Leo Sun Virgo Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

The Sun, star king, giver of light and energy for the entire system, begins today July 23, its transit through Leo, fifth sign of the Zodiac, sign of Fire and Fixed energy.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, which is why the king star here is in a position of ruler ship or domicile.

For Kabbalah, this is one of the most difficult months on a spiritual level, since people tend to be more reactive – even more so if we have tense aspects with the Sun in our birth chart – however, this zodiacal month that begins with the Sun in the 0 ° degree of Leo, it is a month of great power if we become aware of who we are.

Leo Sun – Meaning and Info

We are quantum energy, light energy, in a physical body. From a metaphysical perspective, this is a month, where we have the opportunity to tame our egos, at the same time that we directly express our desires.

The typical lions will always stand out for a leading, magnanimous and dominant personality.

The Sun in Leo is domiciled, so it stands out in all its characteristics – both negative and positive – that is why many beings with the Sun in Leo stand out for their creativity, their sense of humor and their full personality.

Of magnetism; however, they also tend to be arrogant, proud, and somewhat self-centered, when they still have spiritual deficiencies in their lives. Leos do not excel in a specific profession; they can be successful in everything;

However, in the classic books of Astrology, they are associated with theater, dance and lyric.

Remember that the typical Leo is a great showman, so any activity in which he interacts with the public can fill him internally, at the same time that he generates a unique social success.

Women with the Sun in Leo are women of strong convictions, they know how to expose and argue their points of view.

If there are no tense aspects, they are usually creative, somewhat playful and a bit childish if you enter into confidence with them.

When a lunar transit makes its Sun in Leo look, they can get somewhat impatient and capricious.

On an emotional level, they are usually very warm, expressive and quite loyal when they fall in love.

For many people who do not know them, they can appear to be superficial and individualistic; but to their close circle, lionesses are known as people who are very committed to their goals, at the same level of commitment to their family and loved ones.

On the other hand, a woman with the Sun in Leo, complements very well with men of Aries or Sagittarius, also with men who have Sun or Ascendant in Air, so Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are good candidates for future commitments.

When the Sun passes through Leo, the collective consciousness has a very high energetic boiling point.

This means that the Universe is giving us the opportunity to become aware of certain aspects, which until now may have been presented as unknowable to the human mind.

Let us remember that in Kabbalah, they teach us that we have two consciences. Human consciousness (also known as 1% consciousness) and spiritual consciousness (99% consciousness).

During the month of Leo, we have the opportunity to integrate new information, coming from that 99%, through experiences that will take place on Earth, the physical world in which we have been reincarnated.

It will depend on the birth chart of each person, due to the fact that each person, when born at a different time, the Sun and Leo, illuminate a certain region or area of ​​life.

At a general level, we see that in many ancient cultures, the Sun as an archetype, has always been an image of active, powerful and illuminating energy.

Now that the Sun, until August 23, passes through the region it governs, the Sun shines at its maximum power.

In addition, in this transit alone, two trines will be activated with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius.

The Sun trine Uranus reminds us of the importance of being creative and innovative to make any project or new undertaking shine with great light.

This same aspect of the Sun with Uranus – a transpersonal planet of collective energy – also favors the development of altruism, enhances our human side and takes us away from human selfishness, to enhance our social sensitivity.

The collateral aspect is the trine with Saturn in Sagittarius, which reaffirms that this will be a month of great maturity, for all of us who are expanding our openness of consciousness.

The Sun in Leo trine Saturn, strengthens the integrity and ethical aspect of all humans, especially if we were born with the Sun or Ascendant in Fire signs.

Finally, stay tuned for the New Moon on August 3. We will have an article about it soon.

Virgo Moon – Meaning and Info

The moon in natal people tells us about the inner state of the soul and the capacity of emotions, while Venus tells us more about those pronounced traits in terms of emotionality, which each of us can easily notice.

That is why it is extremely important when interpreting a horoscope, to look at the level of emotionality that a person shows (Venus) and the level of emotionality that it contains (the Moon).

To make things clearer I will explain with a simple example. You have a person with Venus in Gemini and a Moon in Scorpio.

From the outside, she seems like a goofy, fun, charming and a bit superficial person. Emotionally it seems to you as if she is prone to flirting with everyone.

But what she really is within herself will be told to us by her Moon. The moon in Scorpio is in poor dignity.

This person carefully observes and monitors the situation and behavior of each person, although he acts as if he is not in the least burdened by it, he is possessive and jealous.

