Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

The Sun and the Moon are the most important elements in our natal charts, in a sense that they describe our nature, our being, and also when it comes to the Moon, our inner being, connection to the hidden.

Combination of the two shows so many interesting things we should learn about ourselves.

One is associated with the other, and one does not have anything to do with the other, and this just shows how things in the Universe work in the best way. Two opposition that makes a perfect whole!

Do you know your natal chart and the position of the Moon and the Sun?

Today, we will speak of the people who have Sun, in their natal charts, located in the Libra Zodiac sign and the Moon located in the Sagittarius Zodiac sign.

Astrologers often like to point out that the Libra is a sign of the falling Sun, and this is the case because they say that all that the Sun is like ego; self-consciousness is in the opposition when it comes to the sign of Libra.

But the Soon in Libra is not alone here, and there we can see Sagittarius in the Moon. Is this what it puts into balance, or move it away from it.

What kind of connection do these two give?

Read in the following rows.

General meaning

The Sun, when it is located in the Libra, asks the person to be a “team player,” to learn to see even the smallest detail, the beautiful, creative, positive, and in the most difficult life situations.

This position of the Sun is a teacher since it says how to be more tactful, diplomatic, how to channel energies in a creative direction of teaching, guardianship, to learn to find the “balance and the best way,” and to learn to make the right decisions.

This Sun wants to find the best ways to argue thanks to good judgment, and it succeeds the best when they are fighting for a global cause. You will notice these people as they fight for the rights of minorities, etc.

This combination of Sun and Moon also places great emphasis on emotional and business relationships, the desire to arrange private life or business situation so that they exude positive, happy, and balanced energies so that in this period, many partnerships will get their purpose and meaning. This is what counts – everything they do must be with meaning, passion, and loving.

But, what happened, and what kind of connections gives the Moon when it the same natal chart it is located in the Sagittarius sign?

Then it gives people who are seen more as lazy, irresponsible, and selfish, and in essence, who love to do things too fast, and maybe even we could say a bit reckless. It is not bad as it is, but it can be problematic when it goes to the extreme, as it does in certain times of their lives. This combination can come as a burden to others and can cause others to move away from these people, regardless of how they are interesting or good friends.

This combination makes people analyze the pros and cons very carefully, and even if it takes a lot of time, it is worth it – they are wonderful and loving, fighters for the truth and justice, and on the other side, they are souls who are dreading to be alone.

This Sun and Moon combination shows that there is always a lot of information that needs to be processed, but in fact, they rarely make a really bad decision and are often asked for advice because of it.


Like in every other combination, this one also has its good and bad sides.

First, for some who have Sun in Libra and Moon in Sagittarius, this combination suggests that they find it very hard to be understood because, very often, they don’t even understand themselves.

Libra makes them constantly weigh something, analyze it, think about it, and Sagittarius gets tired of it, and then they start doing irrelevant and random things that they want to do, just for the purpose of recharging the batteries again.

If these people who have this Sun-Moon combination do not have a goal or motivation that will push them to, they can be one of the most depressing and negative people ever.

It could also be said that this Sun-Moon combination makes people being emotionally dependent, the ones that simply do not know how to walk through life alone.

Their natural environment is a partnership, and when they are in a community of this species, they feel completely fulfilled.

But, at the same time, they want to have unity (the sign of Libra, and on the other, they want to be free (comes from the Sagittarius).

On the positive side, they can be the ones who are ready to reach a compromise, meet people with whom they enter into partnerships, and there is what they consider as beautiful.

Keep in mind that the Moon in Sagittarius symbolizes friendship and passion.

However, these are superficial feelings and do not have the capacity to last longer. Of course, they want to be outside, to play sports or have a lot of animals.

They are at the same time human beings who are generous and naive but accompanied by happiness, and whatever they want to do, regardless of the risky nature, they can succeed in it.

Personality Man

When a man has this combination of Sun and Moon, in Libra and Sagittarius, depicts a man who can be, at times, very frivolous, being even too naive, having a lot of trust in someone, but also being very superficial, because the fairness in both of these two signs are making him getting quickly overwhelmed by the will and desire for someone or something.

But, if that something does not give him what he wants, then he instantly loses interest.

