Libra Sun Virgo Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Autumn begins when the Sun enters the sign of Libra. The sun in the sign of Libra is in the cardinal air sign and in unfavorable dignity (the sign of falling).

The Sun in its basic nature has no desire to cooperate and associate with others, the Sun is always in the first place and does not like to make compromises.

However, the Sun in Libra cannot manifest those qualities and is forced to cooperate with others.

The goals of the Libra sign as a cardinal air sign are aimed at establishing relationships, social activities, and cooperation with the wider environment, the public and emotional partnerships.

Libra is an air sign that is motivated by the need to associate and connect with others on an intellectual level.

The sun here is aware of the existence of other people and shows readiness for agreements and arrangements in order to establish harmonious and harmonious relations.

Libra Sun – Meaning and Info

In relationships with others, Libra shows charm, tact, finesse, culture and great sociability by striving to maintain balance and equilibrium in their social activities and emotionally loving partnerships.

Expressed readiness to show tolerance towards differences, while expressing the desire to be appreciated for his diplomacy and fairness in relations with others.

They do not like quarrels, tensions and attacks of any kind, but they always try and try to overcome obstacles in a charming way with their kindness and smile, and with their tolerance, diplomacy and indulgence to reach a compromise in interpersonal relations.

The lack of desire to oppose Libra often leads to a situation where many circumstances in life weigh.

Great indecision when it comes to making an important decision, because they always look at and evaluate situations from several angles, trying to be impartial and fair.

Saturn is exalted in the sign of Libra, which emphasizes respect for diversity and acceptance of opposites in order to establish harmony, compromise and balance in relationships with others.

Life energy (Sun) is directed to social and love relationships. The sun in Libra grows and admires the partner and is proud of the emotional connection in which he finds himself.

The seat of Venus in the sign of Libra, gives the members of this sign a pronounced inclination and talent for art. Creativity (Sun) is manifested through artistic talent, a sense of beauty and sophistication.

The inclination towards beauty, aesthetics and beautiful forms gives them the opportunity to work professionally and express their ambition in the fields of acting, singing, painting, fashion, dance, and as hairdressers, make-up artists and wherever their sophistication, grace and elegance can be noticed.

They are also good lawyers, diplomats, lawyers, and it suits them to deal with cultural and social events where they can express their sense of justice.

Venus’ seat in the sign of Libra also gives them a pronounced need for beautification and a desire to shine at many public and cultural events and manifestations.

Expressed sociability and a friendly approach in relationships allows them many contacts and acquaintances during life in which they leave a good impression on others.

Their cheerfulness, calm and friendly mood and the fine manners they possess give them the opportunity to draw attention to themselves and to shine in their wider environment and in front of their emotional partner.

Their will and ego are connected with the desire to establish contacts, create harmonious relationships, with a lot of tact and readiness for agreement and agreement.

Libra is a sign of justice, peace and harmony. They believe in karma, which is why they will treat others nicely, but they will expect the same in return.

Their innate need for peace and harmony can sometimes make it difficult for them to reject someone or something, which can put them in a stressful situation or they may feel exploited by others.

Scales can be very popular in society. I can have a lot of friends, but only a few real ones. The same goes for their love life, they may have a lot of sympathy, but their heart will only beat for one. They are often true romantics with an idealistic view of love. They fall in love with love itself and want a partner who is willing to give in to love as much as they do.

Since their ruling planet is Venus, they radiate charm on an enchanting level. They have a reputation as the most sociable of all zodiac signs and often leave a very pleasant first impression.

Also, many think that they are flirting with everyone, but in fact, they are just nice and considerate. They usually do not start a conflict, but they end it. Some people think that Libra are weak opponents, but in certain situations they can be very surprised.

They tend to always filter out the good and bad traits, situations and people around them. Of course, they will keep the good and get the bad out of their lives.

Sometimes, they invest too much time and energy in making others happy, so much so that they often forget what makes them happy and satisfied.

Libra to some acts like an angel from heaven, or a devil from hell to others. They tend to provide what they feel the person needs. Libra – the face of charm and beauty, which look great even in the age of the zombie apocalypse

Virgo Moon – Meaning and Info

After its passage through the lavish and dramatic sign of Leo, the Moon enters an earth sign, mutable, practical, humble and hard-working: Virgo. His ruler, Mercury, governs words, communications, business, and contacts.

The Moon in Virgo needs to have everything under control, ordered, detailed, and cataloged and so on to infinity. For this reason, people who have this Moon in the natal chart are usually somewhat (or rather, very) neurotic, obsessive and excessively critical.

But since the lunar has to do with the emotional, the nurturing, the domestic, the familiar and the traditional, they channel all of that through mercurial activities: they like to write, read, manage, calculate, fix, summarize, economize, solve. It is a Moon of great engineering, efficiency and utility.

