Libra Sun Gemini Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Libra – “air” sign, depicted in the form of balanced weights; ruled by sensual Venus. As an “air” sign, it gives these people an interest in philosophy, and also indicates their ability to balance the spiritual and the material in their lives.

They are gifted with the ability to buy and sell; impartiality in relations between people is also associated with this sign.

Often they are carried away by projects that benefit many people rather than just beneficial to themselves.

Libra Sun – Meaning and Info

Ruled by Venus, pointing to wives and women, they are usually married or married and usually work as helpers or partners. On their own, or in pursuit of their own interests, they usually do not act as successfully.

The sun is weakened in the sign of Libra, and therefore these people can suffer from poor eyesight, heart disease, frequent headaches and weak digestion. They are prone to excessive use of toxic substances, somewhat arrogant, arrogant and prone to promiscuity. They are looking for a peaceful, harmonious environment.

They have good taste, are friendly, non-violent, compassionate towards others, and gravitate towards sophisticated or high-ranking people. Impartial, with a strong sense of justice.

Other people sometimes find it difficult to understand the motives of their behavior.

They are excellent at comparing certain things to others and are sincere in their assessments.

Usually opposed to authorities; interested in political events taking place in the world. They have to be careful in low-class society and when dealing with harmful products.

Enjoy travel and may be engaged in business related to jewelry and other things that arouse the senses. They need to develop inner stability and strength.

Libra Man: subtle, refined, and delicate. The slightest nuisance, a quarrel throws him off balance. All his life he is engaged only in protecting and restoring this balance.

Wants to love and be loved; generally only feels good in an atmosphere of sympathy. In an atmosphere of indifference, he yearns and can get sick. He is inclined to give in to someone else’s opinion and be the first to put up in a quarrel.

Buys rare, elegant trinkets and then gives them to his neighbors or even complete strangers. Avoids difficult problems. The struggle for a place under the Sun, violence is alien to him, especially if Mar is not expressed in his horoscope? Or Uranus.

He does not like to solve material problems, tries to live without much effort. Fortunately, his taste and decorating skills usually guarantee him the love of his neighbors, and they help him, including with money.

If in general the horoscope is successful, it can achieve significant success in art – design, fashion. He needs a practical partner who would take over the material support of his life. In love, he is usually happy.

If left alone, he feels abandoned and deeply unhappy, especially if Saturn is in a bad aspect to the Moon or Venus. However, Libra is usually not alone.

In general, Libra is a fragile, neat and vulnerable person. The slightest insult, someone’s rudeness – and he can get sick. Libra is shown to drink more fluids during rest hours, arrange for themselves “apple days” (kidney drainage).

Sulfur and phosphorus are shown from the elements. From herbs – basil. Often there is yellowish or “unclean” skin (decoction of mallow + coltsfoot). Toning baths with thyme, rosemary and basil.

Walking, gardening, dancing are useful. Libra needs an atmosphere of warmth and warmth, as well as sexual balance (a satisfying partner).

The little white dove carries the scales and tells you that the most important thing is peace and harmony. Your child hates discord, frustration, and arguments of any kind and will do anything to avoid them – sometimes tending to compromise and giving in rather than defending their rights or their own point of view.

However, this should not be understood as weakness. It’s just tact. If Libra’s strong sense of justice is offended, you will see how energetic and capable of fighting this sign can be! Libra people were known as diplomats – but also excellent generals!

However, a Libra child – or a teenager – is unlikely to openly argue with you about any issues that are important to him. This child will listen politely and may even do what you want to do, as long as it doesn’t seriously interfere with his personal preference.

But little Libras have their own individual thoughts and form their own opinions, so don’t be too surprised if this cute child, whom you thought agreed with you, ends up choosing a different path of thought and action.

The concept of fairness is very important. Like the scales of its symbol, your child believes in equality and adherence to the rules of the game or the law.

Gemini Moon – Meaning and Info

The moon in Gemini will give you unconscious variability, a certain airiness, susceptibility to fluctuations, infidelity, attraction to contacts, a statement.

Surely you are unconsciously tuned in to communication, contact, communication, receiving and transmitting information.

In general, you are an excellent conductor of what your first reaction is directed at, what affects you in a situation that is changeable, fluctuating, internally renewed and unstable.

Apparently, you have a high degree of mental mobility, variability, experience emotional fluctuations: at the slightest change in the situation, your state changes instantly.

Within an hour, you may even experience 5-6 changes in your emotional state, you are attuned to this by nature. Probably, you have a strong enough need for a change of scenery and you constantly unconsciously tune in to something new, to search for new information.

At the same time, you may not be aware of what you need, and if you ask you, then most likely you will definitely provide some kind of rational motivation for your actions and desires.

But the true spring of your actions will be that you are determined to seek information, you must have new contacts, assimilate and transmit information.

At the same time, you may have a strong need for external influence, since such a position of the moon turns you into an excellent guide: you have heard and transmitted, and you seem to have almost nothing left, you assimilate information, as a rule, only when something is on you something or someone is acting.

It should be noted that you, apparently, will not interact well with the same person with the Moon in Gemini, because each of you expects assistance from the other in obtaining information. Your expectations are usually not met. But you have wonderful relationships with people who have the Moon in other signs.

In the highest manifestations, you can become, as it were, a cosmic guide, while you are perceiving cosmic information. But these situations are rare enough.

