Leo Sun Aquarius Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

A planet that patronizes the sign of the zodiac has a great influence on the fate of a person and his character. The planet of the sign Leo is the Sun. It is the only star on the list of astrological planets, therefore it is also called a planet in this context.

The sun in all ancient civilizations was an object of worship and admiration. People made sacrifices, so long as the light did not go out and the planet did not perish.

The sun gods are found in ancient Egyptian mythology, Indian treatises. In Japan, the cult of the sun is still strong, as the sun appears on the emblem of the country.

Leo Sun – Meaning and Info

The sun is the center of our universe and its influence on lions is noticeable in many ways. It rules over large spaces, the ability to achieve set goals, idealism.

The nature of a lion under the influence of the Sun was enriched with such traits as nobility, power, breadth of nature and soul, charisma and authority.

The sun has power over all people and the planet, so the lion is born to reign. The presence of the Sun in the zodiac sign rewarded the lions with self-love, a constant desire for success, strength and power.

Since ancient times, people have always admired the Sun, they feared that it might one day go out and then the eternal darkness would fall to the earth and the morning would never come again.

Therefore, in the myths of ancient civilizations, the Sun was often glorified and idolized.

For example, in ancient Egypt, people believed that Ra (the sun god) was the son of the Supreme Creator, the brother of the rainbow and the king of all gods.

In ancient India, the Sun was an attribute of Buddha and Vishna. The influence and power of the Sun was glorified even by Japan, whose emblem features a sun star and which is called the “land of the rising sun.”

Many years ago, the solstice point was exactly in the constellation Leo. At this time in the southern countries it was very hot, and in Egypt at this time the Nile began to flood.

People made sluice gates in the form of a lion’s head, and through them water fell onto the fields, now we sometimes see fountains in the form of a lion’s head, where a stream runs out of his open mouth. Perhaps such fountains are also echoes of those times.

Most likely, the heavenly rulers were most supportive of the zodiac sign Leo, making it a fire sign, and giving it the sun planet as its patron.

Although, of course, like every other sign, Leo has its own flaws, such as pride and vanity … In general, it can be said for sure that the one who is ruled by the Sun can already consider himself the chosen one of fate.

As all other objects of the solar system revolve around the celestial body, so in astrology it is the personification of the “heart”, center, conscious will, power, leadership, creativity as part of the presentation of oneself, and is also considered a symbol of children.

Children of the Sun are people whose leadership is universally recognized – officially or not. Such a person can be both a president, the official head of a structure, and an informal leader, but always an undeniable authority.

In the horoscope of Leo, the influence of the Sun is of great importance. The favorable aspects of the planet Leo create a good foundation for the disclosure of the best moral qualities, make their wards viable, strong, sincere, decisive, generous, noble and magnanimous.

If a person was born under the zodiac sign Leo, the planet (in this case, the star) helps him to achieve success in any business, to achieve power or the favor of those in power, to be respected.

The unfavorable influence of this heavenly body turns these people into arrogant, proud, riotous persons, and can enhance a number of negative character traits.

People born under the auspices of the Sun are energetic, have a strong core inside, charisma.

For the zodiac sign Leo, whose planet is the Sun, the position of the leader is the only opportunity for their normal existence, it is natural for them to constantly be in the spotlight. If vanity doesn’t get in the way, usually lions quickly reach career heights.

Despite the fact that lions are not quite a creative sign, there are many famous actors, musicians, artists, fashion designers among those born under this sign. They may well compensate for the lack of creativity with perseverance and hard work.

With a highly developed self-esteem, lions are able to deeply and truly love another person, if there is a response from the other side. The proud nature of a lion will not forgive an offense or bad attitude towards oneself.

Leos are flattered to think that they are admired, respected, set as an example. In principle, this may not be considered a disadvantage, provided that the features do not take on exaggerated forms.

Then the lions from role models turn into arrogant egoists with a highly developed megalomaniac.

Leo is a typical representative of those born under the sign of the Sun. He strives to wield great power.

In his character, the Sun was reflected in a classical way. Lions consider themselves to be the center of the universe, and other people are drawn to them, like to the Sun, to bask in the rays. Leo is the personification of courage, strength and wisdom, and people with this

Aquarius Moon – Meaning and Info

The moon, finding itself in the airy and fixed sign of Aquarius, shows a number of new and unexpected qualities.

Instead of being immersed in your world, psychology and receptivity, openness, contact and sociability arise, instead of instability and changeability – loyalty and constancy in attachments and feelings.

