Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Leo is a fixed, positive sign symbolized by a lion. From this we can conclude that a person born with the Sun in Leo is active, experienced in many things, claiming success, for a prominent position. Sometimes these people think of themselves too highly.

They are strong, but not tactless. Sometimes their will makes their minds unswervingly follow a desire or decision to do something. They have a sincere heart and love to participate in humanitarian, philanthropic activities.

Have organizational skills; because of their ability to inspire others, they make good leaders.

Leo Sun – Meaning and Info

They have better health than most people. They love to visit mountains and forests, to spend time alone. They are usually genuinely spiritual and love ceremonial rituals. They can become rude if their desire for power, for power, becomes hypertrophied.

They are independent, with a stubborn streak, and are often charismatic people. They are frank and sincere, generous, have good intuition and are resourceful; behave with dignity.

The sun represents the external appearance of a person and the external features of his behavior. When the Sun is in Leo, it is in its own sign, and therefore in full strength.

Therefore, such people can be attractive in appearance, possess charming manners, abundance of vitality, and a dreamy mind. Having the Sun in the sign of Leo is good luck, as it indicates help from the father, government and God, if other instructions in the table coincide with this.

It happens, however, that a person with the Sun in Leo can become overly selfish, too demanding, and it will be very difficult to live with him. If such people are treated with respect, they will respond with generosity.

On July 23rd, the Sun enters the zodiac sign Leo. Here we pass into the second zone of the horoscope – the Zone of “Stability”, form, where the qualities of all four signs in this zone – Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio – are manifested in a balanced form.

Here we find ourselves in the element of Fire, in its most powerful and brightest manifestation. The main ruler of Leo is the Sun, the main luminary of the astrological system.

The Fire element in Leo is stable, and people born under the sign of Leo are gifted with the ability to rule and rule, showing the best and highest qualities. The lion was A. Macedonian, the great conqueror and ruler of the world, Julius Caesar, Hannibal, Napoleon.

Usually Leos do not take active steps to achieve the functions of power, because, as a rule, these functions are given to them from the very beginning. Lions are the main rulers of the world.

Therefore, tall and developed Leos never climb forward, never push others with their elbows, they always feel themselves in the center of events, always subconsciously tend to stand out, show their “I” and, at best, manifest themselves creatively.

They spread sunshine around them, and usually act through intermediaries, helpers and people who are attracted by their sunshine.

Lions are no longer warriors, like Aries, they are already masters, kings, rulers. Therefore, among the Lions we find many very serious and famous rulers.

Most Lions are very talented and capable of creativity, because it is a very creative sign. Leos, if they reach a high position, at best can be generous and sincere, and with their best qualities they generously endow everyone who comes in contact with them.

In the best version, greed is not characteristic of Leo, even if they steal, then they share with someone.

Among the Lviv artists are Titian, the actors are the Lions Marlon Brando, in our cinema there is Oleg Tabakov, who, indeed, is a man of posture, whose laughter infects those around him, and, on the other hand, who knows how to instantly shed a tear and squeeze it out of others. Tycoon J. Ford is also a Leo. Among the “powers that be” we find Talleyrand, who secretly ruled under Napoleon.

Sagittarius Moon – Meaning and Info

The moon, being in the sign of Sagittarius, acquires the qualities of the elements of Fire: energy, activity, independence and love of life.

Since Sagittarius is a mutable (changeable) sign of the zodiac, it enhances the ability of the Moon to quickly adapt to changing life circumstances, maneuver and find the most comfortable and convenient position for itself.

General characteristics People with the Moon in Sagittarius show both flexibility of mind and purposefulness, especially when it comes to expanding their own horizons, gaining new knowledge and experience. They are broad-minded and independent of thought, yet loyal and respectful to the opinions and views of others.

Lunar Sagittarius are easily ignited with new, progressive ideas and are inspired when they have a real opportunity to change their lives for the better and fill it with interesting events, unforgettable moments and dizzying adventures. For them, there is nothing better than exciting travel and meeting new people and cultures.

Here we find ourselves in the element of Fire, in its most powerful and brightest manifestation. The main ruler of Leo is the Sun, the main luminary of the astrological system.

The owners of the Moon in Sagittarius show the following qualities and character traits: Enthusiasm, incendiary, boundless optimism and faith in a wonderful future; Generosity, spiritual generosity, benevolence and mercy; Spirituality, striving for high ideals, high morality and justice; Frankness, sociability and secular character;

Rich imagination, literary talent, philosophical thinking; Love for learning, craving for foreign cultures and everything foreign, distant; The desire to patronize, the ability to give good advice and give good to all living things; Dynamic lifestyle, love of sports and competitions; Heartiness, openness and hospitality.

