Leo in 8th House – Natal, Meaning, Cusp

Houses are among the fundamental principles of astrology and necessary for horoscope reading. The planets, Zodiac signs, and astrological houses are the basics of every birth chart.

Nevertheless, if you understand their meaning and what they represent, you will have an advantage because a horoscope will become more than just daily reading.

It will give you a deeper understanding of your natal chart, character, and relationships.

As the clock and hours, there are 12 Zodiac signs and 12 corresponding houses. Each of them represents an area of your life. Their meaning explains what you find crucial in your day-to-day life.

That is why they are relevant for every aspect of a birth chart. The planets travel from one house to the other, but what matters is in which one they were when you were born.

At the time of your birth, all the planets stood under a different Zodiac sign and house. Since these houses rule different categories, they give more specific meaning to each planet’s position. What does that mean for the 8th house?

The 8th house – Taboo, death, rebirth

The Zodiac sign of Scorpio and planets Mars and Pluto rules the 8th house. It represents taboos, sexuality, death, and transformation or rebirth. It is the house that dives into relationships and their depth.

The 8th house goes beyond the 7th, and it navigates the sexual realm and spiritual side of it.

The elements the 8th house covers are mostly those we try to conceal, avoid, or keep to ourselves. It touches our fears, hopes, and desires. The Phoenix controls this house, which means rebirth, again and again.

The 8th house is the one that impacts unbelievable life stories, mysteries, and experiences. That doesn’t mean that the 8th house is unfavorable per se.

But it’s a stimulus for the obscene, sinister, and dreadful. It is no surprise that the 8th house is probably the most dreaded of them all.

It typically stands for everything we want to run away from and forget. Yet, it is also the house of reincarnation and transformation.

It also represents revenge, hate, taxes, and inheritances. The 8th house indicates things we need to let go of or what we leave behind. It is how it generates spirituality and learning. Things we abandon will likely cause pain and hurt at first.

However, the 8th house will reward us with a different kind of energy. That is another form of transformation it gives.

Since the 8th house represents death and birth, it requires a profound look into one’s soul, the truth, and desires. It demands the ultimate honesty and preparedness to confront the darkest parts of life and ourselves.

Hence, it is no surprise that the 8th house is responsible for what the unconsciousness invites to our conscious selves and what issues that can cause.

The 8th house also stands for the hidden and kinky sexual preferences, deviations, and inclinations. As a result, it often indicates what we are ashamed of and what we want to conceal.

However, it can also show dedication, loyalty, and a profound emotional connection. That proves that the 8th house can give much more than people tend to believe. It can make us better people and help us heal.

Hence, the 8th house represents transformations, death and rebirth, and loyalty. How does that affect the zodiac sign of Leo?

Leo – Bold, gourmand, active

Leo natives were born between July 23 and August 22 and they fall into the fire signs element.

These summer kids are fiery, passionate, and courageous. They want the world to hear their roar and what they have to say. These natives love the spotlight and won’t settle for anything less.

They take the risks bravely and without much thinking. Moreover, these natives do many things without thinking it through thoroughly. They prefer to jump in it and see what happens. These natives are curious and optimistic. Hence, they always believe in the best outcome.

Leo is a hedonist and wants to enjoy life. They believe each day should be full of pleasure, fun activities, and entertainment.

These natives dislike spending too much time and home and like being on the move. Hence, they are always somewhere out with their friends, enjoying the moment.

These natives love food, drinks, and parties. They crave anything that makes them feel alive. Undoubtedly, these individuals are thrill-seekers and don’t want to live an ordinary life.

Leo loves lavish gatherings and events. They love every opportunity that allows them to connect with influential and popular people who can help them reach their goals.

They fall in love easy and dream about a physically attractive partner with a stellar reputation and a lot of societal influence. That isn’t to say Leo wouldn’t give a chance to someone who doesn’t meet their expectations. However, it’s unlikely they will consider that person as a long-term partner.

But once these natives fall in love genuinely and meet someone who satisfy all their needs and expectations, they are usually loyal. Leo believes they can have everything they want in a relationship, without the need to cheat. But they will never cease having a wandering eye and being flirty with other people.

On the other side, Leo is also prone to alternative forms of relationships, such as polyamorous. These natives love pleasing their partners and indulging them. They want to make them feel like divine beings.

However, Leo wants the same treatment from their significant other. Otherwise, they will leave without too much thinking.

Hence, Leo is energetic, courageous, and hedonist. How does that merge with the 8th house?

Leo in the 8th house – Natal and meaning

People born with Leo in the 8th house are fiery, devoted, and generous. They want to make their loved ones feel like they are one of a kind. These natives would put their lives on the line to make their romantic partners happy.

However, they also crave control and like to have the power in their hands.

These individuals think every move through and never allow anything to slip their attention. That includes their significant other, who they talk to, and where they go. These natives are prone to emotional manipulation and obsessive thoughts.

