Libra Sun Scorpio Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Libra is a Cardinal, masculine and Air sign. It is domicile of Venus, exile of the Sun and exaltation on Saturn. This year, the Sun will enter Libra on September 22 and will remain there until October 23, when it enters Scorpio.

Libra, like all Cardinal signs, marks the beginning of the seasons, in this case, spring for the Southern Hemisphere and fall for those who live north of the Equator, where Astrology originated. Symbolically, it is the moment when nature has completed its cycle and is preparing for its winter break.

The hours of light and darkness are balanced, dividing the day in perfect equality, that is called Equinox (from the Latin aequinoctium aequus nocte, “equal night”).

Libra Sun – Meaning and Info

Libra brings in its balance the symbol of balance, ruled by Venus, her air is a continuous breath of warm and conservative breeze.

However, it is versatile and any influence can make it change, that is why its natives should pay attention to capricious changes and indecisions.

Like all Air signs, Libra requires intellectual stimulation, reasoning, and conversation; their natives like to dress and smell good, they are elegant, refined and well-mannered. They need love and are constantly looking for it.

They have an innate sense of justice, they are conciliatory, and they know how to smooth things over and are upset by being in hostile environments.

They are attracted to everything related to Venus: art, fashion, decoration, design and everything that is beautiful and harmonious.

Culture in general also seduces them strongly, poetry and good reading are related to it.

Human relations, social coexistence and diplomacy are some of its capabilities; they like to have fun and parties, sometimes they can be indolent and dependent on others.

The parts of the body that correspond to Libra are the kidneys, the buttocks and the lumbar region, that is why its natives are predisposed to suffer from waist pain and kidney problems, and, by reflex association, also headaches (Aries).

If Libra has a harmonious Natal Chart, we can find the following virtues: harmony, kindness, sociability, justice, delicacy, consideration for others, moral and spiritual elevation.

When the whole of the Charter is inharmonious, the defects can be related to excessive talkativeness, permeability to external influences, being unable to decide and having an excessive thirst for social recognition.

On September 26, Pluto – which has been in Capricorn for some years now – will resume its direct movement advancing through the second decant.

This planet in its period of retro gradation, surely, has made us review deep actions, motivations and predispositions inside, bringing to the surface what was hidden and that has to come out now, emerge or sprout.

Pluto marks long and deep transformation processes, sometimes incredible. It tests our survival instinct, pointing out many of the changes and transformations that can take place throughout our existence.

This transit can manifest itself as an increase in power or personal ambition and can even make hidden aspects of the personality emerge to take a new direction.

Probably, during the period in which Pluto retrograded, forces have emerged that have illuminated those factors that needed a closer examination to help us find more advantageous modes of expression for power and ambition, in many cases inordinate.

Better for passion to run rampant in bed than out of it. Do not lose your head or keep everything inside.

In a couple of days there will be a Moon in Sagittarius and what you will feel are a desire for expansion, so do not shut yourself up too much, as the “Dominant Moon” portal describes it.

The scorpion, the prickly cave creature, stands for processes of dying and becoming, imago and the consistent reminder that nothing lasts forever and everything is subject to constant change.

When this transit acts in a positive way, it can represent very favorable changes, enough energies and resources are found to make contact with our own authority, as happens to Capricorn, who strongly receives its influence, they also receive it, but to a lesser extent Virgo, Taurus.

On the other hand, Cancer, Aries and Libra, receive this transit in an inharmonious way, if it acts negatively, we run the risk of living oppressive situations, conflicts with others and power struggles.

Jupiter, the great beneficiary of the Zodiac, is the planet of expansion and growth. He entered Libra (the sign of diplomacy, art, and relationships) on September 9 and will remain in that sign for about a year.

In Jupiter in Libra the benevolence of Jupiter is united with the pleasantness of Venus. This energy can be associated with great sociability, diplomacy, enthusiasm for art, for cultural things, good humor and skills that reduce antagonisms.

Scorpio Moon – Meaning and Info

The Moon in Scorpio represents the taking of control in the face of the emotions that invade us when we are not able to know where to start.

The purpose is usually clear, but in the background somewhat diffuse, since you must grasp with firm hands the reins of what you are not able to explain out loud.

The Moon in Scorpio represents the absolute calm that is shown even when the interior is in a chaotic state: people with the Moon in Scorpio usually do not manage to feel interest in banal things as other people do, but instead seek a deeper meaning of life.

The power that they can exercise over others makes them feel that they have everything under control even when it is not so because people with the Moon in Scorpio also feel fear of not being enough in the eyes of the world or not knowing how to dominate the other he often runs out of arguments for himself as to why he should do it.

With the Moon in Scorpio, on October 17, the signs Aries, Scorpio and Aquarius will be very intense again and it could not be otherwise, despite the fact that the Moon will rule the emotions, because that is how Scorpio is.

