Libra Sun Aries Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Libra is the third sign of the zone of stability, the sign of the element Air in its stabilized manifestation.

The main rulers of Libra are Chiron and Venus. Libra is the second level of the element of Air, which is more stable here.

For you, usually the desire for stability, comfort, balance. You tend to be attracted to beauty in all its forms. Libras are the greatest aesthetes of the entire zodiac, they do not tolerate conflicts, quarrels and collisions and always strive to eliminate them.

Libra Sun – Meaning and Info

You always strive to choose a certain circle in life, the elite. And when different opinions collide, if you fail to balance these opinions, you take the side of the more reasonable, and in the worst case – the side of the winner.

Therefore, in life you can very easily betray the people with whom you communicate. It is noted that a large percentage of Libra is among the traitors.

There are also many courtesans and women of easy virtue among Libra.

However, astrologers note that recently these ranks have been replenished mainly due to Cancer women. There are few military men among Libra, but they met: for example, Admiral Nelson, General Eisenhower.

You perfectly know the laws, feel them and strive to comply with them.

Among Libra there are many workers of justice: prosecutors and lawyers (personalities: F. Plevako). A high level of Libra is talented diplomats, diplomacy in Libra comes from Chiron.

For you, the embodiment of stability is harmony, therefore you are looking for harmony in everything.

The Libra country is England, which is why this sign is so closely and intimately connected with the English nation.

Among Libra, there are many politicians who can sit on two chairs at the same time, and in the worst case, who know how to play off the two sides in order to get some benefit from this enmity. The “Iron Lady” Madame Thatcher, Wilson and Richard III are also Libra.

We emphasize once again that the lowest level of Libra is traitors. The spectrum of manifestation in Libra is generally very wide, Yesenin, Lermontov and Pavel I were Libra.

For you, the big problem is the formation of creativity in yourself. This is a subtle use of your inner energy and the ability not to be cold.

The fact is that Libra can be the coldest sign of the Zodiac, because the only sign represented by a symbol taken from inanimate nature is metallic cold Libra.

Your karmic task is to be subtle, “pharmacy” Libra. In no case should you allow the “rod of the scales to rust” then you will not be able to balance the situation, you need to very subtly be included in it.

Only by analyzing its essence, you can get involved in the situation and help people achieve harmony.

When moving from the zone of creation to the zone of its design, the emphasis from the communication function, characteristic of Gemini, turns into an emphasis on the function of the structure, which is constantly directed by the attention of Libra.

A structure is a set of connections between elements, thanks to which they, from a chaotic set, become a qualitatively new object – a single whole.

Therefore, for Libra (unlike Gemini), the nature of the elements is by no means indifferent, since elements of different origins must be connected into a single whole in different ways.

Moreover, Libra also monitors the number and relationship of various connections that form the structure.

Libra is an extremely difficult sign to understand and describe. They are full of contradictions, and at the same time, in an incomprehensible way, they balance not only them, but also the most dramatic external situations.

On the one hand, Libra is a cardinal male sign, decisive and active, and on the other, it is ruled by the female planet Venus.

On the one hand, they relate to the cold air element, and on the other, they embody the existential (and by no means mental) principle of balance, beauty and harmony, which is not at all comprehensible to the mind.

Libra is the only inanimate sign of the Zodiac (the rest are people and animals), and they symbolize directly the impersonal Absolute.

The main principle of harmony and balance, which is revealed to a person gradually, as his evolutionary development and expansion of his consciousness.

Aries Moon – Meaning and Info

What would life be, I wonder, for people born with the Moon in Aries if life were not worth conquering?

If life were an eternal predictability like a dream that is repeated over and over again, or if life were completely known, even if it guaranteed and I don’t know what security?

For these life-givers, he would then be like a straight line of death and nothing else. Because, what is life like if there is no excitement, if he does not seek action?

What kind of love is it if the frantic ecstasy does not lead, if the conquest does not seek and if the flame does not last, even after ten years of waiting if necessary, what are those eyes if they do not shine with fierce radiance threatening each new day and provoking it provoked them.

And what kind of man is he who is not faithful to his desires, who would betray his desires, who gives up, who loses hope, who is discouraged? No. Nothing here can stop and prevent a person from moving on those paths that are led by the light of the Moon.

And this is exactly the picture of every man standing under a street lamp, even women, and that is why maybe the mother of the above-mentioned Louis Armstrong, who had the Moon in Aries, was also a prostitute, but in his dreams and memory he is brave and loving, because of which he worked in his early youth to get her off the street.