Although they would never attribute that to the meaning of Venus in Gemini. She is able to love someone strongly and surrender to him, but only when she really comes across a person she will love.

She is sexually motivated, but will rarely show it. Behind the smiling face and talkative language of Venus in Gemini, hides a darker inner world that desperately wants to be loved and that desperately wants to create a special, unique world just for itself and the person it chooses.

Often it is selfish love that can suffocate another partner, and who would say that one Venus in Gemini would ever be like that? And therein lies the essence of the importance of the position of the Moon.

And what is the Moon like in Virgo? Scared. Burdened with fears and doubts.

As the ruler of Virgo is precisely Mercury, this Moon takes on its garb and becomes mentally burdened with rationality. This Moon works a hundred per hour.

He constantly analyzes things down to the smallest detail. Often people with this position spend the Moon in analyzing and endlessly thinking about what it would be like if it were. And if a person is in the safest hands in the world, he will be insecure. Why? Because it’s like that in itself.

You will often notice that these people ask sub-questions because they always like to be additionally convinced of the permanence of a story.

These people are extremely compassionate towards others, but they are often unfair to themselves because as they weigh and analyze what and how, the emotional opportunity passes them by.

If they could, they would mourn the whole world and everyone’s unhappy life. Also, these people are prone to frequent depressive states, and the rest of the horoscope can get them out of it. They need a lot of motivation and a lot of love, but they will never, ever admit it to you.

The Moon in Virgo is a mutilated soul like a chop that you toss on a skewer and toast it so much that you make sure it is well baked and not bloody. It’s that steak you end up throwing away, because it’s so black that it’s nasty to eat.

Well, something similar is happening to the Moon in Virgo. Either he rejects himself or others reject him. One simply needs to find a person who is so patient as to wait for that Moon to do its 24 hours of active thinking, and then indulge.

People like this are extremely good social workers and doctors. Everything they do, they do with exceptional dedication. They are excellent analysts, but also psychologists and psychiatrists, because they crave to understand the inner phenomena in man.

These people will, on the one hand, criticize you so well, and on the other hand, try to find the best in you. Because they love you, in their own way. And are they stingy? They are, but to themselves. They deprive themselves of the pleasure of living, because logic does not allow them to give in.

For people with a moon like this, it would be best for them to do some humanitarian work, be they a critic, a medic or an analyst.

Often the mother of these people is caring, but also petty and extremely critical of themselves and the world, and this is where this huge insecurity in themselves and the world can come from.

Leo Sun Virgo Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

You find articulated expression for your clear views and strong emotions, mainly through the written and spoken word.

The inclination to be a man of action cannot be realized, since you do not have sufficient administrative skills.

Therefore, in order to achieve the influence that you so long for, you will resort to intellectual means of expression, and in this way you will achieve the greatest success. You are critical, clear-minded and sometimes too outspoken, although you can easily master the art of being tactful.

There is a great deal of shyness behind your outward decisiveness, and, in truth, you are not always as confident as you seem; in fact, there is an inferiority complex behind your excessive determination that you are trying to get rid of.

In love, you are passionate, somewhat critical and suspicious, but you are easily satisfied if you are seduced and given evidence that you are the one and only. You love to be hugged, although you prefer that no one knows about it. For some people, this position of the planets is better than for others.

It combines passion and constancy that can make some people stay-at-home and faithful spouses, while in other people coldness slips through their loving nature, and, despite their outward lovingness, they are a little puritanical at heart, inaccessible and strict, although they never admit it.

Best of all, you will be able to express yourself in an intellectual or creative field. This is not to say that you feel the public, and if you are successful, it is more because they like what you do, or like you yourself, and not because you give them what they want.

Your independence can make enemies for you, as you are not inclined to please, and a kind of militant pride makes you often do unpredictable actions just for the pleasure of admiring the effect produced.

However, there is a real desire to bring joy underneath it, and when you learn to be tactful, you can become very popular in your chosen circle.

You have good taste, and if you allow your innate courtesy and charm to become apparent to everyone, your accomplishments will win everyone’s respect.


Your independence can make enemies for you, as you are not inclined to please, and a kind of militant pride makes you often do unpredictable actions just for the pleasure of admiring the effect produced.

However, there is a real desire to bring joy underneath it, and when you learn to be tactful, you can become very popular in your chosen circle.

You have good taste, and if you allow your innate courtesy and charm to become apparent to everyone, your accomplishments will win everyone’s respect.

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