Lilith In Taurus – Meaning and Personality

Observing natal charts in general, and looking into astrology in some general way, we can see that Lilith has a very important place for understanding characters and reasons behind certain behaviors.

Lilith is known to have its strong meaning and hard impact, when found in strong placements in people who are in some way on the wrong side, who deal with dark sciences, love to learn of paranormal, are into destructive sex and subsequently destructive relationships.

And this is not the rule, this is just one of the ways Lilith exhibits its powers on a person.

When it does not have such a hard position, then it shows a somewhat sinister intellect, that could be eventually used for good.

Be that as it may, the concept of Lilith is very important in astrology and gives us quite clear ideas about what we hide inside us and how strong this wild passion is in us, because such a wildness must be tamed, or it could bring more issue into our world.

Now, there cannot be any progress in this sense, if people do not know what is that that Lilith hides, for example, what we are like when we are freed from restraints and moral restraints.

For some this concept is insane and if nothing it is inappropriate but very valuable for thinking.

Lilith also reveals what we are like when we are completely intimate, without fear and shame that often binds our emotions.

Maybe in some cases, people should strive toward this energy of freedom, because only then they will be able to learn about their nature.

Lilith speaks of our animalistic urges and naked, raw nature – it reveals who we are where we do not have anyone and anything.

In this position what is hidden is repressed sexual energy, but also everything that causes us to feel weak and what we want to conceal from others.

When Lilith is found in the Taurus Zodiac sign, that is the symbol of pleasure and hedonism – then such a position depicts the constant need toward feeding all types of needs and desires, for the purpose of having as much pleasure as possible.

Lilith in this sign is able to assist people to use the position (which is often very high and prominent in the society and for example in their workplace) in order to reach new values ​​and thereby, even more, recompense for the complexes that this same Lilith prompts in the deepest parts of the mind, the parts that are hidden from all.

Lilith In Taurus Meaning 

We know that Taurus is the symbol of pleasure, and therefore, Lilith in this sign indicates great adoration for s*x and means absolute pleasure in the erotic.

But we must not forget that Taurus is also a symbol of slowness, so having Lilith in this sign means that the excitement comes slowly and gradually, and in the sexual context, it always means the need for a long foreplay.

Everything that leads toward s*x is what this Lilith counts the most and loves the most.

Lilith in the Taurus sign shows a strong desire to be almost continuously with the people who occupy her thoughts, imagining and seeing that individual as someone who will be with them for the rest of their life and wanting to achieve emotional and sexual relationships only with that person.

And in reality, this could be a person that by no means deserves such a position, and it is very likely that he or she does not see things as Lilith makes Taurus see them.

Lilith which is located in Taurus is very difficult to draw attention to since she requires a lot of patience and determination.

The one who is able to do so will wake up their passions and from their only wild ride could be expected.

But, it would ot be fair if we would put the whole accent on sexual pleasures and hedonism since that would not be fair.

Lilith in Taurus provides so much more – it is able, without any problem, with the right person, who was patient.

Then, we can see a lasting and strong range of feelings that will be reserved only for the person they love.

Lilith in this sign is, as we have pointed out very sensual and prone to pleasures of all kinds, yes s*x is one of these pleasures, but certainly not the only one.

This Lilith is a hedonistic one, the one who enjoys food, expensive things, and money as much as sex.

In combination with other aspects that are bad, this could make a profile of a person who endangers his or her health because he or exaggerate in enjoying these pleasures of life.

If we want to look at the manifestations of this Lilith in aspects that are not related directly to s*x, then we meet Lilith who gives a lot of talent in arts, for example, music and dance.

It does not mean that work as artists, but this is just one of many ways enjoyment is satisfied, it has artistic talents, or enjoys for example in purchasing some expensive arts, partially for itself but also for fascinating others.

This Lilith often gives stable finances, since stability is over anything else, and money is important to provide a comfortable and easy life, in all of its elements.

This Lilith as astrologers like to point out could give certain challenges with the conception and generally with fertility.

One of the most important lessons this Lilith brings is – finding and accepting the karmic duty.

In the case of Taurus is to restrain the need for satisfaction, that is, to learn to control sensuality and possessiveness, which often go hand in hand, and can draw to the surface the worst possible characteristics.

The great need to possess is present and emphasized in Lilith in Taurus. This is the rule -Regardless of the type of concrete way of acquiring possessions (and here those could be people and those could be material good for sure), this need is hidden deep in the Lilith.

