Leo Sun Pisces Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

On July 23rd, the Sun enters the zodiac sign Leo. Here we pass into the second zone of the horoscope – the Zone of “Stability”, form, where the qualities of all four signs located in this zone – Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio – are manifested in a balanced form.

Here we find ourselves in the element of Fire, in its most powerful and brightest manifestation.

The main ruler of Leo is the Sun, the main luminary of the astrological system.

Leo Sun – Meaning and Info

The Fire element in Leo is stable, and people born under the sign of Leo are gifted with the ability to rule and rule, showing the best and highest qualities. The lion was A. Macedonian, the great conqueror and ruler of the world, Julius Caesar, Hannibal, Napoleon.

Usually Leos do not take active steps to achieve the functions of power, because, as a rule, these functions are given to them from the very beginning. Lions are the main rulers of the world.

Therefore, tall and developed Leos never climb forward, never push others with their elbows, they always feel themselves in the center of events, always subconsciously tend to stand out, show their “I” and, at best, manifest themselves creatively.

They spread sunshine around them, and usually act through intermediaries, helpers and people who are attracted by their sunshine. Lions are no longer warriors, like Aries, they are already masters, kings, rulers.

Therefore, among the Lions we find many very serious and famous rulers.

Most Leos are very talented and creative, because this is a very creative sign. Leos, if they reach a high position, at best can be generous and sincere, and with their best qualities they generously endow everyone who comes in contact with them.

In the best version, greed is not characteristic of Leo, even if they steal, then they share with someone.

Among the Lviv artists are Titian, the actors are the Lions Marlon Brando, in our cinema there is Oleg Tabakov, who, indeed, is a man of posture, whose laughter infects those around him, and, on the other hand, who knows how to instantly shed a tear and squeeze it out of others.

Tycoon J. Ford is also a Leo. Among the “powers that be” we find Talleyrand, who secretly ruled under Napoleon.

In tall, developed Lions, we find such a quality as nobility, they never finish off a defeated enemy.

In general, Leos always strive for accomplishments, but they do not clearly show their aspirations, they seem to be ashamed of the desire for power given to them initially.

Although they are very vain and proud in the recesses of the soul, this vanity and pride breaks out only in lower Lions.

So, at the highest level, Leo is a noble person, and at the lowest, a vain, proud, envious person. Figuratively speaking, the higher Leo has the best features of Leo, the king of beasts, and the lower Leo has the worst feline qualities.

The Lower Leo is a “tattered cat”. Lions suffer greatly when they are not noticed, because the manifestation of signs of attention to them is the main background of their nutrition, they feed on the reverence emanating from their environment.

But if they are not noticed, then in the lower Leo this often gives rise to a feeling of revenge. By the way, lower Lions fall for flattery, they are easy to deceive, deceive.

Leos are always hungry for great achievements, they are very broad, generous souls. If life does not provide an opportunity to show their creativity and broad soul, then they develop an inferiority complex.

Typical Leos have excellent good health, they are large people, with large bright features and a figure from which a sense of significance emanates.

Lions have a very powerful energy frame, very powerful energy, so we also find a lot of Lions among practicing psychics. The creativity of Lviv is always distinguished by its brightness, splendor and a kind of riot of creative manifestations.

If we talk about the country of Leo, then this is Spain. Leo’s problems are the suppression of the lower qualities of the Sun in themselves, for example, vanity and the management of internal energy.

The fact is that Lions have a very powerful energy and they literally have a magical effect.

The planet Pluto brings its vibrations to the formation of the sign of Leo, and you can imagine how plutonian traits can be embodied in a person of the sign of Leo.

Therefore, Leo needs to work very subtly with energy, very subtly implement their ideas through their environment.

Another important problem is the illusory nature of perception. It has already been said that Leos are easy to flattery.

Somewhere deep in the subconscious (in Leo, Neptune is in the sign of falling), Leo sometimes has a fog, what the Hindus call “Maya”, so getting rid of this subconscious fog and forming a clear structure in your inner world is also a very important and significant task Leo.

Pisces Moon – Meaning and Info

The moon in the sign of Pisces feels comfortable, since the water element is ideal for her. Mystery, enigma, rich inner life, emotionality and high sensitivity are all signs of a water moon.

Of course, sometimes an excess of water gives an exaggerated manifestation of many of these qualities, and the Moon in Pisces can show great sensitivity, vulnerability and changeable character.