Passionate intensity may be contained to a certain extent, but it will reach its boiling point. On the surface, they will be cold as ice, but in the psyche and in the heart they will have a true whirlwind.

They will be able to focus their thoughts, to the point of obsession. Like Scorpios, many will love or hate, although there is no middle ground for those of that sign, sometimes they are capable of loving and hating at the same time.

Moon in Scorpio When there is a Moon in Scorpio, emotions reach very high levels. You have to watch out for the tendency to feel jealousy, betrayal, revenge and obsessions.

Everything that crosses your mind you will feel with infinite power. Also the joy, the desire and the joy. Cultivate positive emotions and avoid falling into power plays and manipulations.

Better for passion to run rampant in bed than out of it. Do not lose your head or keep everything inside.

In a couple of days there will be a Moon in Sagittarius and what you will feel are a desire for expansion, so do not shut yourself up too much, as the “Dominant Moon” portal describes it.

The scorpion, the prickly cave creature, stands for processes of dying and becoming, imago and the consistent reminder that nothing lasts forever and everything is subject to constant change.

The circle of life. He carries a super intense and under certain circumstances hammer-hard energy, which is best suited for healing, growth, love and, thanks to the Taurus sun, sensual, enjoyable moments.

After all, the moon is also called “Pink Moon”. So the theory wants it – reality probably sees it differently.

It is not for nothing that the Scorpio is considered to be the master of toxic heat, rather uncomfortable, emotional and extreme – not only do shells fall, taboos are broken, secrets come to light and we have to reckon with topics condensing, fronts hardening and boundaries being shown.

Which is uncomfortable, but urgently needed, because full moons always bring culmination, correction, enlightenment.

Especially since Pluto, the ruler of the sign Scorpio, is declining in Capricorn: Thus the moon is also an omen for the next few weeks, an ideal time to care for old wounds, conquer fears, illuminate trauma and focus on one or the other mysterious to let in revelation. In German: If it pops, it is now.

Here is a small full moon parable. Under this Scorpio full moon it is more than wise and wise to examine whether we are too attached to the worldly things of this world, what our values ​​are and what other worlds, attitudes and views have to teach us. At nine years of age and as a Capricorn, you are of course a little TOO cool to just cry your pain out loud.

But our son’s face spoke volumes of great anxiety and deepest despair – the Pokémon cards, his lovingly curated collection from the first three years of school (lots of pocket money and grueling barter deals!), were gone! Just go away.

Libra Sun Scorpio Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Independence in thought, action and expression is a hallmark of your character. You are quick-witted and very inquisitive, you make a wonderful student who easily and readily assimilates knowledge. You are very ambitious and are quick to succeed in life.

You have a wide range of interests — philosophy, art, and science — and therefore are more likely to pursue a career in art than in business.

You are very interested in the way other people think, their actions and their possibilities, and your respect for yourself stems from your respect for your own way of thinking.

One way or another, but you will earn a living “with your mind” – that is, more with your ideas than hard work; and this can be realized in literature, science or politics.

In any case, you are a radical by your convictions and stand on the positions of progress, change, novelty. You are a rebel by nature and will always find yourself where there is a battle of minds or ideas and, quite possibly, you will side with the minority.

You are a strong polemicist because you think so clearly and state your positions so clearly that no one doubts your views.

You have a peculiar sense of tact, but you despise those who are cautious or subservient, and, if necessary, do not hesitate to say this directly to your face. You do not like to hurt the feelings of people, but you would rather risk doing it than sacrifice the truth in the sense that you understand it.

You do everything with enthusiasm: love, hate, intellectual or creative activities or politics.

Emotionally, you are passionate and assertive, and although you consider yourself a self-sufficient person.

In reality this is not at all, and it would be best for you to streamline your emotional life by finding someone to counterbalance your enthusiasm, although you probably, would ridicule the very idea that you might need someone at all.

Of Jupiter synchronize with moments of development, of expansion, of opportunities.

Jupiter is a planet that has to do with pleasure, the enjoyment of life and, therefore, during its passage we tend to be more confident and sure of ourselves.

Jupiter is related to travel and a philosophical attitude, giving us greater breadth of ideas about the world around us.

It is the planet called the greatest benefit, and its transit many times indicates moments where successes are achieved, objectives are achieved with a certain ease, especially when it forms good aspects, generates luck, success, good fortune and abundance of goods.


Libra natives will benefit the most from this transit. Aquarius and Gemini will also receive their beneficial influence, but to a lesser extent; likewise Sagittarius and Leo, since Jupiter travels through a similar angle. In this first stage, the most benefited belong to the first decant.

These transits exert a very beneficial influence on the mood that becomes more optimistic, enthusiastic and full of joie de vivre. It also represents opportunities, facilities, growth and travel.

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