Leo Sun Libra Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Nice appearance and pleasant face. Always kind and with a smile, no matter how much he might go through the worst moments in life.

Although it is difficult, he will adjust his smile, fix his make-up and move on. He cannot allow himself to be seen by others in his anguish and problem, he will create an idyll even where there is none, only for everything to be darker and smarter for other eyes.

If you ask him something about the problem he is going through, you usually get a diplomatic answer in the style of “it may or may not be”, because the scale has two bowls, so it balances.

He will invite you for a drink or a dinner, but the place must be pleasant, with style and culture, because he will not sit in some clumps and bars that exude meme.

Always tidy and tidy, because aesthetics is something that comes first for him. A suit makes a man, because it estimates how much someone takes care of themselves.

If it’s worn out and worn out pants, then where is the beauty? If he doesn’t love himself, how will others?

Leo Sun – Meaning and Info

But some people quickly feel annoyed by this somewhat cocky demeanor, even though the lion does not actually tend to show off.

Leos hate injustice Leos stand up for their fellow human beings like hardly any other zodiac sign. If someone is treated unfairly, the lion is immediately there to fight for that person.

Even if the fight seems hopeless, lions are not so easily intimidated. They bravely go into battle and grow with the size of their tasks.

Leos are not particularly ambitious at work, but they often manage to get a management position in their company.

Leos are simply born winners who can draw on the full when it comes to love. But many relationships with Leo fail because their partners are tired of having to show them so much admiration.

Leo men are true alpha animals. Men like to be friends with them and women are eager to win them over. The male lion knows about its effect on women. He likes to flirt for his life. He dates a lot of women.

But once he has lost his heart, he would like to share his life with this woman. But the woman of his life has to deal with the fact that she has to show a certain amount of admiration for her partner throughout her life.

Leo just needs that to feel good. Lions are athletic Male Lions are very active and play a lot.

In sporting competitions, the lion is in top form and shows what he can do. It is true that the goal of the Leo man is to win a competition, but he can also withstand a sporting defeat with dignity.

Because male Lions are used to getting what they want, they are not good at handling rejection and contradiction.

They react quickly to it angrily and in a snap. But the mood usually doesn’t last long. Soon the Leo men will show their sunny disposition again to the world.

Another downside of the usually very sunny Leo Man is his jealousy.

If he has the feeling that his partner is looking around for other men or that his buddies are more likely to follow the advice of another friend, he can react very coldly.

But overall, the Leo man is a very popular and warm-hearted contemporary. What is typical of the Leo woman? Lionesses are real eye candy.

They know how to put themselves in the limelight and attract everyone’s attention.

No wonder the men are crazy about them. Just like Leo men, lionesses have a huge amount of self-confidence that they know how to use both privately and professionally.

Female lions love luxury, but if one of their fellow men is bad, they don’t shy away from getting dirty. They help with the house renovation, clean cages in the animal shelter or romp with children in the mud.

Unfortunately, the female lions tend to flirt with their willingness to help. Lionesses love luxury Leo women love life and want to enjoy it in all its facets. You love to travel, love to be embraced by men and are passionate about spending money.

Sometimes they overdo it a little when buying jewelry, clothing and furnishings. Because of this, many female Lions are looking for a partner who can enable them to lead a dissolute lifestyle.

Lionesses want to be the center of attention Lionesses want to be admired, be it by men or women.

Anyone who is friends with a Leo woman or has a relationship with her has to live with the fact that she always wants to be the center of attention.

The Leo is actually a philanthropist, but she also tends to be superficial. With a lot of instinct and cautious criticism you can draw your attention to this fact. Then she will try to work on that weakness.

However, the lioness cannot cope with too frequent criticism of her person. Health Leo are very helpful signs of the zodiac whose greatest physical weakness is their heart. The cheerful lions enjoy their everyday life with them.

Libra Moon – Meaning and Info

The moon is in Libra when it passes through the seventh sector of the Zodiac (it is said that Libra rules the seventh house), between 180 degrees and 210 degrees of the Zodiac, in the area where the constellation Libra is located.

The rising Moon visits the zodiac sign Libra in the period from April to October, and the waning Moon passes through Libra from October to April.

On average, he spends a little more than two full days there, until he moves to the next zodiac sign – Scorpio.

