Lilith In Gemini – Meaning and Personality

In astrology, the position of the planetary object Lilith demonstrates our sexual appetites, dark karmic debts, and our lures; anything that resides in the dark can be under the shadow of this Queen.

Where Lilith resides we could search for the causes of any neuroses, deceits, obscurity, and all those dark places that we visit at times.

When Lilith resides in the Gemini Zodiac sign then it is sexual, but there are a lot of discomforts here since there is duality in this that was not meant to be in that form.

So we can see double standards, relationships, bluff, parallel affairs, but also routine changes of partners, or even multiple partners at the time.

All of this is Lilith in the sign of Gemini.

There is something smart and charming about this Lilith, but there cannot be found any fidelity, because even without Lilith, Geminis are quite unstable and an obligation that would create s*x for them is blasphemy.

Nothing is forbidden to them, in this way or the other, but it is another question whether will they ever be able to put their temptations and idea under control.

Lilith In Gemini Meaning 

When we find this Goddess of darkness residing in the Gemini Zodiac sign, then we can recognize the desire to dominate others on a mental and intellectual level.

On all levels, we can see Lilith that wants to rule them all.

Here we can see one more notable trait, and it is the tendency towards depression and manipulativeness, that is so prominent.

Bear in mind that Lilith is extremely strong in this sign (it does not have to be in a good way, and this is what makes the entire problem), and she rules Gemini in a way that when their strong personalities are combined with the awareness of eroticism (that is undeniable), things could go in a very wrong direction, as you will be able to see later.

Sexuality, therefore, in this case, could be very complicated, and the cause should be glimpsed into the minds.

They are strong but also aware of how sexual they are.

We can see the constant overflow of thoughts that do not allow the psyche to relax, which is why this Lilith often resorts (especially in adolescence) to alcohol, drugs, and various opiates.

These are one of the most problematic youngsters you have ever seen, it looks like they are doing what they want and implementing every single idea that comes to their minds, all for the purpose of dealing with their sexuality.

There is no other way they can deal with their sexual tendencies.

This position also could bring phases of nervous crises, hopelessness, and the feeling of rejection, as well as the need to become very vindictive.

All of this goes into a circle, they do not know how to fulfill their fantasies, so they feel like the world is rejecting them, and because of it, they can become very vengeful, usually towards others that did not deserve it all.

Now, let us speak to the real danger that lurks here, and it is not funny at all.

Astrologers say that this Lilith brings so many weird elements, that incest is possible, or love for a sibling that could be pathological.

In love, this Lilith will search for a partner that looks like a sibling, which is truly disturbing.

Some mention even rapes among the family members which is another level of weirdness.

Sometimes this position of Lilith can produce rapists, or this Lilith can indicate the danger on the street or the one that lurks online.

It is the kind of danger that is lurking on the street and that scares every parent in this world.

Also, this Lilith puts an accent on hands, that could be injured, burned, or cut, with the scars on them.

Here, we can also see the great need for mental and intellectual superiority over others, along with the dominance over partners.

If there is an inability to have this superiority, and there is great dissatisfaction with lovers.

In a general sense, because of this, in any interpersonal relations, there is a tendency towards depression and manipulativeness.

Lilith in Gemini is said to be very strong because it is in its own sign and gives a person deep intelligence.

But, we must never lose sight that this Lilith lives in a dual nature, and she seems to be a bit naive and perfidious at the same time, and they are.

Almost all regarding this Lilith is in double, like dual affairs and dual morals.

Over time, this Lilith produces an obsession between good and bad, that in its finality it becomes such a burden that is too heavy.

And this influence from Lilith is especially evident in relationships.

She is inquisitive and superficial and sets her path to discover the real truths, to dig deeper into souls, and this Lilith then gives birth to amazing psychotherapists, especially because they have power over other people who open up and trust them of their own harmony.

This Lilith brings strong intuition, and there can be predictions of the future that were based on facts, and hence in this group, there are a lot of astrologers, numerologists, and esotericists in general, who can achieve real success in predicting the future.

But this is only possible when they believe in what they learn, in what they do, because as long as they are haunted by doubt, they are not able to use their prophetic gift to the maximum.

And, not to forget the connection that Lilith in Gemini has with youth – it is very important, here we can see the need to work with younger people, and often times it is in a somewhat mentorship relation that could be beneficial for both sides.

Lilith In Gemini Personality 

Astrologers say that this Lilith in Gemini shows past lives where people who have this position were thieves, highway robbers, schemers, swindlers, or perfidy merchants.

