Mars Sextile Jupiter – Synastry, Transit, Composite

If you have read your personal natal chart then you could have seen some things that seem to you unfortunate, and maybe you have seen that you have more hard aspects than light ones, don’t fall into some kind of despair, as you wanted to worry that things in your life are not going as you want them to.

Astrological experience has revealed that the more difficult aspects are, they could be seen as a hidden blessing in fact, for the person who has it, because this is the place where people can start changing their lives and growing.

Exactly all those aspects in the natal that are seen as very hard, are demanding work, and progress, to work on yourself, and that progress could be seen in all fields: career, finance, relationships with your partner, friends, and family.

But, here we are looking into the aspect that is seen as positive, that is bringing good vibes into life, it is the sextile position, and here it is created between planets Mars and Jupiter.

Mars Sextile Jupiter in General

First of all, we need to remind you that the planet Mars is the one that is in some matters, a superior planet, it is the explanation of what is our motive for action, and the reason that is behind the intentions that we want to carry out in the outer world.

But, this planet also represents action, aggression, domination, battle, work, and endeavor.

But, if we look even further we can see that Mars is the symbol of power, any initiative that we may take in life, the reason why we do things we want to do, and what is our secret desire behind all of our actions.

It is also the capacity to represent oneself in a spontaneous way. It also shows our direction in life, and Mars is also the fundamental code of energy.

It is associated with young and strong men, the will to live on an intuitive level, rage, anger, conflicts, power, and power transfer – from a person to person, or from a person to society, etc.

And additionally, this planet is the representation of impulses, lusts, desire, purpose, and control, as well as the power to express them naturally.

And on the other side of this sextile, we meet the planet Jupiter which is considered to be the planet of good fortune, but also prosperity and improvement, and expansion.

Wherever it is, it means they need development, growth, positiveness, and exaggeration, as it can have this attribute also, in a negative way.

It is the planet that is in charge of happiness in our lives, it is the planet that “is asked for all fortunate events that may come to our lives.

All those major events that we see as happy, this is the planet that has something to do with it.

It is also associated with generosity, morality, church, strangers, positions in society, friendship, learning, perspective, confidence, optimism, growth, and a sense of power.

Everything that has to do with business, education, sports, travel, and freedom is in relation to this planet, without any doubt.

It brings the need to be understood, to know, to see more than ever before, and to find out what is behind all of it; it expands our knowledge and is in charge of crossing borders in life, not just material, but any other.

It speaks of integration in the world, as a person who has a cosmopolitan, as the person who belongs to the world, not just one nation, or one country.

So, here we meet human beings who are born with the need to understand, who are constantly traveling, adore to learn, and often have a lot of chances to become extremely rich in life, and to find a lot of wealth in life, even if this is later in life.

They love crossing borders, not just physically, but every other there is in life.

They are great friends who are empathetic and can hear problems from the bottom of their hearts and soul and truly give the best advice.

They often work as teachers, as spiritual guides who are trying to live their lives in the best way possible, to reduce any low needs in life, and desires, and in this way, they can avoid any exaggeration that may come in their lives, and that can be problematic for them.

They should pay attention are handling properly a need for superiority, can they limit it, and control them from the material plane.

In some cases, these people can be very successful in sports, or basically, in any activity, they take a part in, but one thing must be said – Mars symbolizes struggle and Jupiter symbolizes success, so in their lives, there is success which comes after a lot of hard work.

When all other aspects are positive, then their lives have a lot of success and honor, as well as reputation and the possibility of earning through risk or uncertainty.

Mars and Jupiter may come as an indication toward the achievement of goals, but without any norms, it is a willingness to achieve a goal bypassing any form.

Sometimes people with this aspect are prone to sin, criticize the law, and education, or clash with authority. This is an aspect of the father-son struggle, the struggle against the system or the law.

Jupiter alone gives us the rights and privileges in life, as well as the need that we will try to realize, with Mars in a violent way.

This aspect is very common in the horoscopes of athletes, politicians, and people close to politics or military personnel.

Sometimes this aspect can come as an indication of losses of various kinds, and even it can speak of failures, while in good aspects it supports the will, strength, and courage.

This aspect is also associated with all injuries we endure in life, not just physical, but also emotional, that we are struggling with during life, and that is traumatic, and are also the ways of self-learning.

Mars Sextile Jupiter Synastry

Some say that this connection is creating a couple that is willing to achieve their connection by all means, even if things are not going smoothly as they should.

This is the couple that is in their own world, conflict with others, with a lot of struggles not among them, but among others who are maybe not seeing how much they are in love.

And it is very likely that they will achieve success, but it will come only after a long time of struggle, and it will take its toll on them, and their relationship.

