Libra Sun Pisces Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

If in the natal chars, Sun represents us, our ego, our personality, the one side of us that we want the world to see, while the Moon is what we have deep inside, it is what we do not want others to see, or we show it to someone special.

In a symbolical sense, the Moon is our soul, and for some, it is a more critical object for natal charts than the Sun, as it is seen as the most important celestial body due to its influence on the mind and emotions.

It describes how we experience the world and connects with it, and it is not something that we can hide, even if we would gladly do it and often try.

The Moon manages feelings and expresses the need for spontaneity and comfort because it can rule the entire specter of our feelings, and the Moon can reveal all fears that the person has, and have in mind that every deep problem, fear, and trauma is held in the Moon.

The Moon loves night and intimacy, the house, so it seeks a point of calm.

The position of the Moon in the natal chart shows the way a person thinks and feels their essential topics in life and their relationship with the outside world.

The Moon governs birth, as well as the type of relationship we build, while the Sun governs life energy.

Today we will take a look at the person who has Sun located in the Libra sign, while the Moon is located in Pisces. We know so much of the Libra sign. How does Pisces, the last sign in the Zodiac, associated with the complete absorption of the environment connect to it?

Are these two can work together well, or are they not as compatible as we would hope they are?

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General meaning

When we are talking about the Sun in Libra sign, then, at least from outside, you would imagine a person who is balanced or at least wants to be and works in that way.

Here we meet the big misconception about it, and it is precisely the opinion that they are balanced.

The Sun in Libra wants to move away from every lack of culture and discord, while the Moon that is located in the relaxed Pisces does not bother about it.

But combined, Sun and Moon make fighters, ready to sacrifice for some of the injustice, which often only they see, so that, during their life, leads them into conflicts and frustrations. And the Moon in Pisces tends to make this last longer, moving into the realm of torture and pain.

Emotional life can be messy for those who have this combination of Sun and Moon – imagination, and unrealistic demands may be the most prominent aspect of this lunar combination, which in reality could end with disastrous relationships.

In fact, and this part comes as even more problematic, is that this emotional aspect is even more emphasized, spending life inventing problems.

On a more positive note, this lunar combination can give a real talent for detecting and solving problems if they are focused enough on a bettering life, not just living.

If there is harmony in this lunar connection, there is a person who has great powers who can solve even the most complicated situations without any interference of emotions, lead only by the authority and sense of justice (yes, it does come from the Sun in Libra).

But, on the other side, if here we can detect the discord between these two lunar, then righteousness is still present, it does not go away, but at the same time, there is a disbalance.

It comes from the fact that the link with reality is lost, so these people can be very dangerous for the environment because they make decisions convinced that they are the only right ones. They are led by the moment, and often there is a disbalance between mind and heart and soul.

In a more serious, they are not able to different images from the rest of the world, the reality, and there are no boundaries that are strictly drawn. The identity and reality of things are not shown to the very clear, and the more they spend time imagining, the bigger the problem may be.


People who have this Sun-Moon combination in Libra- Pisces are extremely sensitive, reflective, contemplative, nostalgic, and sentimental.

As you can guess, the most important thing in their lives is their inner, rich life, which is always on the edge of the invisible world that is not reachable for most people, and this is the reason why not everyone could be close to them, simply because they are misunderstood. This does not exclude their need to be surrounded by a larger group of people, mostly for work purposes.

Sun in Libra and the Moon in Pisces give a mentality that is not correlated to the exterior of these people – but with the subtle, intimate, mysterious, complex side of things.

Beautiful from the outside and incredible but mysterious from the inside. They start from the principle that nothing is as simple as it is believed, and they tend to complicate things too much, and it is true that they like to examine and lead everything to their depths.

The central themes here are when it comes to this lunar combination that some would say is a bit neurotic, self-knowledge, wisdom, and spirituality.

In certain times of their lives, these people find the spiritual question and return to the self-being the center of interest throughout life.

Of course, do not forget what we have said that is prominent here – they come as a bit neurotic, and this means that the illusory side and the relativity of anything these people, even instinctively, can make a mess out of their lives, this is especially true when it comes to their love lives.

