Libra Sun Taurus Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

The power of the developed Libra lies in the fact that they can balance the most difficult, tense and contradictory situation, using a very deep and accurate perception of it (which they owe a lot to Venus) and light influences performed with the Venusian border and ease; an accurately executed Venusian smile can do more than is generally thought to be more straightforward planets and signs.

The confinement of Mars gives Venus internal energy and activity, but at the same time poses the problem of adequately expressing these aspirations.

The difficulty lies in the fact that Mars gives Libra a very acute sense of injustice, which requires immediate expression.

Libra Sun – Meaning and Info

In order to restore justice and create harmony, you first need to feel the situation very subtly (which always takes time and effort), and only after that look for adequate and often rather delicate ways to influence it; both that, and another labor is given to impatient and rectilinear Mars.

Therefore, with poor working out, Libra becomes inflexible and aggressive, and instead of restoring the balance, it is grossly disturbed, and after a while, according to the law of reflection, they receive a return blow, and a situation arises even more disharmonious than the original one.

At the same time, it should be remembered that Libra is an air sign, and here Martian rudeness and aggression are more likely to have a mental and communicative character; Libra will not resort to fists, and their abuse will be somewhat abstract.

The culminating Saturn symbolizes the core of the developed Libra, which gives them stability and at the same time wisdom in solving the problem of achieving harmony in specific situations.

Saturn literally materializes too airy Libra, turning them to a more practical view of things and reducing the range of their vibrations in ideal mental areas, to which they are very inclined in their highest octave.

Undeveloped Libra can cause severe irritation, avoiding solving a specific problem by considering it from an infinite number of different points of view, not connected in any way with the essence of the matter.

The elaborate Saturn gives Libra the wisdom of King Solomon and his methods of resolving litigations, sometimes too wise to the detriment of Mars, which, when Saturn manifests itself, can go into final confinement; only in the highest octave of Libra is the complete coordinated development of the principles of these planets achieved.

They are true diplomats, lawyers and lawmakers-practitioners who have a keen sense of their people and their way of interpreting the system of laws, courts and prisons.

The fall of the Sun gives a lower octave Libra (correct) extreme self-doubt and a strong focus on the public opinion of their circle, which (often sincerely) is passed off as its own.

Beliefs and initiatives are unstable, personal will is weak, but it easily tunes in to the team, and then it is difficult to switch and persuade a person, and most importantly, this is a pointless exercise, since the lower Libra still does not have their personal opinion and will.

However, when working through (in this case, it is difficult) Libra begins to understand that the weakness of personal will means for them simply the need (and relative ease) of careful adjustment to their karmic egregor (and not to the situation or social stratum, as in the lower and middle Libra), who (as far as possible) will tell exactly what and how to do in a given situation and where are the boundaries of free will.

Here, just as in Aries, the elaboration of the symbolic Sun means the awareness of personal will as the ability of pure attention, and freedom as the freedom to choose the direction of this attention; the fall of the sun makes this task easier for Libra than for Aries, where the sun climaxes.

The Libra situation often has “justice” or the quest for it as the keyword. This is often a court, a family council, an analysis of the results of an investigation.

The Libra situation is characterized by a distraction from emotions, versatility of consideration, a variety of selection and evaluation criteria.

The aesthetic version of the Libra situation is, for example, the state of the artist, who clarifies the solution of the picture by searching for the balance of the forms and colors located on it.

The Libra situation actually arises quite often, but due to its subtlety, it is mostly not recognized by its participants as something separate, i.e. a separate event.

In other words, the assessment of the situation and its solution from the point of view of aesthetics and harmony are very common, but they are difficult to formalize and therefore are rarely realized.

At the same time, the possibility of assessing the situation in terms of quantitative indicators (say, the average weight gain of a pioneer in a camp for a month) is rare, but clear to the mind, and therefore overshadows the previous type; it refers rather to Mercury and Virgo.

The lowest octave of the Libra situation is represented by a biased judgment in a totalitarian state; its highest octave is practically inaccessible to human consciousness, since it refers to the law of karma, whose manifestations we see only on imperfect models.

Taurus Moon – Meaning and Info

Let’s pay attention to the character of the person, when the Moon is in Taurus. Guarantee + feeling = strength. People with the Moon in Taurus are inclined towards pragmatism, conception and realism. They exhibit patience, hard-to-please, a sense of the beautiful and refined. These are stubborn, self-centered, unnecessarily harsh people in their expressions.

They are very sensitive to the disk, they make you feel good. They find it difficult to adapt to new situations, unplanned changes in life, all this can provoke depression and a sharp change of mind. If a person develops in a humane way, then in it he / she will have a balance, health, and a sense of fairness. These are loyal people, what they want not only to receive, but also to gain.

They are able to experience deep attachments to natural energies, they have a stable, sustained character.

