Leo Sun Aries Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

When it comes to our day-to-day life, understanding the physical aspects of living is important.

However, ever since ancient times, when a man dweled in science, he longed to understand the surrounding world. Metaphysical dimensions were discovered to affect our beings greatly.

Nowadays, with all empirical achievements of the society, some people tend not to believe in astrology.

On the contrary, with concepts of this science (many interpret it even as an art) being available to everyone, more people get intrigued by the power that celestial bodies have on our lives.

Natal chart and zodiac tell us about how we are- how we feel, perceive the world, behave, interact.

Through these concepts we could understand our inner selves, emotional states and comprehend others’ personality treats differently. Moreover, astrology passionists approach fellow human with curiosity of a kind, trying to spiritually meet the world.

Leo Sun Aries Moon is a powerful zodiac combination that signifies courage, energy, fire, and action. It describes someone who undoubtedly makes strong impression wherever he goes.

But what does this ‘’Leo Sun, Aries Moon’’ actually means?

If you are unfamiliar with these terms as I was in the beginning (I knew my first sign and the rest of it my zodiac geek friend remembered for me), don’t worry. We would help you learn the ropes.

Your sun is your man zodiac sign determined by your birth date. It tells about your character treats and who you are.

However, your moon, often considered second zodiac, represents your emotional being. It is more individualistc as it is greatly involved in personality development.

Moon tells about one’s sensitivity, the way one perceives emotions; energy people hold within. This point is connected in the roots of out formation, in our childhood.

Additionally, your moon sign position represents mother figure. For a woman, it would reflect on her as a mother- how she feels about it, her attitude towards that role, but also how she would do as this figure in someone’s life.

In male chart, motherhood figure would point out what kind of a woman man seeas as his life companion.

Leo in Sun

Leos are remarkable people. Outgoing and sociable they are naturally in the center of attention. They are usually loud, but looked up to, respected, and admired. The impression they make on people probably comes from Leos’ stability- they are people of principles.

Leos are carried with passion both privately and professionally. They have protective nature, taking care of those they love.

Although they demand attention and love winning, Leos respect their opponents. Driven by ambitions, they are not stopped by obstacles on their way to the goal.

Combined with great energy, this is what makes Leos successful leaders. Inspiring and stable, they lead by the tought and action.

Aries in Moon

Since Moon represents our very nature and emotional setting it is better when this position is taken by a ‘’colder’’ sign. Fiery signs are heating up the system.

Although Aries Moon represents a positive person, liked by the environment, socially energetic, this fiery sign has a different side too. Deep down, Aries Moon leads many inner battles- their emotional patterns are vivid and extreme. Their mood goes from extreme irritation to extreme positivity and cheerfulness.

Aries Moon is straight forward. They do not hide emotions or thoughts and that is why they may appear aggressive at times. Imagine a person with this Moon sign as someone who doesn’t surrender easily- he is open for action, ready for a challenge.

Leo Sun Aries Moon Personality (characteristics)


Holders of this zodiac combination pride themselves in extraordinary characters. They have lively personality that has a lot to offer. Here are a few of many strengths of Leo Sun Aries Moon combination.


This planetary position calls for dynamics. Person is the most comfortable in exciting situations, in the face of a new adventour.

Enthusiastic as they are they don’t fear the future. Dreaming is not an option. Rather, they take action, and that’s what makes them stand out. Moreover, Lunar Aries and Leo Sun is focused. They know what they want and are determined to achieve goals that even seem unattainable.

Confident and charismatic Leo Sun Aries Moon feels constant urge to make an impact, to change the world.

As ups and downs are not perceived as a struggle by this sign combination, they do not sattle for mundane taskas and monotonous career options. As they are dedicated to professional achievements, these signs are often in marketing or PR, performance, or executive positions.


Leo Sun Aries Moon is always in the spotlight, wherever they go. However, they are not just loud for the sake of attention, although they find it comforting. They sincerely believe they can contribute and make a difference. That is why this combination acts stimulating to the crowd. People admire their achievements. Their positive energy would lift you up, motivate and inspire you.

This planetary setting makes people lovable, devoted friends. They are flexible, ready to compromise and help with all their means.


A word that best describes this zodiac combination is a fighter. Fired up to succeed, they are not easily taken back. Even if they fail, it doesn’t take long to put on a smil again and get back to the track. Any setback is an opportunity for growth. This mindset makes them fearless and opens up new roads.

Moreover, Lunar Aries and Leo Sun could be described as a person of ideals. He stands fot justice and truth, defending his values.


Depending on the culture or personal preferences the straightforwardness of these people could be interpreted rude or inappropriate.

However, since the creation of the world, honesty was considered an utmost virtue. Not everyone can be as frank. Leo Sun Aries Moon always expresses what is on his mind.

Not hiding emotions or thoughts makes them great to be around for people who can stand uncompromised honesty. They are not afraid to talk about their inner states and battles, which ultimately helps with their stability.