But, let us be honest, they can love you like rarely one can, since love and passionate emotions are their greatest strength. Love is their power, their way of life, demise, and also the biggest lesson these people can learn during life, they just want to find someone or something to belong to, and love can be their religion.

Faith and religion, and if they are able to maintain at least a bit of balance and cold mind (right away, we must tell you that for some members that have this lunar combination, this may be the ultimate mission impossible), it can enable unlimited expansion in life. They could become successful in virtually anything they want, love being the common ground for them.

Libra Sun Pisces Moon -Man

He does not make a conspicuous distinction between small and large things. For him, everything tangible is not real, and everything does not necessarily have to be tangible.

According to his mental capabilities, this man can be very irrational and even, for some, seen as nebulous, but when he is balanced, just a bit, he is perceived as translational and even lucid.

A man that has Sun in Libra and the Moon in Pisces can be seen as the man who lives in a confusion of dreams and reality, or in a world that is clearer if the differences are less illusory.

The mood of a man who has this lunar combination is changeable and oscillates from exaltation to remorse, from self-confidence to discouragement. He is not the easiest man to be with, not just in a relationship but in any other. He can be problematic even as a neighbor.

The spirit born with this set of Sun and Moon shows a restless nature, a bit anxious, and from time to time very pessimistic- he is not the type of a man who knows and who will pull you up when you fall, but it will, of course not on purpose make things even worse.

For example, if he experiences a pleasant moment, he cannot escape the need to suffer at the thought of the transience of things. He will find that one shred of pain in the midst of all of that beauty.

In general, this combination of Sun and Moon in Libra and Pisces strives for some kind of heavenly existence, as something that is ideal, while in reality, his everyday life may seem painful and unbearable, and the reason for it is buried deep inside of him.

He needs to be saved from feeling that he is torn, scattered, tormented, and confused, although charming and loving at the same time.

What this man hates is the lack of honesty in any relationship this man has; it does not have to be his lover, it can be anyone, even a person who sells something to him, or he will be very mad.

Paradoxically, and at the same time, this man often surrounds himself with mysteries and is often having numerous affairs on the side, not being able to see what is wrong with this kind of behavior.

Some male representatives of this lunar combination are even extremely mysterious that the environment does not know too much of him and his life, and this man likes to keep it that way.

At times it is even for the most determined among us to try to define this man; it is meaningless as trying to determine the dimensions of Cosmos, just do not do it.

Libra Sun Pisces Moon – Woman

Is the situation any different when we speak of the female natal chart with this set of lunar in Libra and Pisces?

Well, there are some things that are exactly the same, while other aspects could not be any more different.

Depending on the position of other planets and other aspects, this woman that has Sun in Libra and the Moon in the sign of Pisces, s seen as a very conscientious or hyper motivated human being, depending on all other traits and events in her life.

She is known to be the one that puts her loving and passionate energy into thinking about a bunch of little things that regularly elude attention.

This ends in not having too much energy left to make and fulfill these observations, and often times her regular obligations can suffer because her mind is occupied with thinking and contemplating things that are out of this realm that is more spiritual, etc.

In some cases, this Moon in Pisces affects a woman in a way that she is defined by distance, and in some cases, she may even experience darkening in a sense that she can fall into some dark places in her life, depression, and isolation, most likely due to her erratic love life.

But there is a light in all of this darkness, even in such a dark place, where the soul and heart are closed, she will often experience life, and choose work that involves helping people. She may work in a hospital, for example.

Seeing others who suffer and who need her tender hand maybe will help her heal her internal feelings of abandonment, moral loneliness, uprooting, and lack of freedom.

Professional contacts with large social groups of people, meetings with large institutions, schools, and places of suffering such as hospitals or prisons are all places where this woman can find her work, which can be, we will add, very successful.

In later years of her life, this woman may have a more or less consistent desire for isolation, but if the rest of her natal chart is well-expected, she will be able to make the best out of this solitude.

Out of them, she will be able to grow as a woman, and this lunar combination is known for giving opportunities for long journeys, for extended stays far from the country of birth and homeland.

Travels are what will make this woman feel better, competent, and this will be the place where she may even find the love that she deserves.

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