Leo Sun Gemini Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

The graphic symbol of the zodiac sign Leo is a sphere and two arcs connected in series with each other, with one of the arcs turned upside down, and the other looks like a bowl ready to be filled.

Let’s remember: the sphere has the meaning of a closed, complete living space, separated from everything that surrounds it.

The arc is a symbol of receptivity, acceptance and processing of external influences. Taken together, these graphic elements create, as it were, a chain of actions: first, there is an accumulation of external energy infusions, processing and sifting out of excess.

Leo Sun – Meaning and Info

Outwardly, the graphic symbol of Leo suspiciously resembles the shape of a sperm, and this analogy is not accidental: the astrological Leo carries the idea of ​​continuing life, masculine strength and energy that fills everything it touches with life potential.

Of course, the birth of a new life has not only a literal, but also a figurative meaning: any act of creativity can also be considered as a natural, natural activity of the astrological Leo.

The mythological analogies associated with this zodiac sign are so extensive that it is difficult to limit ourselves to the mythology of only one country. The lion is an extremely popular symbol and is found in many myths and religious traditions.

So, for example, in Buddhism, the lion personifies courage, nobility and constancy. It is believed that in one of his incarnations, Buddha had the appearance of a lion. In China, the lion was associated with the idea of ​​power.

The traits of a lion’s appearance can be seen in the images of various mythical creatures: the sphinx, griffin, and chimera. Images of a lion as a guard are common in Egypt, Assyria and Babylon, India.

The lion acts as a solar symbol and is dedicated to solar deities (for example, the Vedic god Mithra). In the mysteries of Mithra, those who successfully passed the tests were called “lions.”

In Greece, the lion was the calendar emblem of spring, since in the spring the god Dionysus could appear in the form of a lion. The female lion in various cultures is a symbol and sacred animal of the mother goddess (for example, Ishtar is depicted standing on a lion, lions draw the chariot of Cybele, etc.).

However, most of all, the symbolism of Leo is interesting in biblical traditions. Leo in Christianity acts as a dual figure. The word of God is likened to the roar of the lion; but also the devil, “like a roaring lion, seeks to devour a man.”

In the Old Testament, Judas, Dan, Saul and Daniel are compared with a lion. The lion is one of the four animals revealed to Ezekiel. Isaiah’s prophecy gives the biblical symbolism of a lion resting peacefully next to a sheep.

Which means a person who has transformed his unbridled will into courage, strength and love. In the New Testament, the winged lion became the symbol of St. Mark and, accordingly, from the XII century. – Venice, whose patron Saint Mark is considered.

Leo is a sign of hermitic and loneliness, and therefore correlates with many Christian saints. According to a popular parable, Jerome took a splinter from the paw of a lion, which has since become his devoted friend.

The lion as a symbol of fortitude is depicted at the feet of Saint Adrian – the patron saint of soldiers and butchers, protector from the plague.

The lion appears in the parable of the great martyrs Euphemia and Thecla, who were thrown to be devoured by lions, but they were spared. The lion is also associated with Christ, called in the Revelation of John the Theologian “the Lion of the tribe of Judah.”

In early Christian burials, the lion was depicted as a symbol of the Resurrection. In the middle Ages, there was the idea that lion cubs are born breathless and come to life only three days after the lion father brings them back to life through his breath. It is this belief that made the lion the symbol of the Resurrection.

Statues of lions guard the doors of palaces and tombs around the world, and the head of a lion with a ring threaded into its nostrils is often the form of door handles. In Greek and Roman architecture, images of lions were used as “xenophylaxis” – the guardians of sources.

However, on the other hand, a lion holding a man or a lamb serves as a symbol of evil. In a negative sense, the lion serves as the emblem of the Antichrist, who must be born of the tribe of Dan.

In the Psalter, the victory over the prince of darkness was interpreted as the victory over the lion and dragon. In Dante’s Divine Comedy, the lion appears as a symbol of pride.

The lion is also an extremely popular heraldic symbol; it is depicted on the coats of arms and flags of many countries and the family names of the nobility.

In heraldry, the lion personifies stamina, strength and prudence. At the emblematic level, the lion is a sign of courage, courage, as well as generosity and mercy.

Let us summarize: the astrological properties of Leo, arising from all of the above, are a manifestation of the masculine essence, strength, nobility and generosity, regal or imperious in seduction, pride and voluptuousness, strong will and active creative principle, strongly expressed parental instinct, vitality and fullness of physical energy.

Well, a good combination of properties, especially since there are still more positive ones…

Gemini Moon – Meaning and Info

The moon in the zodiac sign Gemini symbolizes in the horoscope all needs that have to do with information and people.