That same Louis, who will sing the most beautiful ode ever recorded in the world with his hoarse voice, said: “What I play is life!”

And yes, the only thing that will inspire a man with the Moon in Aries is life, but not as a metaphysical creation, unknown in his battle, but life as a personal and authentic experience of one man. This is why this is a story about a man and his soul, about a man and his inflamed desires that do not allow him to fall asleep peacefully.

Dreams haunt, because everything in Aries haunts, urges, fanatically forces to work, conquest, whatever, and those dreams are just dreams of excitement, of pleasant language that will permeate the body when looking at a young girl or touching the hand of a striking man who calls the whole life in the unconscious of these women.

And that is why a person with the Moon in Aries should never be adjusted. It is rather a marginal ‘situation’ that, through its profession, character and behavior, will always say that a person must experience everything on his own, and “what is the value of other people’s experiences to me if they are not mine?”

From the depths, and instincts for courage, for supreme courage, which does not necessarily mean that a person should necessarily be the number one enemy of the state like Al Capone (Aries Moon), but he can also be a great master like Borges (Aries Moon), doyen of modern literature.

These are also excellent pedagogues who do not use the learned basics of pedagogy in their work, but a personal example that is easily accepted by others, just as they were born to be leaders – which is visible in their childhood.

And can anyone here be condemned for occasional rudeness, intrusiveness or recklessness, sometimes for scandal (Angelina Jolie), if in the end you still know that the only real ambition and secret need of these souls is to conquer, create, and that if something is here authority then it is the soul that lets the feelings dictate, to command, determine the next goal, which leads from battle to battle.

from love to love, tireless and impatient in its eternal restlessness to preserve itself from the lethargy and depression it despises, which it does not tolerate , but which attack like the worst demons when man has no goal and when he lives in the endless emptiness of silence, peace and a certain.

Then a man saves himself by escaping from the routine of everyday life which offends and which he never sees as a part of himself but as an enemy that threatens to kill the most living being in the person himself.

Libra Sun Aries Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Representing the air in the design area, Libra is well aware of its element and will not waste time on trifles. Unlike Gemini, they will not acquaint anyone with just anyone and transfer information without defining their attitude towards it.

Libra is characterized by a somewhat detached coldish beauty and an aesthetically balanced look, an approach to all issues, and especially to social ones, Gemini is much more democratic.

A striking example of Libra is an esthete-intellectual from the highest circles of society, a supporter of the concept of “art for art” and the point of view that each special layer consumes (and produces) its own culture, inaccessible and unnecessary to the rest.

Of course, while remaining a cardinal sign of the air, Libra (if they want and deem it necessary) can easily move into an alien social stratum and perfectly perceive everything that happens there, but they themselves and those around them will all the time feel the aloneness of Libra.

Libra is extremely characterized by intellectual and aesthetic snobbery (there is a deep foundation – closeness to the Absolute – but it is unlikely that Libra formulates it in this way), which is an effective means of protection for them from the sensation of their surface.

The fact is that Libra is not given that direct (essential) sensation of life that female signs have (especially Earth signs); Scales are designed for an exceptionally subtle perception of the world, and if they do not show this subtlety, they begin to feel flat, secondary and unoriginal.

Where the thick-skinned Taurus has long understood (essential for himself), Libra should tune in, hesitate, look and evaluate from different angles for a long time, until they feel a certain subtle harmony of this situation (which may be completely inaccessible to the average Taurus, and only then they If this does not happen.

Libras are forced to orientate themselves on something in their assessments (most often this is the public sub consciousness of their social stratum, expressed by the lips of a person who is authoritative enough for these types of people) and become secondary Libra, whose personal sense of beauty, justice and harmony is replaced by the public.

Libra is the most delicate device of all the signs of the zodiac and should only be used under certain conditions; in other words, the weights should not be too heavy so that the pointer does not bend, and sometimes even a glass cover is desirable.

These conditions primarily relate to the social stratum in which Libra is located: and if it is alien, Libra can break. But if Libra is in place, they become the main authority, judge and trendsetter in society.


Libra is a sign of balance and wisdom; their main karmic purpose is to bring beauty and harmony to all situations in which they find themselves; however, this should be properly understood.

First, each situation is already harmonious from the highest point of view, but this is usually not available to participants who think differently.

Secondly, each situation has some internal content and internal logic of development, which Libra should understand before their sense of balance and harmony works.

It is this inner content of the situation that must be perceived by the subtle Libra, after which they will see its true (at the level of participants) disharmony of its subtle balancing and harmonization.

The usual way of influence of Libra is through mental activity or restructuring.

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