Libra Sun Capricorn Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

The saying you are important to me, you are my Sun and my Moon, you are everything important to me, has never been more true than in the natal chart of a person.

The Moon and the Sun are equally important, and as such, they speak of essential traits that depict a person’s personality, inner being, etc.

They cannot be compared, it is like one speaks of the color of your eyes and the other depicts your taste in food… All together, they make a whole picture of the person and its traits.

Are the Moon and the Sun always compatible – the answer is no, but if you know the position of your Sun and Moon, then you at least have a chance to correct them if they are badly aspected.

Today we are looking into the world of the people who have the Sun located in Libra and the Moon in Capricorn.

Right away, we can tell you that this combination is not as lucky as you may think, but it has its good sides.

General Meaning

Right away, we can tell you that the Sun in Libra is the one that does not have too much power in this combination, and what is essential is that Libra cannot express itself to the fullest because of the Capricorn.

It is like the Moon shines over the Sun, and Libra is disabled to express itself in a whole light.

Thus, the meaning of life is not able to come to the fore, but the Capricorn will bring something good into the picture, for sure.

Hence, as one of the main characteristics, people who have this combination of the Sun and the Moon surely have a problem in finding meaning in life and living through other people. They cannot find that balance they desperately want to have.

Here, we can see clear social and financial ambitions, aspirations for honor, high indebtedness, and responsibilities, intertwined with their lack of confidence in the future, make them a hard-working human being the one who is always exposed to great efforts.

Here, this combination brings a lot of work in all areas of life.

Here we can recognize the need to organize all affairs to avoid shortcomings and insecurities that are thriving from the inside since Libra here cannot shine to the fullest.

Also, this combination gives solid circumstances, so even if there is a lot of effort, it does not mean that life will be filled with problems.

You can recognize people who have this combination as the ones who have to hide great ambition under a calm exterior, and it can be a winning combination.

In fact, these people want to gain the respect and interest of others and the official authorities, which is thanks to the Capricorn.

This combination gives people whose values ​​are recognized with the eternal aspiration to jump out somehow, meet success, do business with big things, travel, build. If possible, they will be the ones holding the key to major success.

Also, unlike other Libras, the ones that are under the impact of Capricorn Moon are methodical and capricious, impatient on the outside but very persistent on the inside.

People who have this combination of Lunars are able to dream and want to move more than regular Capricorns, less than Often, and their look is striking and full of meaning.

These people have a lot to say. They change the place of living, and not infrequently cities and countries with an eternal desire to travel the world.

Imaginary fears in the vast majority of cases. They tend to think rather gloomily about all kinds of torments and dangers that have no chance of happening or living for a thousand years.

Concerns, small phobias, unfounded fears disturb their spirit. But in the conflict, they prove to be very efficient and courageous.

This combination gives big interest in money, and there is nothing that stops from achieved preoccupied with great ideals.

Maybe this is a winning combination when it comes to Moon and Sun combinations.


The Moon in Capricorn is very interesting in this way since it brings an impact on final decisions, and it wants to be the supreme judge, and the Sun in Libra wants to give righteousness. This is one very compatible trait.

Moon in Capricorn is yet another lunar position that is much debated and about which there are numerous prejudices, but you will soon see how this is simply not true!

Those who have this Sun-Moon set are those who are perceived as people endorsed with superficiality and coldness. It wants to be a peacemaker and judge, and according to that, it chooses its direction.

It is an eternal fighter for justice, and it finds it difficult to restrain itself even when the situation has nothing to do with its interests.

Often times this position can make people become activists, and reality suppresses the outpourings of their fears, which is amazing. Only through work and action do they regain self-confidence.

When it comes to imagination, those born with the Moon in the sign of Capricorn must constantly be on the alert because they can wander to dark places.

This position depicts something that is beautiful, a person who is pretty but has wrinkles and experience, and we can also say that in a well-aspected horoscope, born with this combination of Moon and Sun are interested in power, and want to achieve, by all means, socio-professional success, and wealth that must follow this entire story, otherwise it would not have any meaning.

In this position, there is a possibility to face all kinds of responsibilities, to travel the world, conquer the hills, test power, that could be political in the first place, but it can also be financial and religious.