But there is also a more compassionate, helpful and spiritual side in Virgo, related to Chiron, this asteroid that in mythology represents the wounded centaur, philosophical teacher, guide and healer.

Its nature is twofold (Mercury) but also transcendental (Jupiter), since Chiron suffered an incurable wound (which today we can associate with chronic diseases) and despite (or rather, starting from) it heal and educate others.

It is as if this ancient wound that each of us (as mortal beings) carries within himself, teaches us to develop a wiser, more austere and stoic vision of life.

It is no coincidence that all this contains an analogy with Virgo, a sign related to the rod of Aesculapius and the figure of the Arcanum 9, the hermit.

During the Moon in Virgo, in general, we prioritize health, body care, food, physical exercise. We are more critical, because our sensitivity to imperfections (both our own and others) is high. Activities that require a lot of precision and patience (calculating, ordering, cleaning, and managing) will benefit.

The Moon in Virgo makes us less self-centered and proud than the Moon in Leo, therefore we go down to humble earth, to everyday things, to discretion and service to others (waiters, nurses, doctors, domestic staff, etc. ., are related to this sign).

Let’s take advantage of this transit to put everything in order and handle the numbers coldly, without losing sight of the fact that the Moon governs our emotions.

Let us not be surprised, then, if in the midst of so many accounts we find a tear, a sigh or a smile.

Libra Sun Virgo Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

When the leaves turn yellow and start to fall, we open the door to autumn and give Venus and Libra another chance to sit on the throne and teach us a new lesson

. Libra is a sign of cardinal quality that allows her the desire for leadership, activity and a huge amount of energy, and the air element reveals how she will try to build her own pyramid of success.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) always put emphasis on the mental, so these are people who react, perceive and think very quickly.

Because their mind is always active they are able to think abstractly and express themselves easily.

Unlike Gemini and Aquarius, Libra always strives to understand with others and is able to look at the problem from multiple angles.

Aries and Mars firmly say “I” and rule the first astrological house, and Libra and Venus rule the opposite seventh house and tell you favorably.

The story of Libra and her beautiful queen would not be complete without Mars.

Mars and Aries say war and hatred, and Libra peace and love, so these are the topics that Libra is most interested in: peace, beauty, justice, compromise, diplomacy and love.

While these are words that flatter everyone’s ear, the story of Libra or the Sun in Libra is far more interesting.

The sun, which speaks of ego, power, and thus represents the ruler after leaving his seat, the royal sign of Leo, where he felt safe on the throne, had to go down two steps.

The first step below the throne is an unobtrusive sign of Virgo who likes to be at everyone’s service, which is not usual for the Sun who likes to dominate.

The second step is the fatal step that cost the Sun authority, the step on which it slipped, fell and stumbled from its position.

Whenever we are in the rule of Libra, we are in a period when the ruler (the Sun) must also bow to justice (Libra).

It is for this reason that the Sun in Libra is the Sun in decline. Before our eyes is the image of the king who fell before justice.

No matter how strong the Sun is, no matter how strong the ego is before Libra, it must bow down because everyone is equal before the law in this or that world.

When they are in a bad state they can come to despise themselves, they have many insecurities that if not treated properly can harm their own body in an unconscious way.

However, when the energy is well channeled, they are very supportive people, capable of helping those most in need at their worst.

Of the 12 Astrological Houses, Virgo belongs to the sixth astral house that represents responsibilities, caring for the body and health, when there is direct contact with the Moon in Virgo it is the best time to do things, whatever it is, If there is a project behind schedule or a job that you want to finish, it is better to do it under this influence, since if Virgo is very informal in itself, with the Moon the motivation to work is accentuated.

Even if what you want is to declare your love, this is the perfect moment, it may not end in the best way, but at least you will not be left with doubts. But you must be careful with feelings in this transit.

We must remember that the Moon also sensitizes our emotions and mismanagement of energies can make them end up crying in the middle of a restaurant, or end up laughing out loud in the middle of a school exam.

In the midst of this transit, they need to keep their minds and hands busy, any activity that puts their mental capacities to work will be enough, but we recommend not over demanding the work, since it can cause severe mental and physical exhaustion for several days, that until they have a long rest.


It is a somewhat unfortunate combination for relationships, since Virgo does not usually stand out in the area of ​​romance and although it is true that the Moon represents feelings, this star does not focus entirely on romance, even going so far as to pass it by in cases like this.

They tend to be very controlling and heavy men, but they can turn out to be unfaithful in a serious relationship, this can be attributed to the fact that in this aspect of life they are very insecure, in this way they tend to leave their zone comfort and may make some mistakes in the process.

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