Certain times and situations are making this tendency to become as visible as it can be.

Also, in this Lilith, we can see a lot of insecurities that try to be hidden, and at the same time, there is a pronounced need for freedom.

It comes when there is enough of all, material and non-material.

But even then, from time to time, a feeling of anxiety that something has been missed emerges deep from the subconscious, regardless of whether it is an everyday person, a millionaire, or a supreme artist with this Lilith in their natal charts.

It is a constant struggle and a somewhat painful journey, during which, there are nice moments.

Lilith In Taurus Personality 

Primarily, people who have this Lilith in their charts located in the sign Taurus are very faithful and loyal people.

There is virtually not anything that could stop them from remaining loyal and loving friends, and partners.

It is expected that they anticipate the same amount of loyalty, regardless of circumstances.

These people are great hedonists when it comes to enjoying life, we know that, since it is a typical trait of any Taurus, but here that hedonistic tendencies are related to s*x.

Lilith here discovers that they love to enjoy erotical pleasures, and it is as long and slow at moments, but the accent here is on being all day and all night with their lover in a bed, and the entire experience should resemble gentle and long foreplay, as they love to enjoy it just like that.

So, there is no doubt that this Lilith makes them desirable lovers who know how to make love and have good s*x since they are defined by satisfaction.

In the personality of these people, a lot of it has to do with the feelings of safety and freedom, two concepts that are for all Taurus people are equal.

Individuals who have this Lilith in the sign of Taurus, therefore have an exaggerated sense of personal values, and every one of their actions is motivated by it.

Also, we can see an overemphasized requirement to feel secure in anything they do, and this is the reason why there is a process behind everything they do or decide to do, in love and all other matters.

This need is furthermore manifested as a strong desire to relish the beauties of life, on almost levels.

Primarily on material, but also on moral, academic, and aesthetic levels. At the same time, these people are able to build a personal value system that they attach relentlessly.

And they want everyone else to follow their system, which is the explanation why they have just a handful of true friends.

Lilith in Taurus creates a strong aspiration toward higher values, as we have said they have their system of values that they require to be followed by all who are close to them or want to be close to them.

But there must be a way how they are forming those values that are very high.

Others may see them as snobs, and they do not oppose this qualification, since they admit that they are very sensitive to distaste and disharmony of any kind.

For them, things must be in order, and have great expectations from themselves but also from others.

These human beings only want the best in everything and will recognize only perfection in everything, this includes love relationships and s*x of course.

But, any story about the need to be perfect is precisely the opposite, it is a story about defects, usually regarding the internal area of a person.

By doing so, people that have this Lilith, unconsciously hide some external defect that they have or think they have.

And this is the manifestation of Lilith in all of its dark beauty – the reason behind certain behavior.

In some cases, as astrologers like to point out, this Lilith is a promontory of the childish fear of being unnoticeable from their peers or siblings, and they have a constant need to be not as different, as better than anyone else.

The seduction game is at the center of this story; and since it is based on the emphasized emotionality and eroticism, you can imagine how these people do it.

They are, for it, very popular, no matter what gender they are, or what their age is.

The most important thing is that Lilith makes them use all that they have to conquer.

In this sense, they will use their words and voice, education, presents, good manners, and courtliness; they would even do some favors to set themselves from everyone else.

Desire is very highlighted and they need to show what they feel with every word and gesture.

Although, in the end, these people still have the need to be safe and secure with that one special person, and the majority of them want to have a wife or a husband and a lot of kids.

A large family is somewhere in their minds all the time, even in those tempestuous premarital episodes when they were younger.

This Lilith, despite its darkness, shows the tendency to have a peaceful and pleasant family.

Man, Woman and Relationships

People with Lilith in the sign of Taurus, in a general sense, belong to strongly faithful people, they are loyal, not seen as cheaters, and even if they can be tempted, primarily the need to have more and more plausible moments.

But they will not do it, and oftentimes, it is because of the simple reason that they like security; they above anything else, want to be with someone, who will be their everything, and with who they can feel free to get wild.

It is said that people with this position of Lilith are mostly problematic when they are younger, then, they are prone to affairs and numerous relationships because they simply cannot resist the opportunities to enjoy.

Eroticism is very emphasized and this aspect and it simply needs to show its emotions with every gesture. A woman usually does it with kindness and men with gallantry.

