Lilith In Aries – Meaning and Personality

There is one specific question that is often heard in astrology readings when people are examing their natal charts – where is your Lilith positioned?  Do you know what it is?

The most common conception about this element is that we may have heard that there is something called Lilith in astrology, but it is not something that we know exactly what it is.

But, have in mind that astrology is a system, and all elements that are present have their own well-deserved place, and if we are speaking of natal charts, all those elements have their own meaning, both individual and also correlated to others.

Now, to go back to this element – what is Lilith, and what does it symbolize in our natal?

Well, some experts say that it is the planet, while others say it is not.

The closest suitable definition is that it is a sensitive point n the natal, and most definitely this spot is the representation of everything that is not an ordinary one.

Lilith could not be called a planet like we call all others, but experts say, that in fact, it is a tremendous quantity of energy.

Lilith is known for its own extreme intense radiation.

Now, the best way you can understand what is Lilith in the natal chart is to compare it with other planetary objects, like for example the planet Venus or the Moon.

Venus depicts all around us that is womanly, and feminine, that is related to beauty, innocence, and justice; while the Moon is the representation of our souls, things that are material and the deepest of our feelings.

Put these two on one side, and on the other put Lilith.

It is quite the opposite, it is the manifestations of everything that is dark and wild inside of us.

Animal instincts, erotica, and sexuality are all represented by Lilith.

In some ways, this element is also very important to mention since it speaks a lot about the personality of a certain person, is that it represents our trapped desires and needs.

All things that we are not able to show to the world, and often times to ourselves.

All that is unreleased from our souls, all that is inhibited and forbidden hides in the shadow of Lilith, whom some like to call the goddess of the dark.

She dares everything and everyone, she teases and provokes.

She is associated with sins and immorality, and perversions, and she can have a hatred for ethics and morality. It’s all Lilith.

It is our dark side, but through her, we can learn and overcome our own personal darkness – flaws and failures.

Lilith In Aries Meaning 

When Lilith is found in a fiery Zodiac sign like in this case, where it resides in the Aries, then it is all about the passion, passionate relations that, as we know can be overly extreme, and at times very dark.

Living in the Aries sign, which is strongly passionate in itself, Lilith here reveals a lust that Aries cannot satiate so easily, and here we come to the idea that this Lilith brings with it a quite amount of exaggeration and excessive behaviors.

All for the purposes to be satisfied if any way it can; and knowing Aries, there can be a quite amount of unhealthy behavior, even destructive and especially immoral.

She is brave to walk in the darkness, in places where others do not dare to walk, she will do it first and she does not care if she is the last; it is something that she has the urge to do it.

This Lilith is known that is attracted toward people and objects even, that are inaccessible and hard to win.

This tendency is not reserved only for love objects, this fascination with “items” that are hard to get expands in all aspects of their lives.

Wanting to get a job that does not suit, or attempting to win over a person who is taken is just one of the scenarios for this Lilith.

What is also characteristic and what Lilith reveals is that she hates when she is being lied to and will never be able to forgive infidelity so easily.

In fact, any type of disturbing loyalty and mistrust, for this Lilith is unforgivable and is not worth talking about at all.

This Lilith would never agree to share ” what is hers” with others, so they do not forgive if anyone may try to take what she possessively brings closer to herself.

This Lilith in Aries is very impulsive and passionate, prone to erotic adventures often with individuals much younger; and in extreme cases, you can imagine how inappropriate it may be.

But, just as we have said, Lilith is the queen of our darkness and she is responsible for all sorts of “questionable” choices in life.

She is always ready for action, eternally eager for gaining as many new thrills as possible.

This is a position that gives excessive jealousy and a tendency toward fatal passion, and if you look just for a little bit, you will see that many passions were committed out of passion and that people who did these crimes had Lilith in Aries.

Every birth carries with it danger, cesarean section, and heavy bleeding.

In its advanced and conscious form, Lilith in Aries shows people who are very courageous and creative, ahead of their time.

They are seen as pioneers and leaders who gather around them people of similar opinions and interests.

They keep their young spirit even in their later years, and you will be able to notice them just based on their young appearance.

They seem like much younger people.

In life, this Lilith in Aries wants to be powerful and a leader, believing that she is perfect for this position as she has a lot of self-confidence and a strong personality.

This Lilith has a developed competitive spirit and excessive enthusiasm, so if Lilith is well-aspected it will give her a powerful career.

Have in mind that one thing is always present with this Lilith – and that is the fear of failure.

Most often, there is an engagement in professions that carry elements of risk or are related to leadership and dominance. Along with attraction to weapons, sharp objects, and firearms.