A man with the Moon in Sagittarius does not like to be sick and depressed. Strong immunity does not allow the development of severe ailments.

However, Lunar Sagittarius should still avoid overeating and overexertion. The best medicine for them is sports, a change of scenery and recreation in countries with hot climates.

A man in whose birth horoscope the Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius does not immediately find the woman of his dreams.

From his youth, he demonstrates his independence and love of freedom in relationships. In the minds of such a man, there is an image of an ideal woman, but in real life it is sometimes unattainable.

The search for a beloved woman often continues in distant lands and overseas countries, and Lunar Sagittarius is sometimes attracted by women from other cultures. They must be progressive natures, intelligent, brilliantly educated, independent in judgment and behavior.

A man with a Streltsovka Moon is looking for a companion with whom it will be fun to relax, play sports, travel, visit exhibitions, museums, and theaters and lead a rich cultural and social life.

If in a woman’s horoscope the Moon is in Sagittarius, then such a lady is distinguished by an independent character, a high level of education and excellent physical shape.

As a rule, a woman with the Moon in Sagittarius does not gravitate towards a sedentary lifestyle, and before getting married, she tries to get a good education and travel half the world. In marriage, she does not stop developing and expanding the range of her interests.

With her amazing ideas, she inspires her husband and other family members to make significant achievements in life, contributes to their spiritual growth and broadens their horizons.

How to find an approach to lunar Sagittarius? Usually such people have an easy and diplomatic character, and problems in relationships with them rarely occur.

However, if you regularly show lunar Sagittarius the mesmerizing prospects of tomorrow’s life and interest in something unusual, then this will give them a magical feeling of flight and boundless happiness.

Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Men with this position of the planets often become mercenaries, and women constantly experience passionate love affairs.

You have an amazing energy, a rich imagination, an attractiveness, and if you can curb your fiery nature and direct your forces towards achieving constructive goals, there will be no such thing in the world that would not be up to you.

But you do not differ in purposefulness and prefer to go through life, using what is given to you by nature – your swiftness, charm and enthusiasm, and do not make efforts to take advantage of your activities or knowledge.

The limitation is what you mostly need. You are a very gifted and charming person; but if you do not direct your energy towards a specific goal, you will become like a comet, a beautiful but useless heavenly wanderer. You are a wonderful lover as long as you are near your object of love, but usually you are not there for long.

What you really need is to calm down, tune in to work, marriage, determine the goal to which you will direct your energy, and with the help of willpower, make sure that all your energy is reconciled with this idea and comes in line with the task that you set her.

Honor is your idol; all your aspirations are subordinated to your ideas about her. With your energy, dedication, and honesty, you are likely to achieve a good position in society and win everyone’s admiration and respect.

You take life very seriously and are determined to take everything you can from it. You are fair, but merciful and by developing your abilities in the direction you need, you will quickly make a good career.

You have both moral and physical courage; you are your own master and master of your own destiny. You are not afraid of any obstacles if you are sure that the truth is on your side. You will defend her everywhere and everywhere, and no one dares to offer you a bribe.

With her amazing ideas, she inspires her husband and other family members to make significant achievements in life, contributes to their spiritual growth and broadens their horizons. How to find an approach to lunar Sagittarius?

Usually such people have an easy and diplomatic character, and problems in relationships with them rarely occur.

You are a philosopher, you have a creative mind, broad views and a rich imagination, so any plan, if you clearly and in all details imagine it in your imagination, very soon becomes reality. Your energies, both emotional and mental, begin to work in unison to turn into physical reality what already exists in your imagination.

Such a creative imagination, capable of creating clear images, is a very valuable quality, since you have the courage to make your plans lofty and the moral, intellectual and physical strength to make them a reality.

In love, you are passionate and faithful; in terms of its importance in your hierarchy of spiritual values, love is second only to honor. You never violate your obligations.

All these qualities naturally contribute to the achievement of success in life, which almost does not cause envy in anyone, since everyone understands that it rests on a solid foundation of personal effort and honesty.

You become a significant person, no matter what social class you belong to, and a healthy sense of self-esteem allows you to set high goals for yourself, constantly expand your sphere of influence and achieve success.


You are a resolute, brave, enterprising, agile person. You are storming the world with your seething energy. You were undoubtedly ahead of your peers in every respect.

This position of the planets gives a craving for travel, variety, novelty and excitement.

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