The wealth of the inner world becomes the property of others, and it is no coincidence that the Moon in Aquarius is always surrounded by numerous friends and like-minded people.

General characteristics People with the Moon in Aquarius feel comfortable in the world around them.

Friends willingly share good news with them and turn to them for a variety of reasons: for advice or asking for help.

In the heart of lunar Aquarius there is a response for every person, and it is no coincidence that such people are always provided with friendly support and unexpected help from patrons.

Despite the fact that the Moon in Aquarius attracts others like a magnet, she still tries to keep herself apart in the company and in every possible way emphasizes her individuality. She will not behave in the usual way, wear boring clothes, or support an idea that everyone agrees with. Lunar Aquarius always demonstrates its uniqueness.

This bright personality is distinguished by non-standard thinking and behavior, unusual manners and habits. The qualities and characteristics of the character of lunar Aquarius include the following: Openness, sincerity in character and behavior;

Kindness, willingness to help, sincere friendliness and humanism towards others; Sociability, the ability to gather around friends and like-minded people; Good intuition, insight, ability to understand people and foresee the future; Providence in everyday life, anticipation of important changes in life;

Originality in behavior and ingenuity in everyday life; Independence in personal life, love of freedom in habits and attachments; Mood swings, eccentricity; Unpredictable behavior.

People with the Moon in Aquarius sometimes overload themselves with communication with numerous people and, as a result, may experience nervous tension and psycho-emotional problems.

They need to be outdoors more often and take long walks. Morning and evening jogging will strengthen the cardiovascular system, strengthen immunity, increase the overall tone of the body and improve mood.

Moon in Aquarius in a man if in a man’s natal chart the Moon is in Aquarius, then such a person does not see the difference between friendly relations with women and love.

Over time, he realizes that the woman of his dreams should be both his friend and like-minded person at the same time.

In marriage, men with the Moon in Aquarius show, as a rule, loyalty and constancy. They feel happy next to an unusual, erudite, comprehensively developed, sociable woman who always inspires heroic deeds and positive changes in life.

Leo Sun Aquarius Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

If you have the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius, you are the most indulgent and friendly representative of your zodiac sign.

Do not like snobbery and try to be patient with human shortcomings. You have an optimistic and progressive outlook on the world, from birth you have a foresight. Good intuition, extraordinary fantasy, democratic worldview.

You are very fond of communicating with people, not forgetting to show them your creative abilities, you know how to attract attention to yourself and leave a memorable impression after yourself.

Creative imagination is your forte. You put into practice whatever your imagination draws, be it art, literature, or technology.

And this is natural, because this position of the planets gives versatility and inspiration. You are open-minded, romantic and idealistic.

You are true to both your love and your ideals. In its highest manifestation, this combination; will make you the master of thoughts.

In less developed natures, the versatility inherent in this combination will be expressed in such character traits as emotional instability, insecurity in love, a tendency to constantly change lovers simply because of caprice and restlessness.

But in essence you are a serious person, and after a stormy youth you will find peace in a good marriage, which will surprise your friends a lot.

By nature, you are inventive and poetic and passionately want your ideas to come true.

If you have the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo, you are an active person with a large supply of strength and optimism. You are very friendly.

It is important for you to be sure to have the opportunity to express yourself in front of your partner, to show your generosity, kindness, beneficence.

You are able to take the initiative in a team, you are not afraid of responsibility, you are able to “ignite” the hearts of colleagues with your new idea.

In communication, they are self-confident and principled, one can argue with you, but most often you remain unconvinced.

Your intellect and your emotions are constantly fighting for dominance in your consciousness, since you – an intellectual person – have such an active imagination that it often affects your thought processes.

In the realm of pure thought, you tend to shift from scientific ideas to speculative ones.

As for relationships with people, your passionate and expansive nature can be fooled by anyone who, in one way or another, plays on your need for love and affection, or creates the impression that he needs them.

Since you are sympathetic, idealistic and romantic, you are fascinated by people, let them into your soul and always find excuses for this, even if they were not worthy of your love and participation.


You are proud, independent and self-reliant, and if you have a good opinion of a person, then you do not like to change him.

Therefore, in love or friendship, you are able to make a good face with a bad game and maintain a relationship for a long time.

But if a person directly hurts your pride, you instantly break with him and never communicate again. You have artistic ability. You are persistent, but only if you are standing on solid ground, and not hovering in the clouds.

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