One lover, Mars may even have a struggle against the system, and losses through risk, and those losses will only expand even more, with the lover Jupiter.

Both lovers can exhibit great impulsivity and in a way an adrenaline addiction -you can see them getting involved as a couple in many of the blood-pumping activities, that they love.

But, this can turn so badly, and in some cases, they can be the couple that drinks too much or is excessive in some way, often times they are the people who are ready to risk even everything they have in conflict situations, even life and money because Jupiter is money, wealth or anything material in life.

But, have in mind that both lovers here want to be free deep inside, and at times, they can become violent if they feel that their freedom is in jeopardy, even if this is not the case at all.

These two must work on speaking openly of their own mistakes because they are the people who don’t know how to stop when the “avalanche starts”.

They are very tempered and their arguments are truly a spectacle, but at times that kind of fight loses its true cause, and they do not know how to stop.

If we are talking about the male in this connection, he does love going in

“hunting for women” and maybe a serious cheater, the one who cannot settle down with anyone. A woman must be ready for this, and in some cases, she will prefer the same acts to make it even, even if this is quite counterproductive.

Bear in mind that the planet Jupiter is the synonym for luxury, and therefore they love spending time in luxurious places, on expensive vacations, in fancy hotels, expensive restaurants, etc. Even if this could mean that they will fall into depts to be able to afford it.

This is an aspect of “grabbing opportunities” even when they are not for us or we have no qualifications, they will act as if they deserve it.

An aspect that they must work on is this – learn how to stand criticism and “admiration”, not easily falling into the fire, when someone wants, even with the best of intentions, to show them the other side of the “coin” and give advice.

Mars Sextile Jupiter Transit

As a transit, the sextile between active and combative Mars and calm and cheerful Jupiter is the moment that all of us should use the best way we can.

It is a great time to go back on the course, helping us to “get on our feet” at least for a certain time. You will feel this transit as the time when you can catch your breath and prepare for new life challenges.

There will be a lot of happiness, development of instinct, and the time when you are invited to listen to your intuition, but also take on the initiative and do it with optimism that “everything will be fine in the end.”

This sextile, in fact, combines the competitive spirit of Mars with the reflective energies of Jupiter, so especially these two can help us with work and finances.

If you were planning to take on a certain risk, you can do it right now, because it is very likely that things will go in your favor, and that it will all pay off.

Also, we could add that this sextile is the perfect time when people are blessed with the chance to stand out in a good way in their work, to show their talents spontaneously, and to attract the attention of the authorities, or the superiors in the workplace.

You can be noticed for the hard work you have been doing for some time, and you will be surprised with a large amount of ease you are climbing the ladders of success.

Additionally, we will leave a good impression on others, because organization and discipline will additionally be emphasized.

It seems like everything is slowly aligning in its place.

Of course, this will be excellent energy like something is pushing us toward the right place, like there is a wind that is blowing at our back. It is something that is pushing us to work and not get tired, to do it effortlessly and with a lot of joy.

All of us, or the majority will feel something that could only be described as new energy and enthusiasm, and it could be felt like something is starting, it is the beginning of something new, and new opportunities and possibilities are arising.

When this sextile is active, people feel like they are in the right place at the right time, and possibilities are just getting bigger and bigger.

Use this aspect for achieving success in upgrading knowledge and talents, even if this means that you must take on a certain risk.

Also, if you are a leader in your work, now is the moment when your work and care will be recognized.

Now, on a more negative note, this sextile may bring a couple of bad things, and all of us should learn how to deal with it, and make the best of it.

So, many of us may have problems maintaining focus and stability, not being quite able to stay focused on what needs to be done and wasting energy on things that are not relevant.

With this sextile, people may easily lose their temper, so they may be accelerated in fights and “fall into the fire” if something does not go as they imagined.

But this is something that shall pass, it is relevant not to let it go into exaggeration.

Mars Sextile Jupiter Composite

For lovers, this aspect is seen as very favorable, they can use it for creative inspiration and start a new business or private project, especially if they can speak directly about their plans.

It will help a lot in communication with the environment, so we will have the opportunity to hear some important news and information that can be very useful for the realization of their common plans.

Maybe this is the time to tie the knot, and why not start a family business, contacting people who are dynamic, with interesting views on life, and full of life experience can also come in handy in our everyday life now because they can be a source of inspiration for us to do something big and important in life.

Bear in mind also, one thing – this sextile that is created between these planets can cause a battle between the two. In fact, it may arouse inner tension, and it can have two outcomes

. One will result in increased motivation and progression as a couple of forms, and the other can be the demise of the two lovers who are not being able to find a common language.

It may occur that something that has started as internal tension and revolt in relation to a personal understanding of what is right and what is wrong for the two, is now a failure that is leading toward a breakup.

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