Leo Sun Cancer Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Born between July 23 and August 23, Leo is just as hot as summer. Its planet is the sun and its element is fire, as fiery as the passion of the lion.

Everyone knows the story of the king of the animal kingdom. He is stronger, faster, better than any other being and fights for his throne with iron rule. Competition is a foreign word and courage and pride are his credo.

The Leo loves the spotlight and almost basks in it. You could call him an extrovert. The admiration of his fellow man is the greatest compliment. The zodiac sign Leo is strong and self-confident and has no problem showing it.

Leo Sun – Meaning and Info

Energetically and persistently, he is determined to work towards his goals. He is particularly enthusiastic and does not know no. He draws his life energy from the fire sign and, through his creative and optimistic mind, always finds his way back to his calm center.

The lion walks through life magnanimously and righteously at the same time. Due to his leadership-strong charisma, he is perceived as powerful and creative.

Strong-willed, he faces every task and does not accept failure. He rises to absolute top form when competition tries to compete for his place. As is typical of his zodiac sign, he is competitive, energetic and fearless.

Its strongest quality is its natural demeanor, because the lion knows what it has to offer and does not need to pretend. The Leo likes to tackle passionately and yet risk-taking, because his devotion knows no bounds.

Yet there is a purring kitten deep inside the lion. His loved ones know him warmly, loyally and, above all, amiable. He is very happy to be playful and open with his confidants.

Talking about his weaknesses is extremely difficult for the Leo. If it were up to him, he would not have any. That seems arrogant and arrogant to many.

On the contrary, the lion would list his weaknesses as strengths, because according to his motto “I am and I want!” The lion is dominant for his will. That makes him seem domineering and stubborn.

Entering a discussion with a lion is like entering the lion’s den, for he is highly incapable of criticism. The way he argues can be hurtful to some, but that is just his idiosyncratic and direct way.

The lion simply speaks plainly and likes to see himself as the center of his universe.

Leos are passionate lovers, which of course is due to their zodiac characteristics. He loves conquest as well as good sex and would like to be the best in this task, how could it be otherwise.

Among the representatives of the zodiac, he is the most passionate lover, because he knows how to play with his charms and strengths.

His character and his self-confidence is a real magnet for love, because power is sexy and the Leo has it in abundance.

Not only is his radiant appearance captivating, but also his inner strength, which ensures that everyone is at his feet. His charming nature and his loyal heart distinguish him particularly.

Whoever can conquer a lion for himself can look forward to a very special position in his life. Love and a relationship with the zodiac sign Leo is something unique and intense. At the lion’s side, you feel particularly safe and protected by his dignified and protective demeanor.

Those who win the lion’s love can look forward to generous gifts and attentions, because they carry their loved ones on their hands. Just as radiant as its exterior is also, it is interior and so it is rightly said that the lion has a heart made of gold.

However, be careful, the lion is still a hunter. If you give him too much, he becomes too sure of his cause. This can take all the tension out of the relationship. A little bit of drama here and there keeps the relationship fresh and keeps the fire blazing.

If there is, one thing that you have to give the Leo credit for, it is their ambition. Lousy games and unfair behavior towards rivals are below his level. The zodiac sign Leo is self-confident and this is its greatest weapon.

Above all, he reaches his potential when he does things that Leo is passionate about. As long as his vanity doesn’t get in the way, he can achieve great things.

In his job, the Leo may seem arrogant or spoiled to many, but he works hard for his goals and there can be a little triumphant self-confidence.

As a blessing to any company, the lion is willing to do his best to give, does not shy away from responsibility and always works independently. He gives full throttle and is not too bad to always give more than the others are.

The lion likes to add his own note, because standard does not even come close to the range of his yardstick. No matter what profession the Leo-born is active in, he makes the time and tasks something very special for himself and for other people affected.

Thanks to his keen sense of justice, he is by no means unpopular among his fellow men. The lion immediately prevents oppression and meanness and likes to let out its claws for it.

However, be careful, if the lion has to take on a problem that is not to his taste, he can mutate into a bitchy kitten.

If she respects that, the lion will read her every wish from her eyes. As a real man, he knows how to woo and look after a woman, regardless of whether you hold the door open, adjust the chair or give her his jacket on a cool summer evening.

Cancer Moon – Meaning and Info

This moon position leads to intense feelings, which can also be expressed in extreme mood swings. The strengths of this position are that the person with the moon in Cancer is imaginative, romantic and atmospheric. A rich soul life is his own.

