Leo Sun Scorpio Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

The fiery element brings activity, decisiveness, optimism into the sign. Leo refers to Yang, masculine signs, which are considered positive, inclined to actively shape events.

The fixity of the sign allows you to maintain the achieved success for many years. Has stable views, strives for stability. The sun governs the 5th house of the horoscope, which is responsible for creativity, hobbies, love, and children.

Being in the monastery, he endows a person with bright talents, abilities, artistry, and the ability to lead other people and convey his ideas to the masses. The daylight in the sign of Leo strengthens the ego of a person, pushes him towards active self-realization. Fire endows a person with independence, courage, and faith in himself.

Leo Sun – Meaning and Info

Minerals are best selected in yellow and red shades. These colors enhance the power of the luminary, give the owner of the horoscope good luck in business and endeavors.

Because of the success, the representatives of this sign are often envious, wish for unkindness.

Scarlet rubies and diamonds are capable of warding off the curse and damage. Lions, who often perform in public and interact with a large number of people, should rinse their jewelry daily under cold running water.

Amber helps to restore strength, relieves depression, and instills confidence in oneself. Pomegranate brings Leo power over people, the ability to control the crowd.

Topaz gives material well-being. These people are self-confident and really confident. They spread an extraordinary confidence that everything is going the right way, and this is impressive.

At the moment of their appearance, the external world somehow disappears – their phenomenon is so significant. They scare others and take advantage of this. If they say: “There is no smoking here,” everyone silently throws away their cigarettes.

It seems that only their opinion matters, although often it is not so thorough. They radiate an extraordinary cheerfulness – and in this they are ahead of many, but are reluctant to pay for joy with suffering. They feel they are the chosen ones, who no longer need to demonstrate their own achievements.

If it provokes opposition, they eliminate it with a wave of their hand. They are generous as long as they receive adequate lighting. Sometimes they boast about it.

Their inner greatness can be felt in poverty. They are greeted with respect, even if they beg at the door. They think socially, are inspired by the plans of others.

They are in favor of highways if they do not pass by their house. They do not hide in a corner, they are directly obliged to represent – no one can do this better than them.

But they need an adjutant to do the accumulating work. Doing everything majestically, they are lazier than others.

Leo rejects any weakness, therefore, does not pay attention to the first symptoms of illness. Chronic diseases rarely develop in him, because nature has endowed him with amazing vitality. His illnesses are often violent, with high fever.

But he always jumps out of bed before the full recovery of the body and returns to vigorous activity.

Leo is advised to play sports to strengthen the cardiovascular system and control weight. Representatives of this zodiac sign are prone to obesity.

Therefore, they also need to monitor their diet. Do not get carried away with junk and fatty foods. Eating vegetables and fruits will improve your overall well-being and will not add extra pounds.

Leo is the zodiac sign of the fire element. People born under this sign are particularly scrupulous and even picky. These are reasonable natures who live by the rules and do not tolerate deviations from the norms.

Scorpio Moon – Meaning and Info

In many sources, it is believed that the position of the Moon in the sign of Scorpio is not easy, because in Scorpio the Moon is in the fall, and can endow the owner of the Moon in this sign with negative qualities.

In this article, we will figure out whether this is really so and what does the Moon in Scorpio mean in a person’s horoscope.

To determine which zodiac sign your Moon has got into, you need to build your natal chart online. To do this, you need to know the date, time and place of birth.

You can build your natal chart online HERE. Having built a map, we find the Moon icon, and look into the space of which sign of the Zodiac and into the space of which house it fell.

The moon in the natal chart is one of the most important elements of the entire horoscope.

The moon is our subconscious, our emotions, our vision of the world. The moon shows our habits, our basic attitude to the world, our state of comfort, this is our ability to survive, the desire to create security around us.

The moon is the fastest planet of all the others, it makes a complete revolution around the entire zodiacal circle in about 28 days.

Therefore, the Moon is also responsible for such qualities in a person as variability, the ability to adapt (also a necessary skill for survival), the ability to accept, live and survive different circumstances of fate, how our body and we react to changes in the external environment and stress.

To determine the Moon, you need to know the time of birth, all in one day the Moon can change the sign of the Zodiac (on the day the Moon passes about 12-13 degrees of the sign), and aspects can also change.

The moon will tell you about the preferred type of rest for a person, where and how it is easier for him to relax.

Also, the Moon is associated with the mother and all the feminine gender of the native. That is, the Moon in the sign shows what the native sees and how it perceives its mother. For a man, the Moon in his horoscope indicates the desired image of a wife.