So, there is a clear desire to enjoy, have s*x, and be loved if possible, but all of this must unfold in their own tempo since they can need more time.

At times they can be as slow as it seems like they do not want that sexual game anymore.

A woman with Lilith in Taurus seduces potential lovers with her sexy voice, luscious hair, and cluelessness (she at times represents herself as more stupid than she is to seem cute).

And for a man who has Lilith in Taurus, the more emotions and attention you give him, the more he will reciprocate.

When we see Lilith in Taurus in a natal chart of a man then he quite unconsciously has a pronounced characteristic of using everything to reach the potential lover.

This man will without thinking do anything that he sees necessary to reach someone, for example, his position or material status.

This man is known to have a tendency not to save any money on spending for the gratification of enjoyment and loves spending it on erotic and sexual courtesies.

It is a very emphasized trait in this man and he does not have any need to hide it.

This man of course does not lack any passion, that is certain, although it is not visible on the surface and is not easily recognized.

Many could be fooled because of this, and neglect this man as not interesting, but in fact, he is everything but.

Only it takes a bit of time before he gets open to his lover.

When he is satisfied with his partner, he is not inclined to change him, because every change causes the need to adapt, and he tries to avoid exactly that.

His feeling of being free comes when he manages to create as much as he thinks she should.

This man is very specific in his seduction game, he does it with presents, and is very well-spoken and chivalrous toward women.

And in that sense, he does not have any problem showing emotions, because he is aware that all of it will return to him, and that it is a connection where both parties will win.

Now, when a lady has this postion of Lilith, then they are seen as irresistibly charming women who can fascinate and intrigue anyone they meet.

We meet here a woman who is a very sensual lover, not just in the sense that she is attractive and knows her ways in the bed, but she is also someone who is able to exaggerate her desire for satisfaction.

She knows what she wants and how to get it.

And in this sense, a lady with the Lilith in Taurus does not even have to ask, she gets without asking and does not save any money or time spent in such a play.

This woman simply loves love, as a feeling that provides her to feel good and if possible that she has worth, and of course, she adores s*x to the extent that she will do everything to get it.

Do not even think of what could happen when this lady indulges a bit too much; there can definitely be scrutiny from her environment and loss of her primary need to be loved and in a stable relationship.

Give this woman adequate foreplay and she will be yours; her partner must have a lot of patience and fit into their standards of sexual behavior.

Her excuse for such specific activities is clear to her and she wants to make it clear to anyone else.

It is a matter of the demand for comfort and only people close to her can recognize this desire; she only lets them see, others can guess and usually, they are wrong.

It does not matter how many partners she has, a lot or a little, she still cannot completely suppress the feeling of insecurity that constantly arises.

Yes, this lady is insecure at a certain time in her life and is also working hard so that no one could ever see that.

A lady with this aspect in Taurus knows how to seduce and she, as we have said, does it with all that God has given to her.

She seduces with anything she has at her disposal, and it could be her attitude, charm, kindness, and lovely manners.

Some of them are well-spoken, have a power of persuasion, and have beautiful hair – if she is interested in a man she will have him do no doubt about it.


When Lilith is found in the Zodiac sign Taurus, then she radiates great fondness for sexual pleasures and craves indisputable satisfaction in the s*x.

Taurus is also a sign of slowness, so having Lilith in this sign suggests that the excitement and joy of these people come slowly and there is an accent on all that surrounds the s*x itself, rather than intercourse.

Static passion is like an ember under the ashes waiting to be ignited, so being with these people means having maximum patience and perseverance until they are finally open to their lovers.

Still, we could say that it is believed that this fire is worth waiting for.

When that passion is kindled then it guarantees its long duration and s*x without reservations. Complete enjoyment.

So, to conclude, this position of Lilith provides great emotionality and passion, and those who have this position captivate others with their charm.

Some of them may have a wonderful voice, others may be kind, and have good looks, and the majority of them have good manners, and culinary skills because this is just one more way they can enjoy and have comfort.

In the majority of people who have this Lilith in Taurus, one more thing is recognizable. It is a great need (even in the early years, while they were young) for security and safety.

You can recognize them as people who cannot wait to be married and have a big family; even if such a scenario does not play out in reality.

Also, this position, as a rule for both males and females, includes stormy premarital life and a peaceful and harmonious married life.

It is like when they decide to do it, they are ready and will never give up on that relationship.

Such a scenario is almost guaranteed, especially if these people are blessed with children.

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