In addition, they have a persistence in sympathies and adherences. It is vital for such people to be beautiful, in perfect musical accompaniment. In the representatives with the Moon in Taurus, a very developed sense of the atmosphere.

One of their main tasks in life is to maintain a sense of their own dignity, to maintain the necessary forms of existence and development.

Initially, they try to develop the material foundations for a comfortable, comfortable existence.

Consistency of the sign People who have the Moon in Taurus have a character who is easy to control. What concerns their opinions and views, they are persistent and stable.

More often than not, they are attractive external, intelligent, strong and material individuals.

They usually come out of themselves, since they have good self-enjoyment, but if they are irritated, then it is worth expecting an inappropriate and moderate struggle.

The sense of responsibility in them is well developed. These are economical people, distinguished by a certain mediocrity.

The representatives of this group are always persistent, fair and very sensitive. If the business promises to be profitable, then they will give all their strength and capabilities to its implementation.

It is very important for them to find the correct and correct use of things, capabilities and abilities.

Such a combination (pink moon) makes a woman sexually attractive, healthy and gives a beautiful and proportional figure. She has a natural aesthetic taste and refined behavior.

Also, the tendency is to co-ordinate and surround yourself with the odds. Women quickly attach themselves to everything as usual. Changes for it are a proper instruction.

With a strong lunar drive, it can reach a higher degree of laziness. Confidence in tomorrow’s day creates a full wallet and a constant source of dosage.

People are trusted and quite friendly in the community. This owner with the intention to dominate.

Even in the most difficult situations, she manages to remain calm, although she is susceptible to external impulses. The comfort comes with upholstered furniture, tasty food, and a savory environment.

Anxiety is caused by the unpleasantness and problems that she constantly transforms in herself and tries to make them disappear from her life forever.

It is almost always held, but it can get angry if the situation requires new behavior, to which it is not at fault. She needs a reliable man.

Designed for family life and love. This is an ideal host and a caring wife. But all this is possible only if the chosen one can provide her materially. The love of food often leads to transmission and completeness. It doesn’t remove, therefore, at the first opportunity, it will raise the level of its life.

It is pleasant in the neighborhood, does not let it be important and does not require instant answers to questions. Can wait quietly and show aggression extremely well.

However, this is normal when a quick solution to a problem is required. Such moments are pumped too slowly.

Libra Sun Taurus Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Then, in his senses, he persists. If he loves, he means all the hearts. He remembers all dates, but does not know how to original. Taurus speaks, but in practice we are not disagreeable in opinion. This is a native collection.

Moreover, it collects not only pieces of art, but also time-honored friends. Soft and pleasant voice, adores and knows how to sing.

This is a presenter of the earthy atmosphere, bowing to Benepe, and therefore physical satisfaction will be almost a very important place.

The influence of the Moon in Taurus on the person’s character Occupation and reliability are used by these people in their personal sphere, careers, creativity.

To love relations and marriage, they are extremely responsible. With the second half they lead themselves in a friendly and friendly way.

They suffer because of their lack of confidence in themselves, therefore they assert themselves through control and effort.

When the changes are numbed, they experience the strongest internal fight. Such people move on to a new project only after completing the old one. In their character, they are soft, balanced, natural in behavior and outside.

They achieve emotional equanimity after having a good rest and eating tasty food. Such a person is able to be liked by those around him. It deserves sympathy due to its soft emotionality.

It is easily carried over to simple everyday life. In friendly terms, it is not able to preserve the performance and stability.

This is a sane, practical, intelligent person. Its psychological stability directly depends on the level of financial well-being.

By observing and seeing financial benefits in the future, such a person becomes a faithful, reliable partner. For their purpose, they go confidently, calmly and not fumbling.

The most comfortable for the newcomer is the familiar, customary handling, does not carry pressure, speed and thrill.

This person presupposes a constructive style of clothing. He always shows bliss and warmth to loved ones. In it, observance, attentiveness, receptivity and judgment are well developed.

The presenters of the category with the Libra Sun are often in a thoughtful and serious state. They are capable of thinking consistently and intelligently, they have an independent, unbiased point of view. In the process, they are always fast and contained.

They dedicate many efforts to enrich their spiritual and material world. They are always stable in convictions, worldviews, and glances.

If the Sun is in Libra, then a person will experience attachment to his home, of course, of life.

With a well-developed artistic taste, a sense of form and a penchant for singing, it is easy for them to find themselves in the profession of a musician, a singer.

At the stage of solving home, workers, and creative questions, these people maintain a calm mind and prudence.


This person is obstinate and if the object of desire has appeared nearby, then it is transformed into the most accurate care in all the zodiac circle. Not for him.

The man is at once motivated for serious and long-term relationships.

You can’t even dream about the music with him. He is ready to go for something to keep the person close. She is looking for a partner for her whole life. And if everyone is on the way to recovery, then they will never take this topic up first. Prefer to leave him. Love at first sight is also not for him.

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