But they believe that in love and war, everything is fair. Moreover, these natives are intense, determined, and sensual.

They love to have control over anything they share with their partner. If these individuals have a joint financial account with their loved ones, they want transparency and accessibility. They sign prenuptial agreements and talk with their significant others about how they will manage the money.

These natives never allow anyone to fool them and never get too comfortable with people.

Mistrustful and controlling

Those born with this placement can be with someone for a long time but still not trust them completely.

These individuals often spy on their partners to ensure they are not cheating. They are also prone to snooping, questioning, and spying. However, these natives are not mean or ill-intentioned.

They find it hard to trust anyone because they usually carry trauma from their past. Perhaps these individuals were victims of emotional, sexual, or financial treason. Whatever the scenario, they never allow themselves to relax and enjoy the moment.

But deep inside, all these individuals want is to live in the present and trust their loved ones.

Moreover, they have mysterious and magnetic eyes that are hard to read. Others often find these natives secretive, unapproachable, and dark. However, that is also a part of their charm.

People born with Leo in the 8th house are courageous, fierce, and physically active. They take profound care of their appearance and like to look sensual and sexy.

These natives typically use their bodies and revealing clothes to attract others. They are flirty and know how to make someone want them.

These individuals tend to behave provocatively and to break taboos. They enjoy seeing an expression of shock on other people’s faces.

These natives like to do that because it gives them a sense of control and power. They love influencing how others feel. These individuals are stellar in triggering various emotions in other people.

They crave being in the center of attention and making others think of them.

However, these individuals leave an impression of a mysterious and enigmatic person. They also love people who are challenging to get to know. But these individuals also enjoy being in the company of those who attract a lot of attention.

Resilient and courageous

Those born with this placement are usually healthy, physically strong, and resilient. These individuals are determined and put a lot of effort into their bodies and mind. They also tend to be highly spiritual and curious about the occult, religion, and afterlife.

These individuals are brave and enthusiastic about exploring the unknown. They might be dreaming about being pioneers or world leaders.

Indeed, these natives have stellar leadership qualities and tend to inspire and move the crowd.

However, these individuals are also rebellious and hate following orders. They have their own rules, logic, and vision. These natives find it hard to fit in and obey the authority.

Nevertheless, they rarely break the rules because their reasoning forces them to act according to society’s standards.

But deep inside, these natives rarely or never genuinely agree with the official laws and norms.

Because of that, these individuals often become politicians or public figures. They love being in the spotlight and impact the world.

These natives want to leave their mark and be remembered. They also have the determination to achieve their goals, no matter how challenging they might be.

People born with Leo in the 8th house love changes and being on the move. They never settle for the status quo and believe that transformations give life depth.

These natives also have intense feelings towards money. They likely love investing and are skillful with bitcoins and cryptocurrency.

These natives are enthusiastic about the latest tech trends and gadgets. They love being ahead of others, which is why they might have stellar programming skills.

These individuals are usually present in the business scene and know how to manage money. They are knowledgeable about how to budget, avoid debts, and where to invest.

Afraid of showing weaknesses

Those born with this placement feel low when something affects their physical or mental power and control. It is what can disrupt the determination and objectives of these individuals.

These natives tend to solve problems on their own and never turn to others for help. They hate showing weakness and needing others.

Regardless of how good with money these natives are, their time management usually lacks organization. They have too many things on their minds.

Because of that, these individuals often overwhelm themselves with responsibilities and tasks waiting in line. They also tend to set up various meetings with friends without being available.

These natives are usually late and might forget their appointments. However, they believe they can compensate for it with their dark humor and magnetic personality.

These individuals want others to see them as generous and energetic. They are always ready to give a helping hand and often lend money to their friends.

Overall, people born with Leo in the 8th house are emotionally demanding, mysterious, and stellar at money management. They want a loyal partner, a fulfilling relationship, and financial security.

Leo on the cusp of the 8th house – Meaning and traits

People born with Leo on the cusp of the 8th house are eager to obtain power and control. They love having dominant control and influencing other persons’ decision-making.

These individuals might dream about being a public figure, politician, or world leader. Whatever the scenario, they have big dreams.

Those born with this placement want to have an advantage over others and always be in control. These natives hate feeling weak and powerless. They come off as secretive, dark, and determined, and others might feel intimidated.

They love breaking taboos and talking about a topic that other people might find freaky or odd. These individuals crave being in the center of attention and feeling praised. They are typically great at money management and might work with finances.

These natives often help their friends and relatives with investments, debts, and trust funds.

Moreover, they usually benefit from other people’s financial decisions and actions.

These individuals want to have a stable life and a steady income.

Overall, those born with this placement are intelligent, mysterious, and assertive. These individuals know how to spend money wisely and often help others to do the same.

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