Some say that in this category we can see women who were prostitutes, maybe not in their lowest form, but those who are tricking men for some “prize”.

Anything that has got to do with their skillful hands, is used for tricking others, as Liith shows its real face here.

But, these were just lessons from the past, and now, all who have that Lilith position must lead their lives so that deception, scheming, and gossip are far from them.

This is not an easy task, since Lilith does her best to make them fall on temptations.

And they must learn how to openly express their feelings because in that way they will have an amazing and healthy relationship with other people.

In every other way, they can expect a lot of challenges.

Another issue that must be overcome is the one in which these people are not hoaxers themselves, but they are the ones who are cheated on and will presumably have bad relationships with their brothers, relatives, and neighbors.

This Lilith in Gemini has the appearance of a child, and people who have this position do look like they are very younger, younger than they actually are.

And they love to be in the company of younger people.

They look like they are naive and harmless, it is like they would never harm any human being, but the truth is, of course, a bit different.

The major trump card in general communication, and also in the realm of interpersonal relations is their seduction by words, as they are masters of pleasing talk; they can convince you of anything they want.

This is why so many people “fall” on their tricks, and this may be good for their jobs, but in love, not so much.

People who have Lilith in Gemini are extremely talkative and communicative and thus they are able to liven their partners and any other person who they want to keep interested.

People who have this Lilith can become very successful in the job they choose to do- for example, they can be excellent actors and animators, or, if they would prefer it that way, they can become amazing psychologists and psychoanalysts (those who want to listen, not just talk).

They can do well in any job that requires them to easily enter into other characters.

In a case, where Lilith was aspected by Pluto, a person with this position could execute some form of sorcery; and many of them will find the occupation that has got to do with some form of paranormal activity, that is completely normal for them.

Lilith in Gemini when it is developed and a person has other positive aspects in the natal chart can produce excellent writers or speakers whose words have the capacity to connect the very nature of the human soul.

In this sense, they are very provocative, able to play with words and seduce with nothing more than just one sentence or a word.

When they are not feeling like things are going their way, these people show their bad side, point angry words toward people, and it becomes so murderous and poisonous, a fight where no one can win, and that is filled with insults and curses.

Now, the most crucial part of this Lilith is sexuality and interpersonal relations.

Living in the sign of Gemini, Lilith indicates people who are very insatiable and eager for love and s*x; they want to experiment and try anything they want.

It is characteristic for them that when it comes to love, they have very broad understandings and are often without any prejudices.

They look for pleasures of an erotic and sexual nature in the most unusual places because they are excited by the extraordinary and bizarre in love, and they are especially excited by the thought of spontaneously making love in a place that is not the most suitable for it.

Any trill that can come their way is more than welcome.

However, although it may seem due to their open communication and actions that are without any boundary, that they are not particularly faithful and loyal to their lovers, in fact, people with Lilith in Gemini essentially want to share and realize their aspirations and most hidden desires and fantasies with their loved one.

But they are not able to find it very often, most notably because it is not an easy task to find someone who will understand their “madness”.

If by some chance they are able to do it, then it is not difficult for them to openly express feelings and expectations in a love relationship so that they can more successfully solve their problems in general.

All thanks to the ability to communicate more easily, and in bed, they can better explain to their partner what pleases them.

Man, Woman and Relationships

The erotic imagination of the people who have this position of Lilith that is located in Gemini is highly developed and it is not difficult for them to express their feelings, but for some those feelings could be shocking, and therefore a misunderstanding occurs.

One of the flaws that could be contributed to these people is that in interpersonal relations they see black and white sides of their partner and criticizes that person constantly.

It is not ok to do it, because that form of communication is not healthy.

Their biggest problem is that they think too much and feel less.

Since members of this zodiac sign are very imaginative by nature, Lilith has a lot to do here, and you can just imagine how that imagination is recreated and used in the realm of sexual pleasures.

People of both sexes with Lilith in this sign have extremely developed erotic creativity, and this is often emphasized by watching porn movies, visiting s*x shops, and reading and writing sexy literature.

They look for erotic and sexual pleasures in the most unlikely places and are excited by anything that is (at least by the judge of the majority) extremely unusual or unique. Some would even say bizarre.

All kinds of games are mandatory in the bedroom, as well as the use of sexy props simply inspires them and they treat their partner like a child treats a toy.

If this is not included in their sexual life, then it is boring for them to be in that relationship.

If the man has such a position of Lilith when it is seen in Gemini, he is without a doubt a person who is very smart (and educated), and the more he knows the more enigmatic and mystical he becomes for ladies.