The loss of interest also occurs in situations when he meets people who are unpleasant, ugly, ill-mannered, and even threatening.

Libra makes him better here, giving him at least a bit of ability to cope, quarrel and fight, know how to wave and fight if necessary, know how to do justice, but he considers it a complete waste of time because there are so many better and better things to do in this very short life given to us.

So, this combination gives life that is filled with a lot of ups and downs, Sagittarius is always in motion because if there are no events, if there is no dynamics, it is a straight line, and a straight line means only one – ending, and he wants to move by all means.

When he does not work, his oscillations only teach him that when there is a bad period, then he can learn something and upgrade his life experience, make big mistakes – the Moon in Sagittarius wants him to do everything over the top.

Libra is then restarted and raised, he gets a reward for the effort, and a lesson learned – leading one very successful life and being very, very happy.

Do not forget that the Sun in Libra is very indecisive and irresponsible, and this could ruin him, in some other cases, big chances to succeed, but at the same time as the Moon in Sagittarius says he just wants to make the right decision, not to hurt anyone, always seeing that everyone has some benefit from his decision (even though that decision has nothing to do with their lives).

In any case, this combination of Sun and Moon is good, in a sense that this man has so many qualities and that he is able to lead a happy life, making along the way numerous good decisions, determined that nothing can turn him away from it. He is stubborner than anyone you know, and this may come as a surprise.

Some may see him as spoiled and too demanding; others see him as he is just an idealist with numerous qualities.

Personality Woman

When we talk of the lady who has the Sun in Libra sign and the Moon in Sagittarius, we can say that this woman is someone who is very much attracted by unknown excitement, that something happens to her that is not for anyone.

She is spontaneous, the one woman that falls in love with strangers, people of other religions or races, and along the way, she just wants to be free and independent. She is confident even when she does not show it to others clearly, be certain that others are attracted to this unusual woman, even seen as an “exotic” one. She does not have to be weird, she is a real girl, feminine, but inside she is burning. Very passionate, although she can make a few mistakes and bad decisions along the way.

One of the most important things when it comes to this woman is the accent on her relationships, which always, without exception, require teamwork, love, and tenderness.

In any other way, she is not happy. She is social, sentimental, and falling in love or loving someone or something can be the main interest in her life. She does not have special ambitions, although good lawyers, as well as judges, can be found in this sign.

However, they can achieve more significant good in politics because a good way of communication and without results is appreciated there.

So, they know how to deal with social problems because they know how to balance between two different sides, especially if the sides are also in conflict. They pay attention to aesthetics, trying to look as beautiful as possible, which also affects their inner feeling of happiness and satisfaction. They love crowds, seminars, congresses, fairs, and all other public events. They fit into political parties without any problems and easily make superficial friendships with people. They are focused on public life and need to be seen.

What is important to them is a partnership that can vary depending on the position of the Sun in the house and what aspects the Sun has.

In general, this Sun is associated with the public or public figures – this woman can be connected to the world of famous people, for example, she can become a famous fashion designer or a famous person in the field of modeling or fashion, maybe even television presenter.

Always bear in mind that this combination of signs in the Sun and the Moon is the symbol of charm, diplomacy, etiquette, manner, aesthetics.

In a negative context, there are several things to look into. First of all, it “splits” its individuality with the need to compromise, reach an agreement and enter into partnerships because she is afraid of loneliness. She hates being alone, and for this reason, she never or rarely says no to those who are able to charm this woman.

It is not rocket science, and they just have to show her attention. At times this woman can be blind to the negativity that surrounds her. She can be very subjective and vain, but only being objective when the idea of cosmic and universal justice is in the frontline. She is the lady that adores being in nice spaces for a longer period of time, she wants to design and decorate, and she is attracted to everything that is beautiful. She has a strong sense of aesthetics of beauty, and she enjoys harmony and a harmonious environment. She wants to live it, but she is not able to do it all times her life.

Most often, to preserve the peace and harmony she strives for, she agrees to various compromises that do not suit her.

This combination also can be reflected in the loss of the ego, and what justice, symbolized by the sign of Libra, must have. And this is just enhanced by the righteous Sagittarius, that deeply inside wants to find justice.

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