Medical contraindications. Most often you are characterized by diseases of the lungs, bronchi, asthma, various nervous disorders of speech, stuttering, diseases of the hands (shoulders, hands, fingers).

All lung procedures (except in exceptional cases), as well as all breathing procedures (pranayama), will be contraindicated for you, as the lungs become very vulnerable.

But this is true for cases when the Moon is not in trigon and not in conjunction with the Sun, that is, when the Sun is not in air signs.

In general, if the Moon is in Gemini, then you (especially if the air cosmogram) may well have partially difficulty breathing or shortness of breath.

In addition, this position of the moon often gives a strong reaction to air pollution.

Even if the ascendant is in Gemini, then the Moon in Gemini will cause you, as a rule, intolerance to stuffy rooms and a desire for fresh air.

Naturally, during the transit moon in Gemini, operations on the lungs and bronchi are dangerous, but all “bleeding” procedures are allowed, taking drugs that accelerate the blood and are indicated for the liver.

During these periods, people who are associated with writing or typing will find it difficult to work, as their shoulders and arms become vulnerable (energetically weakened).

The moon in the sign shows the main way to comfort a person; Lunar Gemini in a difficult moment of life should be entertained with gossip, talk, taken to an interesting society, at least to the cinema or to the theater.

Because information is the main type of nutrition for them, without it they wither and fall into deep anguish.

The moon gives Gemini exceptional inner mobility and exacerbates the problem of the lack of an inner core; deep down, they don’t care which point of view to take, as long as there are more of them.

In a harmonious version, lunar Gemini are inclined to learn foreign languages ​​- they generally love sign systems, for example, astrology, in the afflicted they fuss internally all the time and cannot stop their attention on anything, clutching one thing or the other, and nothing really carried away.

The karmic task in this case is to internally determine, and not throw at everything (in fair amount) tidbits of information and superficial mental products that come across on the way.

Moon in Gemini: Internal variability, subtle, changeable emotional nature. A pure conductor of any influences, vibrations through your inner world.

In contacts, she adjusts to her partner, a subtle emotional attitude. Unconscious comprehension of the surrounding world, ease of perception.

Libra Sun Gemini Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Immune psychologically, mobile, contact, sociable, adaptable, kind, progressive, intelligent, secretive in some issues (home, family, personal issues).

In harmonious aspects, the personality has high social activity, interest in social issues, interest in literature, love for books, scientific interests, not love for quarrels and battles, many trips, spontaneity, attachment to relatives, family ties that are maintained are of great importance.

The nature is sociable, friendly, perceptive, commanding the word, finely feeling, sentimental, sympathetic, attentive, adapting, mobile; likes to be in public, to communicate; has ease of communication, establishing contacts, easy acquaintances, loves travel, businesslike.

This is a smart educator who pays attention to the mental development of children. Good position for writer, mediator, driver.

In tense aspects: inconstancy of feelings, changeable mood, mood changes very quickly; a lot of doubts and anxieties, fears and torments, childish helplessness or cheating, lies. fantasizing, writing, great emotional excitement, anxiety, chores, fussiness, talkativeness, love of gossip, sensations, pretense, pride, resentment, eccentric behavior, a tendency to drunkenness.

You do not come across as overwhelmingly emotional or sentimental, and you are often unaware of your own deeper feelings and emotional needs than usual.

Tears and outbursts of irritation of other people baffle you, and you feel rather bad in such situations.

You would rather resolve differences through reasonable and logical conversation.

If a situation arises when it is necessary to plunge into the depths of feelings, you strive to turn everything into a joke.

You avoid complex, multidimensional, emotional behaviors. You are careful and do not take on unnecessary responsibility.

You have a strong need for an environment of intellectual competition or cooperation and feel a sense of closeness to people with whom you can share thoughts and interests.

It is very important for you to be able to talk. You avoid strong, taciturn people.

Iridescent feelings, quick grasping, richness of thoughts. They say incessantly what they annoy the listeners with. They are very restless, nervous, looking for changes, scattered about, do not bring the matter to the end. Good scent thanks to emotion.

Departures, change of apartments (exchange of apartments). Women with the Sun in Libra are graceful, slender, cunning and fickle.

The minds of such people can quickly transfer from one subject to another, and often such people try to do too many things at the same time. They are friendly, skilled in trade, and speak convincingly. Very addicted to s*x. Succeed in mediation and communications. Can copy others well; they make good students.

They are witty; can deliver messages well. The Sun in Libra creates a certain amount of mental anxiety, but gives a keen intellect and the ability to understand well the thoughts and motivations of others.

The usual appearance of such people is a beautiful, upturned nose, curly, curly hair, a pleasant face; they have a good appetite and love variety. They often change the style of clothing, like jewelry, jewelry.


Gemini people are attached to music, art and entertainment; they may be proficient in singing or playing musical instruments.

In ancient texts, they are described as people who are confident, skeptical, skillful, romantic, but not very deeply in love, easily succumbing to strength; secretive; they need special exercises or some other outlet for their excess mental energy.

Gemini is a double sign, so such people may try to pursue their careers in several directions at the same time, or they may have many marriage partners. They make good office workers, lecturers and people engaged in intellectual work. They spend most of their time indoors. They are charming, unstable, and resemble children in character.

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