In this way, he becomes even more attractive to others, and what is most notable is his eloquence, wisdom, and charm.

But at the same time, this man could be very cunning, and this is something that helps him in his work, and also with the ladies.

He has a strong sense of business and a rational spirit that makes him successful in the work he chooses to do, and he does not have time to deal with his partner, which makes her and him constantly dissatisfied with each other.

For this man, the best s*x is the one that he has in the car, on the street, done hurriedly and unexpectedly, with no foreplay, and of course, his gratification is what counts here.

This man loves to use sexual “support” and animates his partner with a sexual scenario that he wants these two to create.

This man loves to look at naked women, go to s*x shops or use dating applications and watch pornographic movies on a daily basis.

He is cunning, shrewd, likes to drive fast, and is open-minded, some would call him a bad boy.

In relationships, he remains out of the emotional, and he treats his partner like a toy, a somewhat sexual object.

If you are a man with this position of Lilith, you have to take something from the behavior of women, from their cunning and insight to survive both in business and in love.

The more silent this man appears to be, the more fatal he is. Words can be a powerful weapon for them at work, but not in love.

He can change his profession or work 2 jobs at the same time, so he is suitable for the job of a journalist, writer, astrologer, psychotherapist, media personality, actor, professor, butcher, and also a surgeon.

A lot of thoughts rush into his vivid mind, which can create a mental block and while it seems like he is listening to you, he can wander in his mind.

All in all one very interesting man that is not for everyone, and he would not want it to be.

If we meet a woman that has Lilith positioned in the Gemini Zodiac sign, it suggests that she is one woman who is very capable of work, she can do it all, she is smart, and can even be very successful in some business.

But this also means that she will be victimized; it happens that her life will fall into various crises because she becomes a victim of gossip and a target of others who can be jealous of her and her success.

Another disappointing aspect that this Lilith brings into the world of ladies is that she is the one who can be cheated on, as her lover could cheat on her, and what is even worse, it could be her female colleague.

But there is no doubt that she is a seductress who charms with words and seduces with an intellectual story.

She hides her feelings behind skillful polemics, and by nature, she has a somewhat unfaithful side and takes everything as a game.

She can even create scandals and is the target of gossip because of her behavior.

This Gemini lady can exhibit occasional tantrums and can expect the same from her lover; such a scenario both scares her and is interesting to her.

If you are a woman with Lilith in Gemini, you are very capable of doing any assignment, thanks to your natural smarts and charm.

But, even in that segment of life crises can occur from time to time because you are the victim of gossip and your partner can leave you for a colleague.


Observing those who have this position of Lilith in the Gemini sign, we could easily say that are quite hard people to please in many regards, although they are seen as very curious and smart people, at the same time they can be very superficial and cunning.

But the fact is that Lilith does not feel comfortable in this Zodiac sign, it is not a good position for her.

This means that Lilith although not good, makes these people often want to fraud and experiment, so they cannot be trusted because there is no prohibition for them.

This is the impact of Lillith in its darkest best.

Such negativity is seen in their personalities, they are childish in an unhealthy way, and in this regard, they are going to the extremes in their behavior.

Never consistent and what is even worse is that they have such mood swings that no one “normal” could follow them.

Regarding s*x, we could easily say that those who have such a position in their charts can be promiscuous; as we have said prostitutes can have such a position in their natal charts.

Although one of the greatest characteristics of Lilith in Gemini is that these people are not stupid even if they can be superficial at times, as we have said.

They can do so many responsible and intellectual jobs.

They love to gossip and they themselves can be the target of gossip.

It is advisable for them to master the art of communication and try to avoid being superficial and try to dedicate themselves to anything for a longer period of time.

There is something unusual about their hands, as astrologers like to point out they are sensitive to chemicals, with pronounced veins, but at the same time, they are very skilled so they can create with them, play an instrument, or use bioenergy that they have in them.

Their mind has a lot of unusual ideas, is curious, and superficial, and receives everything with a smile.

They are fans of reading and love books and phones as well.

Communication with others ranges from the greatest kindness and loving words and amazing advice to the greatest threats, curses, and insults. When this Lilith in Gemini becomes a bit angry, words become brutal, full of meanness and bitterness.

All of this leads them to a life where they are the target of scandals and gossip, and their sexual escapades do not help here either.

This is an analytical mind that must think, learn and travel in order to be awake and productive, in every other aspect, it will just turn to waste.

They need to be mentally dominant and superior over others, but also have weak nerves, so they often more walk away than they dominate.

In the end, with this Lilith is never boring, that is for sure.

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