General Characteristics Moon Pisces are very dreamy, charming and spiritually rich. They are not distinguished by a bright and strong character, are inconspicuous in the crowd and do not strive at any cost to take a place in the sun.

Such people understand that true treasures are hidden in the depths of the human soul, and therefore do not take part in open struggle and clashes.

People with the Moon in Pisces do not like rigid norms and strict rules and over time they leave for a place more comfortable for them if they meet with persistence and coercion from others.

The owners of the Moon in Pisces find an outlet for themselves in creative activity. The main thing for them is to give free rein to their dreams, fantasies and rich imagination, and then the world will appreciate and admire their magical creations.

The qualities of lunar Pisces include the following: High sensitivity, receptivity and inner experiences;

Kindness, attentiveness, compassion, Strongly developed intuition, the gift of foresight, prophetic dreams; Ability to listen and empathize; The desire to take care of the suffering, to donate for the good of people; Sentimentality, tearfulness, a tendency to romantic moods; Love for comfort and coziness;

The desire to get away from harsh reality into your inner world, a tendency to self-deception and illusion; Self-indulgence, tendency to go with the flow; Musicality, good imagination, creative orientation of the personality; Love for travel and distant countries.

Facing the rough realities of life, the feeling of being forced to fit into the hierarchy, into the framework of working regimes and schedules – all this negatively affects the well-being of the dreamy Moon in Pisces.

It must be said that the water element has a healing effect on a person with such a Moon. In order to get rid of stressful conditions, it is useful to go on a long journey, relax on the sea or near any body of water.

If in the male horoscope the Moon is in the sign of Pisces, then such a person in the formation of relations with the opposite gender can be hampered by indecision, fears and illusions.

However, if such a man one day meets a beautiful stranger with a kind, merciful and loving heart, then he will find happiness in his personal life once and for all. Moon in Pisces woman Moon in Pisces is a very good star combination for a woman.

She will gladly fulfill the duties of a wife and mother, because caring, obedience, diligence and the ability to preserve family values ​​are her most important qualities.

Such a woman will find happiness and satisfaction working in the fields of education, psychology and healthcare.

She feels good when she has someone to take care of, she is happy to babysit children, does charity work, and helps people cope with various problems.

Sometimes moon Pisces are very self-absorbed and not in the mood for communication. How to find an approach to lunar Pisces?

First, they need to be given the opportunity to be alone for some time and come to terms with themselves.

In addition, a person with the Moon in Pisces can be immensely happy if they have a heart-to-heart talk with him, reveal secrets, keep company on a fishing trip or accompany him on a pleasant journey.

Leo Sun Pisces Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

If you have the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Pisces, you are the quietest and most creative person who does not like to expose your abilities to the public. You have a very rich inner world, but you prefer to keep a lot to yourself.

Internal lack of confidence in their abilities often interferes with the implementation of plans. You are intensely emotional, sentimental and restless.

It is difficult for you to understand yourself, in the variety of feelings and emotions that are raging in your heart.

Only by understanding yourself can you find that inner confidence, that inner core that will allow you to achieve what you want.

You know when to attack and when to retreat. Precisely calculated actions bring you success. You are not a coward in the usual sense of the word; but you understand what expediency is, although in moral matters you will not back down an inch, and, if necessary, you will die for the truth, but you do not like to tempt fate in vain.

Thus, you make a good business person with enough humanity to succeed without using cruel methods. You care about the people who depend on you and believe that “the situation is obligatory.” You are a philanthropist. You acutely feel grief, and behind your seething energy hides a philosophical, thinking nature, which knows very well what life’s hardships and sorrows are.

Facing the rough realities of life, the feeling of being forced to fit into the hierarchy, into the framework of working regimes and schedules – all this negatively affects the well-being of the dreamy Moon in Pisces.

As a person of action, you are not limited to sad reflections; you will try to do something and try to transform the world in your own way – through philosophy, donations, social work, political influence, but always guided by the highest interests. Your ambition is to benefit others, not personal fame; great self-esteem is combined in you with true humility of spirit and true love for your neighbor.

In love, you are passionate, but not constant; here your spirit of expansion will likely lead you to seek more than one love object. You are too serious a person to be called fickle, although it is difficult to find another word to define your actions.

Whatever you do, you are guided by the best intentions; and if you happen to offend a person, then later you regret it bitterly.


You must resist the temptation to withdraw into yourself and allow your seriousness to turn into discouragement and depression.

Give your energy an active outlet, and your idealism and attractiveness will help you achieve a lot.

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