The new Moon in Libra can appear only in late September or early October, while the full Moon in Libra occurs only in late March or early April, when the Sun moves through Aries, the sector of the zodiac that is opposite Libra.

The New Moon, like the full Moon in Libra, is the right time to strike a balance between the effort devoted to personal needs, on the one hand, and the needs of people in the immediate environment, on the other.

Libra is a cardinal zodiac sign. When the Moon passes through the cardinal signs of the Zodiac, emotions are very impulsive and often cause direct actions and sudden reactions. Emotions often tend to extremes.

Libra is an air sign. When the Moon passes through one of the signs whose element is air, emotions are stimulated and it is necessary to analyze them. Sometimes it is better not to show them, but to ignore them, no matter how difficult it was.

When the Moon passes through Libra, people born in the sign of Libra feel pretty good.

However, people born in the opposite sign, which is Aries, must be careful, because it is an unfavorable period for them.

The moon in Libra strengthens our desire for harmony and balance. At the same time, the feeling of beauty, sophistication and aesthetics increases. This is a time of justice and impartiality.

Social relations are not tense and behavior is balanced, which often contributes to the creation of new partnerships or raising existing ones to a higher level.

When the Moon is in Libra, it is better to postpone important decisions for later. For the already existing problems, we will easily find a solution in this period, because both the advantages and disadvantages are well noticed.

This is a favorable period for social relations and the creation of new business partnerships. The relationship with superiors is mostly fair.

These days are especially auspicious and conducive to painters, gallery curators, sociologists, psychologists and public relations professionals.

While the Moon is in Libra, relationships within the family flow in peace and harmony.

Also, understanding between partners is better than usual. This is a good time to start a new romantic relationship.

Due to excessive emotionality at the time when the Moon is in Libra, there can be a disturbance of the balance between acids and bases in the body and kidney problems.

Surgical intervention over the kidneys, bladder, then in the area of ​​the pelvis and lower part of the spine, should be avoided and postponed for later.

Leo Sun Libra Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Both character traits like to appear in society. This combination is a clear indication of a theatrical talent.

The desire for a tasteful environment (moon in Libra) and the will to create (Leo) bring out strong, creative sides in you.

Your assertiveness is strong, your demeanor is lively and confident. You face life’s challenges courageously and confidently. You want to have a beautiful life in harmony and in the best possible company, you are very socially skilled and a welcome guest everywhere who is gallant and charming.

However, if you are not shown the necessary respect, you can become bossy and authoritarian or manipulate others for your purposes.

As a rule, however, you will have a considerable nobility that keeps you from such low emotions.

You woo skillfully and are certainly a good lover, but maybe also seducible or a seducer yourself.

In any case, you always have an eye for the playful and happy in love.

These are people of a mild nature, smiling, with a pleasant facial expression…

This is a nature that likes to please others and to which it is very important what the other side thinks and only that no one is bothered or burdened.

She likes to hear other people’s opinions and it is very important to her that others love and approve of her. It is difficult to decide on a step if there is no support and approval from the partner or your loved ones.

This is a soul that cannot function alone, but always in pairs… because that is the only way it feels complete.

These are people who do not know how to say NO and it will often cost those nerves and lives… When they are angry they show how they “sulk” and it can take a very long time and be uncomfortable for the environment.

Their house is beautiful… everything is with style and taste, nothing is excessive, with a lot of moderate paintings and objects, you can always hear quiet pleasant music, in that home you never make noise, but the rules of good behavior are respected… this is a home like from magazine…

The moon is also a mother… so here we can describe that a mother is a great diplomat, always well-groomed and measured… beautiful woman… pleasant and calm voice, likes to lead a discussion, expels (her) justice and she will never raise her voice to her children.


Their self-confidence is easy to shake, and for the sake of avoiding quarrels, they will let you be right even when you are not.

In order for everything to go smoothly, they must be in harmony with themselves, seek peace in themselves, love peace in the house and often suffer… in order to maintain at least an apparent peace.

These are highly educated people, with good manners, diplomats, they do not like swearing, vulgarity and arrogance. You can do everything with them, only if you tell them nice words, otherwise you will encounter stubbornness worse than with Taurus, Scorpio or Capricorn….

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