Libra Sun Cancer Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

You are extremely adaptable and able to adapt to your environment in both business and personal relationships, benefiting from it. This quality, combined with your quickness of perception, wins influencers towards you and ensures a fast, even dizzying, career.

You are sensitive, both emotionally and intellectually, and in dealing with people you immediately understand how you need to behave.

By guessing the thoughts and feeling the mood of another person, you adjust to his mood or opinion.

Libra Sun – Meaning and Info

If Libra is a participant or witness to the conflict, then they will try to play the role of a mediator, which may well suit them due to their innate ability to see both sides of the issue and look for a balance point.

But don’t expect them to take your side unless “your side” is scrupulously honest.

The search for balance can manifest itself in a special kind of indecision, when it is necessary to choose from two possibilities, each of which has merit. Your Libra person wants to “keep the cupcake, but eat it too.”

This person may hesitate between two decisions until your patience runs out. If the person is very small, then this is best avoided, without requiring too often unnecessary choices.

Just calmly see if a particular choice will be accepted by the person happily, and if so, then you should not confuse him with two different possibilities.

A school-age person is more likely to catch the right bus if you insist that he pick and fold his clothes and whatever he needs for the next school day. He may ask your opinion, choosing between two possibilities; choose one of them.

(He may choose another later, but that’s okay. You will at least shorten the time of agonizing hesitation before choosing.) Speaking of school equipment: appearance is of great importance to Libra.

This sophisticated person places great emphasis on aesthetics. He will enjoy looking good and being surrounded by beautiful things.

For this reason, it will not be easy for him to save pocket money if he has looked at some pretty little thing. Taste for beauty also means that Libra will enjoy artistic pursuits.

You should encourage this person to pursue some kind of art or music, as it is more than likely that he will become addicted to one or more of them and achieve noticeable mastery, along with a refined appreciation.

Friends will always be important to Libra. Usually such a person does not prefer being alone.

Most likely, he has a significantly higher than average need to be with other people, to be part of the crowd, but to have one or two special friends with whom he can share almost everything.

Libra is a sign of partnership, and such a person will hardly be able to do without a companion for long.

This person is likely to be especially pleasant for you to take with you during his personhood years or to be invited and keep him company in the future. He will be warm-hearted, well-mannered, charming, attractive and likely to be loved by people of all ages.

Cancer Moon – Meaning and Info

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. Its symbol is the claws of a crab, striving to close. This is a symbol of the fusion of male and female reproductive cells, motherhood, the desire for growth, development.

Cancer is a sign of Water, cardinal. The ruler of the Cancer sign is the Moon. Exaltation of Jupiter. Expulsion of Saturn. Fall of Mars.

Deep down, Cancers are sensitive and sentimental, however, outwardly, especially in unfamiliar surroundings, this may not manifest itself in any way.

Cancers show their true selves when they feel the emotional support of those around them. They are attentive and sympathetic to close people, they subtly feel their mood swings.

The moon, ruler of the zodiac sign Cancer, is responsible for showing concern, and endows Cancers with the qualities of a wise parent.

As a rule, Cancers are proud of their children and are ready to understand and accept any life situation associated with them. For Cancers, home, traditions, family history and loved ones are of great importance.

Often with external restraint, and sometimes even coldness, Cancers have heightened intuition, sensitivity and such emotionality that it entails constant mental vulnerability, resentment and heightened defensive reactions. That is why outwardly Cancers are so restrained and withdrawn.

As a rule, they are benevolent, kind, which, combined with caution, can give diplomatic ability. Characterized by great pride, sometimes bordering on vanity and complacency.

The tendency to attach importance to what for others seems like trifles sometimes makes Rakov childishly helpless, stubborn, illogical. In general, their behavior sometimes seems mysterious to those around them, and Cancers’ thoughts are not easy to guess.

People of the zodiac sign Cancer are vulnerable and tender, although they try not to show it. They dress in a hard shell that protects them from the hardships of life around them.

Therefore, at first glance, Cancers can give the impression of a person too phlegmatic, thick-skinned and insensitive. But this impression is deceiving.

Strong emotions, experiences and feelings are constantly swirling in their souls. Cancers are very sensitive to any look, gesture, word addressed to them. They are attracted to quiet and cozy pursuits, best with family, they have a tendency to solitary reflection, daydreaming, idealism and melancholy.

Deep inside, the Cancer sign always remains a child – soft, simple-minded, dependent on its older relatives.

Yet gentleness and infantilism do not prevent him from achieving success in life. With all their “childish” qualities, Cancers are able to show foresight, cunning and resourcefulness, and sometimes a tendency to intrigue. Using these qualities, Cancers can successfully advance in social life, in a variety of activities.

Subtle sensitivity and, on the other hand, the ability to work hard – all this gives Cancers the opportunity to successfully engage in art, artistic creation, music, literature. They can also successfully work in the field of business, medicine or maritime affairs, as well as teach.

Cancers value money and the comfort it can provide. As a rule, they manage to properly dispose of their earnings, preserve and increase their capital. People of this sign can achieve success in the field of financial and banking activities. Their intuition will help you make the right choice.