With this position, the zodiac sign Gemini wishes to be there everywhere, to know everything, to have read everything, to meet everyone, etc.

There is a very great thirst for knowledge, one is interested in almost everything, but one can also quickly have doubts to develop.

Repeatedly there is the problem of reconciling intellect and feeling. The moon owner often helps himself with cynicism or mocking remarks.

With the moon in the zodiac sign Gemini, you are usually clever, curious, often a bit superficial, but also playful, charming and sociable. You like to talk about everything, including the problems of others, but on the other hand, you do not like to meet your own shadow areas.

This quickly leads to distracting behavior, you become non-binding. It is difficult for the moon owner to process the constant change in feelings, so there is the risk of not wanting to turn to one’s own feelings and preferring to think.

The horoscope owner with the moon in Gemini is usually very popular because he knows how to show interest in other people.

This is exactly where his problem lies, because the interest in “everything” and “everyone” means that the moon in Gemini likes to disperse and is not with itself.

We can only maintain and deepen our mindfulness when we are “with ourselves”. Of course, the loving turn to the other must not be lost in the process.

In addition, one problem with the moon in Gemini is that it often has difficulty drawing boundaries and concentrating on its own things due to its interest in other people.

Leo Sun Gemini Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

It is the fifth sign of the zodiac and the second fire sign. The constellation Leo implies the predominance of will over reason and the importance of inner consciousness.

What does the zodiac sign Leo mean? The fire element receives a special direction in this sign: chaotic energy flows acquire harmony in people born under the constellation Leo.

The zodiac sign Leo is a symbol of strength, leadership, organizational skills.

In Leo, “prank” is focused, which in Sanskrit means life, breathing, constant movement forward. Let us say in Eastern astrology there is a concept of five life streams that permeate the body and are controlled by the corresponding planet.

Leo personifies creative energy and productive power far more than other signs of the zodiac.

Such contrasting character traits as spiritual generosity and the desire for power are inherent in Leo. These people have a sense of loyalty, are prone to wastefulness, but they will always help their neighbors with advice and even financially.

According to the horoscope, the zodiac sign Leo means a symbol of aggregate and organizing energy.

The desire to attract attention and be in the center of events is very characteristic of Leo. Often his super-generosity is caused, namely, by the desire to be remembered, to arouse the gratitude of others.

Although his generosity is not a pretense, for Leo it is a lifestyle, he always does everything that depends on him and always achieves a result. We can say that the sign of Leo is also a sign of ambition.

This means that Leo is capable of great things, if only he is always considered a winner, while he thinks that everyone around him shares his opinion and behavior.

Due to the fact that Leo compares his ideas about honesty with the ideas of others, he is too gullible.

Leos want the common good, but due to subjective perception, they may not notice the real needs of those who are nearby.

The moon in Gemini symbolizes needs related to information and people. With this position, there is a desire to know everything, to have read everything and to be there everywhere.

According to the partner horoscope, the moon in Gemini can hardly be alone with itself if this relates to others or to something else.

In addition, it is precisely being alone, “being all one”, that brings the result of becoming sure of what you really want.

The moon in Gemini knows very well the inner feeling of “being undecided”. The internal evaluation of two or more internal impulses as equivalent leads to decision problems.

In the horoscope, the moon in Gemini has the effect that an inner emotional impulse always shows an external effect.

It is therefore difficult for us to stay with us or in us with our feelings in this position. He is always looking for external exchange.

The inner child in the case of the moon in Gemini wants to be entertained; the world should be colorful, interesting and varied.

Boredom can arise quickly, but it disappears just as quickly when the interest falls on something new.

In addition to the individual interpretation of the moon in Gemini in the natal chart, we can also get interesting information about the moon in Gemini from the lunar calendar.

The child with the moon in Gemini is interested in many things and wants to know everything from an early age.

In addition, there is a certain restlessness that the child usually allows to develop early.

Therefore, motor skills, intellectual abilities and speaking are usually developed very quickly and at an early stage. This is often at the expense of the emotional level.

The little moon owner likes to be critical and distant towards this. Moon in Gemini reads a lot even as a child. Is curious, smart and always on the move.


Leos love to dream and often do not notice reality. Leo knows how to be very carried away, devote himself to one business and even put everything on the line.

In love, Leos are looking for opportunities to use the excess of their vitality and unbridled energy.

The symbol of the zodiac sign Leo comes from the Greek letter – Lamba, because the Greeks called this constellation Leon.

It is believed that the sign depicts the mane and tail of a lion, as the predator was painted in the Middle Ages.

The zodiac sign Leo literally means “to burn” through life, justifying its fiery origin.

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