With the appropriate talent, he can communicate this in the form of pictures, in novels or stories. There is a very strong need to be loved and to be able to love.

Unfortunately, the moon owner makes it difficult to find someone himself with his often excessive demand for permanent security. This can lead to moody or insulted behavior, although the moon in Cancer only wants to share its feelings.

The person with the moon in Cancer is looking for his true family. He wants to find the place where he really feels at home. While this place does not have to be material, the Cancer / Moon wants a house or home where he and his family can live.

The search for home can also be spiritually oriented. It is important that the moon can identify itself emotionally in Cancer. This often-unconscious pressure means that the feelings and emotions are mostly strong and intense. The owner with moon / cancer has a strong empathy and shows the need to feel reality.

Another special need of the moon in Cancer aims at the past, here there is the desire to be able to re-bind, to want to create a continuity from the past to the present.

Often with the moon / cancer, the identity is established through the origin and the contact with the ancestors. Another need is to nourish and to protect those who nourish or have nourished.

If the person with the moon in Cancer needs something, it is the feeling of being needed. Of course, this need can most likely be satisfied by having a family and children of their own. But sometimes we realize that that is enough and then the search for our spiritual home begins.

According to the partner horoscope, our needs with the moon in Cancer can be overwhelming. Our inner child wants constant attention from the partner and wants to take them with them into their inner and outer world.

This means that the partner can be deprived of air to breathe, depending on their predisposition.

In addition to the individual interpretation of the moon in Cancer in the natal chart, we can also get interesting information about the moon in Cancer from the lunar calendar.

Leo Sun Cancer Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

With the moon in Cancer, the child is very attached to the mother or maternal, it is the typical baby boy. With this moon position, the child is very sensitive, often even sensitive, and needs a lot of body contact, rest and security.

In no other moon position is basic trust as important as here. He takes all positive qualities with him into the adult world.

The moon in Cancer is sensitive to sensitive, shy, imaginative and dreamy. He has a strong sense of family and if the experience is positive, his own childhood will be remembered as paradise.

This position indicates depth and intensity of emotions. There may be strong ties to mother, family, and home. Natives with this configuration can be good cooks or housewives, as well as responsible parents.

Home security and marriage are important to the emotional well-being of these people. They are so sensitive to the mood and feelings of others that they border on the psychic.

With Moon in Cancer, the extreme sensitivity towards the opinions and reactions of others, can lead them to imagine that they are despised, even when it is not true.

As a consequence, they tend to withdraw and withdraw into themselves.

Afflicted, there will be excessive emotional instability, a tendency to suffocate the children with affection, to the point of wanting to dominate their lives.

The powerful sensitivity of the Moon in Cancer is determined by your family experiences. Deep sensitivity towards everything that surrounds you. Maternal protection wishes for oneself and towards others.

Nostalgia accused of everything that means past. Collecting love is his passion and the shell of his personal refuge.

With the Moon in Cancer, there will be frequent changes of address caused by your need for affection. The female influence in his life and achievements is notorious.

Imagination and fantasy imbricated in memory constantly enliven his creative talents.

This Moon in Cancer is characterized by its goodness, sweetness, sociability, self-denial, along with great sensitivity and suggestibility; the activity is weak and even indolence can occur, in case of bad aspects on the Moon; the imagination is still very active, but inclined to fantasy; excellent memory; the native is a lover of the home.

For Leo, every day is a new chance for experiences, adventures and even bigger goals. Living the day without a plan or doing the same thing every day is not his world. His fearless and enterprising manner forces the Leo man into new adventures and challenges.

The lion needs his own realm and space to be able to develop a new every day. If you let this space around him creatively let off steam, he will be fine.

The Leo woman likes to wear her pants and shows that too. With her charming manner, the lioness wraps everyone around her finger and lovingly takes care of her loved ones.

Seduction is her specialty. Wherever it is, it is the focus. This attracts many admirers to willingly give away their hearts. However, the lioness is not easily satisfied.

For her, only the best of the best is good enough and she deserves it. Therefore, it can sometimes take longer until the beautiful lioness finds the right one.

The safest way into her heart? He should be cosmopolitan, determined and well heeled. After all, the Leo woman is pure luxury herself.


This often-neglected position of the moon in the zodiac sign is next to the sun and the ascendant one of the most important constellations in the horoscope.

It can give us psychological knowledge about the horoscope owner and give us hints about his behavior as a child and in his relationships.

In the horoscope, there is an inner relationship between the moon and the zodiac sign Cancer. Both belong together and so the properties of the moon in Cancer are significantly enhanced.

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