Without a doubt, those with this combination of Sun and Moon are blessed with efficiency, precaution, and organizational skills. All of this makes them become useful members of society, and their values ​​are recognized very much.

Oftentimes these people acquire an excellent education and complete knowledge of spirit and technique, and this is a value that enables them to become exemplary and specialists if they do not become judges or lawyers.

One more thing – people who have Moon in Capricorn have an icy surface, but deep inside, they are very rich and lively; or as some like to say, their inner life is very rich.

Maybe a flaw can be that they take everything very seriously, but on the other side, these people have great power of self-control that is especially useful in business.

Here is the conflict- Libra wants to be cuddled, and Capricorn is not adorned with compassion. It takes a very special lover to make them find a balance, and this is not science fiction. It is reality.

Libra Sun Capricorn Moon – Man

Some astrologers have a negative theory of the man who has this combination of Moon and Sun because this man may be seen as a cold, inaccessible, arrogant man who can never be a warm and sweet lover.

However, that is far from reality because a man with this combination of Moon in Capricorn and Sun in Libra is, in fact, very committed to tradition. He is marrying kind since he is loyal, responsible, and stable above everything else.

If you want a man who is very loyal, choose this one, and be sure that you will have to pass all the loyalty tests that he sets for his environment, lovers in the first place.

This man is the one who instills confidence in his appearance. In some cases, he has a restless spirit, is excited, and worried at the same time, and never in his place. He exposes people who are close to him to inconveniences in the moral sphere, pessimism, and black thoughts from time to time, as Moon in Capricorn awakens these dark thoughts.

Also, always have in mind that here is present a mixture of pride and lack of self-confidence is a characteristic, and in the male natal chart it shows a man who has a poor understanding of women and, for that very reason, often makes wrong moves in a relationship.

From an early age, this man may seem serious and always wonder about something, and he wants to be with a lover who can understand it. Also, he can even at this younger age get the epithet “leader.”

At work, he can be extremely demanding but also capable of sacrifice when his team is in question, and we must say that this is partly the reason why he is so successful.

In the end, this man can be a bit bitter but never means to harm anyone and will never hesitate to curb his passions regarding when he loves the most to welcome criticism and objections.

When he learns more of himself, we can say that this man can develop a sense of his shortcomings as well as the shortcomings of others, at the same time being distrustful and silent. He regularly observes the always harder side of life as if it is the only one that exists, but then he is prepared for all negative that life can bring into his life.

Libra Sun Capricorn Moon – Woman

When we speak of a lady, with this lunar combination Sun in Libra and the Moon in Capricorn, we can say that this lady has an opportunity to become very successful; in a female natal chart, this combination shows a person who wants to progress in society or politics. And she usually does.

She is characterized by strong ambition, and wisdom is key in its realization. If she is able to find it, then her life is very successful.

She is able to find a large number of people in socially responsible positions because she also falls under the category of those people, and she enjoys it.

Work is very important for this lady since she is usually a proud owner of her own business, and she usually does more work like this than being in a corporate business as the majority of Capricorns do.

Often, this woman can spend several years in some job that does not make her feel happy and content, and in later years, she braces herself and spends and starts her own business. She is very analytical, and she will take her own time as long as it takes to make it happen. She does not rush into anything since she knows that her Capricorn is ruled by the master of the time, and she has everything set perfectly for herself.

Because of this, this woman is able to successfully plan her time, and the more time passes, this Libra can reach a higher social position.

Sometimes this woman can have a problem with her family, particularly with her mom, and she is usually in conflict during her own pregnancy or in her relationship with kids. But do not forget that this woman is very much dedicated to family duties.

One thing needs to be taken into perspective, this woman with this set of lunars is preoccupied with the material and financial aspect of life.

Practically, in all periods of her life, she seriously thinks about her future destiny as a whole, about their material and professional future lives in anticipation of difficulties, delays, obstacles, temptations… She acts with extreme caution and wonders how she will get out because she usually takes things from their worst side.

What separates her from others is her ability to make plans for the long term and never forgets what she has in mind.

In extreme cases, she can be very prudent, moderate, and thoughtful, and she is really prone to thinking, meditative, and above all, persistent.

From a negative perspective, she suffers from fears of all kinds, and that is one of the greatest weaknesses born with this position of the Moon, regardless of the positivity of the Sun located in the Libra sign.

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