.

Especially in some parts of society, people will be stimulated by this aspect and more and more people will accept and spread the idea of ​​new social settings.

In the field of money and value, new ways and opportunities for earning larger sums of money are emerging and expanding.

Always have in mind that this aspect does not last too long, so pay as much attention as you can, and be involved in things that are important for the community we are in.

Have in mind that this sextile gives all of us a chance to break out of our routine and try something different, new, and original.

All of us could find the path we need to follow more easily, which some call the path of destiny – so use this energy that offers a chance to change your life, through greater freedom.

Even if it means rebelling against something in life.

Jupiter Sextile Uranus Synastry

This aspect in synastry brings something beautiful to the heavenly stage, and we could freely say that these two lovers are carrying the energy of support toward each other.

Not only that, but when they are a pair, then both lovers feel the energy of new, fresh possibilities, and what is the most important part here in the story, is their ability to accept that the change is necessary. So this synastry also carries the energy of change.

In times when these two are at some form of crossroads in a relationship, then each other gives the energy to help, to move a lover who has maybe fallen in a certain manner.

Working as one, these two share the energy of empowerment and movement, all to get out of the comfort zone, the Uranus lovers are dedicated to pushing out the Saturn partner from it.

This sextile is precisely that – one lover taking the other out of their comfort zones, developing new habits, and exploring new possibilities as a couple, breaking the rules.

One of their favorite things to do is to travel – traveling somewhere, anywhere to take advantage of love energy and give it back even more.

But the key words here are these: freedom and release – leaving a lover to be who he or she is and releasing anything that has been making them feel needy.

When these two planets meet in synastry in this position, the two lovers are most definitely able to appreciate a genuine outpour of love, along with the feeling of support.

Primarily that support system goes through individual perspectives or objectives as well as requirements for space and liberty.

Jupiter Sextile Uranus Composite

In the composite chart, this sextile shows that the relationship demands a lot of honesty and even more independence for it to succeed.

Not just one lover, both of them, even if such tendencies are not the same in their intensity, strive toward freedom and complete revelation of all flaws, then this relationship can move on and grow.

These two lovers are not bound by the rules and traditions concerning what way this pair is seen by the world.

These two have a connection that is seen as odd by others, or by people who are not their closest circle.

One lover here may feel an inner need for additional improvement in the skills he has just acquired and tries to confirm himself through their application in practice and to be fully convinced of their value and effectiveness.

On the other side, we can see a love who is involved with revolutionary changes in society, and he or she definitely needs a partner who is ready to follow it.

In this sense, these two are unstoppable and by working as a couple they will successfully start to sneak into those segments of society that have stubbornly resisted these changes until now.

As a couple they can live so successfully, they can have a lot of opportunities in having some financial gains.

One may help the other in the general economic field, by improving his or her material conditions.

Also, this is the couple that cannot succeed if they are not involved with people touching all social branches, being involved in culture, education, and spirituality.

As a pair, they will give more importance to this aspect, and as time passes they will be more and more invested in those areas than usual.

Both lovers here are able to encourage the other one when needed to manifest their weirdest ideas and goals.

There is no other connection in astrology, that shows how much two people can support one another even in those things that seem so stupid to the rest of the world, but not to them.

Looking from the side, this pair under the cover of the sextile between Jupiter and Uranus seems to promote each other’s strange or uncommon sides, and they as a pair can come up with favorably impressive and unexplored concepts.

It will work for sure, but only if the two lovers do not anticipate the lover to obey all the standard models or anticipations that come from society.

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