In a case where Lilith is badly aspected by Mars and Pluto, it can assume killings and rapes; so the advice is to always avoid (with this aspect) any speed, pressure, stress, fire, and firearms.

Lilith In Aries Personality

For people who have Lilith positioned in Aries, they are known for their tendency to be dominant, to the point of sadism and authority.

This need to be dominant does not show itself in s*x for example but in all aspects of their lives.

Having said this, people who in their natal have Lilith positioned in Aries in love relationships crave to be dominant, and especially when it comes to sexual relations, they are very direct and relaxed.

They seem confident and easygoing, right away they cut to the center, with little or no foreplay at all.

For some, they can seem to be too aggressive, and not romantic and tender at all, but it is just the way they are.

These people can have certain issues with their relation to the competition, both in love and professional life.

When it comes to competitors of various kinds, these people who have set Lilith in Aries will use different means to remove them, whatever the cost for that might be.

If the area of life is emotional relations, they will do anything to move the competition from the love game and put themselves at an advantage, they must be first, and at times this seems to be anything that concerns them.

But at the same time, they are missing out on the point – is it not the idea to be happy, not the first?

Compared to people with Lilith in other Zodiac signs, these are almost unbeatable opponents and rivals when it comes to winning someone’s heart.

They are ready to do anything, and in this sense, they do not have any boundaries whatsoever. Cause justifies the deed.

People with this Lillith can be hard in a relationship; since they want to dominate, and even more they are never being immune to flirtations from the side if their lover does it, but for them, it is allowed.

Since they show themselves to be very persistent and stubborn, and the only way they will indulge in longer foreplay, is when they are in the mode that they are conquering a new lover.

In that case, they don’t choose a place or a time to shower their potential partner with kisses and make love.

After they have achieved what they have wanted, their selfish behavior and authoritative demands can start.

People with Lilith in Aries never become immune to flirting and seducing and conquering, and for the professional life this is one thing, but when it comes to their emotions, you can imagine what kind of players they are.

Appearance is important for these individuals, as they always try to look good, the exterior appearance is important to them and they want to always be in good shape, to stay young and desirable for as long as possible.

Some of them may become obsessed with youth and the way they look, often opting for medical procedures; and be sure about it, they are the first who will try something new in the market.

Often people with Lilith in Aries want to look fatal, so their body becomes the main weapon to achieve that goal, and if it stays within healthy boundaries, then things could work out.

For this reason, you will probably see them daily exercising in the gym and are often under some rigorous diet.

Operations and medical treatments are also part of their routine.

They know how to be very impudent in their dressing, and vulgar in their behavior and speech, thus emphasizing their superiority; which can be attractive to all the wrong people.

All to achieve the best out of their looks, and this gives birth to something more sinister – they can try to affect others with the same attitude.

Wanting from their friends and partners to act the same, even if they do not want to do it.

Usually, people with this Lilith do not have any understanding of other people’s weaknesses and can be so judgmental and firm about this.

All people with Lilith in Aries when they are hurt (and as see it, it happens constantly, so they have to be prepared for it) have a strong need to take revenge.

And they usually take that revenge, often in the worst possible moment in the worst possible way.

In some cases, people may see them as individuals who are in most cases very intrusive in their behavior and want to draw attention to themselves at any cost.

Doing stupid things and often times risky is a part of this Lilith also.

Did you know that astrologers claim that those who have Lilith in Aries were bad people, among them there are a lot of soldiers, murderers, policemen, and thieves?

People who have this Lilith are typically very aggressive in their desires and act and talk in the way that they are entitled to have something, regardless of how others feel and want.

On a more positive note, they could have died in the war because of their crazy courage.

But this also means that they will be recognized for their bravery.

Man, Women and Relationships

As we have pointed out, the manifestations of Lilith should be observed through the prism of passions, s*x, instincts, and at times, darkness.

Lilith in Aries makes people have difficulty controlling strong passions.

However, when this Lillith comes to the surface in the form of stormy love, how it will end, depends on the aspects that Lilith makes in the natal and transits at the moment of falling in love.

In any case, this aspect ensures a lot of fire and passion.

Of course, the passion is hot here, and the s*x is very fierce.

With this position of Lilith, passion is everywhere, it could be felt just thanks to the stare these people give you when you are passing.

In bed, they are dominant, without prejudices, prone to perversions and the desire to try and experience everything, and that emphatically wildly.

The vast majority of these people are always eager for adventure, very aggressive and ready for anything, but can be very unapproachable.

The man in this position will always look at the woman, even when in a relationship, and goes from one adventure to another.