Scorpio is a sign of the water element, native to the Moon, therefore such qualities as: sensitivity, sensuality, strong emotionality, excellent intuition prevail in the character.

But do not forget that the sign of Scorpio is ruled by two planets at once: Pluto and Mars, so this is the element of water with an admixture of fire – like boiling hot lava, or like boiling water.

This adds impulsiveness, aggressiveness, excessive emotionality to the Scorpion Moon. If feelings, then the strongest, burning, burning all the insides. Emotions are hidden deep inside oneself, and are not always well visible to others, and serious passions are raging in the soul.

Moon scorpions are incredibly touchy and vengeful. If you hurt the feelings of the owner of the Moon in Scorpio, get ready that a resentment against you will be hidden and a plan of cold and prudent revenge will be hatched.

In relationships, they are terribly jealous, often strangle their other half with excessive love, passion, distrust. They can arrange pointless interrogations, spying on their partner. Feelings are very strong, either I love it or I hate it.

The moon in Scorpio is hard to relax, she is always in tension, in anticipation of danger, ready to defend herself at any moment and defend herself from enemies.

In this sense, the position of the Moon in the sign of Scorpio can be called difficult – after all, the natural needs for peace, rest, basic trust in the world are colored by the warlike energies of Scorpio.

The reaction to the events taking place is acute, intense, therefore a person with the Moon in Scorpio is always tense, ready to repulse any offender, or to fight with the external environment. Always distrustful when meeting and meeting new people, it is revealed in communication gradually.

Often the position of the Moon in the sign of Scorpio endows its owner with fears, bad, disturbing sleep, panic attacks. But also the scorpion Moon gives its owner unreal efficiency, endurance, and powerful will.

When others would have already surrendered, the lunar Scorpio will continue to work, fight and will do it diligently and painstakingly.

Moon Scorpio, despite all his mistrust and jealousy, is very relationship-oriented and extremely dependent on his partner. He is aimed at rest and relaxation together with his other half (whom he unconditionally trusts), at spending time together, at common interests.

Ideally, if a couple is united by a common cause, or a joint business, or a common active charity, social assistance. Moon Scorpios are attractive and sexy, in their intimate life, the intensity of passions, a storm of emotions are important to them.

They put their whole soul into relationships and expect the same return in return. The moon in Scorpio is very faithful, and wants to spend her whole life with one partner, which, accordingly, she expects from her other half.

The emotionality of lunar Scorpions is tinged with negative, depressive colors. If the crustacean Moon is emotions from the hearth, warmth and family, then the Moon Scorpios are anxious, depressive and suspicious.

In their subconscious minds it is written that the world is a place of anxiety and dangers, a place of discomfort, that everything is bound to collapse. When a series of stability comes in their lives, anxiety begins inside them,

Leo Sun Scorpio Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

The animal nature is very strong in you. You have a strong energetic body and your temperament is expressed by the strength of a young, energetic animal.

It can manifest itself in hot temper, anger, rage, or passion. You can also keep it under control, and then your strength makes you a truly great person. You are probably well aware of your duality.

Although you are not prone to introspection, you probably know from your own experience what you are capable of when you lose control of yourself, and the same experience should have shown you how readily people fulfill your desires when you are in complete control of your emotions.

Everything around you is colored by your personal preferences; you are almost incapable of an objective attitude. Principles mean little to you.

Human beings, worldly goods, human love and hate, jealousy and enthusiasm are the categories that matter to you. For you, the whole world is a theater, and you are the main actor in it.

You are inherently theatrical, and in the drama of your life, you will play the role of either a hero or a villain, since you are your own best friend and worst enemy.

Indeed, no one can help or harm you except yourself, and as long as you do not control yourself, others will control you.

When you control yourself, you are attentive, receptive and discerning, your goals are clear, you constantly remember them and strive to achieve them, and on this path you can ruthlessly walk over your heads.

At the same time, you feel great, because, as mentioned above, categories such as justice and the like, in their abstract sense, do not interest you.


They are great when they serve your purposes. You are the human embodiment of the principle of the struggle for survival: you believe that if you take care of yourself, then everyone else should also take care of themselves, and in no way agree with the statement “man to man is a brother.” You believe that the fastest way to achieve what you want is by acting alone.

We must give you your due, you really want to live and die with this principle and fully accept your fate – “he who lifts the sword from the sword and will perish.”

You are an attractive person and you can make people be loyal to you. You are a passionate lover, owner, extremely jealous, although you very much cherish your own freedom. You are proud, insightful, and intuitive, determined, and will probably go far in life, even if you started from the bottom up.

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