Although this planetary position is responsible for numerous unique, valuable treats, it also yields a couple of challenges that should be balanced.


When ego gets out of control, Leo Sun Aries Moon becomes self-centered. Passion that Leo holds, fired up with Aries urge to action, can get overwhelming and uncomfortable for the environment. They become demanding and behave foolishly, even though their motives are still sincere.

When this difficult component of their natures gets out, they could be hard to deal with, as they lack objectivity and understanding.


Fire sign in Moon position must be responsible for impulsivness of these characters. One can get extremely angry or provoked. In such situations, however, they quickly blow their steem of and return to normal.

Such a manner is difficult to put up with as their exaggerating makes them emotionally exhausting for others. When they are surrounded with people they perceive as competition, they could easily get envious as they are naturally the most comfortable in the center of attention.

Often impatient, they can get aggressive and even hysterical at times when facing the feeling of lost control. Recklessness could lead to some dangerous decisions so this impulsive behaviour is something Leo Sun Aries Moon should work at.


Born leader, Leo Sun Aries Moon loves feeling of control. They create original ideas and thorough plans and love things going in the intended cours.

The tendency of controlling everything can be overwhelming for the people who live or work by their side.

Despite the flaws and weaknesses, Leo Sun Aries Moon has amazing predispositions for professional, social, and emotional fulfillment. No one is perfect, afterall.

When strong tempere is nurtured and person self-aware one with this planetary position makes amazing boss, friend, love partner, and so on.

Male with Aries Moon Leo Sun

Male with this combination are naturally hunters, interested in female partner that shares their energy. They would not match well with sexually easy-going partner.

This man is passionate, strong in character, but loves female domination and action as well. He cares about his social position and image.

As a man with this combination is undoubtedly honest, he expects the same from others. Therefore, he does not tolerate manipulation.

Female with Aries Moon Leo Sun

Woman with this combination is active, career-oriented, and confident. She is independent, a warrior in soul, that does not fear confronting the barriers on her way.

This woman needs a partner that could understand her character and give her freedom. Her man should challenge and respect her and she will be loyal and thoughtful in return. She is lively, perceived as a chatterbox.

Confidence and elegancy make her interesting and sexy too. Emotionally, she is turbulent, so as well as man, she could not settle well with too easy-going partner.


When choosing a person for emotional relationships compatibility of characters is so important. Moon in Aries matches well the Lunar Leo.

As both partners have a fire sign in the Moon position they ‘’click’’ and feel each other well- passionate personality and active temperament stimulates mutual understanding in face of a variety of life circumstances.

Even for friendship, these matching temperaments creat strong bond as two share views, aspirations, and interests.

Lunar Aries could go well with another fiery sign, mystical moon in Sagittarius.

Emotionally, fire Moon elements match well. However, a certain challenge represents the fact that both of partners are impulsive and occasionally egoistic which could cause disagreements and explosive arguments.

These partners, as any others, would need to learn to understand theirselves and each other. Good thing is that both of them are naturally ready to compromise, so they can easily find common language.

On the other side, Air signs in moon position could match well with Lunar Aries. Air supports the fire, so Gemini Moon and Aries Moon go well together.

However, Libra, as another air sign would not be compatible with Aries. In the natal chart these two signs are opposing each other which is responsible for many differences in character, although they could seemingly like one another.

Earth and Water signs in Moon positions would probably not match Moon in Aries. Logically- water extinguish fire, fire destroys earth. This analogy explains utmost differences in emotional functioning of these elements.

Moon in Scorpio is an interesting combination with Lunar Aries as both are ruled by Mars, planet responsible for action and expressiveness.

In the end

Leo Sun Aries Moon is an interesting combination in natal chart that determines an extraordinary, passionate individual, courageous, and unafraid of challenges. Person is very tempered, calling for attention only with his presence.

Outgoing and open he connects well with people and has a wide circle of friends and influence. Often recognized as leaders, they take crucial positions in any area of work they do.

Unique ideas make them great creators, but charisma and expressiveness, make them amazing performers. They lead by example and provoke admiration.

However, these people can get emotionally frustrating to some since they are comfortable with drama, ups and downs. Without understanding the complexity of their character, Leo Sun Aries Moons could appear arrogant and selfish.

It is not a surprise that many celebrities have this dynamic combination. Whitney Houston and Mark Knopfler as renowned performers demonstrate that Leo-Aries gets in the spotlight of the world’s attention for a reason.

If a person with this planetary positioning is self-aware they can balance the outburst of the temper and hold on to their inexhaustible energy. Driven to change the world, Leo Suns and Aries Moons strive to help, to succeed, to enjoy.

Whatever your natal chart tells you, learn to love and accept yourself. Realize both strength and weaknesses and keep your ego under control.

Take advantage of the good predispositions you have, but do not assume your fate is set in stone, out of your control. Leo Sun Aries Moon showed that being fearless and open is a treat we should nurture within ourselves.

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