This man is unfaithful, he gives himself full freedom, but not to his partner, whom he does not forgive infidelity.

S*x with this man is fierce and lasts until it exhausts the partner.

If Lilith is badly aspected in Aries, the tendency towards violence and rape is emphasized.

In bed, he must be dominant, without prejudices, prone to perversions, and the desire to try and experience everything, even wildly.

His lust cannot be satiated so easily, so this man feels obligated to change lovers.

Men with Lilith in Aries could be considerate, self-confident, and even kind and broad-minded, a true type of protector who respects women.

This is possible if other aspects are well positioned.

He can have, on the other side a problem with showing emotions and finding the ideal partner; and for some, this is the reason why this man cheats so much, it is because he wants to find the right woman. At times this is a mission impossible.

Some of the men that have this Lilith have one marriage that has ended and that was most commonly very traumatic because the wife is dominant.

In his second marriage, he changes and has a better chance of success.

Here, he has learned some lessons, and he shows respect to the family but keeps it out of the public eye.

This man also desires to constantly look fatal and is a born conqueror. His body is his main weapon in achieving his goals, he is strong but often fascinated with ladies who are out of his reach.

He is a penetrating person who works and acts in his own way, and does not agree to compromise; it is take it or leave it with this man.

This man doesn’t like rules and doesn’t respect them.

In his surroundings, he can be seen as a man who is very aggressive, impulsive, and ready for anything, just to reach his goal, and it could be anything that he has set his attention on.

And it is very likely that he will make it there, even if he has to pay a big price for it.

This man possesses great courage and often it is a question of crazy courage and he does not try to avoid trouble or take precautions.

Such males are leaders and heroes in wars.

When a lady has such a position as Lilith, then in her personality we can see emphasized pride, and she will never allow herself to be completely dominated in a love relationship.

Her strong s*x appeal does not mean she will have a happy and healthy relationship because men are afraid of these women who have Lilith in Aries.

It is true, that all men dream and fantasize about this woman, but have a hard time deciding to approach her, as they can be intimidating to them. Her emotions are very strong, but she suppresses them, and a small reason is enough to break up the relationship.

She usually thinks she will be cheated on and hurt and that all of her lovers are playing with her feelings.

There is no doubt that this woman is full of initiative, and tireless, leaving the impression of a very strong character.

But she can be prone to exaggeration and this could cost her many things, as people do not react nicely to this trait.

She is the one that clearly shows potential lovers who are in charge and you will know that you are her target just by the look in her eye.

She will show that she is eager for action and without prejudices, which, we can all agree is too much for some partners, and will cause great fear. In bed, this lady with Lilith in Aries is usually very dominant and in a relationship, she often does not give freedom, even if she tries to sound like she does, but she has a problem with it.

Visually, this lady exudes lively sensuality and aggressive but seductive eroticism, that is truly fatal for some.


Lilith, as we have said shows our sexual urges, past dark karma, and our temptations in this life; and all of this is connected.

Where Lilith resides, there are neuroses, deceptions, hidden things, hopeless expectations, nonacceptance, and denial in different stages. Correspondingly, it shows what we hide inside ourselves and what we don’t want to face in life.

A woman with this aspect is never a motherly type, but she is the mistress and a lover.

She is the one that is often rejected by society and the one that refuses to be a mother; these are ladies that say clearly that they do not want to have children and that they have different priorities in life.

In a man’s horoscope, Lilith in Aries shows what his lover should look like and what type of woman turns him on.

The type of woman that becomes his obsession.

In general, and this position is related to love, and passion, when it is in the Aries sign, you can imagine them easily just like some volcanos made out of passion.

And oftentimes, the person is not important, but the game is.

The sexual act here is a game without limits, and it lasts until the last atom of strength is extracted from the partner.

The freedom that people with Lilith in Aries give themselves is complete, but the freedom they should give to the other party is almost non-existent.

So, consequently, people who have this position are very unfaithful people.

But, one more element is much more problematic, and it is truly the manifestation of darkness – this Lilith gives excessive jealousy, and a tendency to fatal attachment, as we have said.

Be careful if you have a lover that has such a position as he can be truly fatal, seemingly a perfect lover, but he can be obsessive and will never

become immune to cheating and not being faithful to you.

And the darkness hides in this – as lovers, these people tend to be so intrusive that they demand others to behave according to their wishes, believing that they know the best and that all people should be like them.

This Lilith is known that it is unforgiving, does not tolerate compromises, and wants to be free.

To conclude, besides the enhanced passion, and authority in the personalities of these people, their main characteristics can be hyperactivity.

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