Jupiter, exalted in this sign of the zodiac, endows Cancers with friendliness and generosity. But at the same time, most Cancers are extremely proud of themselves, do not know how to be ironic over themselves and take offense at the jokes of others.

They tend to be pompous, care about their authority, and often strive for a leadership position. Cancer boss is authoritarian, but condescending and forgiving a lot. If the sign Cancer is a subordinate, then he should only be treated in an amicable way, he does not tolerate pressure.

Mars in the fall leads to the fact that non-aggressive Cancer often perceives the world as conflicting. Its action is aimed at maintaining and preserving the existing situation and traditions. He needs support in action.

The Cancer sign is peaceful and rarely enters into open confrontation, however, on the threshold of his own home, he is able to repulse anyone. Cancer sways with difficulty and slowly begins its business.

Saturn is in exile here, he is, as it were, driven inward, therefore, despite the external softness, Cancer always has a hard inner core, which allows him to keep himself under control.

The weakness of Saturn makes him poorly organized, scattered, unable to maintain discipline, poorly planning his time. He also gives Cancers a strong emotional vulnerability with external dryness and severity.

Cancer is conservative, sometimes excessively, but he is a true patriot and guardian of family and national traditions.

Libra Sun Cancer Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Your demeanor is flattering, but not obsequious, since you have a strong sense of self-esteem and importance.

By nature, a peaceful and tactful person, you try by all means to avoid quarrels and strife, whenever possible preventing unpleasant situations.

But if your pride is hurt or your rights are violated, you are capable of a desperate struggle.

At the same time, you do not care at all about the rights of other people. Doing your job, you know how not to collide with others, but you are not a fighter for social justice or human rights, your goals and views are completely focused on yourself.

Your flexibility and adaptability can be your weakness if you allow the sensual side of your nature to prevail over you, as in this case the desire to please takes a destructive form, and you please people who are not worth it, and agree with deliberately empty ideas.

You must beware of this, because under the influence of an emotional impulse, your desires can completely suppress your will.

With the identification of the dominant elements (planets, elements, crosses and hemispheres) and their delineation, the characterization of each sign begins.

The role of these components in the horoscope is different, but in the overall picture, each of them has its own meaning, to one degree or another determining the internal characteristics of a person.

The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon – a symbol of mobility, femininity and giftedness. Under its influence, a person is marked by a dreamy perception of the world, as well as a tendency to change moods in proportion to the change in the phases of the moon.

The patroness endows crayfish with a sensitive character and fantasy consciousness, tending to create unfulfilled desires.

In the same way, the Moon is responsible for the human impulses of the soul to everything unknown: changes, acquaintances without obligations, the urge to travel.

The night patroness greatly influences the people of her Abode. People of the Moon are mostly passive natures, but emotional, sincere, but unrestrained, gentle and loyal, but madly jealous.

The moon also strongly influences the subconscious of Cancers, so often people of this sign have a strong craving for comprehending the inner world, revealing their own “I”, learning in the field of self-knowledge.

Also, the Moon gives Cancers wonderful ability to adapt to society, so they easily change jobs, place of residence, environment.

It happens that in the Cancer horoscope the Moon is severely affected, in which case a person turns into a slave to his own desires, he can have many bad habits and live to please them.

The disadvantages of the lunar influence can also be attributed to daydreaming, insecurity and excessive resentment.

Cancer element is Water and it gives him emotionality, intuition and sensuality.

These qualities have a double meaning in the Cancer horoscope, because the element endows the sign with similar qualities as the ruling planet.

In this regard, people of the Cancer sign are very sensitive and perceived, noticing even minor nuances in the circumstances and behavior of people.

They are very emotional, and their sensory sphere is much more developed than that of others. They can experience violent anger, wild jealousy, and with a change of mood, love for every living soul on earth and peace.

Cancers are sensitive, which is determined by the influence of the moon, and the element again enhances this action. Water signs are sensitive to hurt feelings, have a vulnerable soul, and need emotional protection and support.

The element of Water defines the temperament of people born under the sign of Cancer as phlegmatic.

This type is characterized as unhurried and calm, with a stable mood. Phlegmatic people are productive at work, thanks to perseverance and diligence.

Cancers are born under the sign of the Cardinal Cross. They show enviable activity and energy. These people are prone to change, from time to time they get bored with variety.

Under the influence of their cross, people of the sign Cancer start a lot, there are always a lot of ideas and solutions in their head, but often they leave things unfinished, because the cardinal cross keeps them in place, preventing them from moving forward.

Cancer is influenced by the western and southern hemispheres. Western defines in a person the way to implement his own program.


Following their path, Cancers harmoniously merge into society, without violating other people’s programs in favor of their interests.

These are not the people who will cross the road to reach the goal. However, society often uses a person in the Western hemisphere for its own purposes.

Defining a person in the southern hemisphere, we can say that he chooses those rules, foundations and methods for moving along his own path, which have long been developed and have proven themselves excellent. He will not look for new ways, allowing himself to